November 2017

In an industry where longevity is wished for but never realized by many, ExQ has mastered the art of remaining relevant and reimagining his brand when the situation demands.Starting off all those years ago with his breakout hit Musalala ExQ has remained a mainstay of urban culture and the success of his hitsong Nhema featuring Killer T is testament to this.Its quite rare for Zimbabwean artists to break the 1 million streams threshold on YouTube with their videos and to do that with an audio is unheard of.Now that the official audio for Nhema has entertained Zimbabweans far and wide while breaking all sorts of records we wouldn't mind getting one of those crispy videos ExQ is in the habit of putting out.

Double Jae Da Lyricist is fast carving a name for himself on the local HipHop scene with a string of solid singles dating back to his ZvaMagaya joint which dropped last year but only started gaining traction this year.He recently joined the Monkey Bizness crew and he hasn't looked back since dropping the catchy Chakanyanya and following that up with his dedication to one of Zimbabwe's favorite brews Super Chibuku Superman was produced by DJ Krimz and sees Jae drop witty one liners in a bid to capture the mood Delta Beverages's highest selling brew puts him in

One of the continent's biggest Hip-Hop cultural influencers who also happens to be part of legendary South African HipHop crew Skwatta Camp was recently in the country for the inaugural ZimHipHop Summit.

Slikour took time to chop it up with Darrly Nyamutsamba (SA HipHop Mag editor & Cliff Central host) and Plot Mhako ( Jibilika founder). The two Zim Hip-Hop Summit organizers updated him on the game in Zimbabwe and challenges artists face as far as platforms, funding and they even briefed him on how to surf the Internet on a budget in Zimbabwe. Slikour had to visit Shoko Festival before heading to the summit were he shared nuggets and interacted  with heads from across the country.

In a bid to decentralize the genre,this year's ZimHipHop Awards will be held in BULAWAYO so it was only right that two of the city's biggest rappers play host for the ceremony.The Boy Asaph who is currently pushing his 25 album and Cal Vin who will release Revenge Of the Vin sometime in December will host the awards showcase that is slated for the Zimbabwe Academy Of Music on the 9th of December.

Nominations for the awards were released earlier this month to very mixed feelings as some felt a lot of deserving albums and artists were disregarded.Some notable absentees can probably be alluded to the Academy's nomination criteria which demands that rappers submit their works to be considered for an award so speculation is rife that some rappers didn't submit.Peep the nominees below and feel free to tell us which artists you feel were slighted.

Best Male
•Mc Chita            
•Tehn  Diamond                     
•Myk Pimp

Best Female
•Trae Yung              
•Kikky Bad Ass          
•Kara (Jecha Koso)    
•Miss McKays                    
•Whitney Cash            
•Natasha Muz

Best Collaboration
• Tehn Ft Thaiwanda - No Stress
•Poy Ft Splits Loui - Get Out The Way
•Mr Kata – Zunguza Remix
•Myk Pimp Ft Jnr Brown Trk - Get Mine
•Tulk Munny Ft Sinbad Take Fizzo  Female Bhuru -Paranoia ReUp
•Mc Chita – Uptown Tsotsi

 Best Hip-Hop Group
•Kaygee 40 & shugeta
•Dollar Sign Music
•Mula Nation
•Few Kings
•The Mafia

Best Producer
•Take Fizzo
•Dj Krimz Beatz
•Mclyne Beats

 Best New Comer
•Floppy X
•P Mula
•Tulk Munny
•Marcus Mafia
•R Peels

Best Local Brand Supporting Local Hip-Hop
•Hip Hop 263 - Naboth Rizzla
•Team Big Family
•Zvanhuwa Fashion Collection

Best Album
•Poy – Short Cuts To Heaven
•Stunner – Stray Bullet
•Tulk Munny - Chepa Jecha
•Noble Styles – Better Than Your Album
•R Peels - Zviri Eva Beautiful
•Few Kings – Feeling Aint Fear

Best Promoter
•Naboth Rizzla
•Boss Chenge

Best Diaspora
•Rich Forbes
•Gt Beats

Best Club DJ
•Tk beatz
•Dj Krimz Beatz
•Dj Srew
•Dj Kead Wikead

Best Gospel Act
•Kaygee40 & shugeta
•J Soldier
•Lil Megaz

Best Dance Crew
•Super Geeks
•Mega Tronz Empire

Best Underground
•Four Beat Fam
•H Files
•Dakid Verse
•Indigo Saint

Best  Media – ONLINE
•Keep It Real Fridays
•Ritchers Blog
•Lounge 263
•The Zim Tainment

Best media – T.V
•Onvi Tv
•Naboth Rizzla Hip Hop 263

Best media  –JOURNALIST
•Masimba Biyasi (dakid Verse) Zim Rap Cities
•Tanaka Musanhi - Zim Rap Cities
•Bongani Ndlovhu - Chronicle
•Kennedy Navaya - Standard
•Tariro Zinyemba - Hmetro

Best Alternative
•Hubby  Blakes
•Simba Tagz
•Coco Master

Song Of The Year
•Guluva 7 - Ngena Ka1
•Tehn Diamond  - No Stress
•Mc Chita - Uptown tLTsotsi
•Briss mbada –  King Solomon.
•Muse -100 bars
•Tulk Munny – Tsika Jive

Video Of The Year
•T1nda - Majarakara
•Takura - Kamushekero
•Poy - Higher
•Tehn Diamond - No Stress
•Mudiwa – Slaying
•Marcques - Manga Muripi

Best Hip Hop Hustle.
•Naboth Rizzla
•Clyde Banks
•Dj Towers
•Mr Kata

Best Hip Hop Verse
•Guluva  - Ngena Ka1 Verse 1
•Sharky - No No No  By DexterBaysiq Verse 3
•Briss Mbada - Gaya  By Marques Mafia  Verse 3
•Jnr Brown - Boys Dzetonaz By Kikky Verse
•Mc Chita - Uptown Tsotsi  Verse 1
•Gze  - Chamunorwa   Verse  1
 Best Radio DJ
•Pd & Lady K 
•Emmitty Smooth
•Lampy & Kritic
•Thorne La Roq

Peoples Choice
•Jnr Vrown
•DJ Towers
•Floppy X
•Kikky Bad Ass
Zimbabwean video directors have been pushing the envelope as far as visuals are concerned and it's only right that we give them credit where it's due hence this column which seeks to shine a light on some of the dopest local HipHop videos out there.

Kapcity formerly Kapital K finally dropped his Komfortable Sofa video directed by Rodney Cooper Films on location at his Miami base.The joint is dedicated in equal parts to those who believed in his dream and those who didn't inspiring him to get his bum of that comfortable couch in order to  make his city proud and naysayers mad at the same damn time.Clean threads,pretty chicks, mad bottles,the squad and European cars all make an appearance in this awesome video.
VeryUs rapper Marcques also blessed us with the visuals for his Simba Tagz produced Manga Muripi song taken off his debut album ALYVE The video was directed by Karizma and it features cameos from Mile, Verseless and Tkae Chidz who help bring to life the concept of fake friends who will gladly take what's yours and opportunists who rush to your side when your grind starts paying off.
Monkey Bizness affiliate Dexter Baysiq tapped longtime collaborator Aaron Mheta for his Masuwo video which features Lex Alexander.The video was shot on location in Chitungwiza and it sees Lex and Dexter appeal to the heavens to open the floodgates of blessings against a back drop of everyday people facing life with it's troubles and triumphs.
Mr Okay Okay Okay Takura wasn't to be outdone as he came through with the  Kamushekero kacho video directed by Andy Cutta.The feel good dance song inspired by endowed mummies who aren't afraid to get down sees Takura and his cronies host a house party with all types of yummy Zimbabwean lasses getting sippy and setting the dancefloor on fire
Terry Africa is fast cementing his name on the local entertainment scene with one major collaboration after the other.For Torova Ngoma he trades bars with urban mainstay ExQ on an Afro trap DJ Tamuka production.The video shot by Blaqs deep in the ghetto sees Terry and ExQ preaching good vibes and unity in front of various street murals that range from Killer T to Soulja Love peharps to advocate for less bad blood in the music industry.
HipHop 263 is a strictly local HipHop show hosted by Naboth Rizla and for the longest time it was strictly available on ZTV.Now after successfully reproducing the show on CD and taking it over all the country Naboth has seen it fit to bring the rap extravaganza to the digital streets of YouTube with a new episode set to drop every other week.
Episode one features two Interviews with Kontrol Tribe boss Cal Vin and gospel rapper T1Nda respectively.It also showcases music videos from Yung Tyran,Luminous and T1Nda before closing off with the bar-barian shenanigans of Vic Ijita,RAPZ,Scotty J,Euro Classics in the Basement Cyphers
T1nda is a youth pastor and one of the leading voices of the gospel rap culture in Bulawayo.He recently released his Higher Definition album and one of the leading singles on the album was blessed enough to get a video courtesy of the good folk at Onvi TV.The song itself is a crossroads of modern trap fused with African vibes and it features Tha Dawg & Fish F McSwagg.
The video takes the form of a short movie that doesn't stray away from the song's theme of seeking God's protection when one is caught between a rock and a hard place.T1nda,Tha Dawg and McSwagg venture into the forest where they have to ward of temptation and fight off various demons and goblins sent by an evil enchantress to seal their fate.