Kwaito fans will remember that golden oldie by South African kwaito collective Alaska accuse which had everybody ekasi doing the amadamara dance with trompie hats and tjovitjo whistles to match.Asaph teamed up with Virgie and First Class on production to bring back to life that very track for what looks set to be the soundtrack to memorable nights in burgs the world over.

  Ovyaas 'derived from obvious obviously' is for the party animals who won't shy away from that iconic mix of alcohol and bad decisions.In true Asaph tradition the joint  is littered with pseudo endorsements for the most popping places in Kingsvilla,be it Eden for the strobe lights or Cowdry Park for its fly mummies who obviously know how to scream Wololo.Asaph assures the mummies in question that they don't have to stay away or "jamuka" for the boys because soon as he makes it rain they will bond with his notes (even party anthems gots to have bars right).Since its always the more the merrier the ladies are encouraged to bring their friends since the boys roll as a team and they might just end up auditioning for gout at Tshisa Nyama.

  Head over to soundcloud or audiomack and download the new heat from Mr "I'm  more musalala than 6 ExQs"

Finhu Gang is a clique built on friendship and the common goal of putting the small town of Rusape on the national map.Made up of rappers and producers who include ThaKanivore,Daley,Maec,Eldrey,Minnie Frikka,Tanaq,Melusi,Madkid,Splits Loui and Stylz Da Mc the crew has made their intentions for 2017 clear with their latest release titled Haikona which sees three of their number i.e Daley,El Drey and Splits showcase their rhyming skills on a laid back DJ Tinmad beat.

   Haikona is a feel good joint that's a melting point of sorts for the trio's dreams,ambitions,frustrations and blessings that have come their way thus far in their musical journey. For El Drey that entails stepping into the ring with poverty,a lil help from the man above till his team becomes mhiripiri united (a reference to kusadyika of said chilli used to drive home the fact that they can't be beaten easily kudyiwa).For Daley its all about asserting his growth from a boy into a man for all to see and how he has been a responsible father to his kid and supportive dude to his baby mama.Its also about writing what he likes and liking what he writes and getting the relevant attention for his work.Splits on the other hand thinks back to the time when he thought blowing up would be easy till he realised the competition was stiff,still he kept at it and along the way he rephrased hate to heat.

  Hopefully this is the first of so many more songs from Finhu Gang as they seek to show Zimbabwe and the world that rap doesn't just live in the bigger cities but is alive and kicking in the smallest of towns.

KeDecember boss is the motto around this time of the year and Bulawayo native wasn't about to be left out as far as spreading Christmas cheer is concerned.He jumped on a Hitmen instrumental to gift heads with an early Christmas present that's characterized by an insane flow and bars to match without compromising on the "let's get loose" message.

Jackie Chen follows the exploits of a modern day drunken master (you do remember that iconic Chan film right?) who gets so high on the booze that he can barely open his eyes and when he does he can only manage a squint that looks very much Asain hence the Jackie Chen reference.The Rayo Beats production is sure to keep imbibers nationwide doing all kinds of dances and kicking ass as per the dictates of the great sensei Jackie Chen.

The single is available for streaming on sound cloud and you can follow Nkanyiso Moyo on Facebook or like his @GuluvaSeven page on Facebook to keep abreast with his moves.

He has been known to set the timeline on fire with his #OffensiveRealNiggaSundays and the equally provocative #ItsHardBeingArealNigga posts on Facebook were he just speaks his unfiltered "truth" and as recently as November he caught a lot of flack when he declared himself the king of all the young rappers under 21.His name is R Peels and frankly it helps that he can spit fire in the booth because let's face it,there is nothing more irritating than a loud rapper who can't back up all the tough talk with real work in the booth.2016 has been a pretty good year for the young king seeing as he launched his own clothing line and shot his debut video Usazvifurire featuring Noble Stylz.He also announced his own stable Mwana WaPharaoh made up of Tich,Tait and him.Its their triple drop one fine Monday which we almost slept on that's the basis of this narrative.

My favorite song in that triple heat drop has and still is Conversations which sees Tich and Peels engage in a dialogue of sorts over a soulful beat.Peels remembers visiting a certain studio and telling Tich to work on his craft and bid his time since the moment and modus operandi weren't aligned at that time.Tich remembers the episode as well and admits he saw the vision but the amount of whack on the streets had him eager to just get his shot on the mic and slay.Fastfoward to today and Peels tells his nigga he is ready and lends him a verse to show how much he believes in him,Tich on the other hand is musing on what should come first the airplay or the guap.

Were Conversations is a journey into soul,VaneMaBaby is a trap banger and Meyniak features alongside Tait and Peels with a memorable verse.The trio take us to the bando (heard that's trapper's paradise) and ask all those who might have deals and the girls to link up.A lot of brag raps over thumping 808s never delivered convincingly never hurt anyone right? Peels unapologetically tells us he has won already and he won't even be staying in our bar to celebrate.Tait brags about his influence in his hood were they play him even when he ain't around and occasionally send him spending money even if he visits his rural homestead.

On HiHiHi R Peels goes solo to detail the life of a Pharaoh that's not going so well hence the hi hi hi( remember your kid siblings threatening to report your misdemeanors to your rents on some,hihihi dakukurevera).Peels is caught between paying a DJ to play his music or paying his lecturers to ace the exams which are beckoning.Add a pregnant girl whom he doesn't care about so much and a Doctor telling him his liver might be faltering and we on the set of Things Fall Apart.However mum comes through with a ten dollar soft loan but the boys show up,drinks are bought and the dollar remaining for transport money gets lost.It being a Peels song its no surprise that the last verse is used to tell unknown rapper dudes that they can't really compare with his intellect.Stream the Conversations promo video on R Peel's YouTube channel.

I'm sure most of us know Vic Taks,if not personally then at least as that deadlocked dude who always pops up in this Freeman video or that Jah Prayzah video having a good time and enjoying the music.He is a staunch supporter of music in general and Zimdancehall in particular.He even has a few riddims named after him and countless namedrops from that genre's  elite pool of artists.For his latest project however he decided to show his love for Hip-Hop and roped in a stellar cast of both rookies and veterans to showcase their rapping skills on a Forcy production recorded at Vic Taks studio.

The song Bhawa Rules which came with an Andy Cutta directed  video reveals a completely different side to HKD chanters Freeman and an on fire  DaRuler as they go bar for bar with established rappers Mc Chita and Shingy.The song also ropes in Dozae,Nashverb and Nina Grande who adds to the female fire power with hot sixteens of her own.Then again Hip-Hop and dancehall are basically kin so we weren't really surprised when DaRuler  owned her verse with lines like
     "Mambokadzi ndotora mari kunge minibus
     Zuva rechi two mwedzi wechithree ndiri too much"

All the verses follow a common theme which is basically Bar Etiquette for imbibers the world over.Apparently every bar has it's rules and following them almost always results in a night of fun and disregarding them results in the complete opposite.Buying your own beer is a must,as is bringing your own boo and sneaking into the V.I.P when you are broke will only reveal you as the wannabe you are.Dozae really slayed the chorus and Chita and Shingy held it down for Hip-Hop with Nashverb adding a touch of Bulawayo to the joint.The video is available on YouTube as well as on the Vic Taks Facebook page

Heads might remember Coded from that chorus of his on Sharky's rusununguko or better yet the single he released soon after titled faraway.If one didn't know better they would assume Coded grew up in Gari,Nigeria munching away on jollof rice because the afrobeat  vibe is so heavy in his music and this Nags & Rayo production is no different.In fact so  naijaristic is this song it won't even sound amiss in say a Wizkid catalogue.

Money simply talks about the age old untenable position of people not feeling you when you are broke and the equally unenviable position of people loving you for your bank balance.Coded,after musing on this unfortunate situation goes all out in trying to convince an unnamed character (whom we assume is bae or potential bae) that money won't really buy love so she is better off giving him her  sweet potato and he is bound by honour to give her his sugar banana.All this of course if he gives her money because if he does not she will laugh in his face.

Seeing as afrobeat is fast going global any self respecting playlist or would be Dj should consider this a must have for their summer party collections.Its available for streaming on:

The Hardest Working Man In Town Yagi Dojo has teamed up with Jnr Brown,Tytan and Shasha to give bossniggaz and youngins looking to elevate to bossnigga levels a joint to nod their heads to while doing whatever it is that bosses do.Shasha did the honours on the chorus crooning bout how any real boss is posed to know what it takes to keep a high class lady satisfied.Breezy and Tytan quip in to add extra flavour to the chorus repeatedly chanting 'boss,Mdhara' as Shasha assures them that they are indeed the bosses.
       First verse sees Breezy getting his fresh on and hitting the streets to get that money (even bosses gotta work right).He doesn't shy away from the fact that its all for the Queen in his life stating matter of factly that after getting the keys to the city he will pass them to his lady because that's the Boss thing to do.He also handles the second verse proclaiming he is gunning for glory on his own as many hang around friends just wanna use you for their own betterment.
   "Vanokusveta ropa Buka maVampire
Wotsvaga chiCookie chako wovaka empire"

Tytan aka King Mukoko adds a ndebele flair to the whole affair dropping ndebele sixteens on the last verse.He doesn't really deviate from the theme tuning his lady that she doesn't have to work since he is hellbent on transforming her from peasant to "Queen Mukoko" with all the perks that come with that title.So from henceforth the focus is on profits till they conquer everything and become "Boss Zonkes".A couple of pictures accompanied this release and we only hope it turns out to be evidence of a video already done and dusted after all that's that Bossy Life.

This year has been particularly good for local Hip-Hop and while a great number of talented artists have invested blood sweat and tears for this to happen there is a select few whose grind has been both consistent and attention grabbing they've made choosing man of the year an uphill task. Yours truly has narrowed down that list to four individuals who have put Hip-Hop on a certain pedestal.

Jnr Brown
Breezy opened the year with the controversial "We Run It" which many rappers took as a direct insult to their grind as Jnr Brown declared dominion over each and every major city. The joint spewed a few great replies including fellow Man of the year contender Cal_Vin's used to run it and Best Underground nominee Jungle Bango's Tochimhanya. Breezy followed this up with the socially conscious Tongogara which was commercially successful earning thousands of dollars via WhatsApp sales in its first week, a rare feat in a land were music is mostly bootlegged and spread for free. With the numbers to prove it the endorsements also came among them Super Chibuku, TelOne and Astro mobile proving that even though money doesn't make the man,the man of the year gotta make the money.

Just last year dude was channeling his inner Sele Bobo performing chart topping Afro Pop joints as part of Soul Africa.2016 saw Takura try his hand in the subgenre of the moment Trap and he killed radio with two monster singles Zino Items and MaObama before dropping High Definition videos for both songs. Did I mention he also gave us the Stripped Ep which inspired a Stripped Tour were we saw Takura performing at campuses around Zimbabwe before hitting Cyprus for a show. Takura seems to be taking over one dab at a time.

One of the most refreshing young voices in the game whose mastery of  heavily africanized bars and show stealing guest verses and double/triple entendres has gained him many fans. He launched his Soko Matemai album at a well attended event and the reviews have mostly agreed the boy who raps the monkey totem made a classic. Even the Senegalese for whom Sharky performed for at the Festah Festival seem to agree Sharky is onto something special.He also held his own at Shoko Festival amongst industry heavyweights like Jah Prayzeh, Winky D, AKA, Ammara Brown etc etc. Stage presence and music that resonates with the ordinary person are Sharky's greatest attributes.

Straight out of Luveve and putting Bulawayo on the global map is the Loxion Obama himself. He was recently in Germany co-headlining the Urban Africa Festival with Cassper Nyovest and Awa Khiwe.The Vin has banded together a group of talented young turks going by the moniker Kontrol Tribe making sure the next generation of rap superstars has a platform to launch their own successful careers. He also dropped the Planet Vin which is in the running for album of the year and has slayed stages all over the country. A few endorsement deals have been teased and guest features killed.                       

Dodger Zw is a Zim Hip Hop Awards 2016 nominee at www.shonaboyco.co.zw

Facebook: Dodger Zw
Instagram: @dodgeraviboy

From time to time Cashbid gets annoyed by the level of "mediocrity" in the game and takes it upon himself to bring in a dose of fresh air to supposedly ventilate the culture.The 3rd one in his Ventilation series was mixed and mastered by DJ Krimz and the beat was provided by Seengy.A random listen will leave one in awe at dude's mastery of the ancient art of rhyiming with enough punchlines,double entendres and even triple entendres to cause a minor seizure.However even the most dedicated ear will miss a bar here and there and Cashbid,fully aware of this decided to bless us with a lyric video to catch all those lines we missed.
      "Like Mufasa's son I'll tag your shit as the crap it is if you claim you can grab the next nigga's bitch"

This play on Mufasa's son Simba and Zimbabwean artist/producer Simba tags while driving home his contempt for substandard generic bars is just an example of what a barfest this is.Weak features on mad beats aren't spared and rappers who feel some typa way with each set of manipulated  1000 datafile downloads and praises from the gallery also receive a swipe.Company logos and actual pictures are used to drive home some of the not so apparent lines and even then it takes 3 watches to deduce what dude is actually saying.We could rave on and on about what a lyrical masterpiece this is but we'd rather you visit YouTube and judge for yourself if Cashbid really ventilated the game with this one.

Bulawayo femcee Awa (African Women Arise) has been having the best year of her life.She recently won an award at the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council in the Best Inspirational film category for the Noisey Raps documentary on her directed by Max Thurlow.The documentary details her journey from the dusty streets of Makokoba to her first ever plane ride when she performed at Zimbabwe's biggest Hip-Hop festival with a German band.Since then she has been all over the world with her Sangoma act at the Urban Africa Festival alongside Casper Nyovest and Cal_Vin and at the Voices Of the Revolution meet with a diverse pool of female artists from across the world all the while tackling social ills through Hip-Hop.Peep the documentary below

A verified MTV base sourthen Africa twitter account published a Zim top ten emcees for 2016 and one particular name immediately had tongues waging,Indigo Saint and rightly so because many outside his hometown of Bulawayo had never heard of him.A few days after,Indigo dropped a remarkable EP and the MTV cosign started making sense to those who came across this sometimes gloomy,sometimes depressing yet so musical piece of work that tackles real issues faced by many youths which society tends to push under the rug from drug abuse,depression and even suicide.The best part is the message is clothed in musical excellence far removed from that annoying nasal tone favoured by your motivational speaker.The track has no features and the only other voice we hear is a girl venting about her frustrations.This is particularly relevant because the project besides being a journey into Indigo's psyche  also serves as a dedication to his friend Thee Immortal aka DT who committed suicide.Her heart wrenching last tweets have been immortalised in the digital booklet that comes with the book and serve as a chilling reminder that just the little bit of attention on our part could save many a young life in this crazy world of hours that spends every moment on some pretentious bs.
"I wanna pass some knowledge not a blunt to these kids
But my plug was my uncle and to him I was a kid"

The album in keeping with it's wisdom from behind the blunt theme is divided into 8 tracks i.e  3 joints,the joint he and DT couldn't finish and four sheets of Rizzlas.He makes no excuses for his addiction though he admits its messing him up as his highs kinda feel like lows now,he however urges other stoners and junkies alike to not take the route of his friend DT pointing out that we all have personal demons we must fight and it doesn't pay to base our happiness on pretentious and judgemental humans.Dig deep into this tale of a young man trying so hard to not get swallowed by life with all its challenges and if you are in the same situation hopefully the music will be as soothing as he planned it to be.
Follow @Int_Zw on instagram and Twitter and get the EP on datafile

We all have that one friend we feel can takeover the world if only she could concentrate for just the right amount of time.For me that friend is Emilia Mandaza aka True North who has a reputation of spitting her heart out when it suits her.Granted the times when it suits her are far and few in between but when they happen a dash of excellence is apparent.Allow me to rant a little bit more (no Jidenna) and say North only hooked me up with this joint today and I've had it on repeat since the wee hours of the morning.

  On production she chose Zim Hip-Hop Awards nominee Fun F who provided just the right amount of kicks and snares to allow the various bar-barians featured on the joint to showcase their skills.Meyniak (nominated for best underground at this year's Hip-Hop awards) opens proceedings taking demons for demonstrations and demolition (his words not mine) followed by Tru North waxing lyrical about rapping till she can not breathe.Ash and Dro also pull through with memorable verses with the Dro verse standing out as he spits
"Boys dzesmoko nekasystem kekuzvida
Nema church girl vachizunguza chiuno
She a mix of Mother Mary and Babes Wodumo"

The patois chorus also helps give this bars of fury collabo an uptempo feel.Do stream the jam on Tru North's soundcloud

Ahysayn the beatmaker teamed up with Sharky to for this track taken off his Algorythm album which tells the story of a young fella abducted by mermaids  and forced to live with them for the longest time on a diet of worms and all sorts of rotten delicasies.The abduction turns out to be a blessing in disguise as the worms actually help Mandipe to survive years were many  die of hunger.As a bonus Mandipe's brain is enhanced and he is gifted with great superpowers and on his return the very same people who had no respect for him line up to get help in a classic case of "chaitemura chave kuseva".

Sharky picks off were the vocal talents of Ahsayn leave us to detail the irony of the game and life in general i.e people won't lift a hand to help you in the various challenges you face expecting you to fail.Funny thing is the very same people are the first to ask for handouts and a helping hand as soon as you reach a certain level of success.Soko Matemai further thanks the ancestors for the level of success he has reached detailing how it hasn't been easy but he has dealt with the frustrations and backbiting to persevere although the journey is far from over.Those who are listening would do well to heed the "magical" words of Mandipe though a few are likely to plug logs into their eardrums and shun wisdom.

   Smooth vocals from Ahsayn (who also produced the track) and Afrocentric delivery on the part of Sharky aside the track's fusion of an old school R 'n' B sound with the mbira and the soft female backing vocals give it a unique feel and one can almost feel the still whispers of the river Mandipe called home during his stay with the mermaids.Stream the track on soundcloud

The Zim Hip-Hop Awards committee today released this year's nominees on their Facebook page and as expected visits to the feeling station have already started and opinions over who should get what and why are already flying all over social media.A quick perusal of the nominees list will reveal that this year the committee tried to encompass every single person who was relevant to local rap culture though a few suspect characters have been bundled in.The breaking new ground theme is embodied in the decision to leave the ultimate decision on who gets what award to the fans through a texting based voting platform.The list is mostly fair but as with any awards rappers and fans alike will cry foul for having been left out and some sections of the Hip-Hop community believe the submission based criteria used to select nominees should be changed.Anyway without further ado here is the full list,go through it and be sure to hashtag #ZHHA16 and to vote for your favorites.

Best Male
Jnr Brown

Best Female
Black Perl

Best Group
Kontrol Tribe
Burg Boyz
Winner Circle
Doller Sign Music
Yedu Entertainment

Best Producer
Yung Nash
Fun F
Charly Zimbo
Krimz Beatz
Tash Manhize

Best Newcomer
Huby Blakes

Best Brand
SOG Clothing
Ethniq Inc

Best Album
Ti Gonzi – Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto
Cal_Vin – Planet Vin
Asaph – KingsVilla 2
Sharky – Soko Matemai
Tehn Diamond – A Few Good Poems

Best Promoter
In The City
Shoko Festival

Best Diaspora
GT Beatz
Flame Fleezy

Best Radio Dj
Krytic Igwe & Lampy (Diamond FM)
Mox (Star FM)
Butterphly (Power FM)
Prometheus (Power FM)
Danny That Guy (ZiFM Stereo)
DJ Emmity Smooth (Power FM)

Best Gospel
J Soldier
General Jay Tee
Jay Son
Courtney Antipas

Best Club Dj
The Family
TK Beatz
Korrupt King
DJ Brew

Best Collaboration
8L ft Tocky – Mainini
DJ Tawaz – Mablesser
Jnr Brown ft Cal_Vin – Amen (Rmx)
Tehn Diamond ft Gze – Bho Tsano
Ti Gonzi ft Ras Caleb – Ende Makaoma

Best Underground
Psyko Tektonic
Jungle Kid

Best Online Media
Fokus Mag
Shona Boy Conglomerate
Urban Culture

Best Hip Hop Hustle
Jnr Brown

Best Verse
Gze – Imhandu 2nd verse
Jnr Brown – Tongogara 3rd verse
Brian G – Skiri 1st verse
Cal_Vin – Mafacts
Sharky – Garai pasi

Best Dancer
John Cole
Tendai Guzha
MC Tatts
Sean Mumba
Billiard Kumbona

Best Dance Group
Lethal Firm
House of Animates
Dance 1st International

People’s Choice
Ti Gonzi
Jnr Brown
MC Chita

Best TV
Trey NCube – Basement Cyphers
Naboth Rizzla –Hiphop263
Nafuna TV –Nafuna Now
Miss V Candy and Mandisoul –Club E

Best Journalist
Tafadzwa Zimoyo (Herald)
Leroy Dzenga (Herald)
Sindiso Dube (NewsDay)
Bongani Ndlovu (Chronicle)
DaKid Verse (Zim Rap Cities)

Song of the year
8L – Mainini
Takura – Zino Irema
Jnr Brown – Tongogara
Gze – Imhandu
Brian G – Skiri

Best Video
Dice ft Cal_Vin – RAD
Takura – MaObama
Karizma – Shisha Pipe
Stunner ft Sir Ford – Inna Me Head
Scrip Mulla – Inyanga
Manyonz ft Tagz and Jmak – Kutsvaga Mari

Best Alternative
Tehn Diamond
Simba Tagz

Resilience Chekera better known as Gze has been consistently putting out work this year and in his latest joint he attributes all of the successes he is currently enjoying  to prayer.He gets help from Cal_Vin and dancehall chanter Goldfinga to bring to life this Fun F production which is a G on the block's take on interaction with divinity.
"Ten mahail Mary just for one blessing" he croons on the chorus while pointing out that sometimes all that's needed is knees on the ground because only the man above knows it all.Goldfinga adds a Caribbean feel to the chorus and tells us its not easy making it in this world but ultimately its not Juju but prayer that did it.

"Gotta get my people out of the ghetto into the promised land black Moses
Freaking awesome how we blossomed on the concrete black roses"

The above lines perhaps sum up the whole song which besides being a thank you for blessings received and a plea for his bars to be blessed,is a chronicle of how things have been bad for Gze till Yahweh intervened and made him an example to the rest of the hood of what prayer can do.Rides in police cars barefooted in handcuffs turn to balling in a believable ex-jap ride,jewellery and high end fashion through grace. Addiction to codeine and popping pills gets beaten and lil boys are reminded that drug use will turn them into black Zombies,all this delivered in street lingo your flashy prosperity pastor might wanna borrow.

That Luveve boy Cal_Vin goes ham on the second verse mixing ndebele and English to narrate how at one point everything was going against him ,ex girl friends were fabricating stories about him to tarnish his image but he stays focused on the positivity and Godwilling he will employ his aspirations and make his dreams work.Its been rags to riches,sweat and hard work that has led him to the cake and since nobody human gave it to him he bout to make sure nobody takes it from him either.Prayer is available for download on datafile and to keep up with Gze and Cal_Vin follow them on their social media.

Let's face it realness is a blurry utopia many strive towards and never reach,its also an ideal most don't really buy into especially when its self pronounced. So when Nash Da King announced that was the working title for his next single many would have taken the declaration with a pinch of salt but yours truly had no such reservations having been exposed to earlier gems from the "Sleek Mampara" e.g Super Mandiwanzira, Low Low and Umshini wami. On production he didn't stray from the Hitmen crew,a production house he has worked with so well in the past.

The joint starts off with an almost comical deep voiced chorus were Nash proclaims he is the real McKhoya but things turn serious real fast as dude dives into a well executed verse littered with some pretty insane bars.Seems y'all don't support your rappers enough and stay telling them they won't blow anytime soon, Nash on the other hand kindly asks us to grab some popcorn and seats and watch as he,matchsticks and T.N.T combine to make a big explosion that will prolly see him getting a beat from No I.D. The similar sounding rapper brigade with their ripped jeans and suspect sneakers get frowned upon as does their fake boy tendencies before Nash calmly informs us
"This go make my real people jump on some Kriss cross
These are heavy  16s like a middle aged Rick Ross
I keep one eye on the prize like Fetty Wap
Revolutionary flex I'm the next Malcolm X"

The bridge and closing verse are but a formality after this and dude uses them to show his squad love,a squad he says is full of Young Jack Mambazos (not really sure who that is though).While he has a clique he proclaims he ain't really that social on social networks and negative energy is a click away from the delete button.Great work from the young rapper and y'all will agree with me its time we get a full length project from Nash. Peep the joint on his soundcloud and follow him on his Facebook account Panashe Ndebele to keep up with his moves and new music.

A shortwhile ago Meister teased us with the visuals to his self titled joint,Tafadzwa, the lead song off his upcoming album Sekutamba Sekuseka.The visuals to the Jay Mashaire assisted song which was recorded at Bazooka Studios on a Gee beats beat have finally dropped and they certainly mirror the overall feel of what could be Meister's magnus opus to date.The video was shot by Kudzanai Maneswa and his little sister Kimberly Maneswa also makes an appearance in the video.

The song itself sees Tafadzwa aka Meister digging deep into himself and seeking courage from within to tackle challenges life throws at him from disbelieving peers to those who come extending friendship while hiding sinister motives in their darkest of hearts,all this is delivered via witty wordplay not the boring motivational mumbo jumbo one would expect from a track of this nature.Life lessons from events happening to him and from his mother also feature heavily in this introspective diary of a young black male realising the world hasn't really realized his full potential.

The video continues in this vein as it features Meister in what appears to be a forlon and abandoned building but is instead a sanctuary for the little girl whose eyes are heavily bandaged.Scenes shift from daylight to night then daylight again with the girl finally removing her bandages and finally "seeing" in what appears to be a metaphorical take on how life can change from light to dark then light again which is the underlying theme of the song.

Follow @MeisterMinds on social media to get the latest news about him and his upcoming album Sekutamba Sekuseka.The video is available on his YouTube


Karizma who is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of his debut album is making major moves across the continent and parts of the world with his latest offering Shisha Pipe.The Young Nash produced joint which also boasts Yagi Dojo again on production details the tale of a certain lady and her friends who hit up the fellas for a night of fun fueled by drank, kush and good company.

To these ladies looking for a good time a relationship might as well be an archaic institution belonging in history books and the Uncle Scrooch (formerly of Studio Space) visuals shot with cutting edge cameras on location in Sandton,South Africa bear testament to this. Already the video has been playlisted on Zambezi Magic were it has taken pole position twice.Channel O traditionally anti-Zimbo has also shown the Harare/London based Karizma major love perhaps opening the doors for other Zimbabwean rappers to get playlisted on the same channel. South African stations Soweto TV and Planet Radio TV also have the video on heavy rotation.

The video has a modest 10 000 something views on YouTube but so impressive are the visuals and laid back rhymes that an Australian station AfroPop TV has given the joint spins. Radio stations across Africa mostly in South Africa and Zimbabwe have given Shisha Pipe a somewhat permanent home on their charts and other general playlists.Urban stations like Metro Fm,UJ FM,YFM have playlisted the track as has a plethora of other pan African countries are also showing Karrizy love.

You can follow @itskarizma on Instagram and twitter for all the latest news on him and his music.
With winter over and summer beckoning,Noble Stylz and N jay-Oh dropped a surprise collab that mixes hip hop,afro pop and a bit of guitar action titled Dzikama.Produced by Fun F with help on the beat from Tha Pro and Qwuilz McSways as well as Congolese artist Rashid on guitar Dzikama has enough bounce and groove to keep any dancefloor alive and signature witty Noble lines to keep day one fans of his pen smiling. Additional vocals courtesy of T-Kash, Fun_F, Fuji_X, Lloyd Soul  and Runniq were sprinkled all over the joint to spice up the feel good summer groove.

Noble has two verses and he switches from toasts and turning up with the squad  to telling his competition to chill since they will never outrap him.He likens himself to the corpse of a fat person  to make his heavyweight status clear  before proceeding to floss that dudes can talk all day everyday but he is the only one getting paid to do just that by virtue of his role as a talkshow host (The Sound Of Silence).Having said that he wants us to know the only sound he listens to is that of the almighty dollar and before dudes complain about not getting paid they should renember he has always paid them no mind.The bragging doesn't end there as homey calmly tells us he can freestyle our best writtens and win awards fair and square without bribing the judges

I freestyle your best verse handitonyori
Awards ndowinner fair handitonyori

In keeping with the groovy feel of the song he does raise his glass to hustlers and hood queens keeping it real the world over.

N jay-Oh comes through repping the booze gang.From celebrating deals that have been sealed with shots of amarula & tequila to looking for Noble,Kash,Fun & Rue so they can go ham on the shots N jay-Oh has one thing in mind and that's to get faded.The verse is lit though a bit short and the same can be said for the Runniq bridge as well which left us wanting to hear more of this vocally endowed songstress.Fun_F forever the multitasking guru lends his voice to the chorus besides also mixing and mastering the joint and making sure the diverse talents on this joint are fused to perfection.You can view the lyric video to this joint on the Clive Njobo YouTube channel.

A few weeks ago we reported that Asaph was launching a movement that aimed to chronicle tales of Bulawayo as seen through the eyes of its youth. The movement aptly named Burg Boiz aims to do this through music drops,dabbling in aesthetics and dropping visuals to complement the music.We in week three of the movement now and already we have seen 3 fire joints and two videos with talk of a small film/documentary also doing the rounds.Production has been allocated to longtime Asaph producer Charlie Zimbo while Artline Films is handling visuals.

Week one saw Asaph teaming with Kingsley to give us the perfect anthem for those long rides home after a night of booting with the homeboys in mummy's stolen ride or that taxi you can't really afford. It's a song bout looking your best dressed in all black for that rendezvous with fly chicks in the city centre. Its also a tale of balling on a budget and calling a meeting with your comrades in the middle of a party so you can combine forces and buy enough fuel to take you home with said chicks. Relatively unknown rapper Kingsley drops a memorable verse to complement Asaph's two.

Week two saw the release of Ara Kani Jackets which is my favorite of the series thus far.Ara Kani is an ode to a local Bulawayo label owned by Nkululeko Ncube which is making strides the world over having recently showcased their newest range at the South African fashion week. But it's more than just a song about fly threads,its a story of finding shelter from a cold city and a cold country. Asaph raps about  how he thought he had made it when he was booked for the Wizkid gig (VIP suite in the capital and all) only for the show to flop. The resolve to succeed is bigger than the setbacks though and he vows to keep on keeping on till he at least makes it to Zambezi Magic. MH1 lends his voice to the joint cleverly weaving a story of good girls turning to pretty ratchets and boys getting bodied by the bodies of said ladies only for hearses to be stuck in traffic.Talk about life being at a virtual standstill.

The latest release is somewhat a dedication to the fair ladies of Bulawayo in particular and Zimbabwe in general.Yiso comes through with a touch of  R and B that is beffiting to the song's  theme. Asaph likens the ladies to birds while appreciating the yellow bones whose complexion he says is light as feathers of the  aforementioned birds. He also makes a toast to those ladies who bring their cute cousins to the boot. The videos in the series are available on the Burg Boiz YouTube channel and you can follow the The Boy Asaph on Twitter,Instagram and Soundcloud.

Cal Vin and Asaph are two of the biggest hiphop artists out of Bulawayo with an impressive body of work between them including last year's critically acclaimed offerings Year Of The Vin and Kingsvilla respectively.The first time I heard them on the same track was on the Kingsvilla cut,North End To Luveve,the joint was dope to a certain extent but with Izandla Emoyeni the duo might have unlocked enough heat to chase the remainder of the winter away.With Planet Vin set for a 13 August release date and Kingsvilla 2 set to be released a month later its an exciting time for Bulawayo hiphop and we hope  these two rappers who also happen to be the frontrunners of the Kontrol Tribe and Burg Boiz movements maintain the form they displayed on this Q-Boy Beats/Cal Vin production.

Cal Vin goes in first and even though its mostly brags about how far he has come and how much further he intends to go the bars don't sound corny at all.The Luveve native admits his life of partying and sin might have you thinking otherwise but he is still blessed beyond measure and like John Cena's trademark wrestling move you can't really see his moves until it's too late.As for the various dudes wishing he would vacate the throne he is  chilling on,he unapologetically tells them the genie they waiting on to grant said wish is actually asleep.Clever fusion of witty ndebele and English bars.

Asaph then comes through on the bridge with a quick shout out to the real ngiz (burg slang for real niggaz one would suppose) before educating us on the current state of Bulawayo with some pretty confusing slang which I'm sure my North End connect will be gracious enough to explain.With a delivery akin to a young Machiavelli Asaph talks late night escapades in Bulawayo and how the only time he can afford to spend on the city chicks is airtime.He lays down the Burg Boiz Code which is all about buzzing the homey if you wanna talk sheets (money) and never snitching on ladies you had under your sheets though the very same ladies aren't to be trusted as you are advised to count your teeth after making out with them.

The cyber streets have generally received the joint well and it looks set to become a winter anthem if the 2 000 people who downloaded it during the first two days of release have their say.For those who want to rap along to the joint we have included the lyrics for your convenience below.

Cal_Vin - Izandla Emoyeni (ft. Asaph) Lyrics

(Hook 1)
Zwana,  thina siyilaba siyilaba /
Sthanda ubunandi leFashion /
Uma ufuna ukuvayanathi /
Faka izandla emoyeni /
Uma ungagqwali ngestampa /
Ngicela ungathathi amaChance /
Hlukana nathi ungafaki izandla emoyeni /
Emoyeni emoyeni, Emoyeni emoyeni /
Ngicela u fake izandla emoyeni /
Emoyeni emoyeni, Emoyeni emoyeni /

(Cal_Vin verse)

First thing first,  I wish u luck all u niggaz /
Ngiyabona lizama ukungifica, u running your mouth /
& I'm bout to lap u twice,  n I'm sorry to do u like Dat /
It was Year Of The Vin,  and Manje we off to the Planet, I'm organized,  everything I plan I out /
Bathi ntwana u live it up / 
This ain't no luck this is blessings coz God got my back although I party hard /
Ntwana I'm an animal /
IN this jungle I'm Simba,  I know u don't see what I Done like my name is John Cena /
I know I'm a sinner,  Father forgive me I know I'm unfair to these niggaz /
Kuqakathekile ukuthi lihlale likwazi ukuthi igama lami ngubani /
It's Calvinatti uyabona mina ngifuna leMali /
Ngihamba lobani? Amagenge ami aphethe izikhali uyabona /
Me and Asaph we the best yes!, period dot dot dot dot yu can hate this /
I know we got alotta niggaz in the game,  stuck in their feelings like blind pple reading braille /
I know you wish Dat I fall from my seat,  but I'm sorry the genie in the bottle is asleep /
I am the shit, pass,  urine /
Trust me my nigga yu don't want it with me.

(Hook 2)
One time for magenge,  one time for the real ngiz /
If I swerve in my city,  hands up if u feel me /
Izandla emoyeni,  faki zandla emoyeni (if yu feel me) /
Izandla emoyeni,  faki zandla emoyeni (if yu feel me) x2

(Asaph Verse)

Deep in the Burg Daije looking nervous/
I got yobs by the heards and no they never scared/
its my time, one time for the burg grind/
say she wana spend time i just send her airtime/
underground writers, graveyard, deadlines/
wana take shots you'll be dead before a deadline/
damn right/
We be turning up with the suspects/
Im giving up rap for some dubstep/
young mzo with the zaphs downstairs/
Heard they caught him pissing out in public/
Me and Vin pissin on the rap game/
Baby dont uu call me by my rap name/
She wana be the bae but oh no/
uu and Sandra Gonah aint the same thing/
Son this is my destiny/
Keeping god above me haters underneath/
never trust these daijes kiss n count your teeth/
Never snitch on daijes uu had under sheets/
Never call my phone if uu ain't talking sheets/
I can't roll with nigas who drink flying fish/
Who the best in Zim Me Cal n Pinn/
Raise your hands to this if uu feeling me

(Hook 1)
Zwana,  thina siyilaba siyilaba /
Sthanda ubunandi leFashion /
Uma ufuna ukuvayanathi /
Faka izandla emoyeni /
Uma ungagqwali ngestampa /
Ngicela ungathathi amaChance /
Hlukana nathi ungafaki izandla emoyeni /
Emoyeni emoyeni, Emoyeni emoyeni /
Ngicela u fake izandla emoyeni /
Emoyeni emoyeni, Emoyeni emoyeni /

If I was asked to describe Tehn Diamond my answer would probably be a mixture of talent and passion.Let's face it the rap game has always been full of rapper dudes with all the talent in the world who fell on the sidelines of success because they didn't posses heart for the game.Tehn has never been that and his catalogue which includes 3 mixtapes,a joint album with Jnr Brown and Takefizzo is enough testament to that.Add months spend in Asia doing gigs and perfecting his craft and how he quit university to give his all to music and you have a global icon in the making.

All these factors fused with an eye for opportunity and business acumen have resulted in the launch of TND SZN or Tisu Ngoda Dzacho Season a lifestyle brand set to focus on music,fashion,film etc.Tisu Ngoda Dzacho (We are the Diamonds) first appeared in Tehn's song Simudza Gumbo before it became a regular hashtag of his and other Zim kids who believed they were the diamonds many an explorer had searched for since time immemorial. The hashtag eventually gave birth to a snap back line and a website www.tnd.co.zw was launched in January on Tehn's birthday.Fast forwad to 1 July 2016 and the website has been revamped and it's set to be a key element of Tehn's album release come 30 September when he drops A few good poems.

As part of the activities lined up for TND SZN Tendai Ngoda as Tehn is fondly known has dropped a remix to  Bhoo Tsano available for streaming on the TND website and on his Facebook page. Perhaps to reaffirm his seriousness as an Influencer of popular culture,Tehn deviated from the normal remix pattern of a number of new artists on the same beat choosing to enlist the services of Verseless Philo on the keys and on beatboxing to come up with a different vibe all together. Simba Tagz stayed on the chorus and Gze was given a verse which he totally slayed with a mix of ghetto Intelligence,Game of thrones references and mafioso name drops.The theme of course is how no amount of hate or being looked down on will change the fact that tiri bhooo tsano (we are good fam)

In the meantime keep your eyes glued to the TND website and see what Tehn has planned for you and yours sonically and fashionwise as we await the release of A few Good Poems and hopefully The Perfect Tehn soon after.

Brythreesixty and Cal_Vin reignited a partnership that gave us Konzeresa remix to deliver one of Bry's finest verses this year,the Gnik produced High Score Remix.In typical ThreeSixty fashion the beat is trap influenced and  best played on quality headphones or those speakers your landlord hates so much.With such a thumping beat Vin and Bry could have slacked on bars and delivery but they actually came through with nice penwork likely to impress crowds from Luveve through Rimuka all the way to Chitown.

Brythreesixty says the joint is aimed at raising the bar in local hiphop and ideally leading him to the top of the log standings with the highest score ever.To that end he has been setting himself up for such a likelihood as a football player would set up a penalty.Cal_Vin is out to tell those who believe he has fallen off that he is still the goal getting Luveve boy we love so much with a healthy sprinkling of hate from some sections of course.With a mix of ndebele and English bars Vin let's us know his numbers and ratings are on marijuana (read high) and he is pulling pretty good crowds to his shows.

The joint is the second Bulawayo feature Bry has done in as many weeks following his collaboration with Maestro IV on Mari Yako Chete.As for Cal_Vin its one of many as he builds up anticipation for his 2016 album launch set to coincide with the Made In Bulawayo hiphop concert slated  for an August date in Bulawayo.


Best newcomer at the Zimhiphop Awards has one request for us this winter and that's to put some respeck on Bulawayo.His latest single taken off his award winning album Color Of Dreams is an attempt to regain lost pride for his hometown Bulawayo fondly known as City Of Kings (and Queens of course).Production was handled by Marvin and the sound leans towards the Skanda vibe and if you hadn't paid attention to his album this might be reason enough to pay it a revisit.

Like the title suggest the song is all about Bulawayo and the Kasien Republic Head Honcho takes us on a full tour of the City of Kings from its icons,sounds and prominent places.In one verse he shouts out hoods from said Bulawayo while he spits about the influence of Jays Marabani,Cool Crooners,Sandra Ndebele etc on him and his music in the next.The ultimate Bulawayo Icon the late Vice President of the republic Joshua Nkomo isn't spared either as Mr Kasien salutes him for the role he played in shaping many a King/Queen's dream.

A quick chat with Guluva on the sidelines of the release revealed some pretty interesting things about his relationship with Bulawayo.He revealed that he feels most artists in the genre have neglected the city  focusing mainly on their hoods not the city as a whole.He recalls listening to various legends past and present and how they were proud of Bulawayo and being inspired by the same legends to channel his energy into producing an ode for his city that's strictly hiphop.So next time you meet the homey around be sure to put some respect on his city's name,it's only right.


I first heard Chizzoe on a joint last year when he dropped Bizzoe celebrating everything turn up.Since then he has continued to impress mostly on features produced by Norton based Vic Enlisted.He opened up the year by going toe toe with Sharky and Don Cavelle on Garai Pasi before he killed his verse on Pombonoka remix.For the longest time we were waiting to see how he would perform on a solo tip and his latest joint Shinda Mughedi has just proved what we long suspected,dude really has that Class 1 licence when it comes to navigating his way around bars.The joint was recorded in Norton at Enlisted International and the beat and mastering are on point.

I've read somewhere that there is a close relationship between rappers and ballers with the other wanting to be the other and vice versa.Chizzoe exploits this to the fullest likening his entry into hiphop to entrance into a soccer match.The song is riddled with football related metaphors some of which might escape the ears of less keen ears.Peharps reffering to how he has shined on features Chizzoe claims the super sub who always impresses title.But he also wants one thing to be clear,he is a lone gunmam who has scored singlehandedly without any assists even rapping that he will make it alone he doesn't need no assists.

As has become the norm for rapper dudes he has a few choice words for his peers whom he feels are slacking. He craftily tells us offers to feature dudes who are a bit lame have been coming but he is no Jairos Jiri so he won't give hope to dudes whose bars are reclining in a wheel chair.As for the wave of beef that has overshadowed actual talent in local hiphop he cautions rappers from inheriting beef that's not theirs saying
Some of these rappers here catching feelings from nowhere
Kunamira kushure kwebeef yevamwe kunge ndove

This is the level of talent that can take Zimbabwean hiphop to the future and it will be interesting to see were Chizzoe will go from here.


This year has been a busy one for ex trinity member Gze with an impressive work rate that has seen him drop two fire singles and a shoot a video in the process.For his latest release which was produced by McZee he enlisted the help of yesteryear's Chimurenga jingles poster child Sister Flame as he makes a toast to dearly departed homeys.

He doesn't deviate from his laid back,gangster rap,smooth delivery as he blends with the silky McZee beat to ask the Lord to open up the gates of heaven for his peers who have left the land of the living.Sister Flame provides sultry backing vocals and adlibs.Gze accepts that as much as it hurts ultimately its the Creator's decision on who lives and who dies rapping on the chorus
Boys dzangu dzakacrosser dzakune rimwe divi
Misodzi ichidonha maziso piriviri
Mabvi nemagokora mwari ndovanotonga
PaPearly Gates Jehova vavhurirei mukova

Gze  goes a step further to chide God for the frequency of death on his block arguing pain ain't really that necessary. He remembers trading bars with his homey and how he never thought he would be his pall bearer.While the joint is in part about death and its effects on those remaining its also a journey down memory lane on times spent,happy and not so happy,from the pain of the hustle and the trips to the pub to grab a drink to help forget the struggle at least for the night.Its also a picture of the extent of comradeship in the ghetto especially during the comeup were dudes will share the same outfit only switching the T-shirt to confuse inquisitive people who might want to put their noses in the business of Gees.

He finishes off the highly emotional joint by namedropping industry peers whom he either worked with or held in high regard among them TBA,femcee Amelia and mbira star Taku Mafika who have since passed.To that list he adds legends from his hood Southerton and school mates from Dadaya.


Sometime last year Marcques dropped a scorcher that was aimed at silencing all his critics and haters (whichever is more politically correct) and it was aptly titled Nyarara.A few months passed and photos of a video shoot started surfacing rousing our curiosity and upon enquiry we were told the video had indeed been shot by Chris Shoca for Black Phantom Films though the release date was still hazy.Just when we had given up hope of seeing the video Madzibaba Makani aka Mr Zunguza teased us with a short clip of the video and we hastily rushed to make sure the neighbours WiFi was up to date so as to catch the video when it dropped.The video has soon dropped and for a debut video its looking pretty wavy.

Shot on location in Mbare,Nyarara sees Marcques dabbing in a white gemenzi in one scene while the whole squad looks on.He even got the kids,looking like they need a bath as kids are known to do,singing along to the chorus.It being a Marcques video and Celebrity Boyfriend being his nom de plume some celebrity eye candy was to be expected and Miss Crimson Blue and some anonymous ladies (hook us up bruuuh) looking all sexy make cameo appearances and I'm pretty sure business at Mbare Musika slowed down a bit on the day of the video shoot.Marcques's partner in rhyme Mile also makes an appearance.

Hopefully this is the first of many videos from the man as he has promised a couple more videos from his upcoming album Book Of Marcques and a few others from his duo album with Mile Lost In Translation.He also revealed they have plans to drop a deluxe version of Lost In Translation in the near future.


Its been a long journey for Marshall Muchenje from the day he decided to take rapping professionally up until this point were he is about to unveil arguably one of the most anticipated local hip-hop albums of the year. From being a youngin whose music displayed overtones of idol, J.Cole, Sharky has managed to grow with each track to the point were he has pretty much forged his own unique sound characterized by heavily afro-centric bars and sounds which are seamlessly fused with Anglo ones and dope beats to create the 'Soko Matemai' appeal. In a few words we try to understand how Soko Matemai as he is affectionately known has reached this point.

Those who have seen Sharky perform can testify his stage presence is something to behold.Dude cut his teeth at the Basement Club during his Bigshots days hitting the stage week in week out at Global Records' trademark Can you kick it shows.He as also been a regular at Twimbos giving hope and has also showcased his art at Shoko Festival a relationship which proved fruitful as Shoko in collaboration with Senegalese festival Festah flew him out to Senegal were footage released has since confirmed what we all suspected for the longest time,music is a universal language and Sharky is a beast in the booth and on stage.

Homeboy seems to have developed a knack for devouring emcees on their tracks. Earlier this year he jumped on a Vic Enlisted (Google him) production alongside Chizzoe and Don Cavelle titled garai pasi and while noone slacked even African Hip Hop Blog had to give Sharky verse of the song. He was also part of another Enlisted banger this time alongside VI the Law, T1, Chizzoe, Venge Raas and Taps and he held his own.He also took time to drop bars on relatively unknown rapper Clarks' single and also featured on the Verseless Philo EP Home on the title track. All this is testament of his work ethic which has seen him juggle a day job and his passion as he raps on killing

Kana ari masikati wangu ndenge ndiri pagraft

Asi kana amanheru ndenge ndakuperfector craft

Substance and perfection and not fitting into the proverbial box are some of the tenets which have for long set Sharky apart from his peers.While your average rapper dude is busy raving bout their latest threads and bragging about bars they don't got, Marshall has remained humble and is likely to refer to you as 'Mukoma' shona for big brother. He is likely to be found rocking a Mandela African print shirt designed by his mother and some beads which has earned him the affectionate title Hip-Hop SangomaHe is also capable of making socially conscious music as he did with his break out hit Soko Matemai which is a prayer to his ancestors to guide him on his life journey. The song also had a video which terrorised the Zambezi Magic Charts for weeks on end and got him featured on National television. All these factors have earned him the respect of OGs in the game with a cosign list that ranges from Begotten Sun to Tehn Diamond and even dancehall legend Dadza D among others.

With all these factors considered its no surprise that many are anticipating the release of Sharky's album on the 25th of June.

On the album which he executively produced alongside Dj Krimz and Afro80i he worked with many producers and rappers whom he has kept close to his chest though he assured us they made fire. The launch will be at Moto Republic in the Capital and online streaming links and options to buy will be made available for those in the Diaspora and those who can't physically come to the launch. We wish the young legend all the best as he sets out to prove this is indeed the year of the Monkey.

The year is 2016 and Africa, nay the world, is in dire need of a superhero. Superman is dead and Batman is prolly wearing extra black clothes and mourning a former enemy who ended up an ally and close friend. All hope seems lost as the world's only hope Black Panther is only slated for a late 2017 appearance, enter Mr Feel Good better known as Carl Joshua Ncube, the only super hero with third world powers. His mission is simple #BreakTheWorldRecord for most comedy gigs in a week and give the homeland a reason to be proud.

From the 17th of August to the 23rd of the same month the popular Zimbabwean stand up comedian attempts to storm into the Guinness book of Records by performing 35 gigs inside a week in South Africa and Zimbabwe to break the current record which stands at 30 gigs. Word reaching us is that he has already notified the powers that be at Guinness and he has been given the go ahead to laugh all the way to the bank (of records) and the actual bank seeing as one of the requirements of this quest is that the gigs be in front of a paying crowd.Zimbabweans, Africans and citizens of the world wishing to rally behind Carl can follow the man on his social media or click on the hashtag #BreakTheWorldRecord also on social media.

Details of venues and ticket point of sales will be availed as they come. We at Shona Boy Conglomerate wish Carl Joshua Ncube all the best and hopefully Zimbabweans will rally behind the man and contribute to what looks set  to become a great moment in the history of comedy in Zimbabwe.

Norton based rapper Pmula aka Mr Mastandards has started this year on a roll.Just a few weeks back he gave us Ndinovapeta and now he is back with Zino ReFake.While in the past he experimented with different sounds on this track he leans heavily towards the trap sound popular among rappers currently and I must admit that dude might have found his niche sound. Production was handled by Norton based Victor Mhonde popularly know as Vic Enlisted for Enlisted International.

The as one might have guessed from the title is adressed at that section of the society who will cosy up to you and smile to your face before spitting on your shadow once your back is turned faster than you can say Judas.In the context of the rap game one gets the feeling its addressed to industry people whom Mula once believed were friends and peers only to realize they want to see him fail.It also applies to our day to day life were it seems snakes are to be found at every corner disguised as pals.The powerful message is complemented by some pretty stellar bars to augment the banging Vic beat.

A couple of shout outs appear in the song from a certain Sean whom Pmula says took him out of Boma after seeing his vision to Boss Spencer Madziya and two bloggers namely Spekktrumn and Dodger. You can stream or download the joint @PmulaWemastandards's SoundCloud. To keep up with the man follow him on @PmuLa263 on twitter and add him on Facebook as well.