One of our favorite moments at Coke Studio Africa this year was when our very own Jah Prayzah teamed up with Ghanaian superstar Joey B and Ethiopia's Betty G to cover Jason Derulo 's hit song In My Head.Coke Studio managed to bring together the African Super Stars with American MegaStar Derulo to produce a cover that was rooted in Africa while staying true to Jason's original hit.Jah brought in the Mbira and his native Shona language with Joey and Betty coming through with sultry vocals and raps respectively in their indigenous languages to bring a new "Afrospopsque" feel to Jason's song.

It's all systems go for the Chitown Music Entertainment and Lifestyle awards which are slated for today at 2000 hrs at  Tanza  center in Chitungwiza.The award showcase is in it's second year and it's organizers came up with the idea after realizing that Chitungwiza was bubbling with talent but recognition was all but missing.They then came up with this initiative to put a spotlight on deserving creatives from Chitungwiza and reward excellence in various creative fields with a bias towards music.

This year's event will be graced by a large list of guests who include award winning DJs Lady K,PD the Ghost and Dj Mox from ZiFM & Star FM respectively plus artists like Nutty O,Bryan K and Adrian Tate among others.ZimHipHop awards founder Beefy is also set to make an appearance and performances are expected from Bryan K,Beav City,Natasha Muz and Nutty O.

Below is the list of the nominees for this year's edition of Chitown Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle Awards
CMELA Nominees 2017
Best Male
•Beav City
•Nyasha Timbe
•Ninja Kid
•Scrip Mula
Song Of The Year
•Nash Milli - On Me
•Tonderai  - Beav City
•Nyasha Timbe - Sthandwa
•Ninja Kid - Wakanaka Mwana
•Scrip Mula - Maria Musante
Video Of The Year
•Wakanaka Mwana - Ninja Kid
•Maria Musande - Scrip Mula
•Masuwo - Dexter BaysiQ X Lex Alexendar
Producer Of The Year
Nyasha Timbe
Best Dancehall Act
Guspy warrior
Dhadza D
Hwindi President
Lady squanda
Ninja Kid
Best Female
Natasha Muz
Artist Of The Year

Mula Nation
Beav City
Ninja Kid
Natasha Muz
Peoples Choice
Nash Milli
Beav City
Hwindi President
Dexter BaysiQ
Dadza D
Scrip Mula
Best Club Dj
Honorary Award
To be announced on the night
The 2017 ZimHipHop Awards were held in BULAWAYO at the Academy of music on the 9th of December.The awards showcase which seeks to honour movers and shakers in the genre was hosted by CalVin and Asaph with rappers and fans from all over the country converging in the city of Kings to see if their favorites would emerge winners at the end of the night.As is the norm with award ceremonies the final list of winners has created debate online with people voicing their opinion as to who should have and who shouldn't​ have won an award.Check out the full list and tell us what y'all think.

Best male – Stunner
Best female – Kikky Badass
Best newcomer – Tulk Munny
Best song – Tehn, No Stress
Best group – Few Kings
Best producer – Take Fizzo
Best online media – Keep It Real Fridays
Best radio DJ – Lady K and PD The Ghost for the The Fixx on ZiFM Stereo
Best album – Noble Stylz, Better Than Your Album
Best promoter – Jackson Zimboy
Best Gospel – Mudiwa Hood
Best hustle – Mudiwa Hood
Best video – Mudiwa Hood -slayin
Best underground – Indigo Saint
Best diaspora – Hilzy
Best verse – Guluva Se7en, ngena ka1
Best dance crew – Super Geeks
Best collaboration – Myke Pimp – get mine ft Jnr Brown and Trk
Best alternative – Simba Tagz
Best local family supporting Zim hip hop – Team Big Family
Best TV Media – Hip Hop 263 by Naboth Rizla
Best journalist – Bongani Ndlovu
The video for Tamy's catchy tune celebrating self love are finally here and boy are they beautiful.Word on the street is the video was initially supposed to be directed by a certain videographer who didn't come through for the job so the the job fell into the capable hands of Andy Cutta.The up tempo pop song preaches loving oneself despite one's race,creed and customs since beauty comes in many shapes & forms.The video follows this vein with a mix of different cultures/races all celebrating diversity and Dobba Don's dancehall verse alongside Takura's trappy verse only serve to drive this point home.

Bulawayo emcee Asaph recently dropped his fourth full length project Twenty Five and he has followed that up by releasing  the first video off that project.The dancehallsque body features Mzoe Seven and the visuals were directed by Fusion Media Group.This is set to be one of many videos from 25 if his Twitter is to be believed.The Burg Boy is also set to work with Kid X after reaching out to the South African rapper on Twitter and getting a favourable response.

Local HipHop fanatics prolly know Sharky as the boy who reps the monkey totem and if there is one track that cemented his love for his totem it's probably Soko Matemai. Way before his award winning debut and his profound sophomore album Sharky was putting in work at G-Records and his partnership with Gwagz gave us one of  if not the dopest songs of both their careers.While the beat was very Hip Hopy the actual content of this song was rooted deep in Africa's belief that our ancestors and totems have a part to play in our self development.As such it serves as a prayer of sorts to the powers that be by a young man at the cross roads looking to conquer life so he can make a long line of Soko Matemai's who came before him proud.

In an industry where longevity is wished for but never realized by many, ExQ has mastered the art of remaining relevant and reimagining his brand when the situation demands.Starting off all those years ago with his breakout hit Musalala ExQ has remained a mainstay of urban culture and the success of his hitsong Nhema featuring Killer T is testament to this.Its quite rare for Zimbabwean artists to break the 1 million streams threshold on YouTube with their videos and to do that with an audio is unheard of.Now that the official audio for Nhema has entertained Zimbabweans far and wide while breaking all sorts of records we wouldn't mind getting one of those crispy videos ExQ is in the habit of putting out.

Double Jae Da Lyricist is fast carving a name for himself on the local HipHop scene with a string of solid singles dating back to his ZvaMagaya joint which dropped last year but only started gaining traction this year.He recently joined the Monkey Bizness crew and he hasn't looked back since dropping the catchy Chakanyanya and following that up with his dedication to one of Zimbabwe's favorite brews Super Chibuku Superman was produced by DJ Krimz and sees Jae drop witty one liners in a bid to capture the mood Delta Beverages's highest selling brew puts him in

One of the continent's biggest Hip-Hop cultural influencers who also happens to be part of legendary South African HipHop crew Skwatta Camp was recently in the country for the inaugural ZimHipHop Summit.

Slikour took time to chop it up with Darrly Nyamutsamba (SA HipHop Mag editor & Cliff Central host) and Plot Mhako ( Jibilika founder). The two Zim Hip-Hop Summit organizers updated him on the game in Zimbabwe and challenges artists face as far as platforms, funding and they even briefed him on how to surf the Internet on a budget in Zimbabwe. Slikour had to visit Shoko Festival before heading to the summit were he shared nuggets and interacted  with heads from across the country.

In a bid to decentralize the genre,this year's ZimHipHop Awards will be held in BULAWAYO so it was only right that two of the city's biggest rappers play host for the ceremony.The Boy Asaph who is currently pushing his 25 album and Cal Vin who will release Revenge Of the Vin sometime in December will host the awards showcase that is slated for the Zimbabwe Academy Of Music on the 9th of December.

Nominations for the awards were released earlier this month to very mixed feelings as some felt a lot of deserving albums and artists were disregarded.Some notable absentees can probably be alluded to the Academy's nomination criteria which demands that rappers submit their works to be considered for an award so speculation is rife that some rappers didn't submit.Peep the nominees below and feel free to tell us which artists you feel were slighted.

Best Male
•Mc Chita            
•Tehn  Diamond                     
•Myk Pimp

Best Female
•Trae Yung              
•Kikky Bad Ass          
•Kara (Jecha Koso)    
•Miss McKays                    
•Whitney Cash            
•Natasha Muz

Best Collaboration
• Tehn Ft Thaiwanda - No Stress
•Poy Ft Splits Loui - Get Out The Way
•Mr Kata – Zunguza Remix
•Myk Pimp Ft Jnr Brown Trk - Get Mine
•Tulk Munny Ft Sinbad Take Fizzo  Female Bhuru -Paranoia ReUp
•Mc Chita – Uptown Tsotsi

 Best Hip-Hop Group
•Kaygee 40 & shugeta
•Dollar Sign Music
•Mula Nation
•Few Kings
•The Mafia

Best Producer
•Take Fizzo
•Dj Krimz Beatz
•Mclyne Beats

 Best New Comer
•Floppy X
•P Mula
•Tulk Munny
•Marcus Mafia
•R Peels

Best Local Brand Supporting Local Hip-Hop
•Hip Hop 263 - Naboth Rizzla
•Team Big Family
•Zvanhuwa Fashion Collection

Best Album
•Poy – Short Cuts To Heaven
•Stunner – Stray Bullet
•Tulk Munny - Chepa Jecha
•Noble Styles – Better Than Your Album
•R Peels - Zviri Eva Beautiful
•Few Kings – Feeling Aint Fear

Best Promoter
•Naboth Rizzla
•Boss Chenge

Best Diaspora
•Rich Forbes
•Gt Beats

Best Club DJ
•Tk beatz
•Dj Krimz Beatz
•Dj Srew
•Dj Kead Wikead

Best Gospel Act
•Kaygee40 & shugeta
•J Soldier
•Lil Megaz

Best Dance Crew
•Super Geeks
•Mega Tronz Empire

Best Underground
•Four Beat Fam
•H Files
•Dakid Verse
•Indigo Saint

Best  Media – ONLINE
•Keep It Real Fridays
•Ritchers Blog
•Lounge 263
•The Zim Tainment

Best media – T.V
•Onvi Tv
•Naboth Rizzla Hip Hop 263

Best media  –JOURNALIST
•Masimba Biyasi (dakid Verse) Zim Rap Cities
•Tanaka Musanhi - Zim Rap Cities
•Bongani Ndlovhu - Chronicle
•Kennedy Navaya - Standard
•Tariro Zinyemba - Hmetro

Best Alternative
•Hubby  Blakes
•Simba Tagz
•Coco Master

Song Of The Year
•Guluva 7 - Ngena Ka1
•Tehn Diamond  - No Stress
•Mc Chita - Uptown tLTsotsi
•Briss mbada –  King Solomon.
•Muse -100 bars
•Tulk Munny – Tsika Jive

Video Of The Year
•T1nda - Majarakara
•Takura - Kamushekero
•Poy - Higher
•Tehn Diamond - No Stress
•Mudiwa – Slaying
•Marcques - Manga Muripi

Best Hip Hop Hustle.
•Naboth Rizzla
•Clyde Banks
•Dj Towers
•Mr Kata

Best Hip Hop Verse
•Guluva  - Ngena Ka1 Verse 1
•Sharky - No No No  By DexterBaysiq Verse 3
•Briss Mbada - Gaya  By Marques Mafia  Verse 3
•Jnr Brown - Boys Dzetonaz By Kikky Verse
•Mc Chita - Uptown Tsotsi  Verse 1
•Gze  - Chamunorwa   Verse  1
 Best Radio DJ
•Pd & Lady K 
•Emmitty Smooth
•Lampy & Kritic
•Thorne La Roq

Peoples Choice
•Jnr Vrown
•DJ Towers
•Floppy X
•Kikky Bad Ass
Zimbabwean video directors have been pushing the envelope as far as visuals are concerned and it's only right that we give them credit where it's due hence this column which seeks to shine a light on some of the dopest local HipHop videos out there.

Kapcity formerly Kapital K finally dropped his Komfortable Sofa video directed by Rodney Cooper Films on location at his Miami base.The joint is dedicated in equal parts to those who believed in his dream and those who didn't inspiring him to get his bum of that comfortable couch in order to  make his city proud and naysayers mad at the same damn time.Clean threads,pretty chicks, mad bottles,the squad and European cars all make an appearance in this awesome video.
VeryUs rapper Marcques also blessed us with the visuals for his Simba Tagz produced Manga Muripi song taken off his debut album ALYVE The video was directed by Karizma and it features cameos from Mile, Verseless and Tkae Chidz who help bring to life the concept of fake friends who will gladly take what's yours and opportunists who rush to your side when your grind starts paying off.
Monkey Bizness affiliate Dexter Baysiq tapped longtime collaborator Aaron Mheta for his Masuwo video which features Lex Alexander.The video was shot on location in Chitungwiza and it sees Lex and Dexter appeal to the heavens to open the floodgates of blessings against a back drop of everyday people facing life with it's troubles and triumphs.
Mr Okay Okay Okay Takura wasn't to be outdone as he came through with the  Kamushekero kacho video directed by Andy Cutta.The feel good dance song inspired by endowed mummies who aren't afraid to get down sees Takura and his cronies host a house party with all types of yummy Zimbabwean lasses getting sippy and setting the dancefloor on fire
Terry Africa is fast cementing his name on the local entertainment scene with one major collaboration after the other.For Torova Ngoma he trades bars with urban mainstay ExQ on an Afro trap DJ Tamuka production.The video shot by Blaqs deep in the ghetto sees Terry and ExQ preaching good vibes and unity in front of various street murals that range from Killer T to Soulja Love peharps to advocate for less bad blood in the music industry.
HipHop 263 is a strictly local HipHop show hosted by Naboth Rizla and for the longest time it was strictly available on ZTV.Now after successfully reproducing the show on CD and taking it over all the country Naboth has seen it fit to bring the rap extravaganza to the digital streets of YouTube with a new episode set to drop every other week.
Episode one features two Interviews with Kontrol Tribe boss Cal Vin and gospel rapper T1Nda respectively.It also showcases music videos from Yung Tyran,Luminous and T1Nda before closing off with the bar-barian shenanigans of Vic Ijita,RAPZ,Scotty J,Euro Classics in the Basement Cyphers
T1nda is a youth pastor and one of the leading voices of the gospel rap culture in Bulawayo.He recently released his Higher Definition album and one of the leading singles on the album was blessed enough to get a video courtesy of the good folk at Onvi TV.The song itself is a crossroads of modern trap fused with African vibes and it features Tha Dawg & Fish F McSwagg.
The video takes the form of a short movie that doesn't stray away from the song's theme of seeking God's protection when one is caught between a rock and a hard place.T1nda,Tha Dawg and McSwagg venture into the forest where they have to ward of temptation and fight off various demons and goblins sent by an evil enchantress to seal their fate.
South African based, Zimbabwean R 'n B sensation Hillzy has a new video out for a song simply titled muroora.The song touches on how the right girl will have you rethinking lost love & broken hearts because her love is too good for passing flings plus it's packaged in a way that makes you think Bae is the one you walking down the altar with.The video itself was directed by K Mane & Nick and it alternates between Hillzy with his would be bride chilling in a beautiful forest to scenes of him painting said bride until it closes off with Hillzy's mum & relatives all teary eyed as he walks down the aisle with the love of his life.

Shows for rappers in Zimbabwe are hard to come by and when they do local rappers are relegated to footnotes ahead of other "more profitable genres" like Dancehall and Sungura. Taona Matsvai aka Preezo is one local promoter working hard to change that particular matrix under his Team Legacy imprint.Preezo says he fell in love with local HipHop when he was 12 and he would make cameo appearances in Jnr Brown, Discord videos.

As he came of age rather than take up rap like many of his peers he decided events management would be a better alternative and if his Promoter Of the year award at the 2016 ZHHA is anything to go by that decision seems to be paying of.He is best known for his Street HipHop tours which give upcoming artists a chance to rub shoulders with established rappers and to also perform in front of crowds in different parts of the city.Since the shows are usually free and rotate locations they also tend to introduce local HipHop to people who might not have been aware of the genre.

Jnr Brown, Mc Chita, Ammara Brown, Gze among others have been a staple at these shows which have been held in places like Highfield,Mufakose,Mabvuku,Norton,Glen Norah, Dzivarasekwa. Preezo has also dabbled in rap battles with ten rap battles under his belt thus far.

The ever industrious promoter scored a win as he was recently chosen to incorporate Hip-Hop in the 2017 Harare Carnival Festivities.He did a build up show which I was lucky enough to attend and organized more shows that will be part of the official Carnival activities.

His dream is to take the Street HipHop tours to other areas of the country and to convert one soul at a time to Zim Hip-Hop amid skepticism and ignorance by giving dope rappers (known and unknown) a platform to put up polished performances.

You can interact with him on his social media handles
Twitter: @zw_tl
Facebook Team Legacy Zw/Taona Preezo
YouTube: Team Legacy​ Zw
The year was 2013 and one of Zim HipHop's greatest collaborative efforts The Feeling ai'nt fair had dropped. Tehn Diamond was an integral part of that process alongside Jnr Brown and Take Fizzo and he decided to cap that with an introspective,bar heavy joint on what life was like the year before rap. The song would get an official video some years later but it was already a staple for local rap fans because of the honest bars and candid nature in which Tehn delivered them.

Mwana WaPharaoh affiliate Tait  chose the Donut shop to shoot the visuals for his Peels assisted Vane maBaby trap banger.The audio version featured Meyniak whose verse and presence was conspicuously missing from the video. The video alternates between a photo studio and a house while Tait and Peels sip on some dranks and invite pals with fly mami connects/profitable deals to hit them up for a Lituation.

Vic Taks has been supporting local talent for a while now and this time around he decided to shine a light on female rap talent from Zimbabwe.The 16 cypher features Phreshy, Tru North,Mel C,Da Ruler and  Nina Grande trading bars on a Forcy beat. Peep the shandees below and tell us which femcees brought their A Game and which femcees faltered.

Self styled Zim Rap Queen Trae Yung has been on a musical hiatus for a bit and we just hope her latest piece of visual art is part of a lot of work coming our way courtesy of her. The new video shot and directed by Simba Gee sees a relaxed Trae in different locations around nighttime Harare rapping about how she has switched up her life unlike her peers who seem stick in one lane. From walking to driving, murking beats to teaching youngins it's a new Trae and if we are to believe her, a switch up would definitely do our measly lives a lot of good.

Don Cavelle has always managed to fuse dope bars and catchy beats and his latest joint follows it's predecessors in that regard.On production he taps frequent collaborator Vic Enlisted who samples Brenda Fassie 's It's nice to be with people Cavelle says Brenda's musical acumen and ability to not be fazed by what her detractors said inspired this track.

The Shona chorus urges the listener to not downplay Cavelle seeing as he walks with God and got his gifts from the same God.The verses then serve as confirmation that he is indeed gifted with bars like
      " I kick mad verses like I am playing soccer with the Bible
       So ill with it I could die tomorrow"
Zimbabwean born,South African based rapper Yung Tyran is currently on a winning streak as his Asaph assisted Brenda Fassie joint is dominating the YFM hip-hop chart.While we wait for visuals for that particular track he has given us a video for his For the Night single produced by First Class.The video sees Tyran and his homies plus some fly mummies showcase how they're ready for the night by rolling through the city getting their drank on while smoking some lush sativa.The trappy track is remarkably wavy but you can definitely feel the "underdog ready to get his" undertone all over the joint.

It's almost unthinkable to talk of Zimbabwean HipHop without mentioning the name of one Cal Vin.With over four full length projects,countless singles,numerous stages across continents killed and various awards for his craft Loxion Obama is surely a HipHop mainstay and as such his decision to quit rap last month left many in shock.

He has given his Shoko Festival headlining performance later this month as the official cutoff date for his relationship with Zim HipHop citing lack of respect and lack of support as a major factor in his decision.Cal Vin's video for Thabani (which ironically samples Bulawayo legend Lovemore Majaivana who quit music when his homeys didn't offer the requisite support) seems to confirm that his decision to quit is final.He raps about people tryna chase him out of his city with their hate like they did Majaivana as headlines from various media flashes across the screen. He downs shot after shot of Gin as his stories in the game both good and bad are told through newspaper and blog headlines.

All is not lost though as Vin has said he will use his "retirement" to mentor and groom young talent under his Kontrol Tribe imprint which houses talented kids like GTI, Mawiza and Zizi Azzazi.
Ti Gonzi walked away Best Male at the 2017 Zim Hip Hop awards after the widespread success  of his unapologetically street & vernacular Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto project. While that project had a strictly HipHop feel tapping into the various popular sounds of the various times each track on it was recorded Ti Gonzi 's latest offerings have been strictly dance and afropop with a sprinkling of dancehall though his witty lyrics remain unchanged.

He has done a party track produced by Oskid featuring a member of the HHYG camp Forbes titled Ndoda Vanhu Vanofara The track came with a video which sees Gonzi and his cronies partake in all sorts of alcoholic beverages and weed as Oskid's beat changes from HipHop, Afropop, trap and even the Zed sound popular​ in neighbouring Zambia.

Ti Gonzi has also worked with Memory Zaranyika (popular for her urban grooves hit Bogo Bogo) on a track called muduri.A video for the dance joint which urges people to party in the traditional African way is currently in the works and we will get it anytime soon.

With a view to shine a light on members of his Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto clique Ti Gonzi has also collaborated with Forbes and Pido Bwoy on a track titled Diaspora. Diaspora addresses the large number of Zimbabweans making a living outside our borders failing to visit their kin back home and their relatives in Zimbabwe who miss them so much but have to accept the reality that the only way daily bread can be made for both parties is if the diasporans keep on putting in work in lands Faraway.

Ti Gonzi,who recently represented Zimbabwe at premium Senegal HipHop festival Festah is set to drop an album in the Future and most of the singles from the that particular project seem to lean towards an afropopsque- HipHop fusion.
Dancehall fans had been clamouring for this collaboration and it finally happened.On one hand is Zimdancehall pioneer slash living legend who has remained relevant with hit after since the subgenre's inception. On the other hand we have one of the few Zimbabwean artists who have managed to successfully conquer the African continent with a cocktail of dope videos, quality content and networking. The two heavyweights combined for the Rugare video and the result is mad dope to say the least. Buffallo Soulja and Winky take turns intoning Rugare to visit them since they would love nothing more than a good life filled with the nicer things the rich and affluent enjoy.

The video itself sees the two toiling for a better life through menial jobs and occasionally slipping into Fantasyland. While their day to day life is mundane the Utopia they dream of has all the trappings of luxury from fine women to the most luxurious drinks man can drink.
Over the years we have known her, Ammara Brown has slayed everything in her wake from features,the stage,collaborations and even solo efforts.This time around she decided to go the solo route for her newest single which features Dj Tamuka and Take Fizzo on production. If claims by countless people that they have this song on repeat are to be believed it would seem Miss Brown has a new hit on her hand.

The joint itself has an afropop feel while soulful chords and Ammara's vocals combine to give it tear fest value. Akiliz references the proverbial Achilles's heel as Ammara cries out to the one she loves because he has been treating her shabbily knowing she won't leave as he knows how to manipulate her weakest points.
When talking about Zimbabwean Hip-Hop it's tantamount to blasphemy to leave out the name of one Tonderai Makoni better known by his stage name King Pinn. King Pinn was the son to former Minister Simba Makoni and he was born in Leicester in March 1980,later relocating to his Homeland of Zimbabwe where he spent his childhood days in Marondera. King Pinn is best known for his pan African anthem I Salute You in honour of all the African leaders who sacrificed their lives and freedom for the emancipation of this great continent of ours.Before his untimely passing at age 23 in May 2003 at the University Of Capetown Tonderai had dropped an album titled Verbal Vitamin sealing his position as one of the most skilled Zimbabwean emcees to ever bless the microphone.


I salute you
Everyone who died as a slave
I salute you
Anyone who cried from the pain
I salute you
Anyone who fought to be free
I salute you
Everyone who taught me to dream
I salute you
Anyone who sacrificed themselves
I salute you
Those who spent half their life in jail
I salute you
Those who felt pride in their skin
I salute you
Dark African melanin

[Verse 1]
Yo, the land of milk and honey was built on money generated
By a generation of slaves who stayed poor
Despite the elimination of segregation and slavery
Their bravery remains with me, never forgotten
But I can think back when they was niggas and spits
Driven by whips and their salaries were nickels and beads
Never found its way to the wardrobes of poor folks
Who’s poor, soaked in sweat from chores they did
Sores from whips turned into permanent scars
And lashes from their masters
Determined how hard they toiled the soil
And hit hard enough to boil
The brown skin from their backs and still paid tax
I feel blacks got the short straw
'Cause we still ain’t got half what we fought for
We fought hoards of clan members
Neo Nazis and lantanas but we still getting manipulated like antennas
Time to stand, get up
Tell the man that we fed up
Until we get our proper respect we can’t let up
And thousands of people could lose their lives to it
The least you can do is open up your eyes to it

I salute you
Everyone who died as a slave
I salute you
Anyone who cried from the pain
I salute you
Anyone who fought to be free
I salute you
Everyone who taught me to dream
I salute you
Anyone who sacrificed themselves
I salute you
Those who spent half their life in jail
I salute you
Those who felt pride in their skin
I salute you
Dark African melanin

[Verse 2]
My forefathers saw the harbors of the land of freedom Shackled in the back of the ship to the crack of the whip Brought from Africa’s tip after a battle of wits
And auctioned off like possessions at the masters request Leaving masses and kids, clusters, bastards striped of a past And for centuries forbidden to ask
They say this is the past but it isn’t
The system that we live under today is still capitalism
Driven by the ideologies of property and wealth
Disregarding the spiritual poverty within ourselves
So men and women knew that they had to overthrow 'em
To see the freedom African people had once known
With guns drawn and revolution, they produced independence And ended their colonial sentence
They defended the oppressed from the rule
Of people who use church and schools, as propaganda tools
Like the panthers and the Jews
They were slandered and abused
And still had the courage to stand up and refuse
I can’t even begin to imagine what you went through
For this land that I stand on, I salute you

I salute you
Everyone who died as a slave
I salute you
Anyone who cried from the pain
I salute you
Anyone who fought to be free
I salute you
Everyone who taught me to dream
I salute you
Anyone who sacrificed themselves
I salute you
Those who spent half their life in jail
I salute you
Those who felt pride in their skin
I salute you
Dark African melanin

Everyone who died as a slave
Anyone who cried from the pain
Anyone who fought to be free
Everyone who taught me to dream
Anyone who sacrificed themselves
Those who spent half their life in jail
Those who felt pride in their skin
Dark African melanin

[Verse 3]
Last night an ambulance whizzed by
I didn’t blink an eye
But when I woke up this morning I got to thinking why
People die from the same old things
How come we don’t clarify and try to change those things
'Cause that brother in that ambulance, never had a chance
And he only made it worse with them baggy pants
'Cause police could identify him
As a member of the black man’s new alliance
Hip hop an institution of true defiance
Speaking out to the people to unify em’
Instead of using iron
My tools are microphones and break beats
Our plan of action is escape the streets
African, Puerto Rican and Jamaican peeps
Black American, Indian and Haitian peeps
We are all black, it’s a fact so let’s play for keeps
Being strapped to the teeth ain’t gon' make you free
You got to take your seeds, teach 'em right from wrong
Darkness natures sin and these nights is long
But my lights is on, so I can see clearly
Let me see a show of hands if you feel me
But I'ma still be hoping to rise out of the struggle
Opening eyes, planning a Babel panic is trouble
But I ain’t trying to scare people
As an MC, my mission is to prepare people

I salute you
Everyone who died as a slave
I salute you
Anyone who cried from the pain
I salute you
Anyone who fought to be free
I salute you
Everyone who taught me to dream
I salute you
Anyone who sacrificed themselves
I salute you
Those who spent half their life in jail
I salute you
Those who felt pride in their skin
I salute you
Dark African melanin

Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Martin Luther King
Malcolm X, KRS, Public Enemy, Joshua Nkomo
Samora Machel, Nelson Mandela
My mother, my father, my forefathers the list goes on
I salute you, I salute you, I salute you

Shisha Pipe hit maker Karizma is back with new heat featuring Simba Tagz and this one is all about repping the North side of Harare (yeah that way). The joint also called Mr Chocolate doesn't deviate from the suave/chilled vibes of Shisha Pipe and Tagz doesn't disappoint with his flossy Afro Pop chorus swerving trash talk on his way to getting his fly on so he can Mack on your bae.

Karizma's definition of what it is like  to be truly North involves drawing parallels between him and the rest of the game.He boisterously claims he is top 3 spitting and as such rapping for fistbobs and props is a no brainer seeing as his fans have been crying for the return of the Zwag in the face of cheap imitations.Word on the street is visuals for the joint are already in the works and it will be interesting to see if True North surpasses the success of Shisha Pipe which even got featured on popular Mtv series Shuga.

                                listen to True North Here
Meyniak is back with a new single and on this one he gets instrumentation from Seengy with mixing and mastering being handled by CBleech. The thematic angle of the song is Avante Garde. Meyniak addresses a lot of issues to do with life and the music industry using his mother and granny's love to tie them all together.

We get a bit of reminiscing as Meynie paints a picture of a  childhood that shaped him from taping episodes of Looney Tunes on VCR, his father downing the proverbial cold one while his mother fixed a hot plate of chicken soup and told him to make a wish everytime his teeth fell. Fast forward to the present days and he wonders if her lessons to keep his dreams alive were amiss seeing as his deal with the rainman didn't bring the success it promised but left him even more parched. He would love for her to walk in his shoes but he barely moves an inch in them himself what with an industry that won't accept greatness and success that always seems within reach but fades before he grasps it.

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Through all of this he taps into his mother's love and it heals any scars life dealt him while nurturing his dreams and giving him strength to carry on. His granny augments the maternal love from the skies above playing guardian angel till and if he reaches his destiny.

St Mary's native, Young Gamez Entertainment repping rapper Scrip Mula has made it a habit to drop stellar videos for his trap bangers. I first got wind of the young King when he dominated the Power FM chart show last year with his record Christopher Columbus.A quick visit to YouTube revealed an equally impressive video shot in Mt Pleasant by Simba Gee though Scrip and his team edited the song that was all about notoriety gained by being pioneers.

Rather than sit on his laurels Scrip followed that joint with Inyanga and it too had a fire video to match.The song was a warning to his peers that going against him was going to be an uphill task and accordingly the video was shot in the Vumba Mountains to signify a young king at his peak.

Just this year Scrip decided to thank the heavens for his good fortunes by dropping Maria Musande. The song is a thank you to Mary mother of Jesus and the video was shot by Aaron Mheta in St Marys. A visit to the local chapel,drifting cars, drone shots of Scrip and his homeys on rooftops amongst other scenes are all combined and the result is visual gold.

What's noteworthy about Scrip Mula is the fact that even though he is a trap fiend he doesn't revel in adlibs and mumblings but uses the booming 808s to complement actual bars.He recently collaborated with Dobba Don for the Bhawa ranger anthem Hatina Kudhakwa and it will be interesting to see what kind of visuals he has for that song.
In 2016 Jnr Brown dropped perhaps the most socially concious HipHop song of our generation in Tongogara. Tongogara named after the late ZANLA general Josiah Tongogara is a street perceptive of the way our beautiful land was and  is set up with Breezy pointing out how politicians and the elite were being frivolous and spending the state's resources on luxurious goods while the ordinary citizen was starving in the streets.In the mould of the courageous General Tongo Breezy vowed to never cry even as circumstances stretched him and his to breaking pointing choosing instead to use his pen and voice to speak out against the ills he was seeing.

Real talk wasn't all politics though as Jnr Brown also touched on issues affecting the girl child.He used imagery in the form of a young girl who started life well off till her father disappeared to London leaving the girl's mother to take care of her every need.In her hubby's absence the mother had to take a lover but the very same lover abused the young girl which led her to drugs and a life of partying peharps as a way of masking the traumatic experience.As such the once bright girl became another example of wasted potential due to abuse by those she was supposed to trust.

If one was asked to summarize this brilliant pop ballad by UK Based Zimbabwean songstress Chashe they would simply point to that game hesitant lovers play with flowers.You know the game right?The one were one plucks petals off a flower while whispering she loves,she loves me not and if the last petal coincides with she loves me it's Cupid time.

In the song Chashe is quite certain she can do so much better than her flame but still she is willing to settle though it seems the dude himself ain't too sure of himself and he won't reach out to grab love so readily given.Still he insists he likes Chashe and she can't tell whether a romance is looming or they are just friends.They are both afraid to dive into a relationship yet they both low-key like each other so much that letting go would break them.As such Chashe vows to stay for the little affection on offer even in the face of so many unanswered questions.

The visuals for Simba Tagz's hit track featuring​ ExQ and Baba Shupi finally landed online after debuting on major Continental television channels.The audio production for the feel good joint was handled​ by DJ Tamuka while Chris Shoca shot the video. The visuals see Tagz and friends party up a storm in a plush Mansion with only the fliest mamacitas and most swagged out gents making the guest list.Cameos from DJ Towers (teddy bear, kango cup and all) and Tkae Chidz among others add spice to the Video.

Jungle Kid is set to drop his sophomore album Stone City later this month.Meanwhile he has blessed his fans with a trappy barfest boasting insane rhyme schemes.The joint was produced by Martian and Skatta and features Frican J,peep the lyrics below.

Verse 1 Jungle Kid
Pretty Good pretty handsome ndadzoka ndakoka mabara
Pretty Good, eyo lemme start afresh y'all....maibata??
Pretty good pretty handsome, yo main chick in my friend zone/
Ndo capture ma hearts zviri random, pay me no mind.....no ransom!!
Pretty good pretty nice, murikuita seiko ma guys
Skiri ichiri hot mhiripiri, bae lookin all piriviri
She knows I got the juice, she ain't get enough stiri stiri
Masvegas streets we cruise, to plotta ma moves tiri mhiri
Todzoka pa hood taabho ,rimwe zikubhachi tambo!!
Smarts rinotyisa terrace  , topisa zvinopinza chando
Vakuwanza prat vanoketa takuda kuchidonhedza mu winter
Vazaya dzokerai mumwena mese muti ziii chi Bango - Bango chakupinda ichoo

Bridge Jungle Kid

Ndodzoka nemhere mhere, ndodzoka nemhere vakomana , ndodzoka nemhere mhere
(Ndadzoka ndadzoka, budisa jaguar pinda mu street to rocker )
Ndauya nemhere mhere, ndodzoka nemhere vakomana, ndodzoka nemhere mhere
(Budisa jaguar pinda mu street to rocker )

HOOK Frican J

Vaudzeiwo vasarasa muswe
Patinosvika vachashaya chekupeta ava
Vaudzeiwo vasarasa muswe ava iyhe iyhe
Skiri ratobata naro vanhu havangarikwanise
Havangarikwanise, havangarikwanise ava
Skiri ratobata naro vanhu havangarikwanise

VERSE 2 Jungle KID

Yeah, mad at the music industry they want the music in da streets
Vati vakawana anova mutsira muchini that's it
I turn beats into pieces be the witness when I kicks it, shangu!!
They be tryana beat this ini ndiri busy ne business, rangu!!
Tyokai matsaga ndadzoka nda charger zvapata huh
Ndopamha pattern yandopa ma shotta pa gutter huh
Mo topper ma charts ndo robber ma hearts wabata?
Wamuno gopa ndoita party mozoshama anzwa bhata
I shan't quit ndisina kuva riga (bring down) daddy
Kusvika shangwiti (rich niggaz) tava regarded
iStay Fly Clan yazo prover deadly, mover gedhi
Boy to vamoose I'm ready
No!!! man I ain't none like u, ndoku beatai ne IQ
Unlike u munofunga zvekuti dhuuuu, ndinofunga zvekuti dhu
This tym ndazouya ndakapenga manje
Kana vakasa hanger ma boots, this tym vano hanger shanje
Vega vachamirapo ndevaya vanenge vakamira hoo
Tasvika tikazvitangidza, nhapitapi zvakunakidza
Tabika chindandi chaibva , papi pacho paticha pfidza

Uptown Tsotsi is one of the best local HipHop songs released in the first half of 2017 but it almost didn't happen if it wasn't for a chance encounter between Chita and Mclyne Beats.Apparently Chita's phone had run out of power and he jumped into the studio to charge it but it so happened Mclyne was sampling beats meant for his debut studio album Mclyne Pack So impressed was Chita by the beat that he asked to jump on it and when permission was granted he wasted no time in getting Tulk Munny and Myke Pimp on board.


Uptown tsotsi rubbishes the glorified disconnect between leafy suburbs and the ghetto as the three rappers basically declare that they are originally from the uptown but their business deals and hustle happens in the ghetto.From Mc Chita bathing apes because he owns a zoo,Tulk with hella keys like Afdis (Afdis distills Two Keys whiskey popular among imbibers) to Pimp and his sticky fingers akin to former Zim goalkeeper Murambadoro's after a long match the song is a barfest and the kwaitosque beat makes it an easy listen.KD Summerz didn't disappoint on the chorus either.

Get Mani is a single by T1 Wema1 taken off his upcoming sophomore album Rugare.The song is  a street anthem urging all those pushing different grinds to keep it moving and get that bread so they can feed their families and it comes from a perspective of a fellow hustler knee deep in the trenches tryna make ends meet. Peep the lyrics to the Victor Enlisted  production below

[ Intro ]
Haazi mafunny
I'm trynna get money
[ Hook ]
Ndapinda mazhet iwe haa
Ndagadzira cash apa
Sha hauna cash saka
Sha ndibvire ku face
Haazi ma funny
I'm trynna get money
Haaa hupenyu ma1
Iwe sha I'm trynna get money

[ Verse 1 ]
T1 Wema1 ndiro zita I'm trynna get mani
Kushanda ndoshanda nesimba zvekuti vanotosasa hes mhani
Kushanda muchando ndoshanda kuplaza ipo panoti cash mani
Handidi kudzokera paya pandanga ndingori neka vest 1
Wani ndakambozvuzvurudzwa nenhamo
Yakandibata kunama senamo
Ndikazvireva zvoita sengano
Tsuro naGudo ipo pagungano
Zano unotoshaya kupedzisira wapakata shaya
Pataka shaya mari takati maya
Sadza totemura kunge tosaya
Uchimukira monaz iwe
Tande netsoka tonaz iwe
Saga ini bereke tsoka ndibereke
Tichitsvaga ma dollars iweeee
I been praying for so long for all ma troubles to move along
As long as we don't get along we gonna be poor for too long
[ Verse 2 ]
Ndatetereka mumasango matema ndadeketera inzwaiwo kuchema
Chema kwandiri kuita ndatura mafemo kusenga marwadzo arema ah
Doturaiwo mutoro ah
Wakuremera musoro ah
Seri kwegomo ndapota ndashaya ndapota ndipeiwo bota
Ndinyevenutse pahuro pane vamwe ndiwane hurukuro
Mhuri iswere iri muru furo
Pfuma ikure kunge gurokuro
Kuro ta ndinorota
Kukwenya mumaoko ndinopota
Ndichimbokwenya pabasa ndosorta
Wanikwe moto wangova madota
Chipi nechocho ndaedza zvose
Kupi nekoko ndaenda kose
Kuchaya runhare kutsvaga rugare
Handina rugare ndipeyi rugareee
I been praying for so long for all ma troubles to move along
As long as we don't get along we gonna be poor for too long

                                  Download Get Mani here

Meister has dropped another single off his upcoming project Sekutamba Sekuseka and on this one he features Quonfuzed of Tisu Tega Tiriko fame.The story of how this Casper Beatz and Gee Beats production came to have Quonfuzed's vocals is quite the tale.It seems Quonfuzed heard a Meister joint and was so impressed he asked for more tunes a request Meister granted albeit with a little twist.Meister forwarded unreleased tracks to Quonfuzed who fell in love with Faisa Madhiri and was subsequently convinced​ to jump onto the joint.

The song is all about making sacrifices in love even though the sacrifices are seldom reciprocated.After leaving their respective side chicks for a chick they believe might be the one Quonfuzed and Meister are in for a ride as "the one" moves in but refuses to let go of her own side dishes citing this or that excuse.One can only take so much however and impatience craps in leading to the artists asking the girl in question to "Faisa Madhiri" i.e ditch her side dishes and make good of her promise to commit to the artists.
                                          Stream and Download Here
Dandaro is arguably the biggest song of Mc Chita's  career and the introspective Roki assisted joint still inspires bouts of nostalgia to this day when one plays it.The video for this lead single on Chita's Ambassador's Son album was shot by Angel arts back in July 2012.

What I loved most about the video was how it depicted the parallel paradigms of death for the deceased and the surviving family members.On one hand the recently widowed wife is swallowed by grief and inconsolable but the hubby is pictured in a paradisical​ setting very much at ease with lush greenery complementing a smoothly flowing stream.One can only conclude that death while robbing those who remain behind is actually a sweet release from all the troubles of this world.

The song doesn't deviate from this theme as Chitariso raps about setbacks and obstacles he has faced in life and his career and how he has remained resolute till he too found his Utopia.Roki comes through with a melodic chorus that serves to advice his child that in life one can only wait till they are grown to see what all the fuss is about.In the event that things don't really work out one should never be crushed by unfulfilled dreams seeing as they too will find their heaven one day.

It's the 24th of June and a mix of heads and fans of Sharky (yes they are different) is gathered for the Soko Matemai anniversary at Courtney Hotel in Harare.Imagine their suprise when Sharky hits the stage and announces the event is actually a suprise launch party for his sophomore album.Titled Take Back The Land Sharky's second album is a mix of topical issues in Zimbabwe across all landscapes from music,economics,social life and even the political arena with an equally fused sonical texture which sees urban meeting African instruments and Shona existing side by side with English in equal measures.Buckle up as we attempt to dissect what the album is really about (Sharky is on record saying it's about every individual claiming back their source income and using that to enrich literal and mental pockets hence the land in this narrative is a representation of wealth in general)
                                  Stream Album here
On King we have Krimz on production and Zifm dj PD on the intro detailing how he said some not so nice things about Sharky in the past before telling us he believes Sharky will be a top 5 African artist within 2 years.Soko then goes in and basically talks his shit on the thumping beat with his signature lyrical dexterity.He points out that by pioneering a new sound he is low key inspiring emcees old and young but he ain't about to smile for pictures yet even though his focus is so Kodak.A good King will occasionally give his minions a word of advice and Sharky advices his peers to stop being fed props without monetary gain as they will die hungry.

Family sees Sharky taking off his "crown" to try and better understand the African family dynamic through the tale of a wife forever crying foul about an irresponsible husband who drinks away their savings and never chips in as far as the welfare of the family is concerned.The hubby comes through on verse two very apologetic and aware of the wrongs he has done promising to step up and do better.Sharky then details how he grew up uneasy about his broken family before interactions with friends showed him his case was hardly unique as infidelity and absent parents rendered every second home disjointed.With this worrying trend and his personal experiences Sharky wonders what will become of his own family when he finally settles down.

Ndambakuudzwa with it's sungurasque beat sees old man Sharky in an advisory role to hard headed peeps who refuse advice.First up is a young male who sleeps his life away expecting his mother to take care of his every need,Sharky reminds said male that one day they shall wake up having wasted irreplaceable time and regret shall be the order of the day.He also chastises a young lady who speaks in tongues at church then uses a sweet tongue to hustle guap from dudes and asks if peharps the city has become too hot for her seeing as she is always barely dressed.This warning to change one's ways before Karma comes knocking is delivered in an uncorny way and the chilled Krimz beat is the perfect companion for the wise words.

Homu Homu is the only joint with a feature and it's none other than Italist Sharky's blood brother whose genre of choice is Dancehall.Homu is the monkey war cry and a not so gentle dismissal​ of those who claim a past Sharky wasn't in is better than the present he is in.Marshal (he does have a government name) speaks on starting his own corporation Monkey Bizness because corporates weren't willing to endorse him.He chides forever claiming it's their season rappers and calls out OGs who lack talent but persistently push lackluster projects down people's throats.This theme of talent or lack of it thereof is further explored in the trappy #2 which sees Sharky basically announce that his second album will shut everything down a claim not to hard to believe with the amount of quotables on the joint.

Coded is roped in for production on Henaro a Shona exclamation oft used to welcome greatness.Here Sharky flexes about the amount of sawce he has and how people fiend for his deep Shona vocabulary before calmly wearing the robes of a thief and declaring he will steal the spotlight on any given day.Coded's partner in crime at Hitmen Rayo produces side to side a groovy love joint dedicated to the Queen fit for the King he is who has mad him lose his mind by her royal sway from side to side.
Issa Melanin is a celebration of black excellence and Sharky drives this point home by likening himself to a "Gange Mukange" an extremely black ant which lives on after death through the smell it exhudes.On kwete Sharky uses an almost jazzy meets poetic approach to talk African values including Ubuntu,sense of community and warns that disunity and selfishness will come back to bite their perpetrators one day when they themselves seek help.We also get Sharky the instrumentalist as he exchanges bars for the mbira on Ndarira.

The title track is peharps the realest song by the young emcee yet and it's an 8 minute long analysis of the Zimbabwean economic, political and social landscape with threadbare hums providing the only instrumentation.The rich who lost the plot and grabbed four literal plots to the fake deep youngins who think they can coin change with hashtags and witty tweets are told off and activists are told "Itai,dzamara" y'all meet your objectives even as their peers disappear like Itai.He proclaims he is a soilder of the truth and if they Stone him he will turn builder and build a fortress before preaching a change of mindset based on indipendence from outside influences be they from the West or East when it comes to wealth creation.He is steadfast in his desire to influence generations losing hope in the face of seemingly unanswered prayers to own their hustles and Excell lest they cry foul like precolonial Africans whose land was taken or the colonial masters when the Africans took the land back.
The project is available on iTunes and there is a streaming link on Sharky's website

It's always a pleasure to see our local stars display staying power in this sometimes fickle music industry.As a teenager I remember watching Sandra Ndebele every other Thursday on Ezomgido and I was quite impressed to note that many moons later she is still killing the very dance moves that made me fall in love with her music as a youngin.If anything she has upped her game adapting to a more modern sound and dropping cutting edge videos to match.

For Tshibilika she collaborated with Leeknotic with Andy Cutta shooting the visuals for this invitation to party.The song itself is a pulsing house joint made for the sole purpose of inspiring all and sundry's feet to bust a move or two on the dancefloor.The video in line with this very theme sees Sandra and Lee lead a group of party people each tryna out dance the other against a backdrop of drifting Altezzas, immaculate benzos and a yellow Humvee.

It's hard nay foolhardy to talk of Bulawayo rap without mentioning Chillaphonia Music Group boss Maestro IV.Maestro has an impressive track record that includes two full length projects under the Top Ijita series.Homeboy also has a number of videos and to top it all he can produce as well as he raps so we will forgive him for claiming​ he runs Bulawayo though your favorite rapper might not be as lenient.

Run this town taken off Top Ijita 2.0 finally has a video and it's directed by none other than Rasquiesity for Creative Pot.The video shows close ups of Bulawayo from the statue of Dr Joshua Nkomo,various streets and people on their day to day to business as Maestro spits his heart about what he thinks of the game and his position in it using a mixture of ndebele and English.

He is quite confident in the squad he has rolled with from day one and seems unfazed at OGs who don't show youngins on the come up love.
Seeing as he runs Bulawayo the fairer sex will view him as a target but he is forever making moves so they will surely miss him.As for rappers who might want to to compete with him he states matter of factly that they are nothing more than a pot to piss in before asking for forgiveness from the creator for his barbaric ways behind the microphone.The song will surely bruise some rapper dudes egos but the lyrical abilities and confident delivery will prove refreshing to HipHop fans

The good folk at 194 Entertainment Zw have announced the second edition of their annual rap battles will be happening at Long Cheng Plaza on the 8th of July 2017 at Long Cheng Plaza.The event which seeks to shine a spotlight on bars hot enough to chase away the winter blues will be hosted by Mc Trake with Dj Teysean on the decks.Perfomances slated for the day include King Aktive,FOE,Whitney Cash and Lee Ivy and a a few suprise acts whose identities remain a secret at this point.

These rap battles are a bit different from your usual battle because 194 has partnered with a lot of brands and individuals to come up with a raft of impressive prizes for winners and participants in general.The Zim HipHop Awards,Long Cheng Plaza,Fun F and Cassper Beatz are some of the brands contributing in one way or the other towards the success of the event.The overall winner will walk away with a 10 track album,photoshoot,100 printed CDs,video shoot as well as editing plus 194 merchandise and profiling.The runner up is also covered as they are set to receive beats from Fun F and Casper Beatz,50 printed CDs and 194 Ent merchandise.As if that wasn't epic enough each and every rapper participating in the battles will receive free merchandise and beats from Fun F and Cassper Beatz.

The battles are a brainchild of 194 Ent Zw which is an all female ensemble dedicated to pushing Zimbabwean HipHop through events Management and conceptualizing said events.The team is made up of Tafadzwa Nhandara the managing director,Donatha Nhandara events coordinator,Fadzai Chiweshe the CEO and Lillian Chaerera the Media Relations Officer.The quartet has a vision to promote growth of the local HipHop industry hence their prizes add value to the participants and give a platform that exposes rappers to a wider consumer base.Some of the events they have been part of include Rap City,HipHop In the Sun and a string of album launches with King Aktive's One Ari Ega mixtape launch being the latest.
Follow them on
Insta: @194Ent
Twitter: @I94entZw
Facebook: 194 Entertainment Zw
After teasing us for quite a span Kikky Badass has finally delivered visuals for her Body Conversations single and the video was directed by none other than Vusa Blaqs.The racy single features Chyllur formerly with the Major Players though he is conspicuously missing from the video.Its strictly for the lovers and the Rated R content might illicit a few condescending stares from the inwardly peverted yet outwardly conservative Zimbabwean music loving crowd.

We will not bore you with details of how a scantily clad Kiki steals some random kid's man then proceeds to have body conversations with him scantily clad in an assortment of sexy lingerie in a wanton display of sexual appeal to accompany her smooth vocals.Instead we will leave you and your eyes feasting on another example of how far the Zimbabwean visual game has come.

We have received so many singles from Gze over the years that we might have lost count but now it seems an album is on the way.Gze has dropped a Fun f produced joint to announce his debut solo album and fans of the street scientist are psyched.The track features Best Rapper (whom we heard on Jnr Brown's Maria joint handling skits) and it's the street knowledge delivered with laid-back precision we have come to expect from Boss Gze.

On Gze album done the former Trinity emcee takes time to acknowledge some of the producers on his upcoming album among them Fun F,Take Fizzo and Yagi Dojo.He also proclaims himself a top five emcee dead or alive and seems to frown at those asking who the better rapper is amongst Breezy,Gze and Tulk Munny when it's quite clear Xq is getting all the guap.Radio djs playing him get a shout out and his intentions to perform at Shoko Festival are revealed.Rapper dudes who ask for features then turn around to diss,plus similar sounding trappers and newcomers all come under fire for their unbecoming traits.
Best rapper adds his voice to the song in the form of skits throughout the song which might inspire a visit or two to the feeling station amongst Gze's peers.For instance he declares it's only his team keeping meaningful music alive in the streets while the rest of the fraternity makes watered down party music and imbibes on lean and other drugs a claim many will surely take offence to.
Follow @Resilience_Chekera on his social media accounts to get updates on his debut album.
                           Listen to Gze Album Done here
It's been a minute since we heard from Savage but he has broken his silence with a touching letter to the game featuring the talents of Roman Raps producer/rapper Frodo.Titled Mr Postman the joint was produced at Big Shots and it sees the two emcees spit their hearts out about their love for HipHop,the trials and triumphs that have resulted from said love.The result is packaged in an envelope and stamped for the postman to deliver to "HipHop" the reason why the two are spitting and smitten.

Savage straight up pledges allegiance and details how HipHop holds so much value in his life.He confesses that rap has been impacting his family life negatively.On one hand his girlfriend can't really tolerate Savage's endless nights in the studio with pretty ladies as he works on new music.His relatives have been putting pressure on him to quit saying HipHop is for kids and will never put food on the table for his own kids.He reassures HipHop that this isn't​ the first time all this has happened and he will continue to be her soilder for eternity hence the letter.

Frodo also has issues of his own that have led him to forsake HipHop in the past.The music bug has him strong however and not suprisingly he finds himself returning to the microphone and the keys.He admits that without HipHop he is superprone to stress and a bunch of other maladies because through the melodies he has a voice to chanel his frustrations towards music and thus heal while standing up to the winds of failure.