March 2017
Kambo Boys is a UK based trio of Zimbabwean artists hellbent on bringing the swag to sungura while silmutaneously giving it a New Age look.Their latest release is a love joint titled Sweet Larrisa and it was produced by the legendary Mono Mukundu.The song is a mix of English and Shona vocals over catchy African guitars and words like afropop spring to mind when one plays it.The video isn't your typical sungura video with old madhalas dancing the "borrowdale" in a growth point bar.Instead its the boys clad in what looks like designer suits,a palace and top of the range vehicles to complement the boy meets girl narrative being channeled by a young lad wooing Larrisa on a bicycle, the same Larrisa who doesn't seem fazed by dudes in Ferraris wooing her.Maybe money doesn't buy love after all and there is hope for broke brothers like us. Kudos to the Kambo Boys for taking purely Zimbabwean vibes across the oceans.

Zim Hip-Hop Awards best producer for 2016 Fungayi Paradzayi better known as Fun F has left Big Shots. The producer cum rapper had been part of the Global Records family for over two years and had risen to prominence at the stable doubling as Executive Producer and rapper.In a press statement issued out over the weekend Fun was quick to assure the nation that there was no bad blood between him and Big Shots cofounder Klasiq.He even took time to personally thank the whole Bigshots team for giving him a platform to shine and showcase his talent.

   Fun F worked on close to 11 full length projects which include J Nova's History in the making series,King Aktive's Mambo Vetrap,Savage's Jungle Fever and his own Good Ass Job album while at Big Shots.He also produced countless singles and found time to launch his own imprint Its Nation Music a stable he will now devote his undivided attention to,with plans to open a studio in Harare's central business district underway.He has promised more great music and you can follow him on all social networks @Funf_ZW to stay abreast with what he is up to.

Venge Muzik decided to visit a disused construction site for his latest in a series of "interlude videos". Titled Mai Terry/Tatadza the song sees Venge airing his grievances out towards a female flame who goes by the moniker Mai Terry.As usual Venge doesn't dissapoint in delivery with a flow akin to a really really audible Thuger what with the easy switch from raps to sing raps and a bit of crooning all the while traversing the abandoned site peharps to match how Mai Terry  abandoned their once burning love.He doesn't totally hate her though and even if she can't see him in person he assures her he will give her that digital love from a distance hence a call here and a tweet there shouldn't come as a surprise.In the end he admits they have both failed seeing as all she does is torture him while others fan the flames of their respective relationships. As such he is getting a replacement that's hotter,leaning in the beamer and downing a bottle or two and she should be thankful he is hardly sober because Lord knows what he would do if he was.

Loxion Obama aka Dat Luveve boy had relegated rap to the back bencher this year choosing to release a project whose sound he dubbed loxion jazz and subsequently taking the project to the people through his #IboughtUthando initiative.All that changed over the weekend when he jumped onto Nyovest's Tito Mboweni to deliver a somewhat scathing freestyle where he called out Award organizers for giving awards to weak artists we never hear of again.He even called winners of said awards fraudulent before using Nasty C and Mabala (who have been accused of buying awards) in a beautiful play of words to drive home the fact that he doesn't buy awards like Mabala but  has earned his mabala (stripes).
   The Ndumiso Gumede freestyle also referenced POY's work as a butcher with Cal Vin claiming he ain't POY so he won't concern himself with beef or rumours of it.The lines didn't seat well with the veteran Bulawayo rapper who took to twitter to bluntly say "fuck Cal Vin" before questioning Vin's rap skills on Facebook.As yet POY hasn't replied on wax though whispers of beef are already rampant among heads with some claiming its actually a good look for the game while others think its a stunt to bring traffic to POY's recently released video for Higher.Click on the subscribe button below and follow our social media to stay up to date with how this "beef" will develop.

Sometime in 2014 Meynie released his Before Dawn The Sire project and it carried a certain joint produced by Gwagz.Fireworks,was Meyniak's unorthodox take on love as he likened love to fireworks which are beautiful in the night sky to those viewing from afar yet they might be burning the one who was trying to hold onto them in a bid to posses that same beauty.The result is the beautiful chaos characterized by the ups and downs partakers in the ancient art of love will find familiar.

In 2016 Meyniak decided to revisit the same track and rather than settle for 808s and heartbreaks he decided to weep over a grand piano played by none other than Tuqomplex.The original was mood music and this takes it a step further with just the piaono and Meyniak's voice keeping each other company for six whole minutes.The composition of the lyrics changes somewhat and the song becomes a journey from a chaotic begining until Meyniak tucks his restless love into bed.But that's a temporary reprieve because the beautiful war in the sky prevails peharps signalling how love will never be perfect and how one embraces the bad and the good as fate.

Tehn Diamond has been a very busy man this year.He released his debut album A Few Good Poems during the beggining of the year before embarking on a nationwide tour across Zimbabwe to market it.So far he has been to Harare,Bulawayo,Kadoma and Bulawayo with more dates set to be fulfilled.Those who follow his social media will know "King Dimple" shared photos of him,Thaiwanda Thai and Kikky Badass from a video shoot for No Stress a while back.The photos had us believing the actual video was dropping soon but many moons have since passed and our patience was running thin.Well it seems we should have been a little more patient as the Happy Smurf shared further snaps today and these ones were shot in South Africa. He promised to deliver not one but two videos and from the looks of it the visuals are going to be world class.

Remember Trinity of Jesa fame?.Remember a certain dude called Kevie killing choruses under that Urban Grooves household name Chamhembe.Well fastforwad to 2016 and Kevie was back under a new alias Vito.He showed sparks of his old brilliance when he did that Rorenzi chorus for Maskiri but on this joint with erstwhile producer Take Five he takes no prisoners.Be me is all about freedom and doing what's best for you and not caring what the world thinks about you. Its also the story of pain in love brought about by the life choices a musician has made to chase his superstar dreams in a not so ideal environment.The girl is hurting too so she won't pick Vito's calls and even though Vito would like to bang and leave part of him won't allow that hence he is almost apoligistic in his quest for freedom.Soul has a voice ladies and men who are gentle.

Regular imbibers will either  take to this joint by T1 and Mile  or hate it passionately depending on the side of the struggle they are accustomed to.On one hand is the balling on your budget niggaz and on the other hand is the hard workers spending their hard earned cash with no plans to share.This all too familiar scenario plays out on a Dj Mustardsque Mclyne beat with the mixing and mastering falling in the capable hands of Vic Enlisted.

Mile is on chorus duty and also handles the second verse with that incredible international delivery of his that betrays the years he spent away from the motherland.For Mile his close circle of pals and freaks is enough to get the party going and he aint giving random strangers asking what he came with a free pass.T1 on the other hand represents for the ghetto youthies with his Winky D references and hood slang and straight up vernacular bars delivered in that simplistic WeMa1 style thats easy on the ear yet rich in under the surface punches that might escape basic minds.

Overally MaPoacher is the kind of song you can get loose to on the weekend yet find time to enjoy during the week for its witty rhymes and carefree feel that's the perfect blend of the hood and the burbs.

Marcus Mafia best known for his Legacy Empire imprint and his 2016 hit with Kikky Badass,King Aktive and Shingy hatiterere collaborated with an impressive line up for his latest joint titled gaya.This time around he recruited Briss Mbada,Meister and mai vaDhikondo hitmaker Huby Blakes for the Fun F and Nyasha Timbe produced gaya.

Gaya is a four verse joint bout rapper dudes thinking of a better future than the one they already have.Its that the bigger the zhet,the bigger the returns on the investment typa track bound to resonate with a nation intent on making the elusive greenback but lacking the means to.All four dudes came through with a mixture of street hustler talk,a sprinkle of punchlines and optimistic projections of a future they wish to have.

Marcus Mafia assured us a video in the mould of his hatiterere video is imminent and work on his debut album is already in the formative stage.You can visit his YouTube Chanel to view his previous works from individual video productions to collaborative projects and other litty videos showcasing Zimbabwean music in general.

A few days ago pictures from a photo shoot of artists in all black started popping up on my timeline with all sorts of hash tags suggestive of a collective. While I was still tryna make sense of this the good homey Verseless Philo hit me with a presser about a super group him and a bunch of other talented creatives had come up with. Peharps as a testament to them putting everything on their selves the crew decided to call themselves "Veryus". Chengeto Brown, Marcques, Mile, Fluid, Rue, uBu and of course Verseless make up the seven member clique which has already started a marathon release of 7 songs stretching from 1 to 7 March.

A quick chat with Verse revealed a few interesting points chief among them being the need to bring back sonic risks to the local music market which means shying away from the traditional sungura, Hip-Hop, dancehall  we have become accustomed to. Having listened to the whole body of work from the Veryus stable I can safely say they are succeeding in this regard. One can't exactly pinpoint their genre of choice but its best described as nostalgic feel good pop with a sprinkling of electro.

While Verseless was the driving force behind them ganging together even he admits that each member is an essential cog in the machinery that's Veryus. Nonconformity to set blueprints,honesty with each other are some of the guiding principles of this eclectic group of super-talented individuals. Keep y'all eyes and ears on the Verseless SoundCloud and Facebook  pages for the awesome music coming your way.