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Stunner ropes in Zimdancehall and ZimHipHop heavy hitters for the Team Hombe Remix

May 21, 2018
Ya'll remember when Stunner dropped Team Hombe with production from Dr Clarence and a stellar chorus from Toby many moons ago? The kicks, snares and high hats signaled a shift in the sonical direction of Stunner in particular and Zim HipHop in general. Stunner decided to indulge us with a remix featuring some of the greatest talents from the Zimdancehall and ZimHipHop fraternities respectively.

 CalVin gets to carry Matebeleland on his back while Jnr Brown, Noble Stylz, Gze, Stunner give stellar verses. Freeman doesn't falter on the chorus and Andy Muridzo's rendition is hella lit, Soulja Luv lays one of his dissapointing Freestyle verses while Seh Calaz shines, Ninja Lipsy trades her dancehall roots to spit a fire rap verse

Noble Stylz drops Zero Kuhwina produced by Quazor

May 21, 2018
When you come from the bottom every small step up the ladder of success is a win even though to a comfy spectator it might not be much.That in essence is what Papa's latest song is about. 

With breezy, feel good production from Young Gamez Entertainment honcho Quazor Zero Kuhwina sees Noble use wit and clever  punchlines to celebrate even the smallest of victories because we started with nothing and elevation is a must.

Cal Vin taps GTi and Albert Nyathi for a smooth love letter to the city that made him

May 19, 2018
Dat Luveve Boy Cal Vin is getting ready for his 3rd Made In Bulawayo concert in as many years.To raise awareness about the event and show love to the city that made him he decided to drop a smooth jazzy love letter to Lady Bulawayo and it features his protege GTi alongside legendary poet/muso Albert Nyathi with production by Sotsha Fire. 

Cal Vin handles the chorus and a verse using the loxion jazzy crooning template he used on his Uthando EP while young GTi effortlessly drops a fire Ndebele rap verse with cultural custodian Albert Nyathi wrapping up the song using spoken word.

#MondayMotivation Terry Africa offers words of advice to struggling Muchinda

April 30, 2018
Terry Africa is one of the most exciting new artists on the local music scene with his fusion of urban contemporary sounds that bend genres without skipping a  beat. He managed to penetrate the market on the back of huge singles featuring high profile features from Tocky Vibes, Pa Chihera to Mr Putiti.For his debut EP The Sugar Boy EP Terry was out to prove he is just as good at making good music solo as he is when dropping duets.

The first single of the Sugar Boy EP to get visuals is the motivational Muchinda which sees Terry and a band belt out advice via an impromptu gig knee deep in the ghetto to a certain man (muchinda) whose tribulations are also visualized in the background. All of us can be this Muchinda and Terry reminds us that come what may there surely is a Divine power at play and whatever we may face pales in comparison to the blessings coming our way.
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