March 2019

The year 2019 is set to be a busy one for Dexter Baysiq if we are to consider the number of singles he is dropping.He recently put out Money which was produced by South African producer Redtail Beats but he is already dropping new work while teasing even more music from his camp.
He then followed that up with a double drop courtesy of mans at GNik Records.On Worry he features Brythreesixty and the two remind us its not healthy to worry too much even as life does the most to us.Problemz sees Baysiq lash out at an ex who did him dirty telling her to stay very far from him even as he threads together the pieces of his broken heart.
It still remains to be seen if the songs will be featured on an EP or an Album but Dexter says a project in some shape or form is definitely coming.He also revealed he has a lot of singles lying around which might be released if it tickles his fancy.In the meantime fans can look out for Money 2.0 featuring R Peels and DaKid Verse.

Picture a Zimbabwean rapper pursuing a degree in South Africa right.Now picture another Zimbabwean rapper/producer who had recently graduated from University.These two gentlemen happen to come from the same hood and they are both passionate about music.

They go on to link up while our South African based emcee is on holiday ultimately deciding to work on music together.The result is an EP titled 'The Working Title EP' which features raps from one Ovid Naso and VI the Law on raps and production.Sessions which resulted in the EP lasted up untill 2 am at times with the boys picking up songs they vibed to and VI the Law chopping up the samples.

This whole process ultimately resulted in a five track project dedicated to the culture while embracing Hip Hop's love for bars and free spiritedness.
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When you speak of Hip Hop in Zimbabwe two major cities namely Harare and Bulawayo are likely to pop up.This does not mean other cities are not teeming with Hip Hop talent and Annastacia Yona is a perfect example of that.The 19 year old femcee whose resume reads rapper,singer,song writer and guitar player is a proud representative of Chinhoyi.

She released an EP titled Road Of Ambitionz when she transitioned from an 18 year old to a 19 year during the early days of March.One of the standout joints from the EP is Ferrari whose AfroPop vibes had us trying to do the shaku shaku.The song was produced by Cashflow Exclusive for Candlelight Records.The song sees Annastacia telling a love interest that she might not have money or the latest sports car but she has her musical talent and love for him and as such she will stay awake till the wee hours of the morning crooning sweet nothings into his ears.

A few videos are expected to drop from Miss Yona's EP with a lyric video for Ferrari already out.This particular song is also getting a remix featuring Nyasha David.Do search for Annastacia Yona on Facebook,Twitter and Youtube to keep up with her work.

Malaysian based Zimbabwean rapper Teemak is currently in Zambia for personal business but that has not stopped him from putting in work with creatives that side.One child born out of this cross pollination of creative ideas is the video for his single Take Me Home which was directed by talented Zambian producer  Director Verb

The simple yet profound video was shot on location at the beautiful Monkey Pools in Zambia.The video sees a seemingly lonely Teemak travel the jungle before meeting and falling in love with a mermaid,having good times before she returns to the deep pools she calls home which leaves Teemak with no choice but to follow her straight into the same pools.

The video does tie in with the song's theme of a lover protesting his innocence in the face of accusations of infidelity claiming music had been eating up most of his time but all he wants is for his mistress to take him home and not break his soul.The song will likely feature on Teemak's debut project which he says will differ from most hip hop projects because it will focus on touching lives and nourishing souls as opposed to celebrating the perishable material things of this world.

Sometimes you can find Tafadzwa Shugeta entertaining listeners countrywide as a radio host for National FM under the moniker Dj Shugeta.At other times he will be locked up in the studio producing and dropping songs for other hosts to play for their niche audiences who also happen to be fans of Shugeta's music.Working with the public frequently means he knows what gets the people going and as such his music is easygoing and very easy to digest.

Take his collaboration with Nyasha Timbe for example.The song was produced by both Dj Shugeta and Nyasha and its an interpolation of Prince Tendai's yesteryear hit Character.The video was then shot in rural Zimbabwe by Studio Art Pictures.

The song is about an artist from Dande who has made it in Harare and is now taking the love of his life to meet the folks back home.Our hero and his family are charmed by the lady's morality and character and Shugeta is not shy to tell his lady that also taking the time to tell her about how he grew up around the corner from Tuku.

I first heard of Rusape's very own Madkid circa 2017 on a smooth trapsoul banger titled Muroora.I waited and waited for the follow up and possibly a full length project but it turns out books had the young man by the throat all 2018.This year is a different affair and the 18 year old rapper is getting ready to release an EP later this month.

The two track EP titled Less Is More has a 28 March release date and it features production by another 18 year old kid one JT Zim.Initially the idea was to drop a ten track mixtape but he decided to go with two joints that have a story behind them.We have Dhali a song about a youngin smitten by a pretty lass and Dhelilah a tale about how the very same youngin was betrayed.

Madkid says the other 8 tracks will definitely drop this year and he hinted that the sound might be a bit different from his usual releases.Ultimately Madkid says he wants to represent for his city and put Zim Hip Hop on the map and it remains to be seen how much this EP drop helps him achieve those goals.

In the early days of March femcee Phreshy announced she was married on her facebook profile leading to a lot of congratulatory messages and a few heartbreaks.Turns out she is very much single and the stunt was a promo for her latest single which is set to appear on her upcoming Muzambangwena tape.

The single in question is titled Married and it was produced by Vic Enlisted.It features another prolific femcee Kikky Badass in the ultimate show of girl power.

Married sees Kikky and Phreshy take turns to declare their undying love for their life partner Hip Hop promising to remain true to the game 'in sickness and in health,till death do us part'.Bars galore fly back and forth as the ladies wax lyrical about the devotion to the game who showed them love from their teenage years and treated them right when other hombres took them for granted.

One of the most potent young voices on the Zimdancehall scene is Chillspot prodigy Bazooker.The talented young man really came into his own last year with a string of hits including Mababy akawanda,kaLesson kemafuza,ndoita yandinoda among others.Conspiracy theories about how he is not getting enough time and resources to shine have been conjured but Bazooker has remained focused on his music while putting out stellar record after stellar record.

His latest release is the cheeky and hilarious Umdala Wethu on Oskid and T Man's Helmet riddim.The song has his signature witty one liners and really suspect ndebele phrases which will have one's ribs cracking.A video of him recording the song at Oskid's studio was a hit with fans and the official song is no different.

Umdala Wethu is an early favorite for many fans on a riddim featuring household names like Enzo Ishal,Uncle Epatan,Dadza D,Ninja Lipsy,Hwinza which left us wondering if Bazooker's use of not so perfect Ndebele on a fire riddim is the new wave in Zimdancehall.Do peep the new heat below and tell us what you think.

On the second of March 2019 Tiffcake and Cal_Vin linked up in Bulawayo where they both perfomed at Cal Vin's Nhliziyo Unplugged concert.Previously they had talked about collaborating over the phone and after the event they went to work at Kontrol Studios.

The result is Khatshana a song likely to find favour among lovebirds currently negotiating the tricky terrain thats any long distance relationship.The Vin handles the chorus and a verse while Tiffany switches from crooning to raps for a superb verse as both rappers admit that their long distance relationship has its challenges though they vow to make it work pinning their hopes on love to help them chart stormy seas.

If all goes according to plan we might be getting more work from Cal Vin and Tiffcake plus a video is reportedly in the works as well.

The arts community has come together in a show of unity and solidarity to pray for and stand with Ti Gonzi during this unfortunate time in his life.The rapper who got stabbed on his way from studio is currently battling for his life in a Harare hospital with reports saying he is in better shape than when he went in.Prayers have come from far and wide with personalities like Sokostina,ExQ,Chamvary,Noble Stylz,Asaph,Munetsi,Mc Chita,Gze,Beefy Harrison among others wishing Ti Gonzi a speedy recovery.

Narrating the ordeal Ti Gonzi's manager says they were on their way from Oskid's studio in Newlands when they boarded a taxi.Little did they know the taxi was a getaway car for robbers who proceeded to disenfranchise them of their phones and every last penny they had.In the process Ti Gonzi was stabbed and left for dead before being dumped on the roadside where he was found by passerbys in the morning.

The attack comes at a time when Ti Gonzi's collaboration with Ishan titled Kure Kure is making waves on local radio stations and online.Help towards medical bills can be sent to his mother Miriah Sibanda's ecocash number 0773107279

On his last record which came with a video The Dot was plotting a heist in Vhumba Valley with some pretty chicitas.His latest release is a different ballgame as the Bulawayo emcee decides to tackle real life issues facing this country we call home.

The song which was produced by Rayo Beats and is aptly titled Power looks at the various manifestations of humanity's fixation....power.The Dot acknowledges that the actual source of anyone's power is the general populace while pointing out how those whom we elect into power abuse the trust we place in them to in turn abuse us.

The Dot goes on to mourn the death of freedom of speech while musing about how the young ones have no say in how their future will look like.The disparity between rich and poor gets a mention as does the lies politicians tell to get into office before engaging the middle finger to answer any questions citizens with legitimate concerns might have.
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Zimbabwean's very own Hillzy was one of the 100 artists handpicked by Mr Eazy and Empawa Africa from amongst thousands others for a programme that would ultimately see 100 upcoming acts get funding to shoot a video of their choice.After a relatively short wait Hillzy's video is here and he went with the Beatsmith produced You Are Enough.

The catchy song's message is really  pertinent seeing as we are celebrating Women's month.You Are Enough is a timely reminder to all the women who have been wronged in the past that being ill treated by one man/experience does not diminish their worth.As Hillzy says "Its a bad day not a bad life" and as such the female voice matters plus the future is actually brighter despite the setbacks of the past.In the same vein females should learn from the past and not give second chances to those who toy with their emotions nomatter how sincere their apologies may seem.

The video itself features women from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities a nod perhaps to the universality of problems faced by the girl child and her ultimate resurgence and proud ownership of her 'Girl Power' badge.Hillzy suits up and mans a call centre connected to the  world's major cities as he spreads his gospel of female worth.

On the 2nd of March Nizzy Raps celebrated his birthday in style by gifting the game a 6 track EP titled Nyamasvisva named after his totem.On that EP is a song called Money Game featuring dancehall chanter Jay C with production by Trinnie Beatz which recently got a video courtesy of Studio Art Pictures.

Money Game does not stray away from its title thematically detailing how man's inherent need to swim in paper can only be satisfied by chasing that same paper at every turn.For the video Jay C and Nizzy take fly cars and pretty chicks to the hood with ferocious dogs and the squad also making appearances

Nizzy says the money game video is just the opening chapter of his 2019.He plans to shoot visuals for every other song on the EP while getting his music to as many ears and eyes as possible.

This Friday Skyz Metro FM welcomes Asaph to its family of presenters as host of Good Time Fridays.Asaph takes over from Mjox who has been reasigned to host the Vuka Vuka breakfast show at the Bulawayo radio station.

Good Time Fridays airs between 10 PM and 12 midnight.Asaph says the show is all about spreading good vibes all over the city so the playlist is gonna be filled with feel good bops from various genres.The show's timing just before the weekend means its the perfect introduction to the weekend so a lot of club bangers will be played to get people into turnup mode wherever they are.

Being an artist himself Asaph understands the struggle to 'get on' so he will shine a light on Bulawayo's talent by profiling Djs and upcoming artists during the show.When asked how his new gig will affect his music career Asaph pointed out that the radio show need not affect his career negatively seeing as its a music show and his brand is music.A buoyant Mr Good Times said he was confident people will rock with his show and fall in love with what he plans to do with it.

When one speaks of young talent on the comeup as far as the Zim Hip Hop scene is concerned Tanto Wavie is definitely a trailblazer.Be it in production or serving trappy waves behind the microphone Tanto is very talented and as such a lot of people were genuinely happy when he scooped best newcomer at the 2018 Zim Hip Hop Awards.One taint to his budding legacy however has been his obsession with making follow ups to Takura's moves and  releases but it seems he is ready to become his own man.

For his second visual of the year Tanto Wavie pays homage to an OG from his city John Chibadura.The video was directed by SimDoc and it sees Tanto and his squad dressed in attire popular in John's time as Tanto schools the youngins about a time before trap when it was the norm for Chicken bus drivers to play whole Chibadura albums on the long journeys to Egoli.

The song is a refreshing look at what Tanto could be outside Mr Okay Okay's shadow but Tanto being Tanto we did catch a subliminal jab at Takura.At the start of the video Tanto overlooks a tape written Noise (Takura's latest release) and picks one written Tanto which he proceeds to play.We just hope this is a visual metaphor revealing how Mr Wavie will now soley focus on his craft.

Last year around this time Vimbai Zimuto released her video for a song titled Hapana Kwaunoenda directed by Simba Gee.The hyper sexual video featured Vimbai clad in sexy lingerie unapologetically telling her man that she had turned on freacko mode and he was not going anywhere.The video proved to be a very polarising artistic showing with some applauding her for being so daring while a few hypocrites conveniently forgot the explicit content on their phones and called Miss Zimuto all sorts of names while hiding behind the "Showing skin is immoral and very much not African" mantra.

It turns out Vimbai was not fazed by these comments and as she celebrates the one year annivesary of her video she took to Facebook to post a spicy picture that already has tongues waging.In the picture her behind is on full display while her hands shield her breasts with a caption that suggests she is following the footsteps of her ancestors who were comfortable in their own skins.

Once again opinions have been diverse with some applauding her for her bravery while others were quick to call her out for being UnAfrican in the way she conducts herself.Vimbai herself is taking it all in her stride calling this particular photo just a teaser of steamier pictures coming to our timelines as she gets ready to drop a video she says will be more passionate than Hapana kwaunoenda around monthend.

One burning question that will undoubtebly remain as more videos of a similar nature are released is 'As Africans can we only embrace nudity,explicit content and content with an adult feel if it comes from abroad?'One thing thats  clear however is that foward thinking consumers of artistic excellence will gobble up the eye candy Miss Zimuto is currently cooking up in the kitchen.

Sometime last year King 98 took a trip to Nigeria and he managed to link up with Davido.The two worked on a single titled No Bad Vibes which was produced by King 98's go to producer Alie Keyz who also happens to be Cassper Nyovest's inhouse producer.A video was also shot and it was subsequently released in January this year.

King 98 has always caught a lot of flack for his talent or lack thereof but i strongly believe the Davido song is a step in the right direction not to mention a vast improvement when compared to his previous offerings.Its the sort of song that doesnt scream exceptional but with the right plugs and marketing it can comfortably sit on continental television and radio stations for quite some time.

But thats exactly the problem considering the talent and resources at King 98's disposal.The Impala Car Rental heir apparent needs to utilise the time he rubs shoulders with African music giants to hone his craft,negotiate for features that make sense and ultimately make the best material he can which must be undeniably good.He can then use the aforementioned resources he has plus connections to sup in the top tier of African Showbiz.Alie Keyz has crafted quite a number of hits for the Family Tree camp and with his expertise and young Dondo's passion for music,decent nay brilliant music can be delivered to our ears.

Then again we might be judging King 98 too harshly and he is already in Super Saiyan mode what with his upcoming album launch set for 1 May at Wingate Golf Club.The event has a star studded lineup that includes Nasty C,Davido,Nadia Nakai,ExQ,Tamy Moyo,Union 5 among others.In that regard it remains to be seen if King 98 will embrace his blessings and conquer Africa or if he will settle for mediocre songs with big names.

Technology has vastly changed the way in which earthlings consume their music as well as the pace at which they consume that very same music.Every other minute something new is uploaded on the internet and in this era where hype often trumps talent its really easy to miss out on good music.Here are five videos that might have passed you by which we believe deserve some contact with your eyes.

First up is Pro Beatz's Very Limited Edition produced by Mclyne Beats and filmed by Simdoc Films.Pro Beatz has a knack for acing everything he tries his hand at be it comedy,winning international beat boxing contests and with rap its no different.Pro Beatz adopts a trappy flow to declare how individuals like him are very rare and with his bag of skills we cant help but agree.

Next up is H3nry's rap rendition of Bryson Tiller's Sorry Not Sorry shot by Director AM.The one take video sees H3nry in his rappity rap bag floss about chopping it up with Cassper and Ice Prince,drop some gems to inspire the kids before making a vow that he will take the gang to the grammies.This very same piece of art got H3nry into the Empawa Africa top 100 and Bryson Tiller himself had to double tap a clip from the video posted on Instagram.

We also have Tashamiswa's Crew off her 2018 tape Established 99.The song was produced by Amvis Instrumentals with shots by Something Fizzy being edited by Sir Peter.Crew is just Tasha on her big girl shit showcasing her skills on the mic while her crew has a good time in the background.

Another video Zim Hip Hop fans might have missed is Meister's Vacheche featuring R Peels.The video is the fourth visual offering from Meister's forthcoming Sekutamba Sekuseka album.The song takes the concept of how babies are always being held and aligns it with how ghetto youthies are always high because kubatwa can mean being held for babies as well as being high for youthies.

Last but not least is Stunner's Maindiitisa produced by the good folk at No Limits.Maindiitisa is a rant towards life and society and the irony intertwined with the two.Society basically prepares you for a life it knows you might never taste from the moment you are born.As such you are equipped with skills to help you face the world but when you grow you realise the skills are either redundant or inadequate leaving you feeling used.