On the second of March 2019 Tiffcake and Cal_Vin linked up in Bulawayo where they both perfomed at Cal Vin's Nhliziyo Unplugged concert.Previously they had talked about collaborating over the phone and after the event they went to work at Kontrol Studios.

The result is Khatshana a song likely to find favour among lovebirds currently negotiating the tricky terrain thats any long distance relationship.The Vin handles the chorus and a verse while Tiffany switches from crooning to raps for a superb verse as both rappers admit that their long distance relationship has its challenges though they vow to make it work pinning their hopes on love to help them chart stormy seas.

If all goes according to plan we might be getting more work from Cal Vin and Tiffcake plus a video is reportedly in the works as well.

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Donald Dodger Marindire

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