Thursday the 10th of December 2015 witnessed the Zimbabwean hiphop fraternity converging at Long Cheng Plaza to celebrate their heroes.The hefty ten dollars price tag did not deter hiphop lovers as the venue was packed from the VIP sections to the POVO section were yours truly was chilled. 

From the red carpet experience upon arrival and the lovely hostesses clad in black who showed people around,the event was classy to say the least.The security details  knew their job well and generally nipped many potentially explosive situations in the bud.

The two arguably best vernacular rappers in Zimbabwe at the moment literally owned the night scooping the most important accolades and killing the stage too.Cal Vin scooped song of the year,best male and album of the year.Tigonzi took best collaboration,people's choice before roasting Ishy X on stage to grab the best freestyle award.Briss Mbada had to be removed from stage after storming the stage Kanye Style and declaring Cal Vin didn't in fact deserve best male (Mr Angel give Mr Harare huchi one of those anointed dolls of yours to help him deal with his jealousy).

The hardest working femcee of the year,Blackperl,was awarded the best female and Guluva Seven emerged best newcomer. Prometheous was uncontested in the best TV journalist category.A tad too many eyebrows were raised when The Lounge scooped best online media and when Nastro took the best video ahead of Gt's Mare and Thabbz Hey Wena. Anonzi Xndr of the nice bhachi fame emerged best producer.

Tehn Diamond blessed us with some new joints possibly from the Perfect Tehn in an epic performance were he was joined by legendary producer Take Five. Ti Gonzi's performance was further evidence of why he emerged people's choice as the crowd sang along to every line and attempted to jump on stage with him at every turn. Myk Pimp also put on an excellent performance as did PMula wemastandards. Dollarsign music apparently refused to curtain raise arguing they were too big an act to perform before the people that matter had shown up. Mudiwa Hood came on stage with a hoverboard and Queen Vee emerged best dressed female of the night.

All in all Platinum Entertainment, Jackson De Zimboy and Beefy delivered their best awards as yet and made Zim hiphop lovers proud. Special shout out to Jay Boss and Candice Makelele for being such entertaining hosts. I would also like to commend rapper dudes for keeping the peace and being good sports even when they failed to win. 

When you call yourself the Zimhiphop savior and drop a tape like #Kingsvilla which embodies every Bulawayo kid's dreams,lifestyle e.t.c and still not get nominated for the country's premier hiphop awards  what do you do? Probably sulk right,or throw tantrums? Not if you are Asaph, you go into studio and murk a Charlie Zimbo production so hard even Tehn Diamond talks of signing you. After teasing us with the artwork for his new single Shade of Grey poster child Asaph finally gave us his new single #SNDR and if social media is to be trusted its a must have on  your playlist.

The chorus is as polarizing as they  come.On one hand it rides on the popular trap wave but the african "Woyiyerere" chants within it means it still sounds homegrown albeit in an international way.Its focused on Asaph trying to get a fly mummy that looks  like Sandra Gona (we wanna meet Sandra too).As if to impress the lady in question Asaph assures us he really does whats in his twitter bio.

The verses take a different tangent altogether as Asaph once again proves why Bulawayo relates to him so much.He touches on the struggle of tryna stack money for Oskido's annual Kalawa homecoming event while the city council wants to turn off your water supplies.He also exposes were the Homeys been getting that turn up moola,Cougars we see yall.

It wouldn't be an Asaph single without a shout out to the clothing brand Shade O Greezy now would it?He also warns rappers that hating on his success wont make them suck  less and reminds us all that he has been grinding for long in Kingsville,all the more reason for a girl like Sandra Gona to hook up with him we suppose.This banging joint is available for download on datafile and for streaming @TheBoyAsaph's soundcloud.You can also follow @TheBoyAsaph on twitter and instagram.
Over the weekend i was in the Harare central business district and decided to go and chill at what has evolved into a second home for zimhiphop, the Basement club located inside St Andrews house Samora Machel avenue. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a hiphop show was about to kick off and i took to mingling with the various rappers and fans who had graced the occasion.Notable faces included Noble Stylez, Blacperl, zimhiphop awards organising panel member Zimboy, Rpeels and Zifm's Senyaritah.

After a couple of hours of non stop mixing from the resident djs the first act was called to grace the stage.As has become the norm at these hiphop shows  a few not so mouth watering  curtain raisers did their thing on stage with little to no attention from the revellers.Illmanner managed to attract a sizeable amount of fans near the stage and his peformance wasn't too shabby either.

Things took a turn for the better when visiting Bulawayo rapper Guluva Seven took to the stage and belted a few nice joints from his #ZHHA nominated Color of dreams album before inviting Kidd Aktive on stage to bring the house down with their hit 'Bai Skelem'.Glen Norah based proponents of the Jechary sound Fly Legends took no prisoners delivering a memorable set that had everyone's attention.

The most amazing perfomance however came from on fire "Zvenyu" hitmaker Tigonzi.He spend the better part of ten minutes spitting accapella  bars that drew ooos and aaahs from the heads present.He shed light on his upcoming battle with Ishy X and dropped a few subliminals aimed at Rehab and its boss Anonzi Xndr.He capped his performance off with zvenyu which had revellers singing along to every word.

Other cats who came after failed to keep the momentum raised by subsequent fire sets from Guluva ,Fly Legends and Tigonzi.Shout out to the rapcity team Dj Chronix,Dj Ritah and Teysean for an amazing event and for giving heads a place to chill on a Saturday.We hope the event grows from strength to strength and their marketing team will do a better job at marketing its next edition.
Vernacular emcee Flexxo  perhaps best known for his knack to nail  dope raps in his native Samanyika lingo is set to drop a mixtape  on the 12th of December at no 3 Alan Wilson avenue at the Magamba network offices. The feature list is pretty small with only a hand full of artists including Teqniq,Ammara Brown,Psyco Tex and Morset the Poet making the cut.This will at least allow Flexxo to hog the limelight   on his tape and allow Zimbabwe to discover why Mutare has been going nuts over him.

Speaking on the thought process behind the tape Flexxo said its basically a move to reposition Flexxo Mushawarukwa as an artist and create a new lane for local hiphop were one  can still sound beastly even when they spitting positivity.He added that this will be a launchpad and foundation for all upcoming Flexxo projects from singles to albums.

Being the inquisitive creatures we are we couldn't resist asking him about the potential reception of the tape in a climate that has been stubborn in embracing hiphop and   he confidently answered
"People love hiphop man,it has already grown but rappers need to be relevant to our Zimbabwean fans period.Look at how Zimdancehall is- very relevant and its not even as good paquality as hiphop is"

We also quizzed him about the general state of hiphop in his hometown of Mutare and he assured us it was very much alive through their Hiphop Nights event held every Thursday were rappers, seasoned and upcoming get to mingle and peform live on stage. The only shortcomings he alluded to were limited funding seeing as they are financing the project out of their own pockets and relying on hired equipment for sound.Exciting times for hiphop indeed.
When i say Meyniak is Zimbabwe's Kendrick i don't mean he raps like King Kunta though the Sala way he says Michelle Chaminuka and his mastery of English bars might have you thinking the homey is straight outta Compton. Rather  the comparison lies in how he has perfected the art of delivering a perfectly sound commercial product without compromising his lyricism or craft. Drowmobeating handled the monster beat and production and C.Bleech did the final mixing.

The verses see Meyniak eyeing that amazing lady at the bar counter and wondering what her name is and if she brought her friends to the drink up.The way he describes said girl and tries to put himself across as the IT GUY and the way he gets curved is a part of the struggle many of my hittas will relate to.Michelle Chaminuka brushes Meynie off refusing to be a trophy callgirl to impress his friends with,leaving Meyniak with no option but to act super drunk and catch the next $1 for two Combi home.

He is what the artist himself had to say about his new joint:
"The plot of the song came about after i went out,got too high,saw a look alike to this other chick and ish turned sour lol.As for the space i was in when i penned the song,well i just felt like flexing,its summer and there is too many  depressing/serious songs.Wanted to show i could have fun on records as well."

And he did,in typical "Weird Vampire"  fashion. Peep the song on his soundcloud and follow him on facebook @MeynieMeyniak

Summer is a season to party in my native Zimbabwe and dancing shoes are a must have. CoolDude and Chris James have just the right dance moves for you to murder the party scene with this summer with their recent collaboration.The joint with its enjoyable African feel is another feather in James's cap of choruses slayed this year and we can't wait till his album drops.

A welcome deviation from the standard hiphop track was Anonzi Xndr's infusion of live instrumentation into the beat with an infectious lead guitar and bongo drums.Cooldude's bars though devoid of extreme wordplay are very much enjoyable(its a song for the weekend after all).

The song is available for streaming on soundcloud and you can follow @CoolDudeMunya on twitter and insta to stay informed about his musical journey.
Suprise EPs seem to be the latest trend in hiphop right now and Zimbabwe got its own taste of the experience today when Sinbad dropped Rap Theory Lost Tape without as much as a hint or hashtag about the project beforehand. The EP is what one would term a treat for fans of gritty street music and its basically a nine joint experience of life in these often cold streets,from the hustle and how it separates one from family to triumph over an adverse background up until one breaks bread with the immortals.

When asked why he dropped a suprise EP without prior marketing or forewarning Sinbad let on that he wanted to focus on the music and deliver a masterpiece without external pressure from the fans and a release date hanging over his head.As for the contents of the EP we will let the Dollarsign music award winner speak for himself:

"Its like a soundtrack to my life,Rap Theory is my lifestyle put on a record so everybody out there knows how we living in these streets.Its raw and its my reality an introduction to #HardMashonaRap.Put simply its more than an EP its the streets!!!"

Production was handled by Krimz Beatz,Boy Tricky,Takefizzo,Mafriq Music Factory,Isaac Pro,Taffy D,Tash Mwana Wamai and Sinbad on executive production.Features include the vocal talents of Eve and Henry as well as bars from Kidd Aktive,Savage,Baller among others.The Ep is available for free download on datafilehost and for streaming on the @Dollarsign85 soundcloud page.
Simbarashe Tagwireyi aka Simba Tagz could well be Zimhiphop's hustler of the year for 2015.Dudes' hands have been on everything from production to rapping and even perfomances all over the world.We take a look at some of the major moves he has played  and credit him for staying humble and lowkey in the wake of these successes.

After Ice Prince reached out to Tagz  to do a remix for Don't Leave the firing squad went to work and tried to downplay this achievement but Simba kept his cool and didn't go on a social media rant as has become the norm for most rappers.Immediately after,he dropped an afro pop single produced by Sarz  the Nigerian  producer credited for work with Ice Prince,Wizkid and Eldee.When Burna Boy came to Zimbabwe for a once off show Tagz posted a clip of him and the Naija Don Gorgon  and announced four songs had been completed though a release date is yet to come.

The Showtime producer/artist didn't stop there but went on to feature on the rising talk show Tonight With Zororo set to premiere on Dstv channel Zambezi Magic this November.On the perfomance scene Tagz went to Cyprus last month.He is also set to perfom at the African Music Concert at the Expo Centre in Joburg on the 21st of November alongside Nyovest, Bucie, Aka, Wizkid, Dales, R2bees, Anati and Cashtime amongst other stars.

After mixing and mastering Wande Coal's single Ashimapeyin  the Nigerian was so impressed with the stellar production he asked Tagz to master his entire album.Whether  this will translate to features with Wande Coal and other African Stars remains to be seen but what is clear is that Tagz's star is on the rise and the only way from here is up.

Jackson De Zimboy must be a very content man right now.The Changamire Festival founder delivered Zimhiphop to Gweru and the urban youths came out in droves to support.Despite the show starting later than the advertised 1900 hours,Zimboy and his co host the vivacious Nikki of Twerk team fame did a great job  playing hosts and the headline acts  Team Bhoo,Cal Vin,Guluva Seven and Slayer delivered commendable perfomances.The Dj of the night Platman Styles had the club groovy from the word go till activities died down.

Cal Vin brought his YOTV experience with him as the crowd ate  out of his hand singing along to his recent work and a little of the old.The sheer number of revellers who flocked to have pics with him taken are a testament of how much of a brand he has evolved into.Guluva Seven also represented Bulawayo to the fullest sampling his new project Color Of Dreams.He rose above  the technical glitches to create believers of scores of fans who before the show,might  not have known him.After the microphone died a few times too much during his set mumbles of sabotage were heard in the crowd.

Team Bho were in familiar territory and their peers from Midlands State University showed them love from the onset.The "UBAs" and "USAs" took to the dance floor and started screaming Eeh Bhooo as Shingy and Towers perfomed Move,Hamuko,Bho and hatitambwe idzodzo before throwing shade at their recent rivals.Dj Towers took a swipe at Rehab boss Anonzi Xndr shooshing the crowd and saying 'F **k Xndr i won an award for saying They call me Dj Towers,what has Xndr done.' Shingy had a word or two for Stunner stating he had no beef with Stunner since he is in a better realm than the Tazoita Cash boss,shots fired......again.

MSU student and Dollarsign recording artist Slayer was the last to bless the stage and after several exceptional performances the pressure was on him to deliver.He did so without breaking  a sweat and when quizzed about the #IwannaKissTraeYung tee he was rocking he hinted a joint was in the works.
Besides the general public a few notable personalities were also in attendance from rapper Meister, photographer/visual wizard  Quence Motion, Krusty Da Mc of Kasi Lunatics fam and 2014 ZHHA journalist of the year Sindiso Dube.Congratulations to Zimboy for an epic night and to Club Eclipse for giving local hiphop a plattform to shine on.Despite the late start and a few uninspiring acts the night was on point  and another victory in Zimhiphop's struggle for recognition.
Kadoma music awards winner Sinbad has  never shied away from his street origins.All his songs bear testimony to this and as such the ordinary hood nigga relates leading to street anthem status for most of his songs.His latest joint Chema Real Geez is no different.The song sees Global Records and Dollarsign collaborate with Savage,Baller and Sinbad murking the Boi Tricky production.

Real Geez is street talk for the type off niggas who stay true to themselves and their origins and refuse to compromise their beliefs or sell their souls for fast guap.Hence it only makes sense that the chorus gives props to real geez while blasting their opposites the wanabees and side chicks.

Savage has the first verse and he paints a typical day in the life of an emcee including a lit bar,illy dj on the decks and iller word smith on the stage.Baller follows suit namedropping Knowledge Musona,Diana Samkange and Kidd Aktive in an entertaining verse that sets out the exact crowd Baller makes his music for.

Sinbad closes the song as only Sinbad can,with gritty bars.He touches on "Gevas"  hood ruffians who despite being jobless and robbing one of his 5 rand busfare,still raise enough chips to play "Bhawa Rangers" and get mad wasted.If street raps are your thing this one is worth adding to your playlist.

Its an archaic belief that the fashion scene is a girl's world as more and more modern men take their own fashion sense and dress style and translate it into street gear other men find savvy and classy. One such gentleman is aircraft engineering student Takudzwa Denny Ziwenjere founder and head honcho of street wear startup 'Opportunist Urban Wear'.

The range which was launched early this year has so far designed a few top of the range tee shirt and snap back  lines  for all those paper chasers countrywide including Harare Money Chasers, Kwekwe Money Chasers,Bulawayo Money Chasers depending on your city of origin. There is also the Mbizo Ndizvo line dedicated to Taku's ghetto of origin Mbizo. Taking it further than the regular tee shirt printing firms Taku recently put his hands into the formal  afro urban market focusing on shirts under the 'Ruthlessly Classic' line.

Like any other startup Taku has faced his own fair amount of setbacks chief among them being the need to balance his studies and design work. As for successes the hiphop fanatic points out that the number of sales realized from the Money Chasers and Mbizo Ndizvo lines has been huge and has continued to motivate him.

As for inspiration he says "My roots,my city,my country and my city thats  what inspires  me the most".He is planning to expand his range by introducing bucket hats,pants and shirts.Plans for a centralized location for his merchandize in Harare are reportedly in the works.Meanwhile one can place their orders by emailing him at t.ziwenjere@gmail.com or calling/watsapping him on +263777409467. Alternatively those in Kwekwe can visit the Diamond Ink Boutique.


We have all been at the receiving end of over hyped whats app audios by rapper dudes living in a dreamland were they are the next Drake and they pay rent to the charts and actually live there. 

However once in a while you get an audio on app that is so good it makes you wanna download all those joints you curved to maintain your fragile econet watsapp lite bundle.You play the joint again not quite believing you have stumbled on gold,secretly hoping it will bore you at the third spin (can i hear an amen).When it does not,you realise you might have stumbled on the biggest summer joint this year and force your local Dj to put it on repeat.

Bizzoe is the first project I've heard from Chizzoe but am already a die hard fan.The ease at which the youngin churns out the latest ghetto lingo and the bassy verse will probably invite comparisons to Jnr Brown but in more areas than one Chizzoe is his own man and deserves to be judged on the merit of his work.Bizzoe is ghetto lingo for bhawa (bar) and the song is an invitation to one's niggaz,their fly girls and even the local Kush Headz to meet up at the bar and blow some hundreds and celebrate the success  of the hustle.The sick wordplay and Chizzoe's chemistry with the beat place this turn up joint in a league of its own and with great marketing it might dominate many playlists this summer.

On the production front Texas came up with the beat concept but its Victor Enlisted who built on the concept and ultimately produced the track.Spirit fingers added some lighter moments with his colorful skits.

You can listen to the joint on the link below:
Zifm Dj Senya Ritah aka The Thought (not to be confused with The Thot) lives and breathes music.When she is not giving us #TheFixx alongside Mc Chita she is spinning the decks at Rapcity, a movement aiming to bridge the gap between Studio and Concerts/Shows as far as rap is concerned (Ritah is their official dj).She also finds time to hit the booth and bless us with some thought provoking slam poetry.She recently gave us Annihilation and she is back again with another rhythm and poetry project titled Chaos  with rapper Frodo.We had a few questions for her after listening to #Annihilation and she was darling enough to answer.

SBC: What inspired Annihilation?
Ritah: I have a system of throwing bars while talking to my niggas,i often forget them but this time i decided to make an effort to write down every bar as it came.On this particular poem someone i considered homey had pissed me off  and as i was chilling talking life and laughing about it with my niggas words kept popping out off my mouth.Fun F produced a beat and straight after my set at Rapcity i hit the booth and just spat everythang.I'm not one to be inspired by random things.My mind is my weapon  why do you think they call me the thought,there you are already thinking aint ya?

SBC: What were you trying to convey to the average listener?
Ritah: A lot is happening  and hidden from us not because it isn't in plain sight  but   because we have become comfortable with  our way of living,what we grew up with and what we have been exposed to.It ain't all cream and jelly tots,we are too comfortable with the fake,we gotta come back to reality and get our hustle game on.Unfortunately i  never had anything handed to me on a silver platter.I worked and i work for it.Its a chaotic,troubled and dysfunctional country.You can say the same about the modern human relationships and even our industry which is swept beneath the carpet.Something has to be done and i'm here to cause a revolution,ultimately if you are in war or about to go to one you prepare for it.

SBC: Interesting,so what made you choose the poetry route as opposed to the more common one of femceeing?
Ritah: I am a poet not a femcee,i express my thoughts.

SBC: So is this the start of something phenomenal or just a random moment in the Thought's journey?
Ritah: My friend,is anything in your life just for a moment  or its significant and synchronized with everything you do?Its not the beginning I've worked with J Nova on #WatchuWannaSay and with Frodo on Chaos.I have other poems I've done with my favorite one being Colonial Soul which had an awesome response.I wrote,i write ,i will write.So no its not the end either-though i will forever be a Dj and would like to be referred to as one.

SBC: Makes sense,So lastly list your top 5 Zim emcees at the moment and why you find them alluring?
Ritah: Top five OMG!!! am always listening to these crazy emcees and am surrounded by them all the time but well in no particular order Savage,J Nova, Mile even though he is a singer he should keep riding that acoustic, Rapcity's Teysean his #Sando track is bananas  and Mc Silence from Zimrich.....Oh My Gosh looking at my list its too underground my bad (chuckles)

SBC: Hahahaha  ayt  thanks for your time
Ritah: Cool,my Homeys say I'm too gangster nah am too real

instagram/Dj SenyaRitah The Thought      

Kidd Aktive launched his Unkaged EP a while ago at the Basement.The EP picks off were his debut album left us,only this time the "Trap King" is Unkaged.Kidd Aktive knows how to get the club/street going with a fine mix of killer choruses and catchy verses.His beat selection is impeccable as he always chooses beats that suit his style and which can easily be translated into radio or club bangers.Every beat regardless of the producer is booming,be it Boy Tricky,Mclyne,McZee,Xin or Fun F on production  which is what one expects from a trap album anyway.

The album opens up with my personal favorite Inzwa Inini.Its Aktive at his deadliest combining nearly flawless delivery with bars on bars plus a bold chorus inviting the listen to give ears to him only while screwing everything else they might have heard.This could well prove to be the project's biggest  single with a radio friendly version reportedly in the works.Its followed by Bai Skelem which has already broken ground on national radio as its already in the Zifm charts.That it features on fire Bulawayo son,Guluva 7,can only earn Aktive more Sky city fans (talk about genius).

We then come to For my City which follows many a rap album's blueprint of paying homage to the place one hails from.Inbetween the Gold Finga patois chorus is a young lad telling you how he pays a dollar to get into the CBD because Kure Kwandinobva,my Chitown and Epworth fam understand this part of the struggle.He still finds time to salute his mother for the sound advice and his Big Shots crew for the unwavering support.

Fast life is probably the slowest jam on the EP,ironic right?.Kidd is laid back and so sure the fast life he is living will elevate him from the dusty ghetto to the green lawns of the suburbs and when that dream comes to life he promises to not forget his mom on that Tocky Vibes (his words not mine).
Uchira is the closest to a love ballad better yet dedication to the fairer sex we get on the project.Its a celebration of all the ladies who can make it clap and drop it low on the dance floor (trap love anyone?).On Mhamha Honai the remix,he continues in the same vein enlisting Cal Vin and Gze to help him fathom the crae things shawty is doing on the dance floor,they fail to and end up nudging shawty's mom to check out her daughter's antics.Though it was previously released before,it still sounds fresh and the trio did justice to the McZee beat.

We close the album on a suprisingly somber tip as Kid Aktive pays homage to his late father on Rwendo.He quizzes him on how his journey to the afterlife was and why he never bothered to write a goodbye letter.He even imagines what it would be like if he and his old man could trade places.This joint is a welcome deviation from the usual Kidd Aktive Joints and a reminder that Trap Kings are human like the rest of us.

The album is available exclusively for sale at the Big Shots studio in Harare,the Basement St Andrews house opposite Jameson Hotel.You can also hala at Kidd on his social media handles to get a copy.
Jay Tee is many things,when he is not putting out dope christian street wear for his imprint Saints Of God #S.o.G  he is printing cds,tshirts and doing graphics for said #S.o.G and artists/individuals who might require his  services.His number one passion though is spreading the gospel through hiphop and on his latest joint,Elevated,he does just that with help from United States femcee Gem'N.I and his kid sister Levin.Were the average street nigga would talk of fly and swag  Jay Tee would rather say he is elevated all courtesy of Jehovah.Its a feel good joint and you would be forgiven for thinking the 2013 Jae Mac beat is brand new.

Here is what the homey had to say about his new song:
"Elevated was thought about back in 2013 when Jae Mac uploaded the beat on his reverb page and tagged me amongst other rappers to sparse over it so he could choose the best song done on the beat. I had my bars ready but the guys i was supposed to collaborate with slacked and i just gave up on the joint. Shout out to Navy Seal who did a hit on it back in 2013.

Fast forward to 2015 when my manager connected me with a an American female rapper Gem'N.I via twitter. I just felt she was perfect for the beat since i owed Mac a hit song. We worked on the song despite the many borders between us and we came up with Elevated.On the hook is my biological sister Levin on her studio debut.

I must say the song is receiving quite a remarkable response locally and all over the world.It recently debuted on Power Fm courtesy of Dj Mandisoul. The South Africans,Nigerians and Americans certified the hit on my twitter page and i'm sure they will be hitting me up soon for collabos too lol Respect to everyone who supported the movement and pushed the song."

Take a listen to the song on
Contact General Jay Tee on twitter and instagram @Generaljt01
Zimhiphop often feels like a gated community.If you ain't down with this or that clique you risk being shut out forever.One rapper who has been a victim of this is Clady Banks who despite consistently dropping quality work doesn't feature in as many hiphop conversations as he should.We tracked him down  and talked about this and more.

SBC:Its been a busy year how many songs have you dropped so far?

Clady: Well this year i released 3 songs and a couple of covers including Yonini, Panties On The Floor and recently Toda Zvinhu.

SBC: The titles though lol,what influences your music?

Clady: Girls,girls,girls,i love girls bro (chuckles)

SBC: Hehehehe and why are you always rapping about the party?

Clady: I love turning up man,i always meet different crazy chicks out there and they inspire me to write more party joints,every time i'm in the club they show me love so yeah i give them what they want lol.Plus the fans,yeah i said fans,are always asking for that party stuff.I however have a lot of dope heartbreak songs,Shout out to my Ex,i ain't ready to release those though  

SBC: I have noticed a lot of your joints are explicit,don't you fear radio DJ's will sideline you because of that?

Clady: Well i have joints that i record mainly for radio and  other explicit ones i record here and there guess you heard those.I got radio friendly stuff that i'm cooking for the DJ's its just a matter of time before you get them.

SBC: Tell us about the mixup with Clyde Banks/the similar sounding names

Clady:Clyde Banks???That nigga still using that name,need to post my convo with him,well that nigga will just stay in my shadow,i know i'm bigger than him(insert that smug emoji wearing shades here)

SBC: What made him use the name in the first place and did y'all reach an understanding that he would quit using it?

Clady: Well he changed his Facebook username, he wanted a collaboration but i declined the offer. I think he  is just popular in Prometheus's circle otherwise haana dhiri (he doesn't matter),stopped talking to him don't know if he is still using that name.

SBC: You obviously putting in work(quality work i might add) yet your name doesn't come up that much when people talk zimhiphop what could be the cause?

Clady: Its because i'm not aligned to any of these "monopolies",currently I'm producing my own stuff and plotting my own strategies cant really say I'm worried  about recognition from these ever online social media rappers who belong to certain stables.I'm  just getting warmed up and am still tryna figure out my way in but I'm glad the people from Chitown recognize me and show love to a youngin .Its just a matter of time

SBC:Dope and what do you think the rap fratenity needs to do for zimhiphop to blow and really get its fair share of the national pie?

Clady: I think we need proper record labels  kwete zvetwumastudio twepasi pemuti lol,at least record labels will take care of most of the hustle that an independent artist has to go through like paying for studio time,distribution,marketing,looking for shows,commercial ads and the like.We need sponsors and serious Zim rappers otherwise we will always stay behind.Another thing is we need less corrupt DJs because not everyone can bribe a DJ.Niggaz should also start charging for features kwete kuti maproducer adye mari ega.

SBC: Well said,so how does one get in touch with Clady?

Clady: App +263718627194
and my music is on soundcloud.com/ItsCladyBanks
The wait for Tehn Diamond's debut album  could almost be over if B.Sun's latest insta post is to be trusted.The veteran producer who gave us Synik's classic Syncity album posted a picture of him and Ngoda yesterday with a caption advising other rappers to hurry up and release their projects since they were about to not matter with the release of The Perfect Tehn.Headz being headz didn't take that statement too well and wasted no time in telling B.Sun his statement was in ill taste.We spoke to a few brothers and this is what they had to say.

@TeekayFlamez(Zimhiphop fanatic and mcpotar.com blogger:
"Haaa it puts Tehn in a very compromising position because we now expecting a Perfect album in  a world where nothing is 100% perfect, besides not everyone has the same opinion with him"

Spekktrumn (blogger at www.supportzimhiphop.co.zw):
"But Tehn hasn't dropped anything  in three years,the game has changed. I'm not getting my hopes up,i did that with The feeling aint fair and got disappointed"

Fun F (Producer at Bigshots/Global Records;
"Hahaha after all is saith and done Good Ass Job (his forthcoming album) will be the best album ndozvandongotaura lol"

Anonzi Xndr (Producer and Owner of Team Rehab Ent:
"It will squash everything that doesn't have my name on it"

Raheem King Tonhodzai (Head,AKA fan and self proclaimed king of the hustle:

Other rappers took the post as a personal attack on their own bodies of work with T1,Vhedza and Didzavelli commenting "Itai tione" (Go ahead and do it we watching).B.Sun came  and pleaded for support from his peers rather than what he termed "ghetto mentality"  of peeps wanting  Tehn to remain at the same level with them just because they all started at said level.Headz on that same note told him they were not hating  but the phrasing of his post was wrong and an attack on their art.
The debate rages on and your thoughts are more than welcome.Were Mr Musasiwa's comments ill timed  in  a season with many stellar albums released or Rappers are overreacting.

Its been a busy year for Miss Akira Slayz of AMNT music with an album,several singles released and it seems the momentum aint about to recede anytime soon(not that we are complaining). Currently touring Europe the feisty and often controversial femme fatale dropped a single "Confessions" and also took the time to announce the release of a free album on the 17th of October to thank her legion of fans the world over. She squeezed a few minutes into her crazy schedule to tell us about what she has been up to:

"Dashiki is my second album of the year which is more or less a thank you to everyone who has been supporting me since i started five years ago.The album is a mix of hiphop,rap,pop,EDM and some RnB .Head production was done by Martin C,GradyMusic,dj JUSTINKREDIBLE and dj Flatlyne.As for features there realy aren't any features  but there is some uncredited vocals from Michelle Rocky Lee,Dee-L-Cee and Brianna,all artists signed to AMG"

We also asked her about her  Beast Tour and she had this to say:
"Tha  Beast tour has been going great although we had a couple of passport hiccups with some members on the crew but overally its been good.Currently we're in France and there is like 3 more shows left on the European leg then we head to the States for the whole of November with a cool tour bus lol"

Follow @Femcee Akira on facebook and subscribe to the AMNTMUSIC  channel on soundcloud to stay up to date with the Guantanamo Bae's power moves.

Stay Fly Clan's Jungle Kid announced the release of a suprise joint titled Ride with me via his facebook yesterday and being consistent with the verbs he had heads all over Zim making many an airtime vendor a buck richer to facilitate the swift download of the new heat.Even more suprising though,was Jungle's announcement that he had handled production on the project,from the rock inspired beat to the actual mixing and mastering of the track.

The chorus dude Welly aka Wellz was quite nice advising us to ride with the team thats taking over.His chorus and the alluring beat are however overshadowed by the verbal gymnastics Jungle exposes our eager ears to.The way the dude stretches our long gone ancestors' language to the limit is a marvel to listen to.

"Vakatanga vatipuhwa kuda neguhwa
Right now vakuhwa kuda kuhwa"

We spoke to Jungle's brother and Stay Fly co-founder Settie Chikwati aka Sir about a possible release date for Jungles' second studio album Stone City (after those bars we had to fam,we had to) and he said the date is still under wraps as the label is still deciding which album to put out first between Stone city and Mambo Trigga's Trapaholik. Sir however confirmed that the 18 tracks which are likely to make up Stone City have already been written so new music is a given as we await the release of the album.

Follow Jungle on facebook @Jungle Bango and visit his reverbnation page too to get his previous work. 
In a year with a slew of really impressive albums the pressure was on T1 to come through and earn some bonus points for his crew TeamRehab.The album titled Inzwa is his debut but the level of maturity,radio friendliness and the ease at which the homy delivers the verbs reveals a soul who has been in love with the game for a long time just waiting for the chance to be heard hence the title "Inzwa"  loosely translated-hear.The emphasis isn't on mind blowing bars though one encounters those in between the Machiavellian storytelling of the place he is at and were he has been and hopefully were he wishes to be,by the Dzivarasekwa bred emcee.

Perhaps what gives the album that solid unified feel as opposed to the disjointed feel of many albums is the centralized location of all the events chronicled on it.....the ghetto.Whether the homy is having a one on one convo with poverty as is the case in Nhamo or in Mangwana when he is telling the story of how he,the girl next door and the homeboys touting for a living still dream of a better tommorow,his native Dzivarasekwa plays host to the tale.The sultry Tanya lends her voice  in both Nhamo and Mangwana becoming the hood angel who reassures WemaOne that life can indeed improve and tommorow will be better.

The title track Inzwa,Patown & Ghetto with Goldfinga and Ishy X continue in the same vein talking about the hustle,ghetto life etc and by this stage you feel the monotony creeping in and you are seconds away from pressing stop but don't just as yet,because the best is yet to come.My personal favorite Sweethustle takes you offguard with a perfect mix of Foster's killer guest verse,Galis Kush's trippy patois chorus and T1's ability to own the Soundmotion production while taking nil prisoners on delivery and flow.

For the party animals he enlists the vocal talents of Chris James and the homy doesn't disappoint delivering sing along choruses on Chakakala & We On.The turnup beats from Xndr and Mclyne are a further invitation to party as are the verses from T1  and his guests Kidd Active & Marquess on the aforementioned We on.

The loverbirds are in for a treat as well from the Tumashoko interlude to the story of a young lad courting and finally getting the girl of his dreams  in Make you Mine to ultimately hitting the clubscene with bae in the Xndr assisted Tiri two.Gold diggers are not spared either with Anochera Ngoda which sees T1 and Tinashe Makura warning us about ladies who act all sweet in a bid to get to a Gee's pocket.

The album is available for download on @T1wema1's twitter and facebook pages and physical copies can be found at the Team Rehab studio or Empire store at Regal building in Harare.
1.Zim Rap cities 20
Brought to you by ZBC presenter Prometheous aka the hiphop driver its a watsapp podcast featuring the most happening joints in Zimhiphop at the moment.This one contains Zvenyu,a street banger by Studio Felons Tigonzi and Baller telling the rest of the country how blessed they are.Ana Cash & Inno B come through with Paul Matavire were they liken their love for more girls,money etc to that of the late Dr Love Matavire.Qrigga dropped a club anthemn fused with ragga elements  celebrating all the ladies with big tings on em.Crazie Boy also came through with a witty ode to gold diggers and their unfortunate prey titled Pizza neBurger.Contact the hiphop driver on +263772326178 for your fix.

2.Five Weeks
Evolve/Ambush emcee Yung Stan waxes lyrical about his city on a suave Fun F beat.The ills of the city are put on display from kids who no longer trust adults due to abuse and the Pastor's wife who happens to be loose.But through the bleakness and traversing the road of life jumping over broken bottles and sewer puddles the youngman keeps his dreams of a 325 BMW alive.
"Today we a squad tommorow someone is missing
Mothers cry fathers grind to put food in the kitchen"

Meyniak attempts to answer Rpeels' Were did king go on the same beat used by Peels.He lays his soul bare spitting about an industry that takes his immense talent for granted overlooking him for slots at shows like Hifa and Shoko.Its not just another rant however as his prowess in the Queen's language (whose use he is unapologetic about) on the last verse reaffirms what u had told yourself when u heard his first line,the kings never went away  you have just been sleeping on them.

4.Nyami Nyami
Daley and Spits Loui make the bold claim that they are the kings of flow much like the river god Nyami Nyami.With a perfect mix of vernacular and english raps that are littered with many a catchy punchline their claim isn't too far fetched though the dude who dude who did the production on this particular track  could  have done a better job.The last lines got me chuckling as dude tells his peers to go vernacular if English is too hard as well as secular if the gospel is proving tough to preach.

VI the Law and Keith JFR of Ralf Level give us a simple solution to the lazy dudes and dudeses who cry foul for being slept on while putting in mediocre work "Level up Bruh" and get noticed.Exciting wordplay and a great beat combine to give yall hardworkers a jam to relate to and the lazy legion of haters something to motivate them.
The hard working Christian rapper Brythreesixty is back with a joint featuring a beat from South African hitmaker Tweezy who has put in work with Reason,AKA to name a few.The song titled natsi patapata samples a Miriam Makeba song of the same name on the chorus.

The premise of the song is a rags to riches tale with the rapper thanking God for elevating him from wearing pata patas to rocking Jays.Besides one line to that effect the rest of the song sounds disjointed with no clear storyline focusing on brag after brag about Threesixty's prowess on and off the microphone.In fact a random fan might be excused for thinking the joint is  by a cleanmouthed secular rapper when its owner is actually an award winning Christian rapper.

Brythreesixty isn't necessarily wack but his tendency to quote verbatim other rappers words (Yanga's run jozi chorus in this instance) becomes really annoying.Plus he needs to stop concentrating on punchlines void of meaning and allow the lines to build on each other for a more meaningfull result.I personally loved the delivery and beat thus i will give the jam  a rating of 5/10.
Fun F is set to release a tape with your favorite rappers titled Good Ass Job and he has been teasing us with singles and boy are we looking foward to this one.The latest single Tsuro negwenzi rayo sees Fun on the production side and Noble Stylez on the bars.The beat is a nice simplistic offering which makes the lines take precedent.

Noble is chilled on delivery spitting in a laidback slow flow so u hear every line all too clearly.He brags a lot but his lethal pen and the ease at which he decimates the beat leaves you with no choice but to drop your jaw as stellar bar after stellar bar assaults your ears.

In typical Noble fashion he employs puns to drive his points home leaving you wondering if he is just being creative or deliberately taking shots.

Ndichaita lungcancer i chainsmoke rappers
Asi handiende kuRehab nekuti rehab is for quitters

The obvious deduction would be he enjoys smoking rappers so much he aint willing to enter rehabilitation to  cure him of his fixation but Rehab is also the name of his erstwhile foe Anonzi Xndr so he could as well be attacking the Rehab fam.

The new school isn't spared either with Noble stating he is one of an elite group of four rappers who own houses in Zimbabwe and he aint about to be dissed by youngins living with their mothers.He denounces groupies and gives an example of one chick who got a hiding from his ride or die chicita.
If you fiend for punchlines,bars and vernacular lyricism at its best this one is definately for you.

This weekend promises to be an epic one with a slew of album/launches across the country.From Carlos Green and  Kidd Active's in Harare to Cal Vin,Red Monkey nation and Maestro IV in Sky city we bring you the 411 on venues and artists expected to perfom.

Year of the Vin
Its been a historic  year for Luveve native Calvin,from that Cassper Nyovest cosign to that Hype magazine feature and his recent fire mixtape and it all culminates with the #YOTV album set to be released on the 26th of September.The event slated for the Hope center in Bulawayo will see a couple of local acts perfom including Asaph,Guluva7,Cliff Jeans and Brythree60  among others.

Top Jita
Maestro IV is a pioneer trying to put Spaza rap on the national stage.He sent kasi to kasi ablaze with his joint Majaivana Back earlier on and has had veteran hiphop journo Narboth Rizla of Da Grapevine fam  back him from the word go.On the 25th of September we get to see if Spaza rap will take over as he releases his Top Jita EP at Shisha in Bulawayo.Perfomances from Sky City Uno(whom he was on tour with around Matebeleland recently),Prime Suspects and Ill Duce are lined up and the album will be available for sale at the event.

Bigshots son Kidd Active has been a regular feature in our ears this year slaying choruses and guest verses,now its all on him as he sets out to prove why he is Zim's "Trap King".He launches his uncaged EP at the Bassment club in the capital on the 26th of September.He will perfom alongside Savage,Trey XL,Big Tee and J-Nova and cds will be on sale for $2 each.

Bulawayo hiphop ensemble Red Monkey Nation have also picked the 26th to launch their album  and fans will get a copy of the album upon paying the entrance fee.The launch is set for the Youth Arena next to White City Stadium from 12pm to 5pm.Guluva,Yung Stan,POY,Thabbz,Mawiza and a lot of other blue city talent will support the Red Monkey Nation in action.
Zimbabwe is in for a treat from the 24th to the 26th of September as the evergrowing Shoko Festival roars into life in the Capital city Harare.Hiphop,spokenword and comedy will be in the spotlight with a number of foreign acts including Cassper Nyovest,Bucie and Tall A$$ Mo set to peform.

Local hiphop fans will be glad to know Zimhiphop will take centre stage at the Harare museum as Jnr Brown,Trae Yung,Noble Stylez  and BlackPerl are set to headline the show alongside their foreign counterparts  tonight on the KingPinn stage.Soulja Love is also set to perfom adding an interesting aspect to an already exciting line up.

As we speak the Rapcity fam are wrapping up their perfomance which started at 12 pm.Dj SenyoRitah is on the decks and the jechary boys Fly Legends are  set to hit the stage together withTeysean,One nation,Bad Habit,Roragu  at the Harare museum.

From 1pm to 2pm today its the Big shots turn to prove their mettle on the same stage.They take their Can you Kick it experience with them with J-Nova,Savage and Kidd Active set to perfom.

On Saturday the action shifts to Chitungwiza Unit L for Peace in the Hood which is going to be free.Besides the headline act Cassper rap fiends can expect Sharky to come through for the cultural mash up.Local beatmakers also go head to head in a beatmaking contest to decide who the king of Fruityloops is.Naborth Rizzla also brings Da grapevine rap battles to Chitown from 1pm till an unconfirmed time.