January 2017

Kapital K has been on a mission to prove to the rest of the world that Zimbabweans can rap like the best of them since day one and that journey has seen him move to Capetown and now Miami though he still finds time to pay homage to the motherland.After announcing a new mixtape dropping on the 31st  of January the boy from Kapcity decided to bless us with some fire visuals to reiterate that a lit mixtape was indeed on the way.He jumped on Fat Joe and Remy's monster hit Kooking and did what he has always done on covers.....overkill.

   As if that wasn't enough dude took it upon himself to deliver illy visuals shot on location in Miami to hold us over till the 31st.The video sees Kapital rapping against a beautiful Miami backdrop dressed in all black though his bars are as mean as they come in sharp contrast to the beautiful scenery.His homeys grinding back home get a mention as does his now iconic impromptu performance for Puff Diddy last year.He reminds the competition that even though he is now based in Miami he still pretty much runs Zimbabwe before claiming that the only reason why he is messing up the diaspora is to honour the mans back home who can't really travel. Tons of text might be expended in a bid to describe how awesome the video is but its best to visit his YouTube channel and his Facebook page to get a glimpse of the visuals which are indeed the perfect companion for Kapital K 's flossy yet hard hitting rhymes delivered with the dexterity of a true veteran.


Jay Dumza is a troubled man trying to balance his duties to family with a hectic music career that ain't even paying much yet in this Charlie Zimbo production.Missed calls was one of the standout tracks on Charlie's 2016 tape Tell Your Friends and has only started enjoying the single life recently.The signature Charlie Zimbo smooth yet hard hitting synthes are a perfect backdrop for Jay's chilled yet forceful delivery that has been the highlight of many a freestyle.

    The first verse sees Jay missing a call from his mother while he was in a recording session.Its midnight and mummy just wants to know where her son is at such an ungodly hour.Dumza implores her to be patient with him and forgive him for all the times he broke her heart with miscalculated life decisions.If she would keep his sadza warm for  when he gets home in the morning that would be really dope.She gets emotional at what she sees as another example of rebellion (like the time he dropped out of Varsity for no apparent reason) and tells him flatly that he will never be bigger than Maestro IV.Jay understands its probably because he is her only son and all she has left since his pops went knocking on heaven's doors.

   The second missed call is from bae which has Dumza reflecting on the number of girls hitting his inbox thinking he is a big shot rapper when in reality he is a dope freestyler working towards that dream.At least he is no longer sleeping on the floor and has bought a kingsize bed with rap money.He assures his boo that even though he has been scarce lately its for the greater good before using the selfie she has just sent as his profile picture to show that he really cares.In retrospect he understands fights with those he loves when he puts music ahead of quality time with them are inevitable.He however hopes this doesn't permanently damage their relations as he is doing this for them as much as he is doing it for him.


Cal_Vin has dropped a very heartfelt song titled Goodbye featuring La Tora under his Volte face imprint.The acoustic and heavily vocal joint is a dedication to an unknown loved one that should resonate with many going through the same ordeal.On the song The Vin trades his lethal raps and instead uses a crooning reminiscent of the old Cudi to complement the highly emo instrumental and grief inspired message.

   When a loved one dies its quite easy to blame ourselves and breakdowns can't be ruled out (his recent social media shenanigans at the passing of a person close to him are a case in point).We regret not having told them that we care and love them as many times as we could. Cal_Vin muses on how on the fateful day he hadn't been able to hold his excitement at the pending arrival of his love.He looks back at how he couldn't wait to hold them close in his arms only for death to deal him such a heavy blow.Its too bad the dearly departed is the only person who could have helped him cope with such a catastrophe and now he is left to deal with a cold and unforgiving world alone.

  La Tora adds a bit of female flair with a cameo towards the end of the joint that is guaranteed to leave even the coldest of hearts in their feels if the rest of the song hadn't managed to already.

Timeless Beats Thursday is a journey into nostalgia that seeks to preserve those classic Hip-Hop joints which have stood the test of time over the years.Today's feature is Come home sinner a song featured on Karma's brilliant 2013 album Chasing Moments.The songs features a Simz 27 chorus and was produced by mixmasters headhoncho Shayzah Zimanyi.The song contained all the elements which made Karma such a prodigy back then from the vivid story telling,cocksure delivery and deep conscious bars which quite frankly were years ahead of his tender age.

  As the title suggests the song was all about redemption and lost souls finding their way back to the creator. The first protagonist in the song is a young lady who has given in to the devlish calls of the party scene so she goes around the city chasing the next high,rolling with and generally giving up her body to anybody who guaranteed a good time neglecting school and her mother's wise words.All this comes to a head when she gets so turnt she almost dies and sees a vision of the divine and hears voices urging her sinful self to come home.The second character is a young man who finds thrill in criminal activities and thinks nothing about shootouts with the police before a bank job goes wrong and he gets shot.  Before he passes on he again hears the angels welcoming him home to what one supposes is heaven.

     The third verse is Karma himself talking about his frustrations and challenges in life and how even when he is kneeling he is taller than those who sought to kill his vibe.He realizes his state of mind is hardly healthy or holy for that matter and hits the confessional booth to confess his sins and seek absolution.The joint closes of with a proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing type of preacher who is blameless to his congregation but treats those close to him so harshly Beezlebub would seem tame in comparison.Things get heated when the preacher hits his wife for failing to provide warm bath water leading to the wife boiling water and plotting to pour it on him thus sending him "home" which for man of his disposition means hell fire.


The man who pretty much shaped what local Hip-Hop sounded like commercially last year all the while ruling the airwaves and hearts of listeners with his radio friendly trap sound doesn't seem to be letting up a single bit belting out hit after hit in rapid succession. Takura closed off last year with Mari Hairambwe which many assumed to be a Stunner diss but was really a youngin positively ascertaining his space in the game in the face of old school bullies who couldn't stomach his rapid rise to the top of the food chain.That the song addressed the one thing (guap) everybody is chasing after only added to its appeal as did the signature effortlessly awesome Takura sing-rap rhyme schemes.Prior to that dude had dug deep into late nineties soulful R 'n' B to deliver your girlfriend's favorite joint Kutaura newe a laid back appeal by a lovestruck young man who wants nothing more than a conversation with the love of his life.

  This year Mr Shonhai is back with even more mellowness and this time its an ode to those awesome humans (yours truly included) who answer to the eland totem.Mhofu Mekenyenye which looses translates to "Mr/Miss Eland you are too extra" is dedicated to all the chiheras and mhofus on this lovely planet of us especially those who have too much sauce (a whole bottle of rabroy in a single pasta plate springs to mind).Its part declaration of humility and part love song as Takura woos a nice lady using the humility of the mhofus and their ability to slay on a budget as a selling point.He tries to convince the girl in question rather successfully I might add that mhofus are generally accepting of everybody despite said everybody's backgrounds unlike the generally loud Soko's (Sharky we see you lol).

At this point we dont even have to tell you that the flow is on steroids seeing as dude has proved himself time and again.Donny Pound shines through as well lending his voice to this extra chilled offering ideal for that late night playlist of yours u keep secret lest you damage your tough guy rep in these streets.


As you grow up you realise the odds are really stacked against you and success might as well be a Pipedream which takes a great deal of tenacity to even try and bring to life. Life itself becomes an endless race (mujaho) and while you try and figure out which lane to run in,you realise 24 hours is not enough time to conquer the world but since its all you got you make do.That ladies and men who are gentle is the basis of T.Shoc's latest joint and he enlisted the help of talented producer Verseless and the equally talented videographer Chris Shoca to bring it to life.

    The beat is complex and threadbare at the same time with some parts being nothing but Verseless humming complemented by loud drums whose origins are unmistakably African.Tek Shawa aka T.Shoc displays his versatility on the beat switching from motormouth rapping to the type of singing you might expect at a bira before settling to a lazy drawl that sounds like he doesn't want to sing at all.In keeping with the 24 hours a day/life is a race theme the joint doesn't dwell on one area as the rapper goes from telling us we shall learn a lot this year to marvelling at a fellow human who graduated from commuter omnibuses to taxis and then addressing our zeal to pray for overseas nations before addressing problems on our own backyard.An anonymous lady who doesn't call or text is also addressed and in the same breath he muses about how he put his self-on (cellphone) like a mobile charger was on the wall.

      The video itself is as disjointed as the song switching from different scenes in rapid sequence to remind us that our time here is nothing but brief and greatness must be attained in such a short time.Fine wine with a fine lady is had then a meeting with "street dealer types" were zimdollars are exchanged before T.Shock in what seems to be a drunken stupor collapses in the shower.Dudes with painted faces help him sing the chorus while he executes various dancing moves to the sound of his own voice.The video concept is as abstract as the song concept and the half traditional/half futuristic Verseless beat provides the perfect theme music for this classic work of art.


So a song by Dollarsign rapper The Slayer landed in my Mailbox recently and despite the banging Fun F beat and notable delivery by the Gweru based emcee something was a bit off as I failed to grasp the meaning behind the joint.On one hand Slayer notifies us that his "girl" has been saying she loves him but he then goes on to question that love with the rhetorical Wayasay?.The verses contain a few references to the chick and  are instead filled with lines that seem like Slayer is trying to validate himself and show his skill to the world.Needless to say the disparity between verses and chorus had me scratching my head trying to figure out what Slayer was raving about.

I decided to approach the man himself and he was willing to do a brief breakdown of the song for your boy.The song is apparently a love letter to the Hip-Hop industry which he claims is always dangling success in front of him  (hence the she say she love me chorus) as if he is the chosen one only to realise that he is in a race with quite a number of athletes which is were the reference to a pregnant chick who claims he is the father (despite her many suitors) comes to play.

As he questions his position in the game Slayer grudgingly admits that while he is good he hasn't reached king status yet but he is confident that's a level within reach and as such he warns the reigning monarch that a young prince is about to hijack the crown.You can peep the joint for its bouncy flows and lit beat or you can actually dig within its lyrics and judge for yourself if The Slayer's love letter to the music industry makes him worthy of the throne every other rapper is also out to get.

Ralph Level is a five man collective made up of VI the Law,Don Cavelle,Vic Enlisted,Yanalchi and Keith JFK united by their common love for Hip-Hop.The producers and artists who make up Ralph Level don't always collaborate as an ensemble but when they team up something explosive is almost always guaranteed. They last teamed up for Level Up before three of their number (Don Cavelle,VI the Law and Yanalchi) ushered in the new year on an elevated level with the VI the Law produced New Year New Level.

The chorus speaks of improving your lot with every new year and tapping into the God-Within to tackle the devils that come with each elevation.VI opens the joint with a standout verse that references Sia and the Suicide Squad movie to drive home how he has been making moves unseen like Sia (who covers her face with blonde wigs) and John Cena but still manages to shine like a Chandelier. VI also talks about his "upper" girlfriend who took him to an art gallery for their first date and how he is degreed but has chosen to focus on music which is his first love.Geeky metaphors and space age bars galore are to be found in this particular verse.

Next up is Yanalchi and his changed mindset from thinking home is best to actually leaving home because those back home did ace their studies but only graduated into street hustlers.That hasn't stopped him from pursuing his degree but from time to time that clashes with his ambitions to elevate via music.Yanalchi's delivery was a bit off initially but he picked steam halfway through the verse but his bars are undeniably good.Don Cavelle closes off the joint telling any rapper who might care to listen that snoozing means losing this year and he will personally take any lazy rapper to school and teach them how to tie their shoelaces.Overally this is a good offering and the trio's lyricism shines through while their motivational message that urges us to always seek to better ourselves serves as a welcome escape from the  braggadocios raps with no meaning littering Hip-Hop.

Zimbabwe is a paradox when it comes to music leaning to vulgarity.Society is quick preach impending fire and brimstone to the artists behind such songs but somehow the very same songs become viral hits and permanent members of many a playlist.Thus when New Rules released this anthem celebrating our womenfolk's ample behinds reactions online were very much mixed.Surprise,shock and chuckles were elicited on one hand and on the other approval for such "bravery" on the part of Clady and co was professed. Those who defended the joint pointed out that Jah made the whole nation dance with his dedication to a stripper just recently and Riky Fire did the same before him though the aforementioned tracks are really tame when compared to this particular tune.

As the title suggests the joint is mostly carefree and comical to a degree with a bouncy beat that makes it catchy. Its a mix of trapsoul and raps though its hard to differentiate between different artists and verses since every line has like 3/4s taken up by the M word.A few recognisable names feature here among them Clady Banks and Beav City.Jamal and Thaza handled production on this strictly Chitown track whose sound is noticeably influenced by OT Genasis's Cut It from the chorus to the beat.Though radio will understandably frown on the offering parties and clubs will definitely put it on their playlists and it shall be the theme song of many naughty escapades.


From the ramp to mega success in the music industry former Miss Zimbabwe Queen Vee is definitely living the dream.The Buffalo Soulja affiliate has managed to drop hits consistently since day one and her base in South Africa has helped her to get her visuals to continental television,a feat many Zimbabwean artists have failed to achieve.She has not forgotten her roots either,often dropping in the motherland to attend this function or that and even finds time to do a feature or two (Mari Mari with Soulja Love comes to mind as does Varidzi VePattern with Dobba Don).

While homeboys were running from this doctor to the next in search of the elusive cure for January disease the Queen decided to bless us with a sensual pop banger produced by Gt beats titled Nobody.She croons her love for her hitta,honey,homey who happens to be a bedroom bully like Shabba on the retro Gt Beats production which contains unmistakable elements of that iconic Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing classic.The sing along joint is destined to terrorise radio charts seeing as its likeable on the first listen.For all y'all baed up people out there this is the perfect pre-Valentine dedication to your loved ones and the sensual motivation necessary to get the mood right in that afterdark abode.

Knowing Queen Vee we can almost guarantee lit visuals to match are on their way.In the meantime head over to Queen Vee 's soundcloud/audiomack/YouTube channels and treat your ears to this retro-inspired banger.


Depth and Meyniak are as much of an iconic combo as white tees and those retro white air force ones,twitter fingers and Meek,classes and lessons etc etc.Indeed this latest joint,produced  by C Bleech with a beat from McZee,is a lesson at the very least and a journey towards self actualisation and a realisation of one's purpose on planet earth before their/our brief stay here is cut short.Ciya lends his vocals and Morset spices things up with a bit of spoken word to this song about immortalizing our ideals and legacies.

One day we shall be nothing more than tombstones and epitaphs and the once in a blue moon mention by friends and foes will be all those who never got to meet us know about our stories while we traversed this planet.If we are to make a difference in a world that has increasingly celebrated mediocrity we must go the extra mile and reach the peaks of our different crafts and the legacy we leave then will last for eternity.That is the only way the ideals we stand for can stand the test of time.Meyniak agrees this path and processes involved is not easy and distractions will be plenty hence its important to choose one's battles wisely and set their priorities straight.He is rather unimpressed with the fact that if his name is to be remembered as opposed to being just another statistic he has to get a nine to five job to finance his dreams.The girls and booze are just some of the things he has to sacrifice in his quest for immortality.

Ciya makes a cameo dropping three lines vocalising his own understanding of immortality. Morset closes of the song with
a spoken word verse were he makes his intentions to make his own mark and awaken the "sleepy" and the spiritually/mentally dead known.


Meister kick started the year with another socially conscious joint presumably off his debut album Sekutamba Sekuseka which is yet to get a release date.The single produced by Gee and Cassper Beats addresses our preoccupation with hurtful things said by those who don't believe in us instead of focusing on the positivity all around us.To drive this particular point home he uses real life case studies including a self conscious hood sister,a soon to be single mother and a dude whose girlfriend has recently eloped.

Over the years Meister has developed a knack for using vivid tales to paint a picture of his surroundings and generally spread positive vibes and this joint follows in that tradition.First up is the various people doing jobs that society might look down on,Meister urges them to focus on the important thing which is to ensue their families are fed and clothed because people being people even the most noblest of occupations will be snorted at.He takes time to address the various ladies self conscious about their bodies and appearance using a sister who always drags herself down because when she passes the corner the boys never seem to acknowledge her as an example.Dude tells her not to worry since she is an image of the divine and self belief and focus are what makes a great woman not the make up and dressing up to fit into a prescribed template of what society expects beauty to look like.

In this day and age were the young ones impregnate and get impregnated out of wedlock Meister also has a word of advice.For the girl who thinks she has run out of options he urges caution going forwad and argues against abortion urging them to accept fate and raise the future kings and queens even in the absence of a supportive father.On the side of the boys he uses a scenario of a brother whose girlfriend has recently landed at his doorstep with her aunt.As hard as it is he argues its essential that the newly married dude should strive to take care of those who brought him to planet earth and those he will bring to planet earth regardless of what society says.


Stunner is no stranger to controversy and his antics on and off stage have ensued he is a mainstay in Zimbabwean conversations over the years.From viral  voice notes,sex tapes and tiffs with fellow artists dude sure knows how to work the emotions of the general populace but recent events in his household are a little over the top even by his standards.That a new song produced by T.Man for Mt Zion,featuring Nox surfaced soon after has left toungues waging and people wondering if Mr "Publicity Stunts Guru" is at it again.

This section of drama in the Chideme household started on the 5th of January when Olinda Chideme in a since deleted Facebook live video poured her heart out on how she had financed Stunner's lavish lifestyle from whips,album launches and even his wardrobe only to be repaid by affairs with younger girls on his part and bouts  of bodyshaming.Resultantly her videos went viral on various Facebook accounts and Stunner was trending on twitter.By nightfall however all seemed cozy in theChideme homestead with Stunner snapchatting a story of him and Olinda in their bedroom.To nobody's surprise really a song featuring Nox was released. The song addressing an unnamed lady who Stunner is letting go though they had good times also details how he no longer wants to go viral on Facebook because of pictures the two took and even messages they exchanged hence they need to meet up and delete their digital history together.Some have suggested the song might be about Pokello if the sextape/pornhub references are anything to go by while others think its about Deon (the woman Stunner is accused of cheating on Olinda with) due to the references about goods bought for her including the contentious cellphone.
Initial thoughts were that the whole split was engineered to push this song but subsequent events today point towards a  less happier outcome as Olinda has since recorded another video stressing she is done with Stunner because she found evidence of an affair in his phone.Another live video shows Olinda threatening to burn everything she bought for Stunner whose relatives can be heard in the background trying to get Olinda to calm down and talk things over off Facebook.Olinda is having none of it even detailing how all this life in the flashing lights is new to her since she was used to a quiet life in England comprising of school runs and Masowe visits.Nox also went on facebook live and distanced himself from the drama unfolding at Stunner's claiming Stunner used him by not revealing the full details of the song he dropped a chorus on and the circumstances in which the joint was going to be released.

Popular opinion has gone from Pro-Olinda to Indifference up until this point were people are nolonger sure what's real and what's staged.Share your views about this whole saga on our Shona Boy Conglomerate Zw Facebook page and do peep the Stunner joint on his reverbnation account.

Late last year Dat Luveve Boy,Cal_Vin,dropped the emotionally charged Changes and hinted that this was his last release for a long time for a long time to come since he was going to focus on visuals for his vast body of work.It therefore came as a surprise when he dropped Take That produced by Nitefreak and himself on New Year's Eve addressing for the first time the situation at the Zim Hip-Hop awards were he was nominated for nearly ten but won zero awards.

Whispers and shouts of he fell off were always gonna be heard under such circumstances and Cal_Vin is well aware of that as he reminds us how he came into the spotlight 2 years ago like a thief in the night and stole everything (a ref peharps to his 2015 HipHop awards wins and that ZIMA he got in 2016).He also stresses that he has been making hella moves managing to tour Germany and perform locally for major guap independently while the rest of us mortals have been heavily reliant on other people.
His eight nominations and zero wins don't seem to faze him as he is consistently featuring on pole positions on every other list coming out and that shouldn't surprise us seeing as he has given us 6 mostly quality full length projects in 24 months.In his words he is built for this and is on his way to legend status while most of these rappers taking shots that will never be acknowledged are here this minute and gone the next.That he is self made only means the only person who can destroy his legacy is Cal_Vin a point he is at pains to point out.


From Bulawayo to Harare and vice versa we are all united by a common language and that's none other than currency in all its forms be it the almighty dollar, the controversial bond or even the increasingly rare rand.T1 and Guluva Se7en exchange hustle stories on this Victor Enlisted produced single that's billed as a precursor to T1's upcoming sophomore album set for release anytime this year.

As the title and chorus (delivered in Shona and Ndebele) suggest the song is all about running in a bid to make ends meet. It's a case of kumhanyisa madeals (street slang for spinning deals) which invariably results in running battles with the City Council but desperate times call for desperate measures and calculation hustlers right. T1 shouts out the Mbare Musika fruit vendors, kombi drivers and even the town barber keeping our fades on point while earning at the same damn time.

Guluva welcomes us to Bulawayo were the old ladies are selling tomatoes and the like on the corner and takes us to Kotama boutique were second hand clothes have financed first class lives for many a family.T1 delivers his message in his signature simplistic flow with enough complex rhyme schemes to remind us he can Kendrick it when he fancies it. Guluva's kasien rhymes are also a welcome addition to what the two termed "an ode to street hustlers".

DOWNLOAD: bit.ly/GetMhanya
STREAM: bit.ly/StreamMhanya
PROMO VIDEO: youtu.be/ZswQevaO-5E

Ego, beef and diss tracks are as synonymous with Hip-Hop as mayonnaise, below par patties and suspect sauce are with hood burgers. In America (the cradle of this genre we love so much) lives have even been lost and lines have been crossed as rappers tried to outdo each other and represent were they came from with pride better yet patriotism. A similar chain of events minus the bloodshed of course (though slaps were reportedly dished out) unfolded last year as Jnr Brown declared kingship over every part of the country only to have his claims to the throne disputed by Masvegas native Jungle and Bulawayo's very own Cal_Vin.

The affair started in the early stages of the year when Breezy released a high octane track titled We Run It  soon after the Hip-Hop awards namedropping Luveve (Cal_Vin is oft referred to as DAT Luveve Boy), Masvingo and almost every other part of the country and the continent as part of his kingdom. The joint contained many shots some clear and others not so clear and rapper dudes and fans alike went into a frenzy trying to match every line with a potential victim.New niggaz (whoever they are),Beefy Harrison Awards and an unnamed Masvingo rapper (speculation was rife if  Masvegas legend Noble Stylz was the rapper in question) were all honorary recipients of shade in the joint. To differentiate himself from the peeps he had thrown jabs at Jnr Brown went into floss overdrive claiming he had bought whips with rap money and had been around the world unlike his peers before stating matter of factly that he had inspired uptown rappers who used to predominantly rap in English to try and rap in Shona.

With all the hype around the song it wasn't long before the replies started coming in,some good, some bad and some not even worth a mention. The most scathing reply however came from Jungle Bango an immensely underrated Masvingo wordsmith known for complex multisyllabic rhymes. So scathing was his reply that up to this day nobody in Breezy's camp wants him near their work (BSun called him an unprintable word just recently after Synik suggested an all star joint featuring Sharky, Synik, Jungle, Awa etc.). Jungle claimed Breezy was nothing but an overrated industry hooker (Jnr Brown has been known to kill hooks from time to time) who only rose to prominence thanks to Tehn Diamond. Jungle also told Breezy matter of factly that he was nothing more than a Wacka Flocka trying to fool people into believing he was a Kendrick and claimed Breezy only dissed the awards when it suited him (ironically Breezy was to accept the very same Beefy Harrison awards he had downplayed months later).Popular opinion was Jungle took all three points home and team Masvingo got its pride back.

Cal_Vin whose Kingship and award wins in 2015 had been attacked wasn't about to let Jnr Brown off easily as well releasing his own "Used to run it".In the joint he basically called Breezy washed while stacking his claim as the then face of the game."Used to run it, I remember but when I came in I fucked it all up" the Luveve boy drawled menacingly on the chorus and Bulawayo couldn't have been more proud. Features on Slikour and a video soon followed and a ZIMA award which validated The Vin's claim that he was indeed the man of the moment. Physical confrontations at the NAMA awards rehearsals were reported though concrete evidence wasn't readily available. Cal_Vin and Breezy have since reconciled even working together on the Amen remix and Begotten Sun (head honcho at KYN which is home to Jnr Brown) even featured on a Cal_Vin Song.

Other rappers also released their own versions though most of them never gained traction. The Jury is still out on who murdered who. You can pass your opinion and cast your vote on our Facebook page