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Guluva Se7en is about that #CommandHustle lifestyle in second album

September 23, 2018
Kasien President Guluva Se7en's sophomore album is here and early indications point towards it being a fire offering.Titled Command Hustle the album is perfectly executed Ndebele raps accompanied by mostly uptempo/trapesque beats that showcase Guluva's skills while allowing him to share a narrative authentic to him with the world.Nkanyi Nkanyi says the album was inspired by the current economic situation in Zimbabwe that has made us all accidental Hustlers in a bid to make a living or even suplement meagre salaries.The Command aspect points towards a forceful refusal to starve and  a will to fill one's bank account with big figures.

The bulk of the production on the album is courtesy of longterm collaborator Raymond 'Rayo Beats' Sibanda with Yung Adonis,Sosique Beats,Marvin Creed and Nagz completing the cast of talented producers on the production team.Features vary with Just Percy,Mc Chita,Kbrizzy,Lord Skeelz,Lady Tshawe all adding their unique flavors to the album.For Purchase details do contact the Kasien Republic team on 0773710903  and check your preffered online store for a copy.

R Peels drops sophomore album

September 22, 2018
R Peels has dropped his second album in as many years and in keeping with tradition September was chosen as the month of the drop.The album titled Kudenga Kure is the Mwana WaPharaoh rapper's 3rd full length project if we are to count his Forgive My Honesty mixtape and his official debut Zviri Eva Beautiful.The project has 12 tracks in total and its conveniently divided into 3 acts/chapters.

For his features Peels chose trusted names among them Tehn Diamond,Munetsi,Tulk Munny,Beav City and Dj Towers.Trajeek maintains his role as executive producer with further production credits going to Kandy Beats,Boy Tricky,Mzee,PJ Sonic,Mclyne Beatz and Brett J.You can hit up R Peels on his social media pages to purchase physical & digital copies while stingier 'supporters' of local hiphop will get the free Youtube stream in a week or two.

Have you listened Antonio and Mclyne Beatz's Lost In Love EP

September 22, 2018
Earlier this year 808 fiend Mclyne Beatz and talented vocalist Antonio linked up for one the most slept on projects of 2018 the Lost In Love EP.The four track project was exclusively produced by Mclyne with Antonio showcasing his vocal range and Mofo chiming in with his trappy flow from time to time.The only feature on the project is Beav City and love seems to be the central theme from relationship goals,mans lost in the utopia thats love not to mention relationships in crisis because the Mrs can't quiet understand her hubby's fixation with music.

#FlashBackFriday Remembering the visual brilliance that was Mare

September 21, 2018

In October 2015 a group of young Zimbabwean lads had one thing on their minds and that was to set fire to Zimbabwean Hip Hop with fire visuals.The luxurious video for Mare was not the first fly as fuck visual represantation of Zimbabwe (shouts to Major Playerz one time) but it did manage to change the angle at which we looked at Zimbabwean music videos.Fly whips,big ass mansions,pretty girls and fly boy raps took centre stage as Tricky J,gT Beats and Mugo took turns to describe and actually show how moneyed niggaz live.
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