September 2018
Theft and Intellectual Property are two twins whose destiny is intertwined and as such its essential to have laws and organisations in place that will curb the theft of one's hard work while making sure appropriate payment is made to composers.In the Zimbabwean context that organisation is ZIMURA which was founded in 1982 in Harare before regional branches were opened in Bulawayo,Mutare,Marondera and Chinhoyi.ZIMURA gets its power from the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act and its mandated to manage the rights of the composer while making it easier for end users of music to pay for art they consume through issuing a Copyright Music Licence.Since it is physically imposible for an artist to check which individuals and organisations are playing his music ZIMURA steps in by collecting royalties from Radio stations,Television Stations,Businesses and Individuals which it then distributes to members.

Membership Requirements for Composers/Authors 

You should consider joining as a composer member if you are a creator of an original song or piece of music (including writing lyrics and musical notation).

• $50 registration fee - non refundable
• 2 recent driver’s license size photos colored
• Photocopy of ID
• Photocopies of agreements if any with publishers or joint ownership
• Copy of CD – finished and published
• A minimum of eight songs
• Where the artist has less than eight required songs, a minimum of two original compositions enjoying airplay will make the artist eligible to register.
• Musical profile
• Banking details
• Valid contact details (phone numbers, addresses)
• Death certificate if applying on behalf of a deceased person. Death certificate should be accompanied by the copy of an affidavit signed by immediate family members stating that they have resolved to have the stated name to be the beneficiary of the deceased
Sleeve information:
Name and address of recording studios and publishing houses
Names of producers of the music
Duration of each song
Names of composers
Commercial number – e.g. CD BTB 001
Copyrights statement on CD
NB: Registration on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
For more information call or send WhatsApp message to +263775 709 650

Membership requirements for Music Publishers

If you have entered into an agreement with a writer to exploit their works to benefit both parties, you should consider joining as a publisher member.

1) A specimen of the contract (Deed of Assignment) that the Company uses in obtaining rights from composers/authors/arrangers.

2) A list of the titles of all the musical works in respect of which the Company has obtained rights from composers/authors/arrangers, indicating the names of    

    such composers/authors/arrangers, together with copies of Deed of Assignment executed by such composers/authors/arrangers to the Company.

3) Copies of all contracts (“sub-publication agreements”) whereby the Company has acquired rights in musical works in its catalogue to foreign publishers.

4) Copies of all contracts (“sub-publication agreements”) whereby the Company has assigned rights in musical works in its catalogue to foreign publishers.

5) Copies of Company’s music publications (minimum-10)

6) Copies of Company’s Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association.

7) Copies of the cassettes/ compact discs.

8)  Membership fee $100
weThe Zimbabwean Hip Hop Summit is back for the second year running and it will happen on the sidelines of Shoko Festival on the 29th of September at the Harare City Library.The summit  seeks to identify problems facing the Zim HipHop industry and offer solutions through conversations involving key players in the genre and influential figures from the region who have scored success via Hip Hop.The one day symposium is the brainchild of music promoter cum activist and Jibilika Dance Festival founder Plot Mhako,former SA HipHop Mag editor,hiphop journo,cultural curate and artist Darryl Nyamutsamba and German based,award winning international export femcee Awakhiwe Sibanda.

Shingai Darangwa _ Punchline Media MD (SA)
Sophia Michelle Chitemire (SA) _ Infinity Mag Founder / Marketing Assistant - ViaCom (SA)
Brian Willis _ Radio show Host / Hip Hop Critic
Clive Mono Mkundu _ Producer /Artist /Author / Instrumentalist
Tulk Munny _ Hip Hop Artist / Theatre performer/ TV Host
FunF _ Producer / artist
Lochnation _ Content Creator / Community Mgr MotoRepublik
Takudzwa Chihambakwe _ Editor Zimbojam / Arts Critic / Artist
Kikky Badass _ Hip Hop Artist
AWESOMNIA (Norway)_ Hip Hop artists
Asaph _ Hip Hop Artist
MisRed _ Radio Dj / Brand Ambassador / Executive Producer.
Prezzo _ Hip Hop Promoter
Prometheus _ Radio DJ / Producer / TV Host
MC Cut _ Artist / MC/ Producer
Levy Mahemu _ Online Music promoter
Alex Zezuru _ Content creator / Archivist / Nafuna Tv
KF Malindi Jr _ Arts Consultant /Critic /former host_CliffCentral
Don Dada (SA) _ Platinum selling Hip hop artist (SA)
Flexxo _ Poet / Hip Hop Artist
John Cole _ Choreographer / Creative Entreprenuer 
Darryl Nyamz _ Co-founder ZimHipHopSummit / Former editor SA HIP HOP MAG

This year's edition will focus on 3 main topics which are Hip Hop and Tech,Building a sustainable business model as well as Hip Hop and Power.ZiFM's The Fixx dj Lady K,Sokostina and Darryl Nyamutsamba will moderate the 3 topics to prevent or at least minimize the effects of tempers flaring as has been the norm when heads engage in dialogue.In a brief interview with one of the Summit's organisers Darryl Nyamutsamba he mentioned that lack of funding and support from the corporate world  was one of the major challenges they faced though he was quick to add that the high standards achieved at the first summit would be maintained.He urged creatives in the sector to attend the event as it was a chance to absorb a lot of information that would help them further their careers as well as network with likeminded individuals for the greater good of the overlooked genre thats Zim HipHop.
Kasien President Guluva Se7en's sophomore album is here and early indications point towards it being a fire offering.Titled Command Hustle the album is perfectly executed Ndebele raps accompanied by mostly uptempo/trapesque beats that showcase Guluva's skills while allowing him to share a narrative authentic to him with the world.Nkanyi Nkanyi says the album was inspired by the current economic situation in Zimbabwe that has made us all accidental Hustlers in a bid to make a living or even suplement meagre salaries.The Command aspect points towards a forceful refusal to starve and  a will to fill one's bank account with big figures.

The bulk of the production on the album is courtesy of longterm collaborator Raymond 'Rayo Beats' Sibanda with Yung Adonis,Sosique Beats,Marvin Creed and Nagz completing the cast of talented producers on the production team.Features vary with Just Percy,Mc Chita,Kbrizzy,Lord Skeelz,Lady Tshawe all adding their unique flavors to the album.For Purchase details do contact the Kasien Republic team on 0773710903  and check your preffered online store for a copy.
R Peels has dropped his second album in as many years and in keeping with tradition September was chosen as the month of the drop.The album titled Kudenga Kure is the Mwana WaPharaoh rapper's 3rd full length project if we are to count his Forgive My Honesty mixtape and his official debut Zviri Eva Beautiful.The project has 12 tracks in total and its conveniently divided into 3 acts/chapters.

For his features Peels chose trusted names among them Tehn Diamond,Munetsi,Tulk Munny,Beav City and Dj Towers.Trajeek maintains his role as executive producer with further production credits going to Kandy Beats,Boy Tricky,Mzee,PJ Sonic,Mclyne Beatz and Brett J.You can hit up R Peels on his social media pages to purchase physical & digital copies while stingier 'supporters' of local hiphop will get the free Youtube stream in a week or two.
Earlier this year 808 fiend Mclyne Beatz and talented vocalist Antonio linked up for one the most slept on projects of 2018 the Lost In Love EP.The four track project was exclusively produced by Mclyne with Antonio showcasing his vocal range and Mofo chiming in with his trappy flow from time to time.The only feature on the project is Beav City and love seems to be the central theme from relationship goals,mans lost in the utopia thats love not to mention relationships in crisis because the Mrs can't quiet understand her hubby's fixation with music.

In October 2015 a group of young Zimbabwean lads had one thing on their minds and that was to set fire to Zimbabwean Hip Hop with fire visuals.The luxurious video for Mare was not the first fly as fuck visual represantation of Zimbabwe (shouts to Major Playerz one time) but it did manage to change the angle at which we looked at Zimbabwean music videos.Fly whips,big ass mansions,pretty girls and fly boy raps took centre stage as Tricky J,gT Beats and Mugo took turns to describe and actually show how moneyed niggaz live.
Sometime last year i was listening to  Zi FM's Fixxtape when a song by one Kae Chaps titled Horror tickled my fancy.His chemistry with the beat,arrangement of words and how he delivered said words was brilliant   and i have been on the lookout for his music eversince.Well he is back and this time around all he wants from life is a sleek BMW with a ride or die flame to match.Contentwise the song is aspirational,a roadmap to getting his heart's desires alongside a foolproof plan of how to get there while the sound is a strain of trap that sounds like melody and raps had a baby.

William "The Bard of Avon" Shakespeare centered his plays on the politics of monarch England. BARD borrows the notion and in less subtle manner, addresses Zimbabwean and global politics.

"I'm an infidel, the opposite of Castro" [Beitbridge]
"And why's homosexuality unlawful?
Coz honestly, ain't no straight cops where I'm from" [Chatsworth]

"Yeah, my lines are in the air more than Zimbabwean airliners
That's not a punchline, I'm serious" [Redcliff]

"We don't shout when the cops are out
In my town, we get square while the cops around (are round)" [Glendale]

"Every line is a bar, I make them feel like inmates
There's no freedom at the end of my sentence" [Umtali]

"I teach all ya (T'Challa) niggas to be woke like Black Panthers" [Figtree]

"Lord, we never needed your grace; just Sally" [Figtree]

"Word to the bourgeois city manager
I'm a broke man with more debts than a calendar
I feel like a Ranger, the way they tax us (Texas)

We're not troublemakers, the trouble make us" [Figtree]

"I do more for the city than the mayors do
They say, "Who cares for the city?" I say, "My ass do."
They say I don't sound ghetto, I said, "Mayaz, dude
Your stereotype! The broke can be intelligent too"
Well, the mayor says the truth is his testimony
Okay, wear the polygraph, we can test him on it
You is a murderous murderer, I attest imhondi
Murderers never telling the truth - my stereotype
Leave it all to the youth, nigga" [Figtree]

"The world's rigged less oil than they've rigged elections
You trynna direct us, Government Spielberg
But we gotta nail the governor for him to kill tax (Cutex nail polish)" [Chitungwiza]

"The White House is Russian now, look what they put in
The basketball's yelling out loud, "Somebody shoot me!" " [Chitungwiza]

"The voice of Chinx, I think it rules in me
Just looking at these haters like, "Maruza imi"
Work, work and no food,  do you remember?
Now tongogara ma jaws aya achitsenga
So in tribute to the soldiers that made me this
MaBars angu anorema maKG 6" [Chitungwiza]

"I'm bad news like that first lady when I grace occasions" [Chitungwiza]

"Y'all heard his last mixtapes? Neither did I
I ignored the projects, I am like the government sometimes" [Zengeza]

"So; F the police for failing the system
I go high 'cause its against the law (low), pardon my physics" [Zengeza]

Figtree and Chitungwiza are purely political pieces. The two towns were arguably the most affected by the Operation Murambatsvina  in Zimbabwe that resulted in destruction of homes as sampled on Chitungwiza  ("Ain't got no home"). As the last half of the tape progresses, there is shift from blaming the police to attacking the big shots themselves, since we're all puppets of the system- police, soldier, civilian...Please do read the sampled "Macbeth" which addresses the very notion in question and being blinded until the narrator becomes....well, "woke" like the Black Panther party's a journey, perspectives change as the tape progresses.

For his latest video Chitown rapper BrownXin chose his homeboys at Letter Z Pictures to direct the visuals.Titled Handiite which is street slang for "i'm not to be trifled with" or "i ain't doing that" depending on how you look at it Xinah's 2018 offering sees him take to a disused factory with the boys for an entirely black and white video.Xinah talks about 'homeys' who are driven by envy to beef saying he aint about that life while making it clear he is gonna literally 'ride till he dies' for his dreams to actually pay off.

Urban Grooves mainstay Cindy Munyavi is currently working on her latest album No One Is Safe and if the vibes she served on the fist single off the project are anything to go by we are definitely in for a treat.The songstress enlisted the help of  versatile vocalist Andy Muridzo with Zambian producer Dro and Elton Bryce handling production.

Wabata Moyo is described as a song for helpless romantics and so beautiful and melodious is it that one can't help but sing along to the sensual banger.Cindy waxes lyrical about a lover whose love has touched her heart to a point where she is helplessly drawn to  him like "a moth to a fire" or "a star to fame"Cindy and Andy's vocals would have sounded amazing even on accapela but a heart tugging instrumental perfectly compliments the aforementioned voices to deliver a potential song of the summer.
Over the last couple of months Kikky Badass has teased a number of videos from her award winning Queen Of The South project even dropping snaps and short clips from at least 3 videos.The first release happens to be Boyz Dze Tonaz directed by Rasquesity for Creative Pot Africa.The song features Fucci,Shuver,Marcus Mafia and Jnr Brown alongside the Queen of the South herself.

As you might have guessed from the title Boyz Dze Tonaz is a celebration of the exploits of that section of Harare's population thats known for blowing big guap as fast as they earn it.Scenes from the Borrowdale  racecourse Blowout sessions,afluent clubs frequented by the Boyz in question as well as various stages play on screen as homage is paid and props given to some of Harare's biggest names on the social scene
Its been a short 2 years in South Africa for Kwekwetown trap-souler,vocalist cum producer C Bryan.In those two years the ambitious young lad has established a music studio,perfomed at a couple of local spots,shared a stage with Roki and Freeman while a few local radio stations have playlisted his music.There is also that one time he perfomed on SABC's Hectic Nine Nine.This might not be a lot for the ungrateful but for a young lad whose connection to music is not monetary but pure passion these are more than baby steps to greatness.So invested in his dreams is Bryan that he has vowed to dig into his own pockets and energy reserves till the art starts paying because he loves it so much.

One of his most amazing tracks to date is Unonzani a track he co-produced with Ash Manz.C Bryan doesnt hold back on his vocals blending well with the beautiful acoustic guitar in that classic scenario we know so well where Boy meets girl and falls for her instantly.This usually  results in long winding speeches filled with sweet nothings about how she is the best thing he has seen in his life and nothing would give him more joy than to spend the rest of his life with her.
So Gweru emcee Tha Slayer recently dropped his Prologue EP and he had smoke for a few of his peers and issues with the game which he proceeded to address in the project's standout track 263 Press Conference.The melancholic production by Kandy Nine betrays Slayer's intention to bring a few body bags to the booth and subsequently a few bodies to the cemetary through raps of course.Slayer goes at radio djs who won't play epic music unless they are given a cut while questioning the wisdom or lack thereof of an artist who bags fire features &  bungles those with outlandish fake raps about stuff he doesnt have.The stagnance of the genre visible in how radio shows and award shows dickride the same names who never go beyond their inner circle is  also addressed while girls who are sold dreams by broke/untalented rapper dudes catch a few strays.Slayer is aware these kind of raps can lead to labels like "bitter,envious and  attention seeking" so he is quick to a declare how  his skill set is impeccable and he is willing to prove that through raps against anybody anyday.
Hailing out of the City Of Progress is Afriken aka Kingken a rapper whose quest to break the status quo & Harare/Bulawayo's monopoly on Zim HipHop  has seen him drop 3 EPs and 3 singles to date.The latest EP is a 3 joint strong project titled By Any Means.The project features production by Scottie Flame$ from America alongside J Beats & 4uxion Beats  from Harare & Gweru respectively with all the raps in the sole care of Kingken.The tape starts with the Gweru Bully making it clear he will get his by any means necessary before he moves on to the next track which is about elevating to Boss levels all fuelled by  his will to Believe in his own talent and skills.
Over the years two rappers whose sound and braggadacio is eerily similar have shared a love-hate relationship that has often gone from tolerant cordiality to full blown combat at the slightest provocation.Gospel rapper Mudiwa and his perennial nemesis urban grooves mainstay Stunner have beefed,squashed beef then beefed again  so many times that its hardly suprising when they go to war or share the stage depending on each's particular mood.

Their latest battleground was at Genius Kadungure's upmarket night club Sankayi for a show that was dubbed Battle Of the Egos.The two squared off in a freestyle battle which largely went Stunner's way before Mudiwa decided flamboyance,wealth would be the decider producing multiple luxury car keys,mentioning his degrees and title deeds and daring Stunner to do the same.The fight was not to end there as both rappers took to social media to try and prove their superiority over the other with Stunner scoffing at the use of materialism in a lyrical battle while Mudiwa reiterated that music was a hobby and his actual job was getting money....specificaly getting more racks than Stunner

In an interesting twist to the saga Mudiwa went on to claim that Sankayi had paid him and Stunner $2500 apiece urging Stunner to come clean to his fans about their big pay day.Also it turns out that Stunner and Mudiwa have decided their beef is what we need in 2018 with national weekly The Sunday Mail saying the two rappers are currently in studio working on diss tracks aimed at the other.
Mlue Jay's mission to export Ndebele Rap beyond Zimbabwean's borders received a major boost with his recent nomination at the 2018 Live Your Dream SA Youth Youth Awards.The Bulawayo rapper who is currently based in South Africa is up for the Best Upcoming artist gong and voting is already underway on the award showcase's Facebook page and SMS plattform and he needs as many votes as he can get  before  November when the ceremony takes place.

Mlue Jay has previously won the  Best Diaspora award at the Changamire Hip Hop Awards off the strength of his debut album Picture Paint.The youthful rapper is a qualified sound engineer & music producer having studied Sound Engineering in South Africa will be hoping to scoop this award to vindicate the faith in his art which saw him leave Zimbabwe for Johannesburg to actively pursue his rap career.
Zimbabwe's biggest and longest running urban Festival is back for another edition with a stellar lineup that is tipped to give reveller's value for their hard earned money.South African gqom sensation and the creative force behind Future Ghetto Punk Sound Moonchild Sanelly will bring her outrageous style and eclectic stage perfomance to Harare for the first time ever.Fans can look foward to dancing along to her hits which include Rabubi,Fuck Boys,We Mameh as well as her collaborations with Dj Maphorisa which include Midnight Starring,I Walk YePhara and Makhe.

Asaph who is arguably Zim HipHop's man of the moment brings a strong catalogue that includes 3 albums,an EP,countless singles and his monster hit Mambo to Shoko Festival a few weeks after dazzling fans at Unplugged.Award winning South African comic Farhan Esat completes the list of headliners and he is set to be the drawcard for the REPS theatre comedy night which should be light work for him after succesful visits to Zimbabwe in the past for Feel Good Zimbabwe Tour and Kansime's comedy night respectivelly.

This year's festival will be held at different venues with Asaph and Moonchild as well as a number of yet to be named supporting acts set to shut down the  Harare City Library grounds on the 29th of September before proceeding to Chitungwiza Unit L Community grounds for Peace In The Hood.The comedy night will be at REPS theatre on the 28th while New Media practitioners,artists and the general public can look foward to a number of workshops and seminars among them the Hub Unconference and the 2nd annual Zim Hip Hop Summit.
Metro Urban Sophisticated Entertainer often stylized M.U.S.E is no stranger to the microphone with over 9 underground projects and 1 official album to his name all characterized by his skillful pen and a mastery of the English language that betrays the years he and his family lived in America.

In early August M.U.S.E was in his social commentary pocket and decided to jump onto Young M.A's Quiet Storm instrumental to analyze the country's political setup from his own percpective.The video sees M.U.S.E roam the streets of his native Bulawayo while tackling everything from the millitary intervention that ousted Mugabe,a pliable media,sheepish citizens and old wine in new bottles.He references  HYDRA and likens the BVR system introduced in our last election to a microchip Obama wanted to use to monitor his citizens during his first term.
Rap Orators is a four man group from Kwekwe made up of Big Brotha Moss,Milas Mac,O.S.E.E and A.K Squad 11.The group was formed in 2012 and back then English was their favored means of spreading their message and bars to the populace.A producer they were working with told them to fuse Shona in their rhymes and life was never the same.To date they have released 1 project titled Fathers of Rap which did not receive as much attention nationally though singles off the album like Nevanji and Ghetto Raparara did move numbers.

In 2018 they are looking to change the lukewarm reception their debut generated with a new album from two members of the crew i.e Moss and Milas.The project which has a 7 September release date is titled Inzwa Unzwe and it was produced by Kwekwetown producer  Dj Themba and the crew says its an apt description of topical & not so topical issues facing ghetto youths delivered in a non corny way.A single from the album "Gundamusairira" has already been released with a lyric video on youtube and the soulful beat meets profound lyrics combo points towards a solid sophomore from these ghetto mouthpieces.

Griffin Makwiramiti agrees that the emcees featured on this Cypher are prolific and celebrated in different ways yet he still feels they aren't getting their proper dues hence he titled this lyrical exercise Same Old Underrated Literal Arts.Pensmiths like Tehn Diamond,Griffin,Michael Chiunda,Gold Furnace and Sharky go toe to toe with insane bars covering everything from their personal lives,the socio- economics of the country to foes in the rap game.King Kandoro (who would rather be called Cde Damburanduwe for the purposes of this cypher) lightens up the mood with anecdotes that bring to light common stereotypes used to sideline Zimbabwean rappers.

KNG BL has finally delivered the visuals for  his Represent Beats produced trap banger White Tees.The visuals were directed by Sim Doc films and boy are they fire.BL raps about the days when looking fresh meant rocking a clean white tee   with crisp fake chains for control.Now that the hustle has resulted in better fortunes its linkups with the squad and inspiring misbehaviour in other mans's girlfriends because they envy how he moves.The video sees BL  and Toga switch locations from industrial lots where deals go down,rolling in the city in a benzo,clubbing with fire daijes to chilling in offices while toting mean looking guns.   

So this year legendary Zimbabwean rapper Munetsi aka Incredible mU decided to drop the Mu Sessions for fans of the culture on his Facebook page.The bar-baric sessions see Mu spit fire on a beat of his choice then record visuals for that session which he then posts online.For the fourth session he pays homage to the late poet and spoken word impressario Rae Lyric in a session dubbed Done Dying.While the session is a celebration of the wordsmith Rae was Mu takes no prisoners combining history lessons,current affairs,religion and good old bars over a touchy feely Yung Taylor beat.