October 2018

Masimba Biyasi aka Dakid Verse has dropped the second video off his debut album The Father Of The Son (2018) dedicated to his son Joel who is also Exucutive Producer   Titled Jecha the video was directed by Denver 'Deezy' Wenyika for ZikuTsoTsi Movement which is Dakid Verse 's indie record label . The audio production was handled by King Kus and BlakBoi DaDon from MaBeatz Eshumba and Mula Nation  respectively.The visuals were shot in St Marys and they feature cameos from Chitown dudes painting a picture of the lifestyle mans from all over Zimbabwe in general and Chitungwiza in particular go about their day to day runnings .

Hailing from Chitungwiza is Natasha Muz  one of the breakout female voices in hiphop for 2018.Having released a few solid singles,she has perfomed on a couple of shows around the country as well as put in work with various rappers including Ti Gonzi,Biznez and Kent amongst others.Born Natasha Muromba 22 years ago Miss Muz has previously described her style as all encompassing saying she can body any style from rap,afropop to house  though HipHop seems to occupy a special place in her heart.

Grandma's favorite Mariachi aka Muzukuru recently released his sophomore solo album which was aptly named after his Muzukuru moniker.The album is a solid body of work but in true George  Orwel style it seems one beast is more equal than the others. The beast in question happens to be fan favorite Salisbury which features Fun F on production and
Jnr Brown on the infectious hook.

Dedicated to those born in Harare and those who migrated to Zimbabwe's capital city in search of the ever elusive guala the song sees the two Zim HipHop veterans painting a picture of a climate that goes back to default settings the more it changes.Nomatter what happens paper chasing addicts remain the same consistently birthing new modus operandi to  secure that bag all the while  looking fresh and suave like Tich Mataz in the 90s.
Suprise album drops seem to have taken the global HipHop scene by storm and it was only a matter of time before one of ours dropped heat on us without warning.Award winning diasporan emcee Karizma took to his twitter in Eminem's "I did not overthink this one" fashion and announced his second album Fakazi complete with streaming/download options without as much as a whisper about the project beforehand.The 8 song strong project produced by Soulchef from New Zealand and Phil  Chronics from  Venice. It derives its title from Karrizy's dad's name which is Ndebele for  Witness.

Fakazi is a crispy fusion of lyricism clothed in soulful and jazzy boom bapy instrumentals with a poignant Point Of View only a veteran in the game could properly execute.Interestingly the project was supposed to be a string of original freestyles for Karrizy Mondays meant to build up hype for an album Karizma was working on at the time.That album did not see the light of day and we ended up with this nice dose of lyrical exercise instead.
Get Fakaza Here
Team work makes the dream work is a mojo the young kings at Mula Nation Group seem to apply in their day to day undertakings and it seems to be paying dividends.Their latest collaborative effort is the Horror video directed by Sim Doc arguably one of the most creative video directors to emerge on the videography scene in 2018.

The audio production was handled inhouse by Scrip Mula and the new wave/very trappy vocals come courtesy of Scrip,Narga and Lord Breezie.Horror is a a really trappy/new school offering but its far removed from the meaningless mumbo jumbo of mumble rap as the bars adress real life issues of seeing red because some people in your life do not want you to succeed.The artistic and clean video does not stray from this narrative potraying the Mula Nation trio as heroes running from and fighting witches and wizards whose sole purpose seems to be "kudira jecha"  on their respective grinds.

November 20 seemed like an ordinary day for Kae Chaps but the fateful day ended up changing his life and percpective about it.As the then 21 year old artist left a gig he had taken up to finance studio time a gang of unscruplous not so gentle men stabbed and robbed him leaving him for dead.As he lay in his hospital bed he reflected on the teachable lessons from the incident chief among them being  to never take life for granted.Upon his release he started putting in work on his 20 November EP writing and recording his personal favorite off the tape Zvekudaro inside 3 days.

What started as a 5 joint project grew into a  9 track EP solely produced by fellow Rugare/Kambuzuma native Futronic whose only feature is Nanette aka Fae.Throughout the project Kae's undeniable talent is evident as he switches from spitting sick bars,to dropping beautiful melodies all the while adressing issues surrounding life,love, the loss of his parents at a tender age,the struggles of the comeup without sounding bitter and corny.With a superb debut project under his belt the next logical step for Kae Chaps is to get his music to as many ears as possible so that he makes 13 year old him who used to drop mad bars on the Make It Rain beat hella proud.
Stream November 20 EP on Sound Cloud
From the small town of Ruwa just outside Harare comes a young talented emcee who has chosen to travel along the road less travelled by rappers his age,the road of lyricism.Born Brian Nyamande the University of Zimbabwe alumni who raps under the moniker Biznez recently released his debut album Official Biznez to largely positive reviews.The project was dropped under veteran producer Anonzi Xndr's Brands By Anonzi imprint and Xndr also happens to be the executive producer on the project.

Official Biznez is a 13 track project whose emphasis is on storytelling even on the seemingly turn up joints like Ayaya.Not to take away anything from Biznez's turnup skills but the young lad shines more when he tackles real life issues like the death of a loved one as he does on album standout Zororai Murugare or when he takes stock of his position in the game as a young turk  on the title track featuring Natasha Muz and Neiko.Features are largely drawn from fresh talent which includes Vannel,Lisa Jemali,Natasha Muz,Neiko,Swish though veterans like Ti Gonzi and Xndr also make an appearance.From the 13 joints on the album only one was produced by Fun F while the other 12 were produced by Xndr whose signature sound almost threatens to overshadow Biznez at times.If you love a good story and puns in your raps do grab the project and be sure to keep up with young Biznez on his social media handles.

Official BizNez

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The CMELA award showcase  which seeks to shine a light on and celebrate Talent from Chitungwiza is back for a 3rd edition.The 2018 edition of the Chitungwiza Music,Entertainment and Lifestyle Awards will be held on the 8th of December at Tanza Centre in Chitungwiza with submission for consideration running from 1 October to to 5 November 2018.Fans will be able to vote for their favorite Chitown entertainers from 16 November to 3 December after the announcement of the  nominees on the 9th of November.Important to note is the fact that artists from Chitungwiza who are currently not in the town due to work and school can also submit their craft for consideration.Consideration will only be given to songs and video from 1 October 2017 to 15 September 2018

Submissions will be available in the following categories:
1. Best Male Act
2. Best Female Act
3. Best Urban Sound (Hip 4. Hop, Rnb and Afro Beats)
5. Best Dancehall Act
Best Album/EP/Compilation
6. Video Of the Year
7. Song/Record Of the Year
8. Best High School/New Act (All genres)
9. Producer Of the Year
10. Cellest Magede Honorary Award (Given to an alive or dead entertainers who have pioneered the Chitown brand locally and internationally)
Certificate Awards:
1. DJ partner of the year: Given to special DJ who has played a pivotal role in creating content that has given the Chitown brand mileage. This could be mixtapes, podcast or video mixes.
2. Story teller Award: Award open to visual content creators, (film directors, photographers, video directors). Content to be submitted should be from Chitungwiza. 
Submission is available for online and physical entries. Submission is open to studios, musicians, record labels or publicists.
For more information:
Bruce: 0776418235
Phil: +44 7493 414956 or 0773444938 (Call)
For CMELA Mailing list and updates text #cmelaupdates to 0782765296

Earlier this year Takura released his critically acclaimed Someone Had To Do It playlist and as if that wasn't enough Mr Okay Okay announced that he would be dropping a banger every month complete with visuals for the rest of the year.For the month of September Takura took to social media to conduct a poll on whether he should drop a trap banger or an Afro Pop bop with Afro Pop winning by a slight margin.The result is Can't Get Over You a groovy lover's anthem whose video was shot by Andy Cutta.The song adresses love,spiteful haters against that love and a promise to keep the flames of said love ablaze.The video is just a visual represantation of that with walks by the lakeside,boat cruises and luxurious dinners against beautiful back drops.
Dexter Baysiq is back with his second single of the year a vibey yet poignant joint titled Spaceman.The song's beat was made by American producer Elevated though the mixing and mastering was done here in the motherland by GNik Studios.Spaceman sees Dexter reflect on his journey in the music industry from being a gospel rapper and the lofty standards that demanded to eventually turning to mainstream rap and the subsequent namecalling/bashing that followed.He also touches on how his former label wanted him to release an album but he stuck to his guns because he felt the project was unpolished before adding that through all these ups and downs all he wants is to make his mother proud while showing her choosing music over a degree was not foolish.Thats quite a lot for a young king to carry on his shoulders so from time to time he smokes something to numb the pain and touch the clouds something like a Spaceman.

Bulawayo rap superstar Cal Vin is getting ready to release a new album on the 20th of October.The project's working title is Nhliziyo which also happens to be his surname.Ahead of the project's release loyal fans were given an opportunity to exclusively listen to tracks off the album through the Fee Friday series.Fee Fridays saw fans purchase a track for a dollar each Friday over the past few weeks and Dat Luveve Boy says the response has been amazing.Cal Vin says the album is a fusion of his hiphop and jazzy sides with a mature feel and it will adresses various topical issues from the society at large and what he sees as attempts to blackball him by the powers that be in the entertainment sector.

As the release date edges closer Vin has sought to clarify some issues around his career and brand including his alleged beef with Asaph saying there never was any beef just a misunderstanding between two brothers.Cal Vin plans to hold a massive outdoor listening session in his native Luveve and fans are welcome to come celebrate yet another feather in his crown as entrance is free.The album itself will be available on all major online stores plus phyisical copies will be available for the hefty price of $10.The Vin said the pricing was reflective of the amount of hardwork and resources put into the project and it would serve as a litmus test to see if people can really walk the talk when it comes to supporting local music.

Nhliziyo Tracklist
1.Eng'phuma Khona
2.UBulawayo feat GTi and Albert Nyathi
3.Mama feat Kid Thrill and Lups
4.Oblivion feat Alaina
6.Famous feat Purple
8.Regret feat Frost
9.Banjalo Abantu 2.0
10.Ulindeni? feat Msiz'kay
12.1 Corinthians
The FN/SM story starts in May 2017 when I linked up with Drissy over  twitter.  Interestingly enough we’re both half Nigerian and make music, so that’s how initially we connected haha, he had  just dropped a project and I was in the middle of releasing a wave of singles under my Six Saturday’s series. So we had talks about collaborating on one song produced by him because his sound is definetly a late night vibe  sorta sound and I was keen on putting out a record with that aesthetic . I had previously dabbled in the sound a little bit but to push myself out of my comfort zone I thought his sound would be the perfect fit. On my own production tip I was in a creative space to create  “hardcore” hip hop sorta beats to rap over. We then agreed that he would send over some samples then we would run with whatever I liked most. In my mind I already had the concept and title for “Friday Nights/Sunday Mornings” .

After sampling the beats I decided I liked all of them and we might as well put out an entire project. I communicated this to Driss and he was down with the idea and then I got down to writing and recording. So first song recorded was “You Don’t Need Me” followed by “Distractions” and then “Playing Possum”. This sums up the tracks that I recorded for the project in 2017. As life would have it and being the eclectic creative I am I ended up being side tracked by numerous other songs and projects, lol so for a while the songs lay dormant as fruityloops files and wav files in my computer. I then got started working on another full length project , this is now in 2018 after releasing singles (Hectic, A Song For Her, For The Community) and also the first mixtape from my mixtape series “The VI League”.  While I was working on that project I recorded ANOTHER full length project with a young rapper currently based in South Africa so in theory at that point I was sitting on three projects (now two lol). So the main project I was working on hit a creative snag and I started looking for some new energy. One fateful  Monday I was in studio and was playing songs off each of the projects for some friends and they REALLY vibed with Friday Nights. At that point I was a little hesitant about releasing the project because it was quite different from the general vibe I had been releasing but after a while of not really listening to the songs and now listening to them again and watching the way people in that room reacted to them  gave me the gut feeling that this is the direction I should take. 

The idea was always to have the project be short so I knew I already had 3 solid songs so I would add 2 or 3 more to tie things up. As an individual with a turbulent love life I had sufficient jet fuel to write the songs  so I hit up Driss and requested even more beats and mans delivered. I got to work writing “Strangers With A Past” and “Chest Pains”. Space came about from me chopping a sample and adding a synth bass but I couldn’t figure out what drums to put so I sent it to Driss and he hit me up 10 mins later with a “Check Your Mail” message. Now the project felt right. Now I knew that beats and the lyrics felt right but what would make or break the project now would be the mix. Now intention was definetly to put out a project that’s internationally competitive, so I took it upon myself to study projects with a similar aesthetic and to be frank it narrowed down to OVO projects from out in Canada to the work of Bryson Tiller & 6lack. Sidenote is I wasn’t hearing music like this coming from Zimbabwe…something raw and edgy like this.
With all my projects I definetly push for a cinematic feel, so that it sounds and feels like a movie, blending in various textures and effects not only to create the right amount of excitement for the listener but empathise with my message. To emerse themselves in the story line. With FN/SM I also experimented a lot with my voice, definetly  lot of singing and effects on my voice transforming it into an instrument or element in the mix.
So the plot of the project is an unhealthy situationship that transpires over a weekend.  It tells the tales of the ups and downs and eventual catharsis of a character going through the motions of coming to grip with issues of intimacy. “Playing Possum” is where we start off, the title derived from the way possums in the wild can play dead when a threat is in the vicinity such as a preditor. It also funny enough is a term that is used in wrestling when a wrestler pretends to be passed out only to be secretly plotting an attack. This is obviously WWE not Olympic wrestling lol. In the context of the project  it is the feelings between the boy and the girl that are Playing Possum.  The know they like each other but their feelings are playing dead because they are both scared of being Hurt.

“Distractions” starts of with a voicemail message from a rather upset woman, and the song is generally about how we love our Distractions hence the chorus going “Distractions Can’t Distract Unless Its worth It” The Only reason its able to divert your attention is because maybe on a subconscious level you believe it fulfills a certain need. It also addresses the issue of responsibility which is a theme throughout the project , taking responsibility for one’s actions instead of blaming the other party .
“You Don’t Need Me” is a reflection on the good times before things go sour and  dealing with rejection. It also has the sound effect of people making love to further emphasize this. This is a song based on my personal experience of coming to terms with rejection and how certain themes seem to repeat themselves in my love life over time. The whole project is a blend of my personal experiences, things friends  have gone through and general themes I wanted to investigate. Of all the songs on the project this is the most personal.

“S.W.A.P  Interlude” starts of with a message from my good friend Keith JFK asking about the girl I liked and the progress I’ve made with  her. S.W.A.P stands for Strangers With A Past, and its mostly about being in denial about rejection and lashing out. This can be seen through the verse. Its just a guy who’s hurt and you know how it goes “hurt people hurt people” . Its also about how as guys we confide in our friends about how we feel about  these girls but our feeling s are “Playing Possum” when we’re with the actual girl so that was the main idea behind placing Keith’s voice message at the beginning.
“Chest Pains/Space” was a great experiment because I have always wanted to to a song that completely changes to another one in the middle. Chest Pains is uptempo.. and continues with the tirade from S.W.A.P but this time there’s some hope because its more of a realization that we both have issues and I can’t really solve yours, neither can you solve main and maybe this whole time I’ve just been hurting myself.  As the song switches to Space we have a voice message of a girl calling it quits on a relationships which is followed by an eerie beat switch.  The verses on space are a general  overview of the themes above leading to the resolution that is the outro at the end of space. The concept of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet being considered a work of satire was derived from a book I was reading while making the project called “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck” by Mark Manson. This book greatly influenced the thought process of writing “Space”

In conclusion Friday Nights/Sunday Mornings is the title of the project not because all the events mentioned above happened in chronological order till Sunday Morning but its more of a screenshot of the status quo of the times we’re living in as young adults and the issues we are likely to go through in a relationship…be it a situationship, friends with benefits, fuck buddies etc  and these things generally tend to happen over the weekend. The intention was to capture the ultimate millennial weekend using a cocktail of issues we all generally can relate to or at least I hope so. The intention was also to encourage a spirit of responsibility…to take responsibility for our inner space.
The coloured community is vastly underrepresented on the Zimbabwean music scene in general and the local hiphop space in particular.One group representing for the coloured community is Harare's creative collective The Higher Culture.Founded by childhood friends Tyler King and Jason X who are both rappers the crew also includes producers such as Nameless and Kyles Theory who has put in work with global superstars like Kid Ink,Chipmunk,Jessie J among others.The Mobb is also affiliated to high riding DJ Ray Dizzle and many other creatives in the background focusing on fashion and other avenues of creativity.

In a brief exchange with the crew they mentioned how they are very aware of the challenges facing Zimbabwe's entertainment Industry which was a sad reality considering how pregnant with young undiscovered talent Zimbabwe is.Their solution to this  is to simply put out the most amazing content they can and market it to the world so that they bring the globe's eyes to Zimbabwe and lay a foundation for rappers who will come after them to be easily recognized worldwide.Currently the crew is promoting their latest EP titled Booming In Harare which features the rapping exploits of Jason and Tyler with Kyles Theory and 9th Audio Beats (who has worked with JR,Shane Eagle) on production.The EP is available on Tidal,Itunes,Deezer and Apple Music.
Stream Booming In Harare here
Mclyne Beats who has evolved from beatmaker to producer and finally all round  musician has dropped his 3rd full length project inside two years.His latest offering titled Time follows his debut tape All My Feelings and the collaborative Lost In Love EP with Antonio.The album is daring and quite unparalled on the ZimHipHop scene when it comes to production,unorthodox topics and even the delivery thats rooted in the New Wave movement taking over the world.Funny and downright outrageous statements are uttered on impecably produced trappy as f beats  for a very enjoyable listening experience thats far removed from the budget store trashy trap we sometimes get on this side of the equator.

Mclyne could not trust anyone to execute his vision so he produced 16 joints on the project with the sole exception of Run A Check which was produced by Tay Beats.The feature list ranges from singers like Antonio,Beav City and Chyllur to spitters like R Peels and Sharky.Collin Ceezy brings his trappy flows while Pro Beatz adds his unique flavor to the album as well.The album is available on Sound Cloud,Media File and the Zim Music Store.
Download Time Album

Having reached a million views with Pahukama ExQ is hellbent on maintaining consistency and relevance which has seen him release a lyric video for Tsaga Of The Year a song off his Tseu Tseu album.The song talks about how people will look down on you and call you names and how you should not let that get you in your feels,instead you should put in work and emerge victorious literally becoming the 'tsaga of the year'.The colorful and fun video features Madame Boss Nutty O as well as Dj Towers in silly mode and its the first offering from emerging Media powerhouse Flame Lilly Media Group.
The visuals for Tek Shawa aka T Shoc's Wild Ones joint produced by Verseless are here courtesy of Umuntu Sessions with direction by Denis Rwafa.The video has a futuristic astheitic which shows T Shoc define what a wild one is as various effects play on in the background.

While the title of the song is simple enough the actual content is a bit complex.For starters the ever ecletic T Shoc touches on how wild ones surviving through their wits in this concrete jungle get depressed yet they must realize one is one's enemy and one's friend so one has to personally shape one's reality.Money is essential as is God to calibrate said reality to a prettier hue.Rhumba references abound from moving weight like Pepe Kale,making moves like Kanda Bongoman all in a bid to not waste one's talent like Yondo Sister.Would be competitors are also warned to not take a beast in his element for granted since ferocity is second nature to him