September 2017
South African based, Zimbabwean R 'n B sensation Hillzy has a new video out for a song simply titled muroora.The song touches on how the right girl will have you rethinking lost love & broken hearts because her love is too good for passing flings plus it's packaged in a way that makes you think Bae is the one you walking down the altar with.The video itself was directed by K Mane & Nick and it alternates between Hillzy with his would be bride chilling in a beautiful forest to scenes of him painting said bride until it closes off with Hillzy's mum & relatives all teary eyed as he walks down the aisle with the love of his life.

Shows for rappers in Zimbabwe are hard to come by and when they do local rappers are relegated to footnotes ahead of other "more profitable genres" like Dancehall and Sungura. Taona Matsvai aka Preezo is one local promoter working hard to change that particular matrix under his Team Legacy imprint.Preezo says he fell in love with local HipHop when he was 12 and he would make cameo appearances in Jnr Brown, Discord videos.

As he came of age rather than take up rap like many of his peers he decided events management would be a better alternative and if his Promoter Of the year award at the 2016 ZHHA is anything to go by that decision seems to be paying of.He is best known for his Street HipHop tours which give upcoming artists a chance to rub shoulders with established rappers and to also perform in front of crowds in different parts of the city.Since the shows are usually free and rotate locations they also tend to introduce local HipHop to people who might not have been aware of the genre.

Jnr Brown, Mc Chita, Ammara Brown, Gze among others have been a staple at these shows which have been held in places like Highfield,Mufakose,Mabvuku,Norton,Glen Norah, Dzivarasekwa. Preezo has also dabbled in rap battles with ten rap battles under his belt thus far.

The ever industrious promoter scored a win as he was recently chosen to incorporate Hip-Hop in the 2017 Harare Carnival Festivities.He did a build up show which I was lucky enough to attend and organized more shows that will be part of the official Carnival activities.

His dream is to take the Street HipHop tours to other areas of the country and to convert one soul at a time to Zim Hip-Hop amid skepticism and ignorance by giving dope rappers (known and unknown) a platform to put up polished performances.

You can interact with him on his social media handles
Twitter: @zw_tl
Facebook Team Legacy Zw/Taona Preezo
YouTube: Team Legacy​ Zw
The year was 2013 and one of Zim HipHop's greatest collaborative efforts The Feeling ai'nt fair had dropped. Tehn Diamond was an integral part of that process alongside Jnr Brown and Take Fizzo and he decided to cap that with an introspective,bar heavy joint on what life was like the year before rap. The song would get an official video some years later but it was already a staple for local rap fans because of the honest bars and candid nature in which Tehn delivered them.

Mwana WaPharaoh affiliate Tait  chose the Donut shop to shoot the visuals for his Peels assisted Vane maBaby trap banger.The audio version featured Meyniak whose verse and presence was conspicuously missing from the video. The video alternates between a photo studio and a house while Tait and Peels sip on some dranks and invite pals with fly mami connects/profitable deals to hit them up for a Lituation.

Vic Taks has been supporting local talent for a while now and this time around he decided to shine a light on female rap talent from Zimbabwe.The 16 cypher features Phreshy, Tru North,Mel C,Da Ruler and  Nina Grande trading bars on a Forcy beat. Peep the shandees below and tell us which femcees brought their A Game and which femcees faltered.

Self styled Zim Rap Queen Trae Yung has been on a musical hiatus for a bit and we just hope her latest piece of visual art is part of a lot of work coming our way courtesy of her. The new video shot and directed by Simba Gee sees a relaxed Trae in different locations around nighttime Harare rapping about how she has switched up her life unlike her peers who seem stick in one lane. From walking to driving, murking beats to teaching youngins it's a new Trae and if we are to believe her, a switch up would definitely do our measly lives a lot of good.

Don Cavelle has always managed to fuse dope bars and catchy beats and his latest joint follows it's predecessors in that regard.On production he taps frequent collaborator Vic Enlisted who samples Brenda Fassie 's It's nice to be with people Cavelle says Brenda's musical acumen and ability to not be fazed by what her detractors said inspired this track.

The Shona chorus urges the listener to not downplay Cavelle seeing as he walks with God and got his gifts from the same God.The verses then serve as confirmation that he is indeed gifted with bars like
      " I kick mad verses like I am playing soccer with the Bible
       So ill with it I could die tomorrow"
Zimbabwean born,South African based rapper Yung Tyran is currently on a winning streak as his Asaph assisted Brenda Fassie joint is dominating the YFM hip-hop chart.While we wait for visuals for that particular track he has given us a video for his For the Night single produced by First Class.The video sees Tyran and his homies plus some fly mummies showcase how they're ready for the night by rolling through the city getting their drank on while smoking some lush sativa.The trappy track is remarkably wavy but you can definitely feel the "underdog ready to get his" undertone all over the joint.

It's almost unthinkable to talk of Zimbabwean HipHop without mentioning the name of one Cal Vin.With over four full length projects,countless singles,numerous stages across continents killed and various awards for his craft Loxion Obama is surely a HipHop mainstay and as such his decision to quit rap last month left many in shock.

He has given his Shoko Festival headlining performance later this month as the official cutoff date for his relationship with Zim HipHop citing lack of respect and lack of support as a major factor in his decision.Cal Vin's video for Thabani (which ironically samples Bulawayo legend Lovemore Majaivana who quit music when his homeys didn't offer the requisite support) seems to confirm that his decision to quit is final.He raps about people tryna chase him out of his city with their hate like they did Majaivana as headlines from various media flashes across the screen. He downs shot after shot of Gin as his stories in the game both good and bad are told through newspaper and blog headlines.

All is not lost though as Vin has said he will use his "retirement" to mentor and groom young talent under his Kontrol Tribe imprint which houses talented kids like GTI, Mawiza and Zizi Azzazi.
Ti Gonzi walked away Best Male at the 2017 Zim Hip Hop awards after the widespread success  of his unapologetically street & vernacular Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto project. While that project had a strictly HipHop feel tapping into the various popular sounds of the various times each track on it was recorded Ti Gonzi 's latest offerings have been strictly dance and afropop with a sprinkling of dancehall though his witty lyrics remain unchanged.

He has done a party track produced by Oskid featuring a member of the HHYG camp Forbes titled Ndoda Vanhu Vanofara The track came with a video which sees Gonzi and his cronies partake in all sorts of alcoholic beverages and weed as Oskid's beat changes from HipHop, Afropop, trap and even the Zed sound popular​ in neighbouring Zambia.

Ti Gonzi has also worked with Memory Zaranyika (popular for her urban grooves hit Bogo Bogo) on a track called muduri.A video for the dance joint which urges people to party in the traditional African way is currently in the works and we will get it anytime soon.

With a view to shine a light on members of his Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto clique Ti Gonzi has also collaborated with Forbes and Pido Bwoy on a track titled Diaspora. Diaspora addresses the large number of Zimbabweans making a living outside our borders failing to visit their kin back home and their relatives in Zimbabwe who miss them so much but have to accept the reality that the only way daily bread can be made for both parties is if the diasporans keep on putting in work in lands Faraway.

Ti Gonzi,who recently represented Zimbabwe at premium Senegal HipHop festival Festah is set to drop an album in the Future and most of the singles from the that particular project seem to lean towards an afropopsque- HipHop fusion.
Dancehall fans had been clamouring for this collaboration and it finally happened.On one hand is Zimdancehall pioneer slash living legend who has remained relevant with hit after since the subgenre's inception. On the other hand we have one of the few Zimbabwean artists who have managed to successfully conquer the African continent with a cocktail of dope videos, quality content and networking. The two heavyweights combined for the Rugare video and the result is mad dope to say the least. Buffallo Soulja and Winky take turns intoning Rugare to visit them since they would love nothing more than a good life filled with the nicer things the rich and affluent enjoy.

The video itself sees the two toiling for a better life through menial jobs and occasionally slipping into Fantasyland. While their day to day life is mundane the Utopia they dream of has all the trappings of luxury from fine women to the most luxurious drinks man can drink.
Over the years we have known her, Ammara Brown has slayed everything in her wake from features,the stage,collaborations and even solo efforts.This time around she decided to go the solo route for her newest single which features Dj Tamuka and Take Fizzo on production. If claims by countless people that they have this song on repeat are to be believed it would seem Miss Brown has a new hit on her hand.

The joint itself has an afropop feel while soulful chords and Ammara's vocals combine to give it tear fest value. Akiliz references the proverbial Achilles's heel as Ammara cries out to the one she loves because he has been treating her shabbily knowing she won't leave as he knows how to manipulate her weakest points.