The ever hard working Mr Takura Shonhai has new work out and all the numbers on the board say it bangs.At the time of going to press the video was number 6 on the top 10 trending videos on Zimbabwean youtube and the timeline generally agrees Takura scored another one with this trappy banger.

Titled Noise the song came complete with a video directed by Director AM featuring buff Takura homeys who look like they might rearrange your face if you make too much noise in Mr Okay Okay's face.One of the best takeaways from the song is Takura's self sandolization about his contributions to Zim Hip Hop since 2016 and an emphatic declaration that Zimbabwean Hip Hop is safe in his hands.

A few cats have tried trying Takura in the past and he emphasises that he is not about that life though he can do the Thanos snap if he is provoked.Overally the song is a reminder to all and sundry to ignore  life's various noises while focusing on your purpose and getting the bag.

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Donald Dodger Marindire

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