May 2017
A while back we reported that the No Stress video performed by the Happy Smurf aka Ngoda was on its way.The video is finally here premiering on Trace Africa before it went up on Tehn's Vevo account.No Stress is a feel good song featuring Thaiwanda Thai (who appears on DJ Slique's Mercy alongside Reason,Kwesta and Riky Ricky).The song is all about new beginnings,taking the new year by the horns while leaving the burdens of the previous year behind and its the lead single on Tehn's debut commercial offering A Few Good Poems.

The video sees the proudly bald Tehn and the dreadlocked Thai enjoying a long round of golf at a plush resort perhaps to convince us that there is really no stress this year.After dusting off their bout of golf the duo take the action to the club were they party up a storm with fine lasses and big bottles to match.The video is just another example of the work Tehn is putting in this year having toured parts of the country during the earlier stages of the year with Ammara Brown and Thaiwanda for what was dubbed the Tehn out of ten tour.

Over the years the godfather of Zimbabwean urban music,Take Fizzo,  has kept the streets fed with banger after banger and he shows no signs of slowing down.This time around he teamed up with on fire rapper Tulk Munny (formerly with Star Kids under the name Tinevimbo Chimbetete) and Uptown Music affiliated Swiska to deliver Paranoia.If this is what paranoid results in for the trio count us in when it comes to bumping to the theme songs of their escapades.

The monster beat by Take Fizzo sets the tone for the song and Tulk and Swiska do not disappoint coming through with a mixture of vernacular and English bars that seek to describe what Paranoia feels like to them.For Tulk Munny it's his lazy yet infectious flow scaring rappers and getting him mad props from industry gatekeepers and fans alike that has him feeling some type of way what with "tsagas" spreading rumors that he is now part of the Illuminati.When he gets paranoid all he need is a solo smoke at home but that won't stop him from dropping number after number like a ruler.

As for Swiska he admits it's been a long journey.From starting of with a dream and a dollar till he climbed up the ranks like Shabba up until this point when he is steady chasing those greenbacks except he calls them "Freddy Gualas" in reference to Tulk's fixation with the yesteryear South African icon.All in all his ndebele raps and Tulk's Shona ones mixed with Saxon ones from both of them combined with Fizzo's beat are that heat the streets is always fiending for.
By now you've prolly heard the story. Boy forms boy band,excells for a bit on the afropop circuit before switching genres and taking the hiphop scene by storm.Hit single after hit single with litty visuals to match and there is really nothing we can do to him hence the title mungandii.Well the video for that particular song is here and its on point as per Takura standard.It switches from monochrome to color and shows Takura and friends doing the rounds around the city and in Harare's go to ghetto for video shoots.....Mbare.
  First off is working man Takura in overalls broadcasting to a crowd of bystanders reminding them naysayers will always preach the opposite of success. We then see Takura get a haircut from comedian Khedha in the company of Tkae Chidz before cooling of with budget freezits from none other than DJ Towers.As the video progresses DJ Tamuka,Bhutusi and the Comic Pastor make an appearance in "masowe" gab getting their dab and jujitsu on with hilarious results.Takura flexes for a second dabbing on top of a Takura Life tour truck.
Sometime last year Killer T affectionately called Chairman by his fans dropped an album titled Bvunza Tinzwe and the title track resonated with many a soul battling loss thus becoming a mega hit.Pictures of Killer T in a coffin presumably from the video shoot soon followed and people reacted differently with some applauding him for his artistry and some not so eagre to embrace this "prop" seeing as death is hardly a thing to play with in traditional African culture.
Turns out the shots were indeed from the Bvunza Tinzwe video directed by Military Touch videographer par excellence Vusa Blaqs which dropped  on Killer T's Vevo channel today.The high definition video pictures different scenes from a graveyard to a church and a morgue as Killer T asks the creator the fate of various deceased members of society interlinked with him.A few celebrity cameos including Fungisai Mashavave and Madame Boss make up the crowd of mourners who gather to pay their last respects to the Chairman as he lies in state in a black casket.
Glad to see our local dancehall icons pushing boundaries in their craft and delivering world class videos