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After a slew of solid feature verses everyone's favorite dreadlocked hustler/hook killer is back on his solo boy shenanigans.Having previously posted a snippet of a song he was working on with the good folk at No Limit Jnr Brown has finally released a potential summer anthem titled 'Loud'.The song is the first Breezy solo offering in over a year and it was released under the KYN imprint which was responsible for yesteryear Jnr Brown bops like Maria,We Run It and Tongogara.Rumours of KYN initiating   Breezy season with the release of the long awaited Breezy solo album have been whispered and it remains to be seen if every Zim Hip Hop fanatic's wet dream is about to be realized.

As for the new single the song  has Ma Drinks era Breezy vibes what with the thumping beat and his signature authoritative delivery.The subject matter too has Madrinks nostalgia written all over it as Jnr Brown assures a pretty lass that everything from drinks to her upkeep is catered for all she has to do is too look fly on the dancefloor while using her pretty mouth to feed on his funds instead of being a loudmouth for no reason.

When four friends link up chemistry is almost always a given.If one of them is a super dope producer and the other three can rap then a fire song is a must.Afrow Zenda handpicked three close friends from the new school who can really rap well to make that possibility a reality and the result is hella nice on the ears.

Chizzoe,R Peels and Shiddoh Brown showcase their rapping skills on an Afrow Zenda beat to bring to life the old age adage of 'Plata or Plomo' as layed out by one Pablo Escobar.The reasoning behind the idea being that in this game called life one has but two choices i.e silver or lead.In this instance silver stands for money and lead stands for bullets,as such one has the choice to go extra hard for the paper or die.Plata or Plomo is set to appear on an Afrow project titled Mshika Shika which seeks to unite various Urban artists on mutually relatable joints

Two bells ring when you call Ti Gonzi's name as of late.The first points towards one of the most hardworking artists in Zimbabwe while the other rings for an introspective rapper telling everyday stories through wit and punchlines.Add two dudes who have moved alongside him for years namely Qounfuzed and Ti Gonzi and the result is magical as expected.

In Life Yangu this trio of friends chose Casper Beatz to produce a sentimental beat while Prozx directed the video which is in Black and White.Qounfuzed croons on the chorus while Noble Stylz and Ti Gonzi exchange bars about this creature we call life.The long and short of it is that life gets rather complicated with a mix of bad and good,the important thing being to somehow bear the bad as one awaits the rising of the sun.

Trust Dough Major to shake convention a bit when he puts out new music.Be it in his delivery or choice of beats which often carry a retro digongsque bounce Major likes to go against the conventional 'Hip Hop' sound.For his latest offering he taps Roman Raps labelmate Lloyd Soul and Ur Boi Jocka on production while Michael Chiunda helps with a verse.The song in question 'Hazvidi Dzungu' is a  fun and groovy joint which came complete with a video documenting friends enjoying a chillout session in the woods.Mitch Uta was responsible for cinematography while Malovers directed the video with Michael Chiunda handling scripting.