February 2017
Mwana WaPharaoh headhoncho Rpeels has always been about growth and in line with that vision dude dropped both an audio and a video for his really wishing freestyle on Monday.The song was produced by Mclyne while the video was shot by the Donut Shop.The song itself is signature Peels i.e a few brags here,some inspired lines there and a sprinkle of controversy to keep things interesting.Peels claims unspecified protagonists have already bought out all the young talent in the local game though they haven't been as successful in buying his soul.The video is a letdown as one set,a few girls smiling suggestively and Peels's homeboys rap along to his conspiracy theories with the help of an electric fan.
Its the month of love and Asaph decided to gift us with a four track EP to match the prevailing mood.For production he placed the job solely in the hands of Charlie Zimbo and the result is a chilled listening experience that leaves all the attention on Asaph's sermon urging humans to know their worth and manouvre life and love accordingly hence the title Diamonds Deserve Diamonds. As such one should only expect the same measure of affection and attention as one gives out to their better half.

Tracks on the project include the freaky anthem things we like  which sees Asaph inviting his girl over and promising her things will get kinky and freaky if she puts on that dress he likes.The dress can only lead to a slow  dance to the song they both like while sipping on that champagne she is so fond of.On the other side of the coin is hello goodbye a two facetted joint about two exes.It kicks of with Asaph missing his ex girlfriend and asking her back but things quickly go south when the girl doesn't swallow the bait and the now clearly bitter boyfriend curses her and lists all the ill things she did in contrast to the good he did.As a result its goodbye to the ex and hello to the bad mamis for a boy who had eaten humble pie and gone back to his ex begging for love.

On no lights Asaph is in familiar territory narrating the triumphs and hard times faced by him and his generation in his beloved Kingsvilla. Rides around the burg bumping that Yiso music and reflecting on the odds they were dealt always end with the boys resolving to shine on even when the lights are off. On diamonds deserve diamonds Asaph summarizes the whole album and reiterates that one must always be aware of how much they are worth and as such they should never be shortchanged plus they should never accept fools gold in exchange for the diamonds they are.

Download Diamonds Deserve Diamonds Here: http://tinyurl.com/DiamondsDeserveDiamonds

Tytan surprised us with a new song complete with visuals on the 14th of February with a midnight drop that was only announced a few hours beforehand.The song titled bho is a little different from the usual fast paced Tytan joints we've become accustomed to though the slow tempo fits in well with his narrative of a galant gentleman who offers solace to a bride whose husband to be goes after one of her bridesmaid. The video was shot at Meikles Hotel by Mr Elders and was executively produced by Kuda Musasiwa better known as Begotten Sun.
The storyline of the video pretty much goes hand in hand with the song with an ExQ cameo to spice up movisque "wedding gone wrong". Stunner plays the groom and he goes from popping bottles with his groomsmen to answering discreet calls before hooking up with his wife to be's bridesmaid. Unbeknownst to Stunner and his new flame the bride spots them and bolts of to cry in an abandoned room.Enter Tytan the bell boy delivering room service to guests and smiling invitingly to the other bridesmaids before he spots that visibly shook bride.What follows is a dance of solace and compassion accompanied by Tytan's raps assuring the bride that she doesn't have to tolerate her cheating husband when King Mukoko can treat her like the diamond that she is

Ralph Level rapper/producer VI the Law has for years juggled between his studies and Hip-Hop and his debut full length offering is a perfect marriage of both. The self produced tape is based on his conviction that we are all scholars on life campus and how we tackle our day to day routines ultimately determines our grades. Features on the project are scarce with a verse from Chief MD and a bit of  spoken word from Meyniak plus the Bass line DJs who contributed to production on one joint.

On the album we have cuts like stranger a song which details how many a genius soon becomes a stranger to their kith and kin who can't stomach the thought that one can balance both books and music and succeed in both, a stroll in the park for VI who finished top of his class at Africa University and has repeatedly put out quality music. We also have weekness a funny rant littered with even funnier skits which sees VI complain about the amount of work he needs to get done in a week and the distractions he faces from those around him.

Purpose is key if one plans to leave a mark in whatever sphere they operate in and that's the message carried on Zuckerbag a play on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and "bag" slang for money. The Chief MD assisted joint is all about leaving a mark and getting the cash while at it just like Zuckerberg. Homeboy goes deep in his feels on favorite lecture a modern day tale of boy meets girl, girl is sprung, girl and boy ain't too sure what they have going on but boy remains forever grateful because girl taught him so many lessons hence she is his favorite lecture. On lost souls VI mourns his fallen comrades who were there from the get go and believed in his talent while pushing him to excell before unfortunately passing on without seeing where their seeds of encouragement took him.

Other joints on the 8 track cypher include dissertation, one man cypher and an interlude. Dissertation is basically about how everyone needs to document the practicalities of whatever field they are in before they can master it and hence graduate. The interlude and one man cypher are an insight into the thought processes  and inspirations involved in making this project come to life. All in all Camp Us is an alternative view to life and music through the eyes of a A-class student. The tape is a perfect balance of intellect and lyricism and its laid back feel makes it easy listening .

Ndingatyei is an example of what happens when you lock up three bar-barians in the studio with a visionary producer.To all intents and purposes Chizzoe is a rookie but his feature list and two prior singles are evidence of a young king lurking in the shadows and sending mortal blows to the unfortunate when it suits him.Mile is something of an enigma choosing to sing rather than rap over his last records but activating beast mode when the rapgods come calling.Sharky was underrated for the longest time before winning best rap album last year but it seems the underdog hunger never left the boy who raps the monkey totem.Add to those three a young producer fusing traditional African instruments and sungura strings to trap bass lines and you have a banger and that's facts only.

The "rookie" Chizzoe goes in first with too many quotables to even list down.From his short time in the game and how he subsequently had the 5-0 getting yellow tape after murdering said game to how he has slayed so much to the extent of sending swords out of fashion Chizzoe is talented and he won't mince his words when he tells you as much.Mile doesn't tone the tempo down but goes in second with a quick dismissal of the gatekeepers gang trying to remain relevant with whack radio shows and whack blogs (wipes sweat from forehead).Mile is pretty content with his discography thus far but assures us he is taking it further than other rapper dudes spending money on the same feature verses,clubs and girls thus ending up stagnant.

  Sharky handles the chorus and puts a traditional spin to it while summarizing the concept of the song i.e with this much talent the boys fear no man or alien for that matter.Greats who have taken to dabbing or biting his style to remain in the game get some subtle shade.Sharky is also confident with his new king title and reminds those  that think they can take it that they might as well have been born in the wrong generation.Overally the three emcees went bar for bar on an insane beat and the result is a young earquake every time one decides to spin the joint.

We live in a world were prosperity pastors are the new age mafioso what with their fat bank accounts and flamboyant lifestyles.Where they are getting their guap from is a burning issue likely to start mini-wars between whoever is asking and the faithfull flock of said pastors but they have at least inspired the youngins in the game to aspire for those many many zeros and The Dot's joint is evidence of this.Titled after PHD leader Walter Magaya the joint is a play on gaya which loosley translates to grind and or think,actions which will result in one building a multimillion dollar empire like the one Magaya has.

     The Dot spits in a mixture of Shona, English and even a bit of ndebele with a bouncy flow that one can't help but bump their head to.He urges us to pass word to his fam in his rural homestead of Mazowe that he is on a wave now before quickly reminding us that Bulawayo is the city he reps though he might just hit Htown to mess up the game.The dream is to stack up the racks till the pockets are on Sir Wicknell levels then he can hopefully buy his mama a Humvee while telling her
  "Tazoita cash with these records shout out to Stunner"
A litany of similes mostly local are used to drive home just how dedicated he is to this music grind and getting his bank balance right from "kuzora butter" like Loreal to the iconic green jersey worn by Caps United.The song is saved from sounding cliche by the young lad's cadence and confidence on the mic and I for one would be glad to hear more music from him.

Apparently getting best female and best video nominations at the ZimHiphop awards wasn't enough mischief for Miss Dice hence she is looking forward to causing even more trouble in 2017.In the spirit of all things sonically mischievous she teamed up with Donne to tear apart a Rayo beat with ease.The song is the least of our worries though because I have it on good authority that a video shoot is loading and as a videographer par excellence Dice rarely dissapoints in that area.

  On trouble Dice handled two verses and the chorus celebrating her indie hustle which has seen her go from a girl with a vision to a girl on television. She chanells her inner bad bad to remind lazy girls that with the amount of work she is putting in they shouldn't be surprised when their mans ditch them for go-getters like herself. She also has a few choice words for the thirsty amongst us who might want a sip of that "Dice water". She closes of her verse with a shout out to Leornad Zhakata saying matter of factly that she is on her way to legendary status which loosely translates to a female version of him.

   Donne adds his own degrees to an already hot song with a standout verse characterized by a proportional mix of lethal bars and on point delivery.Dude goes from admiring a would be trouble causer whose lifestyle is Tom Ford with Concord altitude levels to match before telling us he will do the Trey Songs and steal our baes without batting an eyelid.
The joint is available for streaming on Dice Official Music YouTube and SoundCloud channels.