January 2018
While many believe in faking it till you make it it's still a few ones ready to represent where they come from to the fullest.One such person is Crooger who enlisted the help of "Street Bars" king Jnr Brown for his new video which was directed by Aaron Mheta.Titled Boyz DzepaGhetto the song is all about being proud about the often looked down on ghettos we come from and as such the video was shot kuJecha (that's ghetto slang for Ghetto) and it features Crooger,Breezy,ZimBoy,Marcus Mafia rolling around the hood in a Nissan Coupe with Dj Towers & Koko Master making cameo appearances.

Represent Beats who has production credits on most of Bulawayo's major HipHop albums from last year unleashed a scorching banger on us yesterday.He roped in Jay Dumza and Asaph for verse duty with Lee Mchoney adding her sultry voice to the feel good, nostalgic tune.Asaph comes through with his vivid Burg descriptions while Jay Dumza waxes lyrical in Ndebele about being too young to stress on an impressive beat by Represent for an early Song Of the Year contender.

The Few Kings trio of Jnr Brown,Tehn Diamond and Take Fizzo have gifted us with the second video off their sophomore album The Feeling Ain't Fear For this one the Kings stand up for themselves and their peers in the music business who are always being short changed by shady promoters.Tehn Diamond gets his make up game on while Fizzo & Jnr Brown handle some street business before all three link up in a jalopy vintage Mercedes Benz to demand their worth which as you guessed is fifteen billion.

Blessing Chiduuro is a self taught street photographer whose love for the camera, people and the city of Harare inspired him to tell the story of Zimbabwe's capital and it's unique mix of cultures & people through the lens of a camera.At the moment he showcases his craft on his Humans Of Harare Facebook page which is only a few days old though the dream to chronicle Harare through lens has been two years in the making.

While he has told a lot of great stories through pictures he admits some epic stories will never be told seeing as most people aren't comfortable with pictures peharps fearing they might end up on tabloids like HMetro.Other people are however more than willing to pose for a quick photo,talk about their trade or craft with others even requesting to see other pictures he has taken.

When asked why Harare and Street photography in particular as opposed to say a formal studio in BULAWAYO Blessing revealed he had grown up in the capital city and he had always followed and admired street photographers.As such he didn't think twice when he got his camera.He doesn't sell his images though he does regular photoshoots to cover expenses for his passion.

Taking pictures of regular people daily has taught the self styled Socialpreneur a lot.He says he has learnt to appreciate  his life and what he has more after hearing stories people share with him.His view on life has changed drastically & he has learnt to never underestimate a person based on how they earn their living.The old adage "There is more joy in giving than receiving" has proven true with many people reaching out to try and help the various people featured on Humans of Harare.
If everything goes according to plan Blessing plans to release an EBook with all the photographs he has taken this year.He is conceptualizing a TV series where he meets random strangers and Converses with them allowing them to tell their own stories in their own words.

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram @BlessingChiduuro
Jared was born to a British mother and an Irish American father but he went to a Zimbabwean highschool where he fell in love with Zimbabwean music.Lately he has been hit by feelings of nostalgia and he wants to listen to fresh sounds from Zim but that class of music isn't​ easily found on a central platform on the web which can be frustrating.On the other hand is three guys born & bred in Zimbabwe,a cyber security expert & two digital marketers who often wonder why young artists aren't getting due financial rewards for their art.With friends in the industry they too are frustrated because creatives can't focus on their craft seeing as they have to dabble in other fields to put food on the table.

It's against this backdrop that this group of young innovaters has decided to partner up and create the Zimbabwe Music Store a platform that seeks to monetize the music industry and curate content fresh and old under one digital roof.Users and subscribers continue increasing daily with high profile names like Buffalo Soulja,CalVin,Noble Stylz and a plethora of upcoming artists joining the Zim Music Store bandwagon.
The team at Zim Music Store admit this is still a work in progress with most artists being sceptical of the platform choosing "Old Faithful" WhatsApp for distribution.They dont seem deterred however as they are crafting a business model which they say will help +- 50 artists reach financial freedom in 5 years.Each member of the team is also using expertise in their chosen fields to come up with answers to the ills that plague the local music industry and all this knowledge is being integrated into the Music store.

Currently everything in the store is free as the team are on a test run and subscriber growing spree but their media Liason officer assured us the option to buy music and merchandise will soon be introduced once the proper paperwork has been drafted.
                                        Visit the Zim Music Store

Buffalo Soulja is on a   mission to charm the crowd back home and expose talented Zimbabwean acts to the rest of Africa after years as a top tier dancehall act on the continent.He recently tapped Mr Mbare aka Kinnah for a track titled gwenya whose video shot in South Africa is now out.The song talks about finding,keeping and being the light even as haters try and kill your vibe.The video doesn't veer from this narrative depicting hood dudes made good dudes who despite moving to an affluent neighborhood and driving posh cars continue to be subjected to hate from Neighbors who don't approve of the come up.Despite the shade and obstacles thrown their way Buffalo Souljah and Kinnah are adamant​ that nobody can put out a GodGiven light.The single is already buzzing in the streets and the video should help certify it as a hit

Gze had been teasing this Fun F production since last year confidently telling us it was the most important record of his career.After listening to Gaya Zimbabwe we can tell why.The erstwhile Trinity member rethinks the whole nation and dares us to imagine of the motherland in it's full glory without the scars and imperfections that have characterized us in recent years.The voices of would have been Chimbwidos croon Zimbabwe as GZE points out the bad & how we can make it good as he ultimately paints a portrait of a perfect Zimbabwe unmarred by corruption, unemployment, repression and other ills.Put simply Gze believes in a Paradise but everybody gots to play their part.

                 Download Gaya Zimbabwe here

The Changamire HipHop Festival Awards are in their 3rd year and the festival's founder Tafadzwa Zimboy Jackson has announced comedian Doc Vikela and femcee/socialite Kikky Badass as hosts.Last year the Festival went Continental with a couple of shows in South Africa hence the launch party will be held at Hydro in Sandton Joburg on the 13th of January with Khamu Phiri playing Host.

The actual Awards ceremony will be held on the 26th of January at 1 +1 Nightclub the go to place for award showcases in Harare.Nominees are drawn from participants at the Changamire HipHop Festival which are held every month all over the country with a bias towards Harare.Peep the full list of nominees below

1.Best Male :
Tulk Munny
T Gonz
Tehn Diamond
P.O.Y  (Bulawayo)
Noble Stylz

Natasha Muz
Kikky Badass
Kara TL
Trigga Shain (Masvingo)

Revonok Thundaz
Beav City
Jae Young
Six Oh (Bulawayo)
Teekay Mxoexic (South Africa)

Mari Kuna Papa - Noble Stylz
Ndoda Vanhu Vanofara - T Gonz
Ngena Ka1 - Guluva 7
Slaying - Mudiwa
Tonderai - Beav City
Jiza - Tulk Munny

PaMpaka - Coco Master ft Nutty O
Gaya - Marcus Mafia ft Briss Mbada ,Huby Blakes & Meister Minds
Zvakanaka - Simba Tags ft ExQ
Uptown Tsotsi - Mc Chita ft Tulk Munny ,Mike Pimp & KD Summerz
No Stress - Tehn Diamond ft Thaiwanda Thai
Boyz DzeTonaz - Kikky Badass ft Jnr Brown ,Marcus Mafia & Shuver

Best Mero - T Gonz
Better Than Your Album - Noble Stylz
Queen Of The South - Kikky Badass
Feeling Aint Fear - Few Kings
Gwanda Rules - Tulk Munny & Take Fizzo
Short Cuts to Heaven - P.O.Y (Bulawayo)

Dj Hustle ( South Africa)
Dj Joey Lion
Dj Beto (Masvingo)
Krimz Beats
Dj Khago
Dj Backspin (South Africa)

Fun F
Take Fizzo
Dj Tamuka
Rayo Beats

Tendai Guzha
Lissa T
Last year Sharky dropped his sophomore album Take Back The Land to widespread critical acclaim.He has decided to kick-start 2018 with a bang releasing the first video off that project in the form of Henaroo aka Too Much Sauce.The visuals for Henaroo were directed by Aaron Mheta and the theme is brunch compliments of Chef Sharky.The Monkey Bznz boss serves burgers to Monkey Bznz affiliates and roster members (clad in Monkey Bznz regalia) with an extra serving of sauce of course.