An apple does not fall far from the tree or as they say in Shona 'Mbudzi kudya mufenje hufanan'ina.Simply put one's offspring is likely to mirror one's beliefs,mannerisms and talent.That statement really rings true with Jah Prayzah's son Mukudzeyi Jnr who has previously wowed fans with his knowledge of art at his father's shows.Jnr seems to be fully embracing his father's artistic side as he is the leading star in the Dangerous video off Mukudzeyi Snr's Chitubu album.The fun and bubbly visual piece was directed by Vusa Blaqs and it also features popular radio personality Hazvineyi Sakarombe.

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Donald Dodger Marindire

A music historian,cultural curate and pop culture fundi dedicated to unearthing the brilliance of all things Zimbabwean

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