Griffin Makwiramiti agrees that the emcees featured on this Cypher are prolific and celebrated in different ways yet he still feels they aren't getting their proper dues hence he titled this lyrical exercise Same Old Underrated Literal Arts.Pensmiths like Tehn Diamond,Griffin,Michael Chiunda,Gold Furnace and Sharky go toe to toe with insane bars covering everything from their personal lives,the socio- economics of the country to foes in the rap game.King Kandoro (who would rather be called Cde Damburanduwe for the purposes of this cypher) lightens up the mood with anecdotes that bring to light common stereotypes used to sideline Zimbabwean rappers.

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Donald Dodger Marindire

A music historian,cultural curate and pop culture fundi dedicated to unearthing the brilliance of all things Zimbabwean

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