April 2019

When the sages of old said 'Seeing is believing' Crooger took it to heart and applied that same sentiment to his craft.Crooger has made sure every other song from his Shumba Inoruma album gets the visual treatment or a lyric video at least.In recent times his gT Beats produced bop HamuNewsndiudzire has been blessed with a lyric video courtesy of SimDoc Films and Murda Arts.The joint is titled Hamundiudzire and its about being confident enough in your skills and the journey you have travelled to be able to tell nonbelievers that their failures do not define you or the path you are travelling

Conversations around mental health and depression are at an alltime high though nowhere near the levels they should be considering how pertinent these issues are to a broken society.Artists are playing their part by using their mediums of choice to raise awareness about these issues often documenting their own experiences to try and do away with the stigma surrounding mental health issues especially in African societies where such struggles are often overlooked as rich people/Western problems.Chitungwiza's very own Brythreesixty has adressed mental health issues in his music before but not as vividly as he does in his new offering aptly titled Depression.

The song which he dropped with a video shot by Director Dave tackles depression,the suicidal thoughts it often inspires while trying to keep up the hopes of those tackling depression.Brythreesixty says the song is self inspired as it draws from his experiences as an artist who always feels anxious and alone even though he has a large following of people who claim to be his fans.He says he is thinking of making the single part of a bigger project because he believes it will help a lot of people in similar circumstances.

Nutty O  has often been touted as Zimdancehall's key to crack the elusive continental market.The ABX general's mastery of patois plus a discography filled with potent dancehall joints has seen him rock stages locally and outside Zimbabwean boarders with ease.He has shared the stage with the likes of Romain Virgo and put in work with Etana on her chart topping,grammy nominated reggae album.

Over the weekend he was back at it holding his own on a stage boasting of veterans like Patoranking,Winky D,Jah Prayzah among others.At a press conference for that particular show Nigerian superstar Patoranking hailed Nutty O's music and even sang a few lines from Nutty's joints.To cap off a successful weekend he decided to drop a video for his latest single 'Vroom' this morning.

Vroom was produced by Rodney Beatz with Studio Art Pictures shooting and directing the video.The song is an anthem for people with the ability to ignore bad vibes and drive off from negative energy when it threatens to mess up their inner peace.The video was shot on location at a race course and it features Nutty's O friends alongside a wide array of beautiful cars.

In case you have been living under a rock the year is 2019 and  President Emmerson Mnangangwa's son Emmerson Mnangagwa Jr is in the habit of dropping beautiful music from time to time under the moniker St Emmo.In case there was a rock on top of the one you live under St Emmo's partner of choice when making magical music is extremely talented guitarist Sylent Nqo.The two have previously linked up on Love Default which appears on St Emmo's  ABSTRACTICA album just like their latest offering Love Reset

For their latest collaboration St Emmo and Sylent Nqo added the vocal talents of Stan C.The result is a genre bending video thats a crossroads of sorts between house music,hiphop and sungura and other sounds we cant name with certainity.The song was produced by St Emmo at So Sick Records with Sylent Nqo working his magic fingers on the guitar that accompanied Stan C's raps and melodies.For the video lush green maize fields,burning cars,the fire department and smiling children all make an appearance in front of Nate's camera with direction by Director Teekay

From the jump R Peels has made his love for Urban Grooves clear and he has not been shy to acknowledge its influence on his music.On his debut album he sampled Ronnie's Mazuva Ose for the album intro before interpolating Maidei for Nhai Bae.As he puts in work for his third studio album whose working title is God My Therapist Peels has continued to tap into Urban Grooves for inspiration.He says its the music he grew up listening to and by sampling it he is invoking feelings of nostalgia to those who grew up in that era while introducing the genre to youngins who might have missed its peak.

His latest release is titled Zvaunoda and its set to appear on an album whose release date is August  2019.The song features Natasha Muz on the chorus and it revisits Mafriq's classic Ndizvo Cheto.The song is a conversation between a disfunctional couple who are on the brink of calling it quits.Each party blames the other party for not being sincere and true to the relationship claiming all the other lover wants is to cause untold suffering on an innocent soul who went into the relationship expecting an overdose of love.

If you thought the Its Nation Inc duo of Fun F and N Jay Oh are making a video and a remix for each track off their January release titled Tsika Dzemagevha you are probably right.After getting Metaphysics on the Gandanga remix the boys are back with the remix for Pena and it features none other than Jnr Brown aka the Dreadlocked Hustler/Hook Killer.As with the previous remix Fun F sticks to production while N Jay Oh handles the second verse and chorus with Breezy opening up proceedings with a fire verse.

Speaking on how they secured the ever elusive Breezy verse Fun said he enjoys a good working relationship with Jnr Brown and the two actually have work cooking in the oven.When Breezy heard the original song it sounded like a perfect fit for him and he came and laced his verse overnight with Fun tweaking the original instrumental a bit to stoke the flames.Football references and street slang are a staple in this collaboration about having a clear cut shot at greatness unbothered by any obstacles much like a penalty kick

Takura and Young Nash are surely the dream team of R & B love bops because everytime they link up they create magic.The two previously worked together on Takura's Relationship Goals EP whose production was handled by Young Nash.Now they are back with Zvemoyo with help from Spirit Fingers with another frequent Takura collaborator Director AM directing the video.

Zvemoyo is a love story that reiterates the old age adage that matters of the heart are best left to the two people going through them.Takura tries to reassure his wifey that while outsiders will say whatever to break up a couple he will be damned if he lets them mess up the good thing he has with Mrs Takura.At the time of going to press Takura's video was the number 1 trending video in the country with over 60 000 views inside 3 days which is quite rare for hiphop acts this side of the equator.

Just when we thought Asaph was taking a hiatus from music to focus on his new gig as a Skyz Metro FM host he hit us with the news that he was almost finished with a project titled The People's Rapper EP.Details about the EP are coming in bits and pieces but what we know is AyKay and Larynx are behind the production so some good tunes are likely to be served seeing as they have both produced fire for Asaph in the past.

Asaph has linked up with Urban Legend Pictures to document the whole process and give it to the people via a Web Series thats currently two episodes strong.The first episode takes us behind the scenes as Asaph does a photoshoot for Kwanthuthu Magazine.During shoot he takes some time to tell us about how Bulawayo is a cultural hub as well as what it was like to come up with homeboys who are lacing crazy designs in the fashion world for the likes of Ara Kani,Stars 29 and Shade Of Grey

In episode two we get to see Asaph create magic with Larynx at Certified Music studios.We get a sense of the direction The People's Rapper EP will take as Asaph once again manages to fuse groovy vibes with potent lyrics about his calling and his vision for the youth of Zimbabwe.As the release date for the project gets nearer and nearer keeping your eyes on Asaph's youtube channel will no doubt reward you with an insider's look into how one of  Bulawayo and Zimbabwe's new school icons creates heat for speakers the world over.

At this point in time Ndebele Rap Queen Awa Khiwe can safely apply for European citizenship and we would not fault her.The talented rapper from the Bulawayo township of Makokoba has been overseas for such a long time putting in work all the while staying true to her Ndebele roots and making her people proud.In the years she has been abroad she has been in studio with German hiphop royalty Ghanaian Stallion as well as South African House scene legend Dj Tira for heat we hope to hear on her debut album.AWA whose name stands for African Women Arise has also joined hands with other likeminded females from around the world for the GRRRL project a collective of super talented women who have killed stages all over Europe while spreading their message of how powerful the girl child is.

Awa's story has been so phenomenal that award winning documentaries have been made about her and her story.Did we mention how she closed the 2018 Common Wealth Games with a sick perfomance?In 2019 her tour schedule looks to be just as busy with a number of gigs already lined up for her for May and April.If you are in Germany make sure to catch her in the following cities on the accompanying dates:

BERLIN              - 20 April

BREMEN            - 26 April


FRANKFURT       - 14May

STUTTGART       - 17 May

MUNICH              - 20 May 

LEIPZIG               - 23 May

DORTMUND       - 31May

When career diplomat and provincial hero Stephen Chiketa welcomed a bouncing baby boy into the world in Moscow on the 9th of April 1983 he certainly did not imagine his son would drop out of University to pursue a rap career.A lot of factors would however conspire to make a career in the creative sector inevitable for the ambassador's son Chitariso Chiketa.Take for example how globe trotting with his father led him to London as a 6 year old where he subsequently met a white kid called Jeremy.Jeremy asked him if he could rap before flexing with Mc Hammer lyrics when Chita failed to drop bars thus matchmaking Chita with Hip Hop from a tender age.

The artist we used to call Mc Chita would later own Nas's It Was Written album,start writing raps in his teenage years before laying his first verse on a Brown Sugar track in 2003.In a bid to raise funds to make an album and prove to his father that rap could pay bills Chita would become a hypeman for Djs in local clubs and it was during these days when he got the moniker Mc Chita because one promoter was not impressed with the alias Chita was using then (Cytaen) choosing to announce Chitariso to the audience as Mc Chita a name that has stuck to this very day.

Mc Chita or Zimbiyana Jones as he likes to call himself these days is a workaholic who has released 8 albums in his long career namely Destination Reality
Hitbangers Pungwe Mixtape
263-4 The Hustle,The Struggle,The life
Kings Rendezvous
The Ambassador's Son
Red,Gold and Green
iChitarisiro 1
iChitarisiro 2

His musical journey has seen him share the stage with a wide range of artists from Sean Paul,Oliver Mtukudzi,Cassper Nyovest,Gyptian and Salif Keita in countries like Jamaica,Cuba,Kuwait,America,Spain and Sweden.The awards and nominations have been plenty from Best Male,Best Album,Best Collaboration and even Best Radio Dj for his stint at Zi FM hosting a hiphop show called The Fixx.His biggest song remains the Roki assisted Dandaro which peaked inside the top 5 of ZBC' s annual top 100 videos.

Life does have a tendency of spiking the good days with a dose of vile ones and Chitariso's darkest day is the day he was involved in a car accident in 2014.The accident left him injured and claimed two lives and Chita says the physical wounds might have healed but mentally he replays the incident every day and it still haunts him.

In recent times Chita has been trying his hand at writing with a horror  novel titled 'Sangoma Murders' on the way.Artist management and movie production are things Mc Chita is looking into as well.He also reckons his nomadic days are not over with a bucket list that includes sky diving,backpacking around the world and learning about as many cultures as possible.
Listen to One More Second

Crooger aka Shumba Inoruma (The lion that bites) is back with yet another commendable cinematic experience directed by SimDoc Films.This one is titled Handikendenge and its extra spicy because Crooger decided to use two different beats for the song enlisting the production skills of Mr Nobody and Pro Sounds Exclusive while gT Beats handled the final mix and master.

Just like its title suggests this particular offering is a nod to those individuals who give zero F words about what society thinks about them choosing instead to put their focus towards whatever projects they have going on.The video is stylized like a movie and it sees Crooger in the role of a mob boss meting out justice to a subbordinate who has swindled him.

Its only been a few days after Ti Gonzi was released from hospital after a horrific robbery but the Zvenyu hitmaker is already serving fans new heat.The HHYG boss has delivered an introspective visual masterpiece for Kufamba Murima with Leoy V behind the lens and Trinnie Beatz on audio production.

In the song Ti Gonzi admits his fate and the direction his life will take is out of his hands what with the various pitfalls and impediments to success rife on this road that is our existence.After consulting various oracles,churches and even colleges he has come to realise that the light he needs to see his destination,cleanse his sinful self and help him achieve his dreams is divinity itself.

The video was shot in a few locations but its message is crystal clear and its the perfect companion for Ti Gonzi's bars.We see Ti Gonzi caught between two rival factions representing good and evil both seeking to convert him to their side with good ultimately winning

Trap has undeniably saturated the Hip Hop market birthing a lot of subgenres in the process from Afro Trap,Country Trap to Trap Soul.A young rapper from Zimbabwe is putting his own spin to it with a sound he dubs Jecha Trap a nod to the hood which is often called 'KuJecha' in Shona slang.Born Nkosilathi Sibiya the young man whose stage name is Voltz was raised in Chitown and although he now stays in Borrowdale he says Chitown is still part of his DNA.

We first came across Voltz on Leoy V's youtube channel while browsing the interwebs and a joint titled Masinhi really snatched our wigs.The song features production from 808 fiend Mclyne Beats with Leoy V handling the visuals.The song is a bubbly uptempo trappy experience delivered in vernacular and Voltz is very much at ease switching flows and telling all and sundry about how he is the best thing that happened to trap since Future.

Voltz who cites his influences as Ti Gonzi,Takura,Shingi Mau Mau,Jigga and Kevin Gates is currently studying Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Zimbabwe.He credits Sanyati Baptist High School as the birthplace of his rap dreams as he used to freestyle on drum beats at that particular institution.Currently he does not have any plans to release a complete project preferring to drop a lot of singles till he catches his slice of the marketshare.

Its been ages since we got new Jungle Kid music.The Masvingo lyricist last popped up on our radars in July 2017 with his sophomore album Stone City.Fans of his sound will be glad to know that he has new heat out and more on the way.

Jungle has broken his musical hiatus with the title track of his upcoming EP Bata Mastreets.In as much as the other ventures he was dabbling in e.g The Poetry Slam Cafe,nurturing the next generation of Stay Fly Entertainment artists besides personal business were very much fruitful Jungle felt the time was right to step back into the booth and its like he never left.He shines on a boisterous Jonn The Producer instrumental with multilayered rhyme schemes and bars only Jungle can spit.

The single is going to be part of a full length Jungle project which has a winter release date.On the project he kept the features within his camp as Stay Fly soilders Newtone,Shian,Jawbreaker and Jordan are set to appear on the EP.Production is being handled by Jonn and Cyber 101 with Lyre doing the mixing and mastering.Jungle says the content of the album will be more relatable and user friendly with the title 'Bata MaStreets' alluding to the street science and societal wokeness carried on the tape.In addition Jungle promises to switch it up on the wordplaying and flows he normally uses saying those have been hijacked by some vernac cats leading to monotony.

In March a series of unfortunate events left Ti Gonzi battling for his his life in Hospital.The Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto head honcho and his manager had been travelling from Oskid's studio in Newlands in the wee hours of the morning when he boarded a taxi belonging to robbers.In the process of dispossessing Tinashe and his manager of their belongings the robbers stabbed Ti Gonzi on his head.Thankfully the attack was not fatal and the rapper is now recovering and has issued a public statement thanking God and those who stood by him during this ordeal.

Below is Ti Gonzi's full statement as seen on his social media accounts


So on the 18th of March i was seriously injured by robbers who stabbed me in the head by knives and took my possessions.I was coming from Oskid Productions late night and these guys almost killed me.I thank God almighty for sparing my life as Harare Hospital took care of me.Its been 5 days since I was discharged and I want to thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.Thanks to all friends and relatives who visited me it means a lot to me.On Monday iam dropping something to explain my current life.Love you all"

When Peter Moyo's father the legendary sungura icon Tongai Moyo passed away all eyes looked to him to keep the Utakataka brand afloat.The young lad had to exchange his beloved soccer boots for a microphone and some of his earlier music projects failed to find favour with fans of the band his father had founded.It was never any fault of his but the shoes he had been tasked to wear at such short notice were noticeably too big for most mortals.

Fast foward to the year 2019 and Tongai is surely smiling from the heavens at the musical exploits of his eldest son.Peter recently released a video for Musarapavana and many have hailed him for the pertinent message as well as the brilliant visuals which really drive the song's message home.Shot by NAXO Films the video also serves as a bridge for different generations of Zimbabwean music with legends like  Bob Nyabinde,Kapfupi,Progress Chipfumo sharing screen time with young turks like Andy Muridzo,Baba Harare,Gary Tight and Carlos Green.

Musarapavana is almost autobiographical in its approach with  Peter singing about how the death of the boss need not mean the closure of a company,instead its an opportunity for the young generation to show what they are made of and take the company to new heights.The video features a stubborn young man who wasted all the opportunities his father gave him to learn the family craft only to lament when the father passed away leaving him to keep his legacy alive.Luckily for him his father's friends mentor him till he is an accomplished musician in his own right.The Utakataka Express sound is very much present and fans of both Tongai and Peter Moyo will love this video which showcases how Peter has become his own man without losing his father's touch.

Jibilika Dance Trust will this Saturday 6th of April 2019 host an event in Glen-View 3 three dubbed POSITIVITY. The event will host a street parade in the community of Glen-View and Budiriro leading to the venue of the event. The HIV themed march will comprise of performances from a school brass band, skaters, dancers, acrobats, fire eaters, cheerleaders, artists, community organizations, students and HIV / AIDS organizations from Harare. 

The procession will end at Glen-View 3 Shopping center where 10-meter wide graffiti mural was set painted. The event will see the unveiling of the mural titled the PEPFAR Legacy project to mark 15 years of the US Embassy's US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief's existence and support towards ending HIV in the country through various initiatives and funding. 

The official guest will be Dr. Shirish Balachandra the  Country Director for the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in Zimbabwe. Several dignitaries are expected to attend. 

The event will showcase several artists such as Ba Shupi, Dereck Mpofu, Albert Nyathi, beatboxer Probeatz, dancehall sensation Kadjah, Dingo, artists resident from the community such as Fireman, Fli Floppers, Nargee, and Dj Gunshot.

It will also have a dance battle where the winner will dance away with $350 prize. During the event, there will be several booths with organizations providing information and sexual reproductive health services, free testing and counseling.

The event is a continuation and last part of the POSITIVITY campaign we started in December 2018 that saw us produce a song and video with 12 young amazing Zimbabwean artists that include Tamy Moyo, Probeatz, Masa, D-Blok, Vera, Dingo, Biscky Likho, Nargee, Mwenje Mathole, Maestro IV, Nutty O and Alchemy. After the launch, Jibilika went into several communities and hotspots raising awareness through engaging performances, distribution of CD /DVDs, stickers on public transport and PSI_Zimbabwe provided free counseling and testing. The Mural and a street parade were set as part of the activities which will now happen on the 6th of April 2019 in Glen-View 3, Harare. 

Our goal is to immortalize the crucial message on HIV prevention and celebrate the achievements of the society in fighting stigma, reducing new infections and for everyone infested to seek early treatment. We thought a Grafitti mural could create that impact. A painting that speaks to the youth on HIV and celebrates the 15 years of PEPFAR’s work and support of improving health service delivery and get to end HIV in Zimbabwe. A Cool, youthful, colorful and visual that can easily communicate to the community and go viral as people take pictures, videos etc on it and share. The mural was painted by Caligraph duo of Marcus Zvinavashe and Nyasha Jeche.

The Mural is the last Part of PEPFAR's 15th Anniversary commemorations which Jibilika started in December of last year with a 15-day outreach campaign we started last year in December as a continuation of our Step Up 2 Hiv project. 


Jibilika Dance Trust is a youth run Non-Prot Organisation that promotes various elements of youth culture for positive social engagement, economic empowerment and youth development founded in 2007. Our work empowers the voices and creative skills of young people through innovative artistic programming, mentorship, and training in schools and communities. We work on strategies and training to professionalize young upcoming artists, spreading messages focusing on positive life choices, especially with regards to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and drug abuse in the country.

For 6 Years we have been running an award-winning HIV / AIDS intervention and awareness program called STEP UP 2 HIV with support from the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)


The US President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief is an initiative to address the global HIV/AIDS epidemic and help save the lives of those suffering from the disease, primarily in Africa. The focus of the PEPFAR program is to achieve epidemic control, which is defined as the point at which new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths have decreased and new infections have fallen below the number of AIDS-related deaths.

Words by Plot Mhako

Tehn Diamond is one really social dude and he has made it a point to conversate with his fans and peers on the regular.In recent times this has evolved into the 'A Tribe Called Tisu Ngoda Dzacho' community which borrows its name from lyrics off Tehn's Simudza Gumbo joint.The community discusses various issues from Tehn's music,what he is going through in his personal life,mental wellbeing and the various facets of human existence with Tehn steering the conversation via his Instagram,Twitter,Youtube and Facebook.

Recently the issue of Tehn Diamond consuming Tehn Diamond music came up on microblogging site twitter.Tehn went on to list his top 5 Tehn Diamond tracks and they are as follows:

1. The Perfect Tehn

2. Be Amazing

3. The Year Before Rap

4. Forever Here

5. Lost Sons 1 and 2

Tehn has a huge discography comprising of 3 Student Of The Game Mixtapes,collaborative albums with his Few Kings comrades and the A Few Good Poems album so the conversation naturally became a platform for fans new and old to list their five favorite Ngoda tracks.Which Tehn Diamond tracks would make the cut for your personal top five from his extensive catalogue?

Kuda Chiwamira aka Runit is known for different things by different people.For his social media followers he is the dude who uses humour to teach life lessons,for some he is an energetic perfomer whose onstage high jump  record has few who can top it aside from maybe Jah Signal.He is also part of that new breed of witty guys who tell funny stories accompanied by hillarious pictures in the form of threads,an activity that has seen him enter the influencer marketer field which has seen him partner with brands like Dragley Driving School,Bho Here Clothing,Gusto Couriers,Zuriey Web Solutions,Zim Ninja,Dee's Suit Studio and Four Faces Holiday Club among others.

All theseactivities however play second fiddle to his love for music which is why from time to time he blesses us with heavenly gospel reggae vibes.His latest release is a single titled Munonzwa produced by Hughclaid Kalino and its his first solo single since  July 2018's Buda.Runit says Munonzwa is basically him bragging about how Jehovah fights for him spiritually even as challenges too heavy for his mortal shoulders threaten to mess with his faith.

The single will be part of his fourth studio album titled Yerah Yerah which has a September 2019 release date all things being equal.An interesting thing to note is how Runit is incoporating his love for threads and memes into his music with a meme lyric video he worked on for Munonzwa coming our way soon.He also says his music has received a boost in terms of reception and fans of his humour and threads have been converted to fans of his music which has seen a rise in the number of people who folllow his music.
Download Munonzwa Here