August 2015
This weekend was an imbiber's paradise with events galore lined up across the capital. While the grown folks spent Saturday recovering from the after effects of either excess anointing from Makandiwa's judgement night or excess beverages taken at the Tony  Braxton and Babyface concert the youngins were hustling for guap to attend  whatever event suited them from Davido's autotuned performance, Changamirefest, Zimdancehall cup clash or in my case the Bodyslam summer fest at Waterwhirld.

The good folk at bodyslam gave us a night to remember as the nation's top rappers and dancehall chanters and Djs tried to outdo each other on the mainstage.Ashstyles,Raydiz and judgement yard took turns on the turntables and kept the huge  crowd dancing to everything from hiphop,house,dancehall and even techno.

Rockford Josphats and Exquisite teamed up and belted hit after hit from wayback  to their recent banger Aleluya. Extra large also came through and showed that experience is the mother of excellence especially when it comes to perfomances. Lipsy however didnt exactly bring her A game much to the chagrin of the fans.

Tehn Diamond and Takefizzo were all about risks as they fused international beats  into Tehn's set though the crowd didnt seem to mind screaming "Happy Happy".Peekay took time to mingle with fans giving out cds between his awesome perfomance that had people rapping along to Spakwa wega,show me love and his biggest hit to date Mamonya.

Host of the evening Mc Chita also joined Roki on  stage and killed Dandaro with the "Chidzoka" hitmaker. Simba Tagz came through delivering both choral and rap excellence.The sound system was on point and perfomances flowed seamlessly throughout the whole night.

Much thanks to the Bodyslam family for organising this stellar event which put our local acts first.The beer was a bit pricy but the super yellow mumies and caramel coated sisters had the fellas balling on rent  and grocery money.

For his latest offering Vhedza  enlisted the services of The Future on production,vernac assassin Noble Stylz and gospel spitter Courtney Antipas for feature verses.The boom bap beat straight outta the 90s and catholic hymn sample make an interesting fusion.

Vhedza goes in first as he time travels to when he was four going to church with his granny and how easy it was to praise the lord and do good. Fast forward  to his adulthood he is still praising for mercies big and small albeit its a little harder.

Noble touches on the diversity of religion and conflicts that arise thereof which he says is ironic seeing as God is actually one being.He takes a swipe at false prophets  after profits who con his oh so gullible kin.He further chides his people for wanting instant miracles instead of building a relationship with God.

Courtney Antipas closes the song simply thanking Jehovah for his grace and declares he will submit to the lord's rule and do what pleases the most high for he doesn't want to be found wanting come judgement day. Vhedza is on Facebook connect with him to get access to his music.
Abnorm has always gone against the tide in his approach to hip-hop. Where your ordinary rapper spends half his verse blasting imaginary haters and the other bragging about his questionable pen skills Abnorm often deals with abstract themes which is quite refreshing.

 On this FTR produced joint he goes Drake on us switching between raps and croons to hammer home that #LoveBegetsLove. He gets help from the sultry Vicshae and Chylllur on the chorus.The beat is nice and laid back and the trio doesn't disappoint flowing effortlessly on the smooth Ftr instrumental.

The lyricism is what one would expect from a love joint. Metaphors and wordplay are scarce but rather than make the song disappointing the simplicity may actually appeal to a wider audience. The whole song is based on the premise that if one offers love wholeheartedly without an iota of hate that untainted love will find its way back to him hence the title "Love Begets Love".

Fans of street raps will find this offering a tad too soft which is not a bad thing though. Backpack fans and the ladies will have this on repeat and will be singing along to the chorus. All in all this song is refreshing and the chemistry between artists and producer makes it more enjoyable.