December 2015

Thursday the 10th of December 2015 witnessed the Zimbabwean hiphop fraternity converging at Long Cheng Plaza to celebrate their heroes.The hefty ten dollars price tag did not deter hiphop lovers as the venue was packed from the VIP sections to the POVO section were yours truly was chilled. 

From the red carpet experience upon arrival and the lovely hostesses clad in black who showed people around,the event was classy to say the least.The security details  knew their job well and generally nipped many potentially explosive situations in the bud.

The two arguably best vernacular rappers in Zimbabwe at the moment literally owned the night scooping the most important accolades and killing the stage too.Cal Vin scooped song of the year,best male and album of the year.Tigonzi took best collaboration,people's choice before roasting Ishy X on stage to grab the best freestyle award.Briss Mbada had to be removed from stage after storming the stage Kanye Style and declaring Cal Vin didn't in fact deserve best male (Mr Angel give Mr Harare huchi one of those anointed dolls of yours to help him deal with his jealousy).

The hardest working femcee of the year,Blackperl,was awarded the best female and Guluva Seven emerged best newcomer. Prometheous was uncontested in the best TV journalist category.A tad too many eyebrows were raised when The Lounge scooped best online media and when Nastro took the best video ahead of Gt's Mare and Thabbz Hey Wena. Anonzi Xndr of the nice bhachi fame emerged best producer.

Tehn Diamond blessed us with some new joints possibly from the Perfect Tehn in an epic performance were he was joined by legendary producer Take Five. Ti Gonzi's performance was further evidence of why he emerged people's choice as the crowd sang along to every line and attempted to jump on stage with him at every turn. Myk Pimp also put on an excellent performance as did PMula wemastandards. Dollarsign music apparently refused to curtain raise arguing they were too big an act to perform before the people that matter had shown up. Mudiwa Hood came on stage with a hoverboard and Queen Vee emerged best dressed female of the night.

All in all Platinum Entertainment, Jackson De Zimboy and Beefy delivered their best awards as yet and made Zim hiphop lovers proud. Special shout out to Jay Boss and Candice Makelele for being such entertaining hosts. I would also like to commend rapper dudes for keeping the peace and being good sports even when they failed to win. 

When you call yourself the Zimhiphop savior and drop a tape like #Kingsvilla which embodies every Bulawayo kid's dreams,lifestyle e.t.c and still not get nominated for the country's premier hiphop awards  what do you do? Probably sulk right,or throw tantrums? Not if you are Asaph, you go into studio and murk a Charlie Zimbo production so hard even Tehn Diamond talks of signing you. After teasing us with the artwork for his new single Shade of Grey poster child Asaph finally gave us his new single #SNDR and if social media is to be trusted its a must have on  your playlist.

The chorus is as polarizing as they  come.On one hand it rides on the popular trap wave but the african "Woyiyerere" chants within it means it still sounds homegrown albeit in an international way.Its focused on Asaph trying to get a fly mummy that looks  like Sandra Gona (we wanna meet Sandra too).As if to impress the lady in question Asaph assures us he really does whats in his twitter bio.

The verses take a different tangent altogether as Asaph once again proves why Bulawayo relates to him so much.He touches on the struggle of tryna stack money for Oskido's annual Kalawa homecoming event while the city council wants to turn off your water supplies.He also exposes were the Homeys been getting that turn up moola,Cougars we see yall.

It wouldn't be an Asaph single without a shout out to the clothing brand Shade O Greezy now would it?He also warns rappers that hating on his success wont make them suck  less and reminds us all that he has been grinding for long in Kingsville,all the more reason for a girl like Sandra Gona to hook up with him we suppose.This banging joint is available for download on datafile and for streaming @TheBoyAsaph's soundcloud.You can also follow @TheBoyAsaph on twitter and instagram.
Over the weekend i was in the Harare central business district and decided to go and chill at what has evolved into a second home for zimhiphop, the Basement club located inside St Andrews house Samora Machel avenue. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a hiphop show was about to kick off and i took to mingling with the various rappers and fans who had graced the occasion.Notable faces included Noble Stylez, Blacperl, zimhiphop awards organising panel member Zimboy, Rpeels and Zifm's Senyaritah.

After a couple of hours of non stop mixing from the resident djs the first act was called to grace the stage.As has become the norm at these hiphop shows  a few not so mouth watering  curtain raisers did their thing on stage with little to no attention from the revellers.Illmanner managed to attract a sizeable amount of fans near the stage and his peformance wasn't too shabby either.

Things took a turn for the better when visiting Bulawayo rapper Guluva Seven took to the stage and belted a few nice joints from his #ZHHA nominated Color of dreams album before inviting Kidd Aktive on stage to bring the house down with their hit 'Bai Skelem'.Glen Norah based proponents of the Jechary sound Fly Legends took no prisoners delivering a memorable set that had everyone's attention.

The most amazing perfomance however came from on fire "Zvenyu" hitmaker Tigonzi.He spend the better part of ten minutes spitting accapella  bars that drew ooos and aaahs from the heads present.He shed light on his upcoming battle with Ishy X and dropped a few subliminals aimed at Rehab and its boss Anonzi Xndr.He capped his performance off with zvenyu which had revellers singing along to every word.

Other cats who came after failed to keep the momentum raised by subsequent fire sets from Guluva ,Fly Legends and Tigonzi.Shout out to the rapcity team Dj Chronix,Dj Ritah and Teysean for an amazing event and for giving heads a place to chill on a Saturday.We hope the event grows from strength to strength and their marketing team will do a better job at marketing its next edition.
Vernacular emcee Flexxo  perhaps best known for his knack to nail  dope raps in his native Samanyika lingo is set to drop a mixtape  on the 12th of December at no 3 Alan Wilson avenue at the Magamba network offices. The feature list is pretty small with only a hand full of artists including Teqniq,Ammara Brown,Psyco Tex and Morset the Poet making the cut.This will at least allow Flexxo to hog the limelight   on his tape and allow Zimbabwe to discover why Mutare has been going nuts over him.

Speaking on the thought process behind the tape Flexxo said its basically a move to reposition Flexxo Mushawarukwa as an artist and create a new lane for local hiphop were one  can still sound beastly even when they spitting positivity.He added that this will be a launchpad and foundation for all upcoming Flexxo projects from singles to albums.

Being the inquisitive creatures we are we couldn't resist asking him about the potential reception of the tape in a climate that has been stubborn in embracing hiphop and   he confidently answered
"People love hiphop man,it has already grown but rappers need to be relevant to our Zimbabwean fans period.Look at how Zimdancehall is- very relevant and its not even as good paquality as hiphop is"

We also quizzed him about the general state of hiphop in his hometown of Mutare and he assured us it was very much alive through their Hiphop Nights event held every Thursday were rappers, seasoned and upcoming get to mingle and peform live on stage. The only shortcomings he alluded to were limited funding seeing as they are financing the project out of their own pockets and relying on hired equipment for sound.Exciting times for hiphop indeed.