Dancehall fans had been clamouring for this collaboration and it finally happened.On one hand is Zimdancehall pioneer slash living legend who has remained relevant with hit after since the subgenre's inception. On the other hand we have one of the few Zimbabwean artists who have managed to successfully conquer the African continent with a cocktail of dope videos, quality content and networking. The two heavyweights combined for the Rugare video and the result is mad dope to say the least. Buffallo Soulja and Winky take turns intoning Rugare to visit them since they would love nothing more than a good life filled with the nicer things the rich and affluent enjoy.

The video itself sees the two toiling for a better life through menial jobs and occasionally slipping into Fantasyland. While their day to day life is mundane the Utopia they dream of has all the trappings of luxury from fine women to the most luxurious drinks man can drink.
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Donald Dodger Marindire

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