February 2019

In recent times we have seen numerous new age acts work on music with the posterchilds of Choral apostolic music in Zimbabwe Vabati VaJehovah and groups similar to them.Zimdancehall artists like Winky D and Tocky Vibes have some of the most recognisable songs from this fusion and now you can add hiphop to that list.

Young emcee Blitz Unique aka Mr Zollywood enlisted the help of the apostolic OGs for Tiri Huruva an emotional reminder that our time on earth is limited.Blitz is on rap duty while Vabati VaJehova use their immensely powerful voiceboxes that might be mistaken for instrumentals to drive home the fact that we need to treat each other with love,compasion as well as empathy while we can because we wont be here forever and our acts will ultimately lead us to salvation or eternal damnation.

Overally the fusion is really unique and easy on the ears plus the message is a pertinent one.Vabati VaJehova did not come to play on the chorus and Blitz really held his own though we feel his raps could have been packaged a bit better.Peep the video below and tell us what ya'll think.

Social responsibility in the Zimbabwean music industry is about as common as a white King of Wakanda.Not to blame the artists though but operating in a stagnant economy where eating from your craft is damn near impossible it follows that sparing a few coins for the less privilleged might be an extreme sport.

However now and again we get a few acts who dedicate their time and money to issues in communities around them.On the 14th of February Cal Vin decided to hold a benefit concert at Mafakela Primary school with a few friends.Judging from video footage of the show the kids really had a good time plus proceeds from the gig all went towards the welfare of children at that particular school.Speaking on the sidelines of the show Cal Vin also implored other artists to follow suit and give back to their schools though it remains to be seen if they will heed his call.

This coming March The Vin is set to perfom his Nhliziyo album at Bulawayo Theatre at an event dubbed Nhliziyo Unplugged.The concert is set for the 2nd of March and he will be supported by Bryan K,Tiff Cake,Lee Mchoney,Thamy Khumalo as well as Reggie Brown.The show is one of many Cal Vin plans to hold this year as he has vowed to conquer the Bulawayo City Hall in August then a stadium in December.

If 'Team work makes the dream work' was a video it would probably look like this beautiful Kure  video.Behind the camera we have Leoy V for Letter Z Pictures while No Limits's Jamal handles the groovy production with Ishan delivering smooth vocals that are a perfect fit for Ti Gonzi's quotable life lessons disguised as bars.

Kure supports the theory that life is a journey,a long long journey.As such one travels many miles to reach his present only to realise that the future is even more miles ahead.In that journey Ishan urges listeners to stay true to themselves and not  change their moral DNA and purpose to fit society's standards.That way when they reach their destination regret wont be part of the celebrations.

Ti Gonzi employs double entendres and witty punchlines to talk about how delay is not denial.While his portion might not be at the dinner table yet he will trust the process and keep grinding because patience (patients) pays he done saw it when he visited the hospital.

The Its Nation duo of Fun F and N Jay Oh started 2019 on a high dropping a collaborative EP titled Tsika Dzemagevha which featured Fun F on production and some choruses with N Jay Oh handling the raps.One of the singles off the tape titled Gandanga received a remix featuring Metaphysics soon after and now the single has a video as well.

The video direction was handled by Its Nation Inc in collaboration with Gandanga Music with additional camera work by Mandebvu.Gandanga is a term that used to refer to Zimbabwe's guerilla fighters but in street lingo it can refer to anyone fighting for pretty much anything from turf,RTGS dollars to street cred.In that sense Meta,Fun F and N Jay Oh are 'Gandangas' moving incognito and seperating themselves from regular folk by how they move and operate.

Asked about how the song came about Fun F  says Metaphysics was shopping for beats after touching down in Harare from his Germany base and he asked Feezus to play him stuff they had done to see if he could jump onto something.Gandanga was an early favorite because of the beat and concept but also because that has been Metaphysics's alias for the longest time and it kinda fitted his brand so he quickly laced a verse and here we are.Rumour has it Metaphysics unloaded quite a number of clips at Its Nation and more work is definitely on the way.

Last year was a good year for Yung Tyran with a bunch of major moves and good releases from his Azania base.When he was not topping the YFM charts with his smash single Brenda Fassie Tyran was perfoming on SABC Live Amp beating out a lot of hopefuls who were also eager for that opportunity.

Its still early days in 2019 but Yung Tyran seems to be keeping the same energy he had last year.Already he has bodied an interview and perfomance on YOTV besides dropping four fire joints namely Know my name,Let it flow freestyle,Crew life and Monique.

Just recently South African rap legend K.O shouted out Tyran after a brief exchange on twitter led to the Skhanda Gawd listening to Tyran's music.It also turns out the exchange did not result in a cosign only but a song featuring K.O is on the horizon.As if this is not enough stunting Tyran has hinted at dropping an album stacked with South African Hip Hop royalty probably through a major label later this year.

Former Kontrol Tribe signee Wisdom Moyo aka Mawiza has delivered the visuals for Chipo Tsodzo shot and directed by Rasquesity Keaitse for Keaitse Films.The song happens to be the first single of Mawiza's upcoming album Namba Namba which he says will be heavily influenced by kwaito sounds.

The video has a very kasi aesthetic featuring scenes in his native Entumbane which showcase the day to day life in the hood from barbershop chillouts,pantsula danceoffs plus random pick and drops which signal the sealing of Kasi 'Mega Deals' if you will.Chipo Tsodzo the former Highlanders and Zimbabwe Saints soccer star who inspired the song also makes an appearance gifting Mawiza with a replica number 9 soccer jersey.

Mawiza says Chipo Tsodzo's versatility which allowed him to make the switch from a striker to a defender is a handy life lesson to anyone chasing their dreams as multitasking and being multiskilled is likely to make the paperchase light work.On his Kontrol Tribe departure Mawiza said there was no bad blood between him and Cal Vin and he was grateful for everything The Vin had done for him although it was now time for him to grow into his own man.

From the small city of Kwekwe comes Precious Herschneider Frank better  known in Zim Hip Hop circles as Phreshy and she is on a mission to add value to the Hip Hop scene by  telling her story in bars from the percpective of females who are vastly underrepresented in the genre.Currently she is on a press run to market her latest release a single titled 'Cold' which was produced by Vic Enlisted and is set to appear on an EP she is working on.

Miss Frank entered the proffesional rap scene in 2014 but she cites her family's love for music as an early influence that helped inform her decision to chase after that Mecca firespitters and wordsmiths aspire to reach in their lifetimes.To date Phreshy has worked on a few singles e.g My time,cyphered with DaRuler,Mel C,Tru North & Nina Grande besides lending her voice to projects by peers in the industry.She agrees that the music industry is not for the faint hearted having faced her fair set of challenges in her quest to blow up.

For starters the  industry is mostly male dominated and society has a tendency of pitting one femcee against the other as if many Queens can not create magic and coexist in the same space.Also up until recently Phreshy was juggling studio sessions with study time for a degree she was pursuing an exercise that put her multitasking skills to the test.Having recently graduated Miss Frank can now soley focus on the music and she has wasted no time promising an EP in the first quarter of the year.  

On production she has enlisted the help of seasoned producers like Vic Enlisted,Rayo Beats,Amvis Instrumentals and Toga to help her craft a sound thats unique to her.The feature list for what will be Phreshy's debut full length project has names like Natasha Muz,WaMambo,Rap Orators,Jungle Kid with more heavy hitters set to be announced as the EP's release date draws nearer

Stream Cold Here

Jackson De Zimboy recently held the fourth annual Changamire Hip Hop Festival Awards at Club Sankayi in Harare.The awards showcase which Zimboy uses to showcase his gratitude to brands and stakeholders aligned to his had over 30 categories  with some categories having as many as 10 nominees.Most winners were deserving considering the work they put in the past year but some categories definitely felt like a Zimboy price giving ceremony for his cronies and homeboys.

On the sidelines of the event Zimboy announced an allstar basketball game for slated for the next Changamire Hip Hop Festival which tends to happen on the last weekend of each month.The game will see rappers from all over the country showcase their ball skills before hitting the stage for perfomances.

The inaugural Bawling party is set for  Cheeseman Malbereign on the 24th of February with the afterparty being held at Motor Action.A pool of 15 basketball teams are expected to compete with 10 coming from the Harare Basketball Ascociation and a further five made up of members from the Zim Hip Hop fratenity.Shout out to Zimboy for consistently finding new ways to push the game foward.

Here is the full list of winners from this year's Changamire Hip Hop Festival Awards

1.Best Male - Asaph

2. Best Female - Kikky Badass

3.Best Newcomer - Rich Nusty Swagga

4.Song of the Year - Mambo by Asaph feat Tha Dawg and Fish McSwagg

5.Best Album - Shumba Inoruma by Crooger

6.Best Freestyle - Stunner and Ti Gonzi

7.Best Producer - gT Beats

8.Best Collaboration - Talking by Quazor feat Ab Crazy 

9.Changamire's Biggest Bosses - Ciroc Boys

10.Best Deejay - Dj Joey Lion

11.Personality of the Year - Stunner

12.Best Dance - Magnetic Force

13.Best Model/Vixen - Anita

14.Best Hip Hop Verse - Briss Mbada's Harare Hucci verse

15.Best Hip Hop Chorus - Natasha Muz for Handisi Tsaga

16.Best Online Media - Eyes Of 263

17.Best Perfomance Act - Revonok Thundaz and Sachaa

18.Best Hip Hop Group - Grind City Grind Time

19.Best Alternative - Coco WeAfrica

20.Best Brand Supporting Hip Hop - Team Big Family

21.Best Diaspora - Crooger

22.Best Hip Hop Brand - Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto

23.Best Changamire Co-Host - Yahya Goodvibes

24.Best Video - Tricky J,Lady B and Sim Doc

25.Most Relevant Studio - Larynx CMR

26.Best Hip Hop Hustle - Jamal of No Limits

27.Best Lyricist - Jnr Brown

28.Best Fashion Designer - Ric Chasers 

29.Best Underground - Versetyle

30.People's Choice - Coco WeAfrica

31.Best Dressed Male - Stunner

32.Best Dressed Female - Kikky Badass

A brief look at the timeline that is the Zimbabwean visual landscape in 2019 is bound to inspire a few goosebumps in whoever is watching.A lot of wonderful videos have been released and the numbers they are racking in are amazing.Both established,almost there and upcoming cats seem to have decided that 2019 is the year they go big or go home as far as impressive videos are concerned.

In our own humble opinion an early contender for video of the year is the TV room video by Hillzy featuring Gary Mapanzure.The two young talents linked up for a trappy R n B record that was a perfect fit for February a month widely regarded as belonging to Baby Cupid head honcho at Love 'R Us.

Shot on location in Cape Town by Daniel Lasker with direction coming from K Mane the crispy video has it all.There is  beautiful scenery and beautiful girls doing beautiful things and the wonderful thing is its all in sync with the messaging of the actual song.We could ramble on and on about the beauty of this visual masterpiece but we will let yall be the judges so go ahead and peep the niceness below

In 2016 Tafara Dondo better known by his stage name Union 5 was one of the many hopefuls trying to impress judges at a local talent show and prove that they indeed had talent.He did impress the judges and pocketed a cool $3000 for his pains in what could have been the peak for any teenager practicing art in Zimbabwe.For Union 5 the journey was not over just yet as he went on to polish his production skills,rapping skills,beat boxing skills until he ultimately dropped his HYPE tape,opened for Nasty C in Harare besides playing a few gigs in China.

Now the year is 2019 and the 20 year old multitalented artist is breaking new ground for Zimbabwe and himself.Union 5 is currently locked up in studio with 9 other upcoming artists from around Africa for a mentorship programme being conducted by Empawa Africa in collaboration with Mr Eazi,Diplo,Dj Edu and Shekinah.Besides being mentored on how showbiz works and how to break one's brand to the world Union 5 and his classmates get to work on new music amongst each other with input from Eazi,Simba Tagz,Diplo,Shekinah amongst other top African acts.

That Union 5 even made the top 100 is amazing because thousands of artists applied for the programme with Mr Eazi and his team handpicking their favorites.From the 100 the list was further scrutinized till only 10 remained of which our boy was one of the chosen 10.Before going to the Empawa Africa Masterclass Union 5 made sure to gift us visuals for Hona Magetsi one of the standout cuts from the Hype EP.

When Mclyne Beats is not working on some wavy trap vibes in the studio it turns out he will be  working on some wavy  trap vibes in the studio.The Banga Republic citizen has a new project titled the Vision album set to drop in a few weeks.

We already have a feel of how the album will be structured sonically after Mofo dropped a single off the project simply titled Mukanya an ode to members of the Monkey totem.The song  kicks off with shots at members of the Mhofu totem (on behalf of all the mhofus we have beef bro) before even more shots are thrown at an individual who claims to be the leader of the new wave but doesnt work with the kids choosing to call their music noise.Now we are not saying anything but Mr Okay Okay Okay really reps the Mhofu totem hard plus he recently put out a banger titled Noise and his feature list is smaller than my bank balance.

The feature list on Vision is mostly Mofo affiliates with R Peels,Pro Beatz,Drew the Mc,Antonio and Collin Ceezy getting spots on the album.The production team currently putting in work on the project includes Mclyne himself,Looda Beatz,Beatsmith,4uxion,Antonio and Union 5.

Stream Mukanya here

Fresh off an impressive showing at Coke Studio Africa Winky D has a Valentine Day gift for his huge following and boy are we impressed by the aesthetics and optics.The song was produced by his go to hitmaker Oskid and it features the vocal abilities of Miss Gemma Griffiths.

MuGarden is the story of two lovers choosing to ignore a world hell bent on interfering in their affairs and live like they are the only two people in the world.The video is a refreshing retake of Adam and Eve complete with a paradise teeming with God's handiwork from beautiful greenery to exotic wildlife.

Our two lovebirds roam their version of Eden and promise each other an eternity filled with love minus the deceptions of humanity's old enemy the serpent though he does make an appearance on the shoulders of Miss Gemma.

Reigning Zim Hip Hop Awards best femcee and Chitungwiza Music Awards Best female Natasha Muz has dropped her first track of the year.On this one she sheds off the aggression fans of her raps are familiar with for the softer melodic tone she often reserves for choruses.

The song is titled Zvenharo and it was produced by her Chitown homeboys over at No Limits studios.The smooth joint sees Natasha cry about a one sided  relationship whose day of reckoning is closer than it is far.

She declares her undying love and the sacrifices she has made for her lover at  cupid's beckoning while reminding said love of the many times she has overlooked his misdeamenors.All this for nothing as the one she loves is hell bent on making her suffer which is a pity because love is meant to be given freely and enjoyed to the fullest as opposed to always fighting against an opposing current.

The song is one we will definitely replay and we hope its a sign of more heat on the way as we wait for Natasha's full length debut.


Listen to Zvenharo the new song from Natasha Muz

The ever hard working Mr Takura Shonhai has new work out and all the numbers on the board say it bangs.At the time of going to press the video was number 6 on the top 10 trending videos on Zimbabwean youtube and the timeline generally agrees Takura scored another one with this trappy banger.

Titled Noise the song came complete with a video directed by Director AM featuring buff Takura homeys who look like they might rearrange your face if you make too much noise in Mr Okay Okay's face.One of the best takeaways from the song is Takura's self sandolization about his contributions to Zim Hip Hop since 2016 and an emphatic declaration that Zimbabwean Hip Hop is safe in his hands.

A few cats have tried trying Takura in the past and he emphasises that he is not about that life though he can do the Thanos snap if he is provoked.Overally the song is a reminder to all and sundry to ignore  life's various noises while focusing on your purpose and getting the bag.

Once upon a time there lived a man well vested in the culture of drip and sauce.Every other week   the protagonist of our  story one Calisto Nyamhute would show out on Ezomgido with shiny viscose threads,sick rides and a perm that would make Jimmi Hendrix jealous.

The attire was not all for show however but part of an elaborate plan by the 'Bullet' to get his hands on some special meat.Decades later his legacy lives on with a hip hop rendition of special meat courtesy of Tricky J,Tehn Diamond and gT Beats.

While we never got to fully decode what Nyamhute's special meat of choice was we can confirm Tricky J and Tehn Diamond are appreciating the special girls who make their hearts beat faster.Do listen to the new school Special Meat and tell us of you think its sawcy enough for Calisto Nyamhute to get a cameo in

Special Meat

Listen to Special Meat the new song from Tricky J