September 2015
Fun F is set to release a tape with your favorite rappers titled Good Ass Job and he has been teasing us with singles and boy are we looking foward to this one.The latest single Tsuro negwenzi rayo sees Fun on the production side and Noble Stylez on the bars.The beat is a nice simplistic offering which makes the lines take precedent.

Noble is chilled on delivery spitting in a laidback slow flow so u hear every line all too clearly.He brags a lot but his lethal pen and the ease at which he decimates the beat leaves you with no choice but to drop your jaw as stellar bar after stellar bar assaults your ears.

In typical Noble fashion he employs puns to drive his points home leaving you wondering if he is just being creative or deliberately taking shots.

Ndichaita lungcancer i chainsmoke rappers
Asi handiende kuRehab nekuti rehab is for quitters

The obvious deduction would be he enjoys smoking rappers so much he aint willing to enter rehabilitation to  cure him of his fixation but Rehab is also the name of his erstwhile foe Anonzi Xndr so he could as well be attacking the Rehab fam.

The new school isn't spared either with Noble stating he is one of an elite group of four rappers who own houses in Zimbabwe and he aint about to be dissed by youngins living with their mothers.He denounces groupies and gives an example of one chick who got a hiding from his ride or die chicita.
If you fiend for punchlines,bars and vernacular lyricism at its best this one is definately for you.

This weekend promises to be an epic one with a slew of album/launches across the country.From Carlos Green and  Kidd Active's in Harare to Cal Vin,Red Monkey nation and Maestro IV in Sky city we bring you the 411 on venues and artists expected to perfom.

Year of the Vin
Its been a historic  year for Luveve native Calvin,from that Cassper Nyovest cosign to that Hype magazine feature and his recent fire mixtape and it all culminates with the #YOTV album set to be released on the 26th of September.The event slated for the Hope center in Bulawayo will see a couple of local acts perfom including Asaph,Guluva7,Cliff Jeans and Brythree60  among others.

Top Jita
Maestro IV is a pioneer trying to put Spaza rap on the national stage.He sent kasi to kasi ablaze with his joint Majaivana Back earlier on and has had veteran hiphop journo Narboth Rizla of Da Grapevine fam  back him from the word go.On the 25th of September we get to see if Spaza rap will take over as he releases his Top Jita EP at Shisha in Bulawayo.Perfomances from Sky City Uno(whom he was on tour with around Matebeleland recently),Prime Suspects and Ill Duce are lined up and the album will be available for sale at the event.

Bigshots son Kidd Active has been a regular feature in our ears this year slaying choruses and guest verses,now its all on him as he sets out to prove why he is Zim's "Trap King".He launches his uncaged EP at the Bassment club in the capital on the 26th of September.He will perfom alongside Savage,Trey XL,Big Tee and J-Nova and cds will be on sale for $2 each.

Bulawayo hiphop ensemble Red Monkey Nation have also picked the 26th to launch their album  and fans will get a copy of the album upon paying the entrance fee.The launch is set for the Youth Arena next to White City Stadium from 12pm to 5pm.Guluva,Yung Stan,POY,Thabbz,Mawiza and a lot of other blue city talent will support the Red Monkey Nation in action.
Zimbabwe is in for a treat from the 24th to the 26th of September as the evergrowing Shoko Festival roars into life in the Capital city Harare.Hiphop,spokenword and comedy will be in the spotlight with a number of foreign acts including Cassper Nyovest,Bucie and Tall A$$ Mo set to peform.

Local hiphop fans will be glad to know Zimhiphop will take centre stage at the Harare museum as Jnr Brown,Trae Yung,Noble Stylez  and BlackPerl are set to headline the show alongside their foreign counterparts  tonight on the KingPinn stage.Soulja Love is also set to perfom adding an interesting aspect to an already exciting line up.

As we speak the Rapcity fam are wrapping up their perfomance which started at 12 pm.Dj SenyoRitah is on the decks and the jechary boys Fly Legends are  set to hit the stage together withTeysean,One nation,Bad Habit,Roragu  at the Harare museum.

From 1pm to 2pm today its the Big shots turn to prove their mettle on the same stage.They take their Can you Kick it experience with them with J-Nova,Savage and Kidd Active set to perfom.

On Saturday the action shifts to Chitungwiza Unit L for Peace in the Hood which is going to be free.Besides the headline act Cassper rap fiends can expect Sharky to come through for the cultural mash up.Local beatmakers also go head to head in a beatmaking contest to decide who the king of Fruityloops is.Naborth Rizzla also brings Da grapevine rap battles to Chitown from 1pm till an unconfirmed time.

Masofa Panze Queen Blackperl called in some pretty big guns for the remix to her debut single They do thega.Stunner, Trae Yung, Quonfused and labelmate Noble Stylz all came through on the joint produced by Noxa for TMG records though the beat was made by Ikonik Krimz.

Stunner's lines will probably get the most attention not because they are better than all the others,but due to the shade he threw at Maskiri. The team shark boss ridicules Maskiri's collabo with Keisha White.He also takes a swipe at Shingy and his Team Bhoo ensemble saying the only Shingy he knows is Kawondera the ball player.

Trae Yung and Noble trade bars and their combination didn't disappoint. Trae raps about cooperating with corporates more than rappers and Mr Masofa panze once again stretches Shona to breaking point with vernac wit and flawless delivery.

Perl and dancehall chanter Quonfused follow Noble and Trae's style going bar for bar.Quonfused stood out with notable punchlines alien to most dancehall artists.Blackperl is out to introduce autocracy and burn other femcees "simbi" like the blast furnace she is.

Earlier today a pal hooked me up to some Maskiri material i saw fit to share.The four songs are reminiscent of Blue Movie Maskiri and are best listened to inside earphones lest you sent your grandmother to an early grave with the explicit lyrics and shona shade which is bound to inspire many a game of feeling stations lol.

Of the four joints Tambudzai part 2 is the most focused as Tateguru shifts to storytelling mode. Apparently Tambudzai calls him from her new base in Murehwa were she has found financial success. Alishias goes for a visit and gets really drunk only to wake up next morning in the same bed with Tambu. He is not sure if they had sex or if they used protection and years later he is still plagued by guilt thinking Tambu might be the bearer of his offspring.

Maskiri even roped in Munetsi and motormouth J-Boss for some verbal gymnastics.The song which seeks to cut the tails of youngins who are becoming too big for their shoes is punchlines on punchlines and vernac fiends are in for a mindblowing fix.Though none of the emcees sucked Munetsi reigned supreme with intricate word play likening testing him to parking at the statehouse at 2.00 am  radio on fullblast yelling Ku Klax,put simply suicide.

On the other two joints the Mhondoro boss made use of international beats including Kanye's can't tell me nothing.He namedropped everyone from Daiton and Josphat Somanje to Shastro and even Tehn Diamond.He pointed out the irony of stations playing explicit content from Fortune Muparutsa in days past yet accusing him of smoking holy piff when he drops some foul language.Haters are warned it could easily get real as Maskiri threatens to have his way with their mamas(eeew right?).

Return from Sinai featuring Born Allahu 7 is Vhedza's last single before he releases his album.The project sounds like what you would get if those wiz kids in your history class would come up with if they stepped in the booth to spit bars.The intellectually frail will have a hard time vibing to its lyrics and unorthodox concepts.

Vhedza taps into the ancient world referencing Moses' talk to God on Mt Sinai and how he came back to the Israelites with the ten commandments.Mix that up with  hindu mythology, Khoi Sans, Jedda warriors spitting bhuddist scripts and you have a stellar verse which might baffle many a head.

BA7 continues with the complex rhymes which would be more at home in a varsity lecture hall than a rap song.He makes some pretty controversial statements calling Jews bogus Israelites and claiming Africans started science  and later passed it on to the mayans. The space bars about quantum physics and conversations with mystics reinforce the theme of returning from Sinai with tablets laden with knowledge.

If you are tired of the cliche raps you hear day to day this is an interesting digression.

The debate on what is real and what is fake,what is inspired by and what is stolen is one that has never died down in hip hop both locally and internationally. How many rappers have you heard and said ooh the new Jigga is fire only to hear the dj announce the song as the latest project from your homy down the street. Questions have been asked of producers who have built entire careers on sampling and utilizing those Mike Will fruityloops presets, when sampling/borrowing from those around and those who came before how much is too much and when does it become straight up jacking?

The preacher in Ecclesiastes did say that nothing is new under the sun but rappers seem to have interpreted this verse wrongly. Many have recycled the same old themes over and over again and some take whole songs and change the english lines to shona. Ndakafa was a big hit from Maskiri but was it just a shona version of Tupac's thug mansion? Another Maskiri joint, Simba, seems to have been inspired by Immortal Technique's dance with the devil. They both tell the story of a nice kid who joins a gang and is asked to rap a lady to prove his allegience only to realise afterwards he has rapped his own mother. Even Jnr Brown,Tehn and Chita for all their creativity recycled Kendrick's Me and my homies in their hit,Boyz dzangu.

Style and rhymeschemes haven't been spared too. When Mudiwa switched to shona gospel raps,the Stunner in him became a scepter that has haunted him with accusations of fake even to this day. Marcques and Jnr Brown are another interesting case study,even in Marcques' recent anglo track Who gat next ,the trademark Breezy bassy voice and delivery is very much noticeable. To condemn the  Draking  sing-rap style as fake would probably give half these new school zimbabwean rappers minor strokes.And who can forget the yesteryear Mariachi  who rode on the Jay-Z wave for so long it began to sound normal. Bulawayo hiphop especially in ndebele bears a strong resemblance to the Casspers and KOs of mzansi,then again Bulawayo and South Africa share a strong cultural bond.

The story does not end there as producers seem to have joined the fray.Maybe its the aforementioned fruity kits or just respect for international producers,Mustard,Dre,Lex Luger etc or its just producers following international trends.Occasionaly  however producers cross the line as did Ftr on that Chimoio joint.That the chimoio beat was a rip off of Rozay's #FWMUKIGI  is a fact headz the country over have agreed on.

We shall not even talk about lifestyles,jordans  and other regalia donned by foreign cats which our local rappers have adopted albeit in Chinese form. At the end of the day following international trends and tapping into your favorite rapper's works for inspiration is not really bad but your individual style needs to shine through if the industry and populace alike are to respect you. Noone will respect a carbon copy, listen to them for a while yes but respect and gamechanging is a preserve of the rapper unashamed of his style and is ready  to share his story with the world.

SBC:Take us through the year so far,we have seen you on TV and even heard you on radio
Guluva:Its been a busy year for me saan,dropped my first single daza to topola April last year and since then i haven't looked back,been doing shows around ZimVicfallsKwekwe, Bulawayo, HarareGweru and more cities still loading.

SBC:You have been on the scene for long and only recently have you blown up whats the secret?
Guluva: Consistency,persistence,dedication,hardwork and talent

SBC:Now that you are here whats next for Guluva?
Guluva: Next up is turning Guluva into a brand,thats were the money is these days lol

SBC:Please elaborate
Guluva:I want to set myself up so corporates can use my name as ambassador to clothing labels,beer companies etc.

SBC:Fair enough,we have heard the singles now any album planned?
Guluva:I have three singles out now namely daza to topola,matshankura and gijima.I'm working on my debut album The color of dreams dropping October

SBC:Take us through the process of how the album came out and what it will bring to the Zim market
Guluva:Well man every artist has a dream of penning and releasing an album the only difference being the subject matter.Since i have been here for a minute i felt it was time i penned mine too.In The color of dreams i talk about what happens daily ekasi.Friendship,love,unemployment,aids,death and partying because whats life without a little bit of fun  hahhahaha

SBC:Awesome any features on it?
Guluva:I have POY,Calvin,PAN,Muvuwa,Loyd to mention a few

SBC:Speaking of Calvin you are both from Bulawayo and rap in Ndebele so you are invariably compared to him a lot.Whats your relationship with him like?
Guluva:Well we in the same game just different players.I take him as a brother because he is the guy who gave me my first recording chance in 2005.But well now its different because he and i are independent and pushing different hustles now.

SBC:You are obviously a humble guy what keeps you level headed in a game were people beef over petty issues and are generally egomaniacs
Guluva:Lol i ignore a lot of those especially from no name cats because most take shots in order to be talked about.But sometimes i need to live up to my name and answer because abanye abantu bathwal amasimba ngezandhla.But beef don't pay,i wont waste my rhyme writing time on some one who has no goals in the game because at the end we in the same Hell but we fighting different devils

SBC:Hahahaha,So after the album drops then what?
Guluva:Promotion,videos,shows,endorsements,clothing line launch,i got a lot on my mind man and i hope to achieve it if the lord permits

SBC:So how does one get in touch with you
Guluva:app me on 0773710903,facebook its Guluva Se7en and twitter its @GuluvaSe7en

SBC:And your music?
Guluva: Itunes man just search Guluva 7 and soundcloud GuluvaSevenNkanyiNkanyi

SBC:Thanks for your time and all the best
Guluva:Word mate hope i will be on my WWE on them Ayeye
Bongani Kamuzengere aka DziBongani is a young man with a vision beyond his years and beyond his small town surroundings and thats to take Kwekwe to the world one tee at a time. He is the brains behind the Klik055 clothing label an imprint of Djangonation formerly Fyn'ace Music Group.When asked about the switch from music to designing he says it was a deliberate move to differ from many youngins who saw the pen as their only way to recognition and it was also a deliberate ploy to put his city and his kin out there by giving them something they can wear with pride hence the Klik055 brand which loosely translates to team kwekwe.

DziBongani aka Big Sosa is the founder and creative director for Klik  though he has a somewhat solid team behind him.Lusekero Mwamimbe handles everything corporate and then A.J,G.Swagga and Roy Z complete the team coming through on a musical tip.The brand is closely affiliated to upcoming Kwekwe rapper DeAccolade and his Base 3 empire  and Bulawayo spitter Guluva 7  of Kasien republic.

The team's main concern is obviously design  talk of t-shirts and snap backs.They also dabble in graphic design from album sleeves,posters and coverart.Such is their zeal for hiphop they plan to launch a side project mentoring,managing and marketing rappers who are talented enough.

The boys from Kwekwe started operating professionally in June 2013 till present day selling their merchandise from the back of their car and  select boutiques around the country.After selling their first 100 tees DziBongani concedes they almost opened a shop till they realised it was better to plough the money back into the business and expand their urban streetwear fashion line.On the question of originality and some substandard clothing lines sprouting overnight Big Sosa bemoaned the Zimbo attitude of editing existing trends instead of creating new ones and challenging creative limits set for young designers.

Klik055's vision for the future is scary  big from  officially putting out music as Klik055 to putting Kwekwe artists on the map.So set on this goal are they that they have vowed to put financial muscle behind any artist dope enough to raise the emceeing bar above the current crop of Zim rappers.Says DziBongani,

"Hunger and determination and resilience is what i am looking for and i am willing to pay for studio time and videos for any Kwekwe artist with those attributes and more."  

You can like the Klik055 page on facebook to keep in touch with the crew or halla at them on +263737027773 to make your preorder. You can also visit their blog

Back in the day at the peak of the urban grooves movement Gze was a member of the now defunct group Trinity and he laid his most relatable and sickest verses.The then young Gze captured the prevalent mood of many youngsters at the time who left their ladies,wifeys etc in small hometowns and villages to hit the big cities and even the diaspora in search of the pot of  gold.The verse was a reassurance by a migrant worker to his girl that he would return and she should worry not about him being gobbled by thirsty city thots since she,the one he loved was constantly in his heart and medula.

2.Waiziva/Vroom Vroom
Gze came through with his trademark laid back smooth gangsterish flow on a Take five production.The result was a love letter to a car with lyrics like movie scenes complete with cop chases and gun toting haters.The car,he reasoned,might as well have been an ex-jap but accessories were a must from  leather seats to a booming sound system complete with a killer playlist.The song captured the hearts of young car owners and had pedestrians rushing to taxis,usbs in hand to feel what the fuss was about.

Mr John Bhuru held his own against one of the illest to hold the mic i.e Maskiri.This time around,the youngin had come of age and realised it was time to marry.That meant ditching street gear and getting suited up to impress the in laws.It also entailed spending a lot of benjamins on the said in laws.The bride in question was also serenaded by a stoner, claiming he didn't need a blunt since she was his ganja,talk about suave.

4.John Bhuru
This was a hustler's tale modeled on a Gze homey and also one of his most playlisted tracks spending weeks on the Starfm hitlist.The verse in question is the one were the hustler asks Mother Mary to bless his hustle.He likens his dire situation to that of Jesus Christ who rose from humble beginnings as a carpenter to prominence as the Messiah.

This particular track created quite a stir when released,with heads pointing out the similarity of its beat to a Jayz and Rozay tune.Some even called it wacky but its success proved otherwise.Gze spits like a street dealer with an organized hustle that  feeds of national policy(Look east to be precise).The wordplay,centered around all things Chinese would have made Bruce Lee smile from Oriental heaven.  

What do you get when Gwagz,Fun f and Boi Tricky combine to make a beat?Well you get Musengabere a bigshots all star featuring inform spitter J Nova,trap king/chorus slayer Kidd Active,the jungle feverish Savage and of course the boy with the hundares Myk Pimp.Bigshots didn't dissapoint in this tale on how they have taken over the game underneath nigga's noses.

Baller Mandizha and Tulkmoney are back repping the streets once again.If you love witty bars sprinkled with the latest ghetto lingo this one is for you.The duo are  coming for all that you owe them alas with a little interest.Its not necessarily gangster but hood boys getting theirs,you would to if it was yours ayt.

Ur Highness teamed up with Nyasha Timbe to talk about frenemies who bite and blow at the same time.The beat is decidedly Afro Pop and like most "Rhumba rappers" Ur Highness didn't disappoint on delivery,giving befitting verses to go hand in hand with Timbe's catch chorus.

RnB choruses fused with nice rhymes for the ladies  always make for nice jams and this one from Kata is no different.Kata plays the dude with racks to spare who tries to tempt the pretty girl at the club into going home with him.Kata's pen game is actually nice and if peeps forgive him for that Tehn Diamond diss and give him a listen their ears are in for a treat.

Hailing from the diamondfields of Marange Kinzman Samaz teamed up with Lecco to make one for the Lord.The song leans heavily on the  importance of Jesus and its allure lies in the humility and truthfulness of the artists in a country were Christian rappers are the poster childs for the "Braggers'r'us" brand.

From Harare to Capetown then Miami Kapital K has traveled a lot and one feels every place he has been in his music.Talk about those thumping Cap city beats and lyrical culture,that sing rap thingy which has taken over mainstream American hiphop and even the Harare urge to floss on every record.If Keezy wasn't a renowned storyteller/word smith  this EP would have sounded monotonous with all the booze,ratchets and dough talk but he somehow gets away with it and leaves us vibing to tales from his world.

In the Jay Slim assisted,Dough,Kapital was at his best and its still the best track for me on the EP.Its about the chase for guap,changes that came with the chase and changes which ensue from  finally getting it.Its about that girl you thirst after  but she'd rather sell her body than sell hope,all for the Benjamins.Its also about how people around you change for the worst when that money coming in.
"Everbody gonna change when the money come in

Just dont change on me
They go try put me down 6feet on the ground but aint nobody Trayvon me"
Hold your head was previously released as a single but it still gets the club lit now as it did then.The keyword here is suprise,when you have everythang in excess from haters,kush to liqour people cant help but hold their heads in suprise when you pass by.

Overtime and Good over here complement each other like they were written on the same day. I mean after you sweat overtime the ensuing scenery is gonna look good from your end aint it?Inbetween grinding overtime and hitting the club overtime Keezy weaves in some personal pain rapping
"Jesus piece for my Demons" and even touching on how hard it was to finish that Masters degree when all he wanted to do was rap.
The boy who reps the monkey totem is back with another barfest produced by Ikonik Krimz titled Sango.The song was released on soundcloud on Thursday for streaming and download for a limited time.Now one has to part ways with 0.50 cents to get the joint.You can talk to @IamSharky on facebook and twitter to make your purchase.

As has become the norm Sharky lays heavy on the punches and witty metaphors and most of them might go over the heads of many i daresay. However its not all punchlines as "Soko Matemayi" takes a dig at advocates of free  music for exposure saying they are only exposing the artists to hunger.He highlights the irony of being rich in talent but not realising any wealth from that talent.

Sharky has come a long way from exclusively spitting in English to becoming a vernac beast and he dares you to accuse him of sounding too American."Chorus yakadai ingaitwa na Lil Wayne?" he asks.Peharps to rub it in Sharky chuckles at peeps who say they don't listen to shona raps yet read about him on foreign blogs were they will be looking for foreign music.

The chorus is derived from a shona folk song "Sango ndodzungaira".Its reinforces the idea of success  from hard work and though its in line with the song's theme i felt the last part of the chorus would have been executed better.It sounds a little off key but then again the vernac verbosity from Sharky makes you overlook that.
Vhedza has given us the tracklist for his sophomore album titled Chosen prophecy:Return from Sinai.Its the second in a trilogy  the homy has been working on.Vhedza sampled a lot on the instrumentation of this album from soft rock,afro-jazz,gospel hymns and even movie scores.All this sampling he says,was to come up with the most sonically interesting project possible.

A quick chat with him about the concepts and ideas in the albums had us running to check our thesaurus to gain an insight on what the album is about.From metaphysical spirituality(we tryna figure that out too) to celebration of life and the path he has walked to successs Vhedza covered a lot of themes on this one.He also touched on shade and hate in the industry,a topic more relevant now were beef,real and imagined sprouts faster than instant vegies.

Without further ado here is the tracklist:
1.Intro-Martial law
2.Do it or don't feat Kritic Igwe and Illmanner
3.Come into our life feat POY
4.Mwari ngaarumbidzwe feat Noble and Courtney Antipas
5.Funny Company
7.My function
8.In the army now feat Master Confuze
9.Underneath the African Sun
10.Return from Sinai feat BA7
11.Are you still my brother?
12.Paid tha Cost

The bulk of the production was done by The Future with help from Vhedza at Sound track studios in Cape town.The project is set to drop on 9 October and it remains to be seen if the extensive sampling  and deep concepts will bear dividends.
A day spent watching national broadcaster ZBC will tell you things aren't well at what was once Happison Muchechetere's supreme domain.Most of the programing is outdated and the current material is really not up to par with international standards.A quick look at the Tonight with Zororo  youtube channel will convince you this is just the kind of show Ztv needs to grow its waning audience.That Ztv then decides to not give the talented host Zororo Makamba a slot for his show boggles the mind.Zororo however has never been a crybaby,after a successful  run on the web the #TWZ show is finally headed to the silver screen as Dstv Chanel 160, Zambezi has agreed to showcase the talkshow starting November.

The Tonight with Zororo talkshow touches on various matters relevant to Zimbabweans young and old.It  has a segment titled,the update,which highlights the different sides of Harare i.e uptown and downtown which are separated by Samora Machel avenue.The well to do in their leafy suburban houses North of Samora and the less affluent in their ghettoes South of Samora. All this is done with a dose of comedy which leaves one appreciating the different components which make up this magnificent country of ours.

Another interesting segment is the interview  hosted by Zororo were a wide range of personas have been given a chance to answer for themselves on an equally wide range of topics.Guests  interviewed have included mogul Philip Chiyangwa,comedian Carl Joshua Ncube,politician Acie Lumumba,man of God Bishop Pashapa,news anchor Rumbidzai Takawira and many more colorful personalities from differing fields.The in depth question and answer sessions make for interesting viewing and give ordinary Zimbabweans an insight on how these brilliant men and women do what they do daily.
The show has also played a part in giving musicians a platform to shine in the form of the Coca Cola soundstage.Afro pop acts Tariro Negitare and Tinashe Makura to rappers like Simba Tagz and even heir to the Andy Brown legacy,Ammara,have showcased their skill on the stage were an acoustic guitar   is the resident instrument of choice.

It still remains to be seen if the Nafuna TV production will have as much success as it has enjoyed on the Zimbabwean information superhighway.One thing is certain though,by turning down the TWZ talkshow,ZBC might just have given Zororo the break of  his life.You can watch the pilot episodes of the show at or on their youtube channel as well as their facebook page.
As we wait on him to drop his album,Year of the Vin,Cal Vin dropped an Ep to ease the wait.The Luveve boy didn't disappoint coming up with a project thats scary perfect from the beat selection to the diverse concepts he dealt with.This album could even break the South African market with its mix of ndebele and english.

In "Life after me",Cal Vin spits about religion and spirituality from the perceptive of a kasi boy who happens to rap.He asks what will become of him after he is dead,whether he will see heaven and the angels considering his current lifestyle.He touches on the various temptations from the city girls and backsliding in christianity.At the end he however comes to his senses and comes back to the father rependant.

Back pack boy sees the luveve emcee paying homage to the hustler/youngboy's ultimate accessory  on a new age kwaito beat Cashtime life would be proud of.The song is also a celebration of style and taste with the emcee saying matching your clothes with your backpack is a must.That he carries said backpack everywhere, clubs,appointments  and even when pushing his Cds  has often drawn backlash from the fairer sex Calvin says.

A kasi love story unfolds in the mellow joint,another day.The hook screams Kendrick Lamar but the verses are as kasi as your Cavelli shoes.Its basically a tale about the smashing chick you meet in the hood ,vibe with  only for her to disappear  and leave you wishing to see her another day.

What would be a rap project without that one track to ascertain dominance over fellow rappers?In "i gat now" Cal Vin is simply saying he isn't concerned about questions on who has next since  he is the present king.He flexes his lyrical muscles and reminds rappers and fans alike of the time he was battle rapping on street corners.

The last joint is ironicaly titled dont stop the music.Its about the positivity of music and how it kept the rapper off drugs and idleness.Its  also about the power of music to unite and an acknowledgement of the excellent companionship of music and goodtimes.The only featured artist femcee Crystal, spits a young verse reiterating the good of music.

The EP is a great offering and is available for download here:
Saturday found us at Motor Action sports club with other heads for the common cause of mother hiphop.Most of the perfomers were epic but the not so large crowd had me feeling zimhiphop could do with a little more support from the Zimbabwean populace.Or maybe the size was determined by the venue which was a little inaccessible  seeing as one had to travel outside the Harare CBD.The  sound system was on point though and a few glitches with electricity were soon fixed.

Big dollar Bruce and Zimboy played hosts and they put on quite  a stellar show.Showbiz was represented  with social media favorite Thomas Cst Chizhanje,Russo,Trae Yung,Stunner,Tehn Diamond,Noble Stylz and birthday girl Blackperl in attendance among others.The perfomances flowed smoothly though there is need for improvement on how artists hit the stage haphazardly demanding stage time inbetween other artists' sets.

That Luveve boy Cal_Vin killed his set engaging the crowd to sing along to his hit Bona  and taking time to explain the meaning behind the songs he perfomed.He later called dollarsign  artist Thabz and they had peeps looking for their inner Ndebele with their hit single Hey Wena.Speaking of dollarsign boy did they own the night.Sinbad gave a worldclass perfomance of CTL and boyz remukute.The "Big Boorangoma" called his dollarsign fam on stage from journo Sindiso Dube,manager Doc Dollarsign,Thabz and Slayer who also had a pretty dope perfomance.

P-Mulla represented Norton well performing mastandards with Ishy X and Xndr.Gospel rapper Bry360 was so pumped up delivering an energetic set that showed he was no stranger to the stage.The bigshots crew,Savage,J Nova and KiddActive didn't disappoint either.J-Oh,BigTee and the Fio criminals were other notable perfomances.

Sadly after J-Oh's perfomance people started trickling away until the stage was deserted.Hence we were robbed of the chance to see Poy,Guluva7 from Bulawayo and their Harare comrades Gt Beatz,Stunner,Tehn Diamond and more who could be seen mingling with the crowd.Besides a few hitches here and there the event was  a good forbearer of what will hopefully be an excellent awards night on the 10th of December at Long Cheng Plaza.  
That jack of all trades  master of most if not all, McPotar,you have heard about him right?Well he is it at again. When he is not fixing gums and dentures dude is profiling the goings on in the zimhiphop arena.After all that he still jumps in the booth and drops those 16s.

Mcpotar took to rhymes to address a few issues that went down recently in zimhiphop.First up he had to set the record straight and quench rumors he ghostwrote Ventilation for Cashbid.He however,is so sure of his pengame   he offered to ghostwrite for all and sundry.

The boy went on to answer Marcques on his "Who gat  next?"  saying its Sharky.He lambasted dudes who only trend by running their mouths yet cant face him and talk behind his back (rappers ranting about not getting blogged about we see you lol).Carbon copy rappers and buying views on the web were touched on among a plethora of issues.Take a listen  and tell us if Mcpotar nailed it:
I wasnt too sure about this track at first but a second listen on a standard home theater  proved worth it.The beat by Mclyne is as thumping as they come and the chorus killing Chris James delivered a superb  chorus for the club.Anonzi Xnder did the final mixing and mastering and the quality of the joint was all the better for it.

Mr radio friendly T-one was out to prove he can spit metaphors and punchlines with the best of them and he came through with some notable punchlines.He painted a picture of the club complete with drinks,braai,the crew and cougars for  company.Definately his best verse this year.

Trap king,Kid Active was his usual energetic self and its his delivery i enjoyed the most in the song.Like any Kid Active verse sexual innuendos and controversial name drops were tucked into the bars.He champions safety Carex being his brand of choice.He even asks "Tinopona here  pakutoda movie" a sublime shot at the sextape made by Tinopona Katsande.

Marcques continued no chill season as he swerved bar talk and chose to address rappers instead.The zunguza hitmaker lashed out at rappers past and present saying he is nobody's successor since there had never been a king  before his time. Remains to be seen if rapper dudes will take this lying down or if shade season will continue.

Download the summer heat at
SBC: Waruup king
BA7: Peace god
SBC: So what inspired the #zimhiphop joint?
BA7: The negative energy killing our industry especially the beefs
SBC: Hmmm and what were u hoping to achieve through the joint?
BA7: None,was just tryna set the record straight,hype aint my thing
SBC: Ok but one notices the follow up single "Rules of the game" picks up were #Zimhiphop left us....was that deliberate
BA7: Rules to the game was sort of a freestyle and also showing rappers that i can come down from metaphysical bars to what they do
SBC: Hahahahaha true that fam...
BA7:Because gods can come down but an average man cant go up
SBC: Tell us a little about "House of gods"
BA7: Its my record label,i got my brother from another womb Toga on it and many affiliates
SBC: Were does it differ from other indie labels?
BA7: Subject matter
SBC: Aren't you scared your deep and profound lyricism and bars about ancient history and mysteries of the galaxy wont take root in the hearts of today's generation obsessed with trap and turn up songs?
BA7: My target is open minded folks with the ability to question their existence.I dont really care about these trap dudes and fans of such hahahaha.
SBC: Interesting hahahahah
BA7: I challenge them to research what i say,i dont impose my beliefs on them because at the end of the day hiphop is and has been about substance.But i always respect those simplifying the game to eat though i'm not about that and i consider my music spiritual and in the Zim industry i'm yet to see or hear someone on the same path as me.
SBC: And your upcoming ep with Master Confuze
BA7: The 9 rings of Saturn is gonna change the game ,i'm always on my metaphysical tip and the god Master Confuze revolutionarizes everything he touch thats why i love working with him.
SBC: Your inspirations in the rap game?
BA7: I listen to a lot of underground emcees but am inspired by The and books i read
SBC: And your favorite authors
BA7: Ra Un Nefer Ameen,Molefi Kete Asante,Zechariah Sitchin,Dr Malichi York and Joann Gardner
SBC: Thanks for your time king
BA7: Peace king  thanks for your time also
Born Allahu Seven is on facebook connect with him to gain access  to his numerous songs.

The year has been good for zimhiphop with some notable album releases.R_peels is set to drop his own this September and if the level of lyricism on his last two singles is anything to judge by our ears might be in for a treat.The EP titled Forgive my honesty will also contain the previously released singles Nobody got time for that and Where did King go.

We had a chat with Rpeels about his inspiration for the album  and the subject matter.Peels said he was just taking an honest approach to life and choosing to differ with  the rest of the industry.He further stated  the album was full of free will tracks and a chance for him to go against the grain in an industry were the truth is often sugarcoated.

The feature list is quite impressive with emcees notable for their wordplay  and witty bars. Vernac rappers who helped the Iconic group artist out include Sharky and Noble Stylz. On the other hand there is Cashbid,Synik,Jnova and Simz27  among others.

On production Dj Krimz took the role of executive producer.An interesting concept is the inclusion of a track were he spits on live instrumentation and a beat from upcoming SA based Tich.Bigshots producer Fun F also put his  skillset on the project.

The young man is quite the lyrical fiend and has held his own many a time among firespitters like Cashbid and Synik so the album is sure to impress.Follow him on twitter @R_peels  and get access to his previous body of work.
What do Dre,Teargas,Pdiddy and Stunner have in common?The answer is quite simple fam adaptability to current trends and   Innovation.While many of his peers in the urban grooves strata have faded into obscurity Stunner has managed to remain in the public eye for so long and has managed to score a few African award nominations,a formidable feat as any Zimbabwean rapper would agree.

In his new single #Time he  rides on the new wave of Trap beats and the turnup lifestyle that has taken over modern hiphop.Tman didnt disappoint on the beat as usual  coming up with a monster beat which Stunner laced with a Future like chorus or closer home the kind of choruses we have come to expect from KidActive,Trigga and them.

The song is as experimental as Stunner has ever gotten.It remains to be seen if the change in his usual simplistic bassy raps to complicated rhyme patterns and a lil tongue twisting will bear dividends.Will the change earn him new fans or will it serve to alienate his day one fanbase.Then again #TeamShark has always stood by the Tazoita Cash frontman even  at his not so brilliant moments.

The general idea behind the song seems to be a call to his peeps to check their watches since its time to go.This after staying in the club for so long,buying the chicks drinks and standing the test of time were others have made an early exit from the club.The club might as well be an analogy for the rapgame were many have come and gone without any impact whatsoever.

Obviously the naysayers will come forth with the usual accusations at Stunner i.e weak bars and calling him urban grooves but i for one support his efforts and how he went out of his comfort zone to try and adapt to the everchanging rap scene.The download link is on
House of gods emcee Mambo Munetsi  did one for the ladies in his latest offering titled Nekuti.BA7 handled production and he took us to the early 2000s with the groovy beat and the Ngoni sample on the chorus.

Mambo goes straight to business reaffirming who his lady is,in his life.The mother of his kids,the one who has stuck with him from way back (ride or die is the correct term methinks).The rest of the verse is filled with all that sweet talk ladies love hearing so much.

Perhaps  to show how much he appreciates his bae's love Mambo confesses his exes have been in touch. Unfortunately they are all now single mothers while bae was the lucky one wedding and all. He doesnt want nothing to do with the past though and pledges to focus on his wife.

I loved how Mambo Munetsi switched between the past and present to  highlight the difference between the two.From the days he proposed as an informal vendor to the present day where he is looking daper stepping out of his car in formalwear and being greeted by the one who still has his heart.

The last verse is in english unlike its precursors and though it has clever bars i felt the delivery could have been better.It still goes in though with lines celebrating African women,their beauty and affirming their importance from times past to present day.

Mambo Clive Munetsi is on facebook  hala at him to gain access to his music.