June 2017
After teasing us for quite a span Kikky Badass has finally delivered visuals for her Body Conversations single and the video was directed by none other than Vusa Blaqs.The racy single features Chyllur formerly with the Major Players though he is conspicuously missing from the video.Its strictly for the lovers and the Rated R content might illicit a few condescending stares from the inwardly peverted yet outwardly conservative Zimbabwean music loving crowd.

We will not bore you with details of how a scantily clad Kiki steals some random kid's man then proceeds to have body conversations with him scantily clad in an assortment of sexy lingerie in a wanton display of sexual appeal to accompany her smooth vocals.Instead we will leave you and your eyes feasting on another example of how far the Zimbabwean visual game has come.

We have received so many singles from Gze over the years that we might have lost count but now it seems an album is on the way.Gze has dropped a Fun f produced joint to announce his debut solo album and fans of the street scientist are psyched.The track features Best Rapper (whom we heard on Jnr Brown's Maria joint handling skits) and it's the street knowledge delivered with laid-back precision we have come to expect from Boss Gze.

On Gze album done the former Trinity emcee takes time to acknowledge some of the producers on his upcoming album among them Fun F,Take Fizzo and Yagi Dojo.He also proclaims himself a top five emcee dead or alive and seems to frown at those asking who the better rapper is amongst Breezy,Gze and Tulk Munny when it's quite clear Xq is getting all the guap.Radio djs playing him get a shout out and his intentions to perform at Shoko Festival are revealed.Rapper dudes who ask for features then turn around to diss,plus similar sounding trappers and newcomers all come under fire for their unbecoming traits.
Best rapper adds his voice to the song in the form of skits throughout the song which might inspire a visit or two to the feeling station amongst Gze's peers.For instance he declares it's only his team keeping meaningful music alive in the streets while the rest of the fraternity makes watered down party music and imbibes on lean and other drugs a claim many will surely take offence to.
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It's been a minute since we heard from Savage but he has broken his silence with a touching letter to the game featuring the talents of Roman Raps producer/rapper Frodo.Titled Mr Postman the joint was produced at Big Shots and it sees the two emcees spit their hearts out about their love for HipHop,the trials and triumphs that have resulted from said love.The result is packaged in an envelope and stamped for the postman to deliver to "HipHop" the reason why the two are spitting and smitten.

Savage straight up pledges allegiance and details how HipHop holds so much value in his life.He confesses that rap has been impacting his family life negatively.On one hand his girlfriend can't really tolerate Savage's endless nights in the studio with pretty ladies as he works on new music.His relatives have been putting pressure on him to quit saying HipHop is for kids and will never put food on the table for his own kids.He reassures HipHop that this isn't​ the first time all this has happened and he will continue to be her soilder for eternity hence the letter.

Frodo also has issues of his own that have led him to forsake HipHop in the past.The music bug has him strong however and not suprisingly he finds himself returning to the microphone and the keys.He admits that without HipHop he is superprone to stress and a bunch of other maladies because through the melodies he has a voice to chanel his frustrations towards music and thus heal while standing up to the winds of failure.
Legacy Empire C.E.O Marcus Mafia is set to celebrate his birthday at an all-star red carpet event on the 10th of June.The event will be  hosted at The Volt nightclub formerly known as the Book Cafe and it's set to be an explosive one with a lineup that has over 30 artists whom Marcus regards as friends from both HipHop and Dancehall respectively.Some of the artists include Dj Smylie,Abisha Palmer,Meister,Lady Squanda,Kikky Badass,Tkae Chidz,Tigonzi and a few suprise acts.Also available for guests will be a complementary photoshoot and of course ice cold refreshments.

Born Eugene Takavarasha,Marcus Mafia is a jack of all trades who formed his own imprint Legacy Empire in 2014.He is a renowned video producer cum photographer and has covered the 2015 Zimdancehall awards as well as the 2015/2016 ZimHipHop Awards among a host of launches and events.He is also into choreography besides getting into studio now and again.He recently ventured into artist management and his imprint currently manages Kikky Badass,Fucci,Dibz among others.An album featuring artists on his roster is reportedly in the works.

8L seems to have a knack for making hit records and dope videos and this joint is no different.After ruling radio with his Mainini remix featuring Tocky Vybz and eventually taking the best alternative at the ZimHipHop Awards 8L decided to bring back Katarina a character made famous by legendary comic and musician Safirio Madzikatire.After a series of false starts we finally have the video and it proved to be worth the wait.

The track itself is very Afrocentric and the video follows down the path.Shot by Vusa Blaqs the video depicts an African nighttime fiesta complete with ladies in revealing yet graceful attire and mans  going ham on the  drums.8L praises the beauty of African ladies who in turn gift him with just the right amount of Kongonya to keep a gangster boss happy.

As if the excellent video is not enough the Clientele Money head honcho has announced an album set to drop soon and a collaboration with Andy Muridzo before that.

Naboth Rizla is indeed one busy brother whose life passion has been to see local HipHop flourish.The broski has his hands in so many projects all interlinked to this culture we love so much.From his stint at arguably the best HipHop magazine on the continent Hype Magazine were he helped propel some of our local stars to an intercontinental audience to his HipHop 263 show on Ztv,his clothing line and the Naboth Rizzla App launched in 2016 Rizzla never seems to rest.

His story dates way way back though when around 2005 he and Lwazi Mpoko alias Kompozitioner launched a clothing line that was called GrapeVine clothing.The street wear brand has grown over the years up until a point were the two heads decided it was time for the brand to repay it's debt to a culture that had embraced it so wholeheartedly.As such in 2013 DGV rap battles was born primarily as an avenue for skilled wordsmiths to go bar for bar and the initiative which is still growing strong is exclusively funded by profits from GrapeVine clothing.Actual events are held mostly in Bulawayo and footage is shared on the internet and local television channel ZTV.

Speaking of TV Naboth just happens to be the driving force behind the HipHop 263 also airing on Ztv.The show has already been through a 13 episode strong first season and the second season is almost halfway through.Hiphop 263 is divided into 3 segments with the first showcasing 2 videos from across Zimbabwe.The second segment is all about in-depth interviews on local HipHop stars, performances by said stars or when the producers are feeling a little too good they shine a light on an unlikely HipHop element like carspinning for example.The 3rd segment is reserved for combat between rappers and or producers who go head to head to prove who is the sickest in their areas of expertise.Besides airing on Ztv Naboth recently divulged that DVDs will be taken across the country this winter

Rizla has also delved into the interwebs having launched the 

Naboth Rizla app to provide a further home for HipHop.Currently the app is available in the Google play store though the IOS version is all but ready.The app was launched in 2016 after Naboth quit his presenting job at British station Power Ace.It currently hosts the HipHop 263, HipHop TIA and HipHop Universal shows respectively.For Wilder appeal and cultural exchange purposes Sanga Tembo from Zambia,DJ Shaba from China and Chris Peters from UK all have shows which play HipHop bangers from their respective countries.Local HipHop podcast Keep It Real Fridays has also found a home on the app.

With so much time and resources being poured into HipHop Rizla believes it's only right for mans to start seeing monetary returns from all the capital that has been invested in local HipHop.Rizla dreams of a day were our "hobbies" will turn into careers and HipHop practitioners actually contributing to the national purse.

You can interact with this soilder of the  culture on his social media handles @nabothrizla @wearehiphop263 @da_grapevine or you can email him  on wearehiphop263@gmail.com if you wanna feature on any of his platforms. 

Tiara Baluti one of the leading female voices in the Zimbabwean HipHop landscape has blessed us with visuals to her Simba Tagz assisted joint and boy are we impressed.The video for Bad Gyal Flex was shot by the talented Andy Sobhuza for Andy Cutta Films on location in Botswana.

The video features Tiara and a bevy of other beauties  performing a variety of sensual dances in the desert.The dance moves complement the groovy afrospopsque Tagz production and Cutta's camera is there to capture every moment.Tiara even finds time to ride a dirt bike before taking the action to a photo studio were Dj Towers makes a cameo alongside Tagz who handles the chorus.

You can check the video on YouTube as we await it's official launch on the 3rd of June at 1 + 1 night club.Great work from Miss Baluti who recently launched a Charity named after her mother Raviro which seeks to assist less privileged children.

Ever been so depressed you woke up wishing you was dead?This mellow yet poignant song by the legendary mUnetsi addresses this very issue.The protagonist in this narrative  details a lot of things going wrong in his life leading to suicidal thoughts to get rest from a troubled world.First off are recurring migraines which deny him the comfort of making music which happens to be his first love.He even questions if Hell is real since his experiences on planet Earth are as hellish as experiences come.He can't even get solace from the miracle that's his baby because an angry ex-wife is keeping his daughter as far away from him as possible.

On the other hand he questions why God continues to take away his friends whom he believes deserved to live since they were contributing something to humanity.He muses on growing up in a disjointed family and how music saved him and offered him company when he was lonely.In the last verse he namedrops relatives and friends who have passed before closing off the joint with a reinforced belief in there being a rainbow at the end of every storm.Although the song is undeniably sombre mU's mastery of the pen keeps you hooked till the end as he addresses real-life issues without the "preachy" feel common to such songs.