May 2019

At this point one would be forgiven for calling Kapcity Nomadic K.The Miami based rapper has moved around so much starting of in his native Harare,passing through Capetown and finally landing in Miami.His aliases too have not been constant changing from Lil Keith,Kapital K and now Kapcity.Throughout that period he has consistently dropped work in the form of songs,mixtapes,visuals and E.Ps the latest of which is Overqualified.

The seven track project is likely to pave way for his debut studio album and it features H3nry and Cal Vin.From the coverart to the actual music Kapcity uses the E.P to touch base on issues that have followed him since he began rapping.Issues like not having a hit song,dumbing it down,glorifying drugs like his peers all get their fair share of studio time.Issues around family are not taboo as Kapcity talks about being ashamed of a father who gave him his last name,his mother wanting him back in Zimbabwe even as the paperchase makes that unlikely not to mention not being as close as he should be to his siblings
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When it comes to young  exciting female voices in Zimbabwe any list that leaves out Tamy Moyo would be the opposite of legitimate.Tamy who happens to be the  daughter of  radio host Richard RK Kohola has made it her life mission to outdo herself with each new release.Her first offering in 2019 is the amazing Kwandinobva which is set to appear on her sophomore album dropping at a date to be announced.

On production she chose Dj Tamuka who worked his magic like always while Andy Cutta's impressive camerawork brought the song's visuals to life.Kwandinobva is a celebration of one's roots and background and its dedicated to those who are not ashamed of where they come from.The video celebrates various facets of Zimbabwean life and culture with clothing as well as dance styles from the motherland on full display.

The world we live in is filled with many uncertainities and possibilities we can not foretell with certainity.One thing  that is clear is that a person is born,that person lives and ultimately that person dies.When the grim reaper finally  knocks at one's door one would wish to have left his mark on the world and put in enough work for the world to remember him by.

That very premise is the crux of Qounfuzed and Ti Gonzi's latest collaboration.Titled Mundirangarirewo this song by the frequent collaborators/lifelong friends takes the form of a docuvideo by Stan Joni.Various highlights of the duo's careers as well as the highs and lows are shown on screen as fans sing their praises.Peers in the Industry from Fantan,Freeman,Hillzy,Noble Stylz,Rockford Josphats and Platinum Prince as well as friends and family members also make an appearance in this sentimental sonical biography.

In an era where trap,drug culture and turn up music is dominating it takes a special emcee to remain true to the essence of rap music in its purest unadulterated form.Noble Stylz is one such emcee who does not shy away from the realities of the world he lives in using various platforms at his disposal to highlight the scourges bedevling his people.Social media,music and vines have all been used to discuss publicly what others whisper in private by 'Papa' as he is affectionately known by those who drink  at his pool of knowledge.

His latest release Kanyika Kanaka started out as a hashtag whose deeper meaning was carefuly clothed in wit and humour.Eventually the hashtag birthed a proper facebook page as well as a song featuring Fun F.Kanyika Kanaka rubbishes the school of thought that uses emotional blackmail to insinuate that if one points out the troubles facing his country and the wrongdoings of his leaders that someone is not patriotic.The good,the bad and the ugly all get their fair share of publicity but the underlying theme is that we all need to collectively do better by our country if we are to have a country to do better by at all in the near future.