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Qouted verbatim below is Masofa Panze honcho Noble's take on Nyaradzo trying to manipulate every newsworthy event into a marketi opportunity for their brand which was already flourishing minus the trend riding drive they are on currently


You do not need to congratulate everyone on everything while Branding them under your emblem that's corporate digital mischief. When the intention is Pure it's easy to note, someone in the organization is propagating corporate cannibalism on your services.

Brand association is consensual, may I kindly repeat...BRAND ASSOCIATION IS CONSENSUAL. My entire family holds a policy with your brand based on service goodwill, you do that part very well. However, your digital team is breaking moral understandings for clout. 

It doesn't say much to be the first to Post a Branded Eulogy for David Mandigora just a couple hours after he passed on yet he died trying to outsource Usd4 000 from corporates. Staying on pulse with current events should never translate to overzealous branded themes disguised as congratulatory messages, especially for citizens who hold no Public Office and are not in Business With You.

Sa SAHWIRA akabhadhara Policy yemhuri and iri Up To Date Ndapedza...

PS* (Those branded congratulatory messages  can easily be perceived as Brand Advertisement and a long legal road can be marched. They are not worth it. #BataPatani

Two EPs deep in the game Manicaland's very own Flexxo Mushawarukwa is finally ready to drop his debut solo album.On the road to that album drop one of Mutare's most potent vernac rappers wants to reintroduce himself to the game by way of a couple of singles and videos.First up on that list is a duet with Natasha Muz titled Tosangana Ikoko.

Flexxo says the song speaks about the process of standing one's ground,going against the grain and consistently expressing the core of who one is and where they come from.This collab has apparently been on Flexxo's mind since 2019 after seeing Natasha Muz tearing up the stage at that year's  ZimHipHop Awards.During a little exchange via text Flexxo spoke highly of Natasha's dedication to her craft pointing out how she always goes the extra mile delivering beyond whats expected.

The video for Tosangana Ikoko arrives on the 10th of June to pave way for his debut album whose working title is Muromo WeGejo.The album is expected later on this year or early next year depending on studio schedules and the clearance of samples.On production fans can expect Oskid,Fun F,Quazor,Rayo Beats and Texas.As for artists names like Jnr Brown,Ras Caleb,Gze,Ti Gonzi,Gusspy Warrior,Dadza D and Metaphysics are expected to add diverse layers in a fusion with Flexxo's Manyika raps.

Police Officers,Zimbabwean Police Officers to be specific are an everyday reality and every citizen of this fine country has had a run with them with the side of the counter at your local station determining how good or bad the experience was.For the businessman whose money was recovered from fraudsters or the family that found closure when the dude who murdered or raped a family member was put behind bars the boys in grey and blue are a  capable force serving the needs of the populace.For the driver who had to buy a coke (African lingo for the good old bribe) for a traffic misdemeanour or the vendor whose wares were taken not to mention an activist whose behind got a thrashing the Zimbabwe Republic Police is a partisan and corrupt organization.

The good folk at Magamba TV and PaDen network took all these POVs to craft a show which attempts to show the various facets of our Police Force and how their actions or lack thereof impact societies and individuals on a day to day level.Both police officers,complainants and offenders get a chance to share their experiences first-hand and the satire that ensues is both comical and educative painting a clear picture of the current state of policing in Zimbabwe while highlighting the good,the bad and the ugly no Clint Eastwood.

The show is a brainchild of PaDen Network honcho Tinaye Wayne who wrote the material for the show with assistance from Bus Stop TV's DRC,Derby Bheta,Isheanesu Tsiga and Donald Mabido to name but a few.The cast includes Eunice Tava as Madam Bhebhe,Kilo Mapfumo as Bhema,Ngoni Chikowore as Peter Tosh,Tinaye Wayne as Tyson Million,Tanya Alex as Collerta Tshuma and Timothy Mukombe as Sgt Screwdriver.The names involved in scripting and directing the show as well as the cast are seasoned in their own right with tonnes of comic work under their belts so its not a suprise that the show has proven to be a hit with its audience.New episodes drop weekly on the Magamba Network YouTube channel.

For a genre whose pillar is rhythm and poetry hip-hop oftentimes seems like it has a love/hate relationship with potent bars.Lyricism is often an afterthought with commercially viable dumbed down nursery rhymes on banging beats accompanied by catchy hooks receiving widespread acclaim.However true connoisseurs of the culture do do their best to dig in the crates for a dose of potency and to cleanse their ears from watered down bars from time to time.

On a personal level one project that has helped me to do just that is Malcom Mufunde and Synik's Trash project.Synik an icon in local hip-hop circles noted for his lyricism trades the pen for producer robes to give Malcom the soundtrack for his bars.The result is the stark opposite of the tape's title "Trash" as Malcom spits quotable after quotable on gritty Synik loops.

Considering we are in the middle of a Panasonic I had to ask Malcom how the project came about him being an unknown kid in Harare and Synik being a legend currently based in Europe.Turns out the internet has more useful aspects to it than subscribing to Shadaya's antifeminist rhetoric and Zim Celebs gossip.Malcom reached out to Synik after hearing an Ivai Nesu flip and a conversation turned into a back and forth via messenger,emails and Whatsapp that ultimately birthed a full length project.

Initially Synik thought his production work was trash (the title making sense now huh) but Mr Mufunde convinced him they were onto something and the project ultimately materialized.Having worked with royalty we had to ask Malcom if he has a bucket list of peeps he wants to work with.On production he wants a sequel with Synik and new shenanigans with BA7,Rayo,cRAE,M_cky and Nash Da King.As for bars he wouldn't mind putting in work with Synik,Jungle,Asaph,Tasha,Awa,Michael Chiunda,mUnetsi,Biko and VI the Law.