November 2018
The Ndaramu trap king FishF McSwagg is always serving us trappy afrocentric vibes and we are here for them every damn time.His latest drop is Mbali Yami,a visual offering directed by Mthabisi Onias.Mbali Yami is a tale of three souls tied together by love and friendship albeit unknowingly.Two friends woo the same girl and she is unable to resist their charms accepting them both.Good times are had by all and letters written (carefully stored in a Kango teapot) culminating in a pregnancy which results in a miscarriege unfortunately.Friend 1 tells Friend 2 who advices him to look for evidence of juju leading to the discovery of our kango teapot,a fight and ultimately deep depression that sees Friend 1 drinking his sorrows away.Friend 2 steps in to comfort their mutual girl but discovers the teapot with its contents  too leading to a heated fight which sends the girl to the tomb of her child where she meets the shell of what was once the majestic father of her late child.

Tamy Moyo's stock continues to skyrocket with each release she drops making her one of the most exciting and consistent young voices on the Zimbabwean music scene.Her latest release is a single titled Tekere which was produced by Jerry Spirit Fingers with equally awesome visuals shot by Andy Cutta Films.Tamy says the song was inspired by Brenda Fassie's fiestyness and resolve to always rise above the status quo.Shot on location in South Africa the video sees Tamy and her girls get their fly on complete with peng outfits and fire makeup as they vibe to Tamy's words of self affirmation and celebration of one'self because the almighty created us wavy like that.

It would seem like Freeman on vocals and Blaqs on visuals is a recipe for awesomeness without debate.Their latest collaboration happens to be Big Life a single off the Dancehall Doctor's Mukuru WeKambamani album.The video for this particular song was shot in South Africa and in keeping with the subject matter of the song the video seeks to highlight how a life of living large without taking care of your family will only lead to disaster and tears for you and yours.As such we see a "Playboy" blowing money fast while neglecting his mother and siblings before  ultimately mourning his mum because he did not care for her enough when she was alive.Freeman has hinted at a fresh video when the Big Life visual reaches a respectable number of views as well as an EP whose working title is the "Kusuka EP".

Just in time for the 16 Days against Gender Based Violence Zimdancehall sensation Enzo Ishall has released a touching and poignant video for Matsimba.Shot by  Stan Joni the song takes a different route from the swaggy Smart Rinotangira Kutsoka video or his dancehall hit Kanjiva.Matsimba is social commentary at its best as it seeks to tell the story of marginalized girls from the rural areas who are taken in by sympathetic relatives only to have their innocence taken by family members they trust.In as much as the path we call life gets hard the Chillspot Stallion urges the suffering girl child to find solace in the fact that even the hardest paths have footprints to a better tommorow.

When i walk amongst the uncultured i oft fancy myself a poet and a fairly accomplished man-glue with a knack for putting words together.When i do meet actual poets i get a bad case of the chills and my admiration and excitement can barely be contained.Such was my reaction when a random text message from Rae Lyric a muse i had been obsessed with from a distance hit my inbox one night.Miss Rae was launching a book of poems and she was looking for the presence of a blogger or two.I simply typed yes,switched off my phone and started hoola hooping inside my not so spacious ghetto lodgings until the Landlord reminded me who i was and i had to get down from the Stan-High i was on.

Accordingly the day arrived and i made my way to the Rooftop Plaza where i met fellow creatives who had come to celebrate this milestone in Diana's budding career.As she took to the stage to welcome us all that was my first time actually seeing her in the flesh.  I was mesmerised by her ability to control the mood in the room and dictate the pace of events.We listened attentively as she spoke about how her family had begun asking a bunch of questions soon after her birthday."Where was the suitor who would walk her down the aisle,had any wedding dates been set,what of a child".As shots were served and beers downed ears opened more and more with the guitar strings providing a backdrop to Diana's alluring tales of how that very night was her wedding night and she was marrying her craft with her book being the obvious offspring from what she termed a match made in heaven.

The night sped by with a number of scintilating spoken word recitals and conversations around bonfires with comrades of a literary disposition.After the event itself the days flew by till time seemed to stop when heartbreaking messages started popping up all over the timeline.Disbelief and denial was the preffered reaction but more and more evidence surfaced of a flame extinguished from this thankless world to add to Heaven's poetic ranks.She of the Sun had returned with all her brilliance to her origins in Apollo's hallways and Earth was all the more forlon for it.Till we meet again sleep well dear wordsmith.

A quick look at the entertainment calender in Zimbabwe will reveal that not many dates and stages are played by local rappers.Rather than blame promoters for not putting rappers on,the good folk at Mumhanzi Media took it upon themselves to create a platform for local rap to shine onstage.The event dubbed Mumhanzi Night is scheduled for the 23rd of November at Theatre In The Park and for the reasonable price of 3 dollars you get to see a host of superstars and upcoming talents showcase their skills from 1800 hrs till late.Artists scheduled to perfom include local hiphop staples like Mc Chita,Tulk Munny,Crooger,Kikky Badass,R Peels,Marcquess and Fun F.Representing for the feminine side of hiphop is Natasha Muz,Kara,TruNorth and Snix.Scrip Mula and his Mulanation peers are set to appear onstage as is Dakid Verse,Afrow Zenda,Double Jae,Official Biznez,Mik Manjengwa,VI the Law,Matebele Boi,Uncle Sam,N Jay O,Mela9 Reign,Boi Mac,Sway The 3rd,Baller Mandizha,Slayer amongst others.With such a diverse lineup various flavours of local hiphop will be on display from trappy bops,storytelling,serious bars,party songs and even commercial awesomeness.We wish Mumhanzi Media and their partners all the best as they attempt to show that local hiphop can pull numbers and we hope this is only the start of greater things to come.
In late 2017 Norton's very own P Mula dropped his Believe In Mula project and one of the tracks that stood out was Rich Bugger.In 2018 he saw it fit to drop a G Mix of the track with a number of his peers in rhyme who include Tulk Munny,Meister Mind,Chizzoe,Splits Louis,Sinbad and the Alumni Gang.The song was produced by Vic Enlisted while the video was directed by Talent of Picit Media.The song focuses on the aspirations of many "hustlers" who put in work day in and day out in a bid to become wealthy members of society aka Rich Buggers.The visuals were shot in the Harare CBD near the infamous "Fashion Police" hangout which happens to be the go to place for the latest items of street wear thus fitting the song's script of getting your dollars by any means.

Here are your nominations for the 2018 Zim HipHop Awards whose venue and date is yet to be announced.The voting plattforms and ways to vote will be announced when voting commences on the 21st of November

1. Best Male

• Mariachi
• Takura
• Asaph
• R Peels
• Ti – Gonzi

2. Best Female

• Sacha
• Kikky Bad Ass
• Natasha Muz
• Tashamiswa
• Blaq Diva Quin

3. Best Collaboration

• Asaph ft Tha dawg and F Mcswag- Mambo
• Takura ft Junior Brown –Ndakabva kujecha
• Kay Gee 40 ft Mr noxa -Sterek
• Mariachi ft Junior Brown -Salisbury
• R Peels ft Tehn Diamond and Munetsi- Mweya

4. Best Hip-Hop Group
• Team bho
• Mula nation
• Nxt
• Myke Pimp and Trk
• Noble Styles and Trae young

5. Best Producer

• Jamal
• Rayo beats
• Fun F
• Quazor
• Mclyne Beats

6. Best dressed Male and Female (Chosen on Red carpet)

7. Best New Comer

• King 98
• K Brizzy
• Nxt
• Fucci
• Tanto Wavie

8. Best Local Brand Supporting Local Hip-Hop

• Zvanhuwa fashions
• Kingsville clothing
• Team legacy
• Changamire fest
• Grape vine

9. Best Album

• Mariachi -Muzukuru
• Takura -Someone had to do it
• Guluva 7 -Command hustle
• R Peels – Kudenga kure
• Crooger -Shumba inoruma

10. Best Promoter

• Preezo
• Zimboy
• Thorne laroq
• C.T.O Banks
• Naboth rizzla

11. Best Diaspora

• Don Dada
• Rich Forbes
• Young Tyran
• Mab
• Mlue J

• Kheke of  Skyz metro
• Thorne Laroq of  Khulumani fm
• Mox of  Star fm
• Prometheus of Power fm
• Lady K and Pd Tha Ghost of Zi fm

13. Best Club DJ

• Raydiz
• Tk Beats
• Dj Drew

14. Best Gospel Act

• Courtney Antipas
• J Soldier
• Joe Chiz Jnr
• Caspeado
• Dr Mtk

15. Best Dance Crew

• Antivirus
• Megatronz Empire

16. Best underground

• Muse
• GunX Da Pharoah
• H-files 
• Dakid Verse
• Lady Eef

17. Best Alternative

• Indigo Saint
• Coco Master
• Kaygee 40
• Nxt
• Chronnic

18. Best Media – ONLINE

• The Zim Tainment
• Insider 263 magazine(Cto banks)
• Juice magazine
• Zimbuzz

19. Best media –JOURNALIST

• Mike Shoko
• Charmaine Chasweka
• Tanaka Musanhi
• Bongani Ndlovu
• Ronald Magweta

20. Best Hip Hop free style artist (live rap battle)SAT 15 DEC.

21. Song of the year

• Asaph -Mambo
• Takura-Jehova
• Scrip Mula -Svoto
• Mariachi- Ngaanake
• Natasha Muz -Handizi tsaga

22. Video Of The Year

• Asaph -Mambo
• Takura – Ngoro yemoto
• Mariachi -Ngaanake
• Kikky Bad Ass -Boiz dze tonaz
• Mula Nation – Horror

23. Best Hip Hop Hustle.

• Takura
• Rick Chasers
• Kingsville clothing
• MR Kata
• Brythreesixty

24. Best Hip Hop Verse (sweet 16 award)
• Asaph -hate to say
• Guluva 7 – Khanda cool
• Takura – Ndakabva kujecha
• Muse – Grinding.
• Ti-Gonzi – Misi haifanane

25. Hip hop personality of the year (none submission category).
• Raydiz
• Dj Towers
• Calvin
• Stunner
• Kikky Badass
• Mudiwa

26. Peoples choice

• Asaph
• Takura
• Kikky
• Mariachi
• Ti-Gonzi
• Brythreesixty
• R peels


One fateful November day in 1995 Simbarashe Makare was born in Masvingo.He would grow up in Chipinge with a passion for drawing which he later turned into a profitable enterprise operating under the name Sim Doc Films.Currently studying Insurance and Risk Management at NUST Sim Doc has managed to balance books and the camera to become one of the most sought after videographers in the country.

Having taught himself to operate the camera Sim Doc  started shooting commercially in 2016 and his clientele has increased across all genres as the years flew by.Even though he is best known for his videos Sim Doc also covers events and shoots commercials and documentaries.During his formative years he recalls how shortages of equipment,poor budgets from clients and downright sabotage threatened to derail his work but he remained steadfast.He has worked with artists like Te3vo,Freeman,Terry Africa,Mula Nation,Trae Yung,Kikky Badass,Andy Muridzo,Lady B,Team Bhoo Boss,Tricky J and Crooger to name but a few.His scope is not merely national though as he hopes to one day put in work with the Drakes,Takuras,Jah Prayzahs and Wizkidz of this world.Videographers he looks up to include Kyle White,Mike Ho,Clarence Peters,Matt Allonzo,Dave Meyers,Uncle Scrooch and Kyle Lewis.

When quizzed about his plans for the future the ever optimstic Sim Doc mentioned how he wants to put Zimbabwe on the global map through visuals by bringing in new techniques,innovative ideas and an open mindset which he believes is missing in a generation where similarity is the norm.As for the current state of the music industry the videographer notes that its struggling but going somewhere and suggests that we invest in sick visuals plus better marketing if we are to get our piece of the global entertainment pie.

Mariachi has released the official lyric video for his Tinashe Makura assisted Toda Mabasa joint.The song is taken off his second album and it was produced by Fun F while the lyric video was put together by Fudge.Its an emotional and relevant look into the current state of Zimbabwe where  massive unemployment is the status quo making the informal sector the default hub for young extremely intelligent adults who can't seem to catch a break.Grandma's favorite rubbishes the excuses peddled by the system for this state of affairs pointing out how even as he and his generation sink deeper and deeper into hopelesness the elite and their pockets  seem to get fatter by the day.Rather than give in to this endless cycle of poverty which has seen the young depressed and  abusing substances with no hope in sight,Mariachi and Tinashe are demanding opportunities hence the war cry "Toda Mabasa"

For his latest single the Ninja President Winky D saw it fit to ride the trap wave that seems to have taken over the world.He initially released a sick trailer of the video and talk around these digital streets was that Winky D wanted to kill hype around Jah Prayzer's album launch with arguably the greatest video of his illustrious career.The day of reckoning came and both gentlemen had their fair share of the spoils with fans gravitating towards their faves.

Titled Paper Bag Winky's moneychasing instant anthem was produced by Oskid with the impressive visuals being shot by little known SOS.Gaffa's lyrical prowess is evident as he adopts a trappy flow against a backdrop of movie like money collecting erands,parties with fly chicks and walks around the block with his goons.He even finds time to ride around in a Maybach as Japanese subtitles play on the screen before he ends the video with a gun pointed at a nemesis we can only assume had tried to mess with the bands in his Paper Bag.

Reactions to Winky's hiphop drop were mixed but mostly positive.Dancehall fans are adamant he is Zim HipHop's saviour while sceptical rap fans said he was clout chasing by dabbling in HipHop though they were quickly reminded by more sober minds that Winky might actually have more clout as an individual than many rappers put together.Some rappers saw the move in a positive light saying it would shine a light on the largely unappreciated talent hub thats ZimHipHop.The biggest cosign came from youthfull politician Nelson Chamisa who hailed Winky as a force to reckon with in the arts sector.Calls for a remix featuring the biggest names in local hiphop have been made and only time will tell if the Ninja President pays heed to this call.Other rappers like Cal Vin took matters into their own hands and quickly dropped raps on the Paper Bag beat while Rusape based producer Splits Louis already has a Paper Bag instrumental remake up on his youtube channel.
The art of making music is a complex process and sometimes even the most talented artists struggle to make a decent song palatable to ears with good music taste.In developed industries this is easily solved by an A and R who matches the perfect beat to the perfect feature and the perfect producer for artists on his label to shine as they should.DJs plus experienced producers can also fit into this role leading to albums by the aforementioned though that concept is all but foreign in these parts.Enter local hiphop authority,award winning Dj,producer,A and R PD The Ghost with his debut EP on a quest to show us how good music should be made and all he asks is for us to Trust The Process.

Not leaving any room for mistakes the Zi FM radio host handpicked several producers and matchmaked them with vibes he wanted to create and subsequently artists he wanted to create them with.A fusion of different sounds and different cities is perfectly executed by names established and upcoming with the EP boasting of a roster that includes GZE,Kevin Munetsi,Nutty O,Myk Pimp,Nameless,Simba Tagz,Courtney Antipas,K Brizzy,Silolamkhonto and Jazz Prosper.On production we have PD himself alongside Simba Tagz,Reverb 7,Phanas,Nameless,Leekay,Jamal and Warren H.The leading genres in Africa i.e HipHop,Afro Pop and Dancehall are all catered for in this project which PD says is only the beginning in a long line of EPs,Mixtapes and albums from him and his camp.

Trust The Process (EP)

Want to stream Pd TheGhost - Trust The Process (EP)? Audiomack has a high-quality full album stream, album art & the complete tracklist - guaranteed. ✓ Click to listen now!

My name is Leonard Mapfumo aka naMapfumo/Kule. First and foremost I am a musician and I have been producing records since 1999. I am an Artistic Director for Jacaranda Culture and Media Cooperation, the Vice Chairman for Beacon of Hope children's home, a brand ambassador for Dengu Online, former ambassador for Dance4lifeZimbabwe and I co-own a record label Heshi Mfeshi 

My big break into the music industry came with the release of my first single Seiko featuring a long-time friend Rockford Chitsvatsva Josphat aka Roki. I have since released 5 albums namely The R&L 40 track album the first half, NaMapfumo, The  Journey ,The road to Israel and Access point 414317. I am featured on 3 compilations Galaxy studio volume 2, Chamhembe 1 and 2, I have had 8 number 1 tracks and 22 songs that have been on Zimbabwean chart shows. My track Maidei featuring Kevie and Exq still holds the record for the longest number 1 record on the Zimbabwean charts.

I am passionate about mentoring/ helping young and upcoming artists in a bid to grow Zimbabwean arts within and outside Zimbabwe. I am very much driven in mentoring artists who create responsible content under my mentorship program. I have worked with artists such as Taurai Mandebvu, Shinsoman, Yaka, Yoz, DJ Mbale just to mention a few and currently am working with Nyasha David, Souldeep, Those guys vacho, Union 5 and Fusion 5. I am also passionate about the fight against HIV and AIDS pushing for an HIV free generation.
Ammara Brown's stock continues to rise with every move she makes and every new piece of art she drops.The  most recent in a lineage filled with epic works is her single featuring Nigerian sensation Mr Eazy.Titled Svoto the song is part of her upcoming Ammartia Ignite project which has a November release date.Speaking on how the collaboration came about the Barefooted Goddes mentioned how working with Eazy has been in the works since 2016 and how they missed a potential recording session in London last year due to extremely unfavourable weather conditions at the time.The two later killed a festival together in Zambia subsequently linking up in Joburg to record Svoto.

The video was shot in the South African township of Soweto and the activities featured are in perfect tune with the song's theme of enjoying the love of your significant other even if the outside world frowns upon it.Ammara flees a tyranical boss and paints the town red with her beau as the paparazzi trails her and her boss becomes increasingly agitated to truly epitomize Svoto