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Huby Blakes turns Bundu Boys classic into a rythmic new school dance record

July 16, 2018

Huby Blakes's penchant to rework old classics into new school hits continues with his latest single Kuroja Chete on its way to reach the heights Mai Vadhikondo reached.This time around Huby enlisted Quazor on production for a fast paced afro-pop meets rap rendition of that Bhundu Boys draconian landlord versus naughty tenants anthem.The colorful video switches between various landlady - lodger confrontations and a street party at the neighbourhood shops complete with dancing Queens getting cheered on by an appreciative crowd.

Have you watched Ndi Kacee's Shuwa here video?

July 13, 2018

Ndi Kacee aka Asekuru has announced he will be dropping his My Vibes playlist executicely produced by Fun F this August.The playlist is set to feature his 2018 singles the socially concious Hatidi Mabonds and the 21 Questionsque Shuwa Here which happens to be the focus of this article.Shuwa Here with additional vocals by Mclyne Beats sees Kacee questioning everything from the girl who dumped him and moved on with her friend to an audience which would rather celebrate foreign artists like Davido while sidelining their own.The song is hella nice but it doesn't hurt that the visuals are hella crispy too.

Aguila's I Am video proves HipHop is alive and thriving in Mutare

July 12, 2018

Self awareness or the knowledge of self is a slippery slope many can't quite navigate.That does not seem to be the case with Aguila a lyrical fiend from Mutare whose mastery of the  Queen's language would make Elizabeth proud.In his video for I am Aguila is a prisoner under the custody of Detectives Kritic Igwe and Fadzie whose one mission is to find out who our protagonist really is.His answer which basically says "I embody the spirit of everyone across all spectrums of life" seems to piss our detectives off while giving us a dope song that surely made Aguila's Uncle Regie proud from the heavens.

Liberace Beats looks to Jean Basquait for inspiration in debut project

July 12, 2018

Young buzzing producer on the comeup Liberace has been working on music for 6 years but he only started releasing it last year having spent the longest time perfecting his craft.For his debut project Basquait named after celebrated American artist Jean Basquait Liberace worked with 8 artists for a mixture of raps and melodies which he insists is not an album or mixtape choosing to call it a playlist.Liberace was selfish on production handling the keys,mixing and mastering by himself.Featured artists include Keith JFK,Tehn Diamond,Asaph,H3nry,Loyd Soul,Shay,Obi David and Uleni.Peep the project on the link below and feel free to sound off aboit what you Love/Loath about Liberace's debut full length offering.


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