July 2019

After waiting for what seemed like eternity we finally got H3's Made In Zw aka +263 visuals courtesy of Mr Eazi and the good folk at Empawa Africa.H3nry's celebration of all things Zimbabwean features Hillzy and fam being fam the boys had to get Beatsmith on production while Director AM directed the video.H3 namedrops Zimbabwean staples old and new among them the Mugabe family,Jah Prayzah,Ginimbi,Victoria Falls,Kariba Dam,Strive Masiyiwa while showcasing various +263 landmarks all the while showcasing how dropping witty bars is slight work for him.

The story of the Zimbabwean Netball team has inspired a nation that often gets more Ls than it can handle to dream of brighter days and hope for glory in the world of sport.From underrated and underfunded minnows to favorites at the Netball World Cup in England where they stormed into the last 8 the Zim Gems indeed made the nation proud.Tales will be written and songs sung about their exploits but one Michael Chiunda is not waiting for tommorows to give the gems their roses while they can still smell them.

Michael teamed up with Ciya and Lloyd Soul to tear up a Texas beat in celebration of the Netball team's perfomance in Liverpool.The high octane Zim Gems dedication is titled We Up perhaps referencing the lofty heights our girls reached.Michael and company tell a tale of perseverance and rising above circumstances that mirrors the never say die attitude the Gems displayed at their historic World Cup debut.

After years of making an impact in the game via singles and collab projects Scrip Mula saw it fit to drop his debut solo album this year in June.On that particular album was a joint titled King Santa which he actually produced himself.That song has turned out to be the first joint to get visuals on the Scripian album courtesy of the camera work of SimDoc Films.The crispy fresh King Santa visuals feature the Mula Nation team taking over the capital at night for a royal outing complete with thrones,sleek rides and the papparazi taking pictures as King Santa drops princely bars about his journey from the bottom to the top of the game.

Cal Vin is hella active on his twitter account.When he is not informing the world how he is quitting alcohol for good because it has messed up so many of his personal relationships you will probably  find him leading Daddy/Parent Twitter in posting cute baby pictures.One particular tweet of his however left us scratching our heads and wondering about the true state of Bulawayo HipHop.The city is blessed with many talented hiphop artists but Cal Vin reckons only five have represented Bulawayo hiphopwise in the past five years.This is what he had to say
"Its been 
1. Cal Vin
2. Asaph 
3. Guluva Se7en
4. M.U.S.E theartist
5. Msizkay 

The faces of Byo Hip Hop Scene for the past 5 years we need more competition fellas. No sayin u good coz your girlfriend says u are, prove it by putting in work"

We are still not sure if Cal's personal list was numbered in order of prominence but we'll be damned if a few visits to the feeling station dont follow Dat Luveve Boy's tweet.Do sound off in the comments section about your particular   top five list of rappers  who have represented Bulawayo.

2019 is looking like a good year for Yung Tyran and fans of Tyran's music.The SA based emcee has hinted at a collaboration with K.O after KO publicly gave him props for his fire music on twitter.Talk of a project whose working title is 'Lost Boy' coming soon has been rife and did we mention how we have lost count of singles homey has released this year alone.One of the singles 'No Problems' was in this week's Metro FM  Absolute HipHop chart hosted by Lootlove and Dj Speedstar.
Most rappers would be content with this level of success but for Tyran this is but the beggining.As fans wait for Lost Boy he has vowed to drop weekly content on the interwebs and with two sessions in we are astute believers.The content thus far has taken the form of concentrated bars packaged in short clips for the Tube.

Fans of local film and the environment are in for a treat with the looming release of Gonarezhou The Movie.The film is a great example of how saving mother earth and conserving our flora and fauna need not be boring if the recently released trailer for the movie is anything to judge by.The film's social media handles classify the movie as a Crime Drama directed by Sydney Taivavashe for Nelned Pictures,Jubilee arts and Meso Maviri.The cast boasts of Tendaiishe Chitima,Edward Sandifolo,Tinashe Nhukarume,Tariro Washe,Charles Mzembi,Charlene Mangweni and Jackson Chivhanga.

Gonarezhou might be a fictional film but the issues of poaching,human versus wildlife conflict it deals with are very much real.The movie follows the life of one Zulu who is an acclaimed musician in his dreams while his reality is that of a drunkard battling to make lemonade out of the various lemons life throws at him.He ends up bonding with a group of poachers who become his family until Cupid steps in and introduces Thulo whom our antihero falls head over heels in love with.Love is many things but it definitely isnt food so Zulu must do one last job before he can escape the chaos and mayhem of a poacher's life with his new bae.The film is yet to get a release date but you can peep the trailer below and follow @GonarezhouTheMovie on social media for updates.

The good folk at No Limits excel at damn near every genre they dabble in but when it comes to afropopsque Zimbo vibes with an Urban feel they are hard to match.Remember the magic they conjured with Ishan and Ti Gonzi's Kure and before that Crooger and Stunner's Joy.It seems with Medic's debut record 'Tsvodi' they might have struck liquid gold once again.

Production was handled by Jamal and Gangster Made It while the video director is No Limits's go to partner in crime Leoy V.Medic said the song was inspired by his grandparents and how they got old in love together though he customized the story for a modern audience.The young lad who gives Kutama Primary School credit for unlocking his creative  juices and South Africa for refining them has some more heat in the vault which is coming very soon.We are definitely rooting for this bop to go far and we patiently wait for Zimbabwe to be infected by the Medic Bhadha fever just like we have.

If things go according to plan we might be getting a solo Tehn Diamond project this year possibly before the summer.Details about the project are still scarce but Tehn did take to twitter to clarify a few details.After a fan asked if the upcoming project was a Few Kings group offering Tehn's answer was 'NO' telling the fan to listen to The Feeling Aint Fear for pointers as to when the next Tehn,Breezy,Take Fizzo album would drop.Other fans asked if Tehn featuring Takura on this drop was a possibility and Tehn seemed to agree replying "Thats the spirit".King Ngoda is pretty confident this album will perfom well on the slapometer telling fans his album is 'very good' and they should do their favorite rappers a favour by telling said Faves Tehn who happens to rap very well said hi.

Unfortunately we might not be getting any videos for this offering with Tehn saying
"I'm not dropping any videos though. 
I hate being on set and I don't understand why I have to make a video when I already made music.
You’ll get lyrics and you’ll get audio. 
I'm not shooting a video in this economy, ain't enough ZESA for that"
As we wait for Tisu Ngoda Dzacho season to return do tell us which artists you wanna see featured on this project.

Last week Buffalo Soulja woke up feeling very royal and proceeded to go online to tell the world he was the legitimate King of African Dancehall calling other  African dancehall acts usurpers.He had one specific target Ghanaian superstar Shatta Wale whom he called out by name on microblogging site Twitter.The two chanters then went back and forth in a mini twar referencing achievements,hit songs,international cosigns from Beenie Man and Vybz Cartel,followers on social media and awards won.Shatta Wale decided to put the whole thing on wax putting out a Buffalo Soulja diss song 'Fool Boy' a song which Ghanaians world over are claiming is the hottest diss song since Tupac's Hit them up.

Not to be outdone Buffalo Soulja dropped his own diss record aimed at Wale aptly titled 'Rest In Peace Shatta Wale'.Opinions are divided as to who won the first round but Buffalo once again took to twitter to thank his Zimbabwean fans for having his back in his tiff against Shatta Wale whose army of twitter followers is over a million.Speaking on the difference between local and continental beef Buffalo Soulja had this to say
"My people I wan start by thanking you for the defense throughout this war.Please remember if any of the local artists fight amongst themselves take sides  but if we are fighting an international war defend the country ‘away with self hate ‘away with being our own enemy"

For those that read whats written in the stars (reading the stars being French for staying online 24/7,sharing memes,twaring when the need arises and staying on the lookout for fresh music drops) a Ti Gonzi meets Gary Tight collab was inevitable.There was that one shout out Ti Gonzi gave Gary on Kure "Tenge tiri patight bvunza Gary" and who did not see Gary Tight on Gonzara's MaBazooker,Enzo nemaPumacol video.As such it was only a matter of time before fans of these two young  talented artists got the song they were craving for.

The collab arrived as a  video with Studio Art Pictures directing the visuals while Mars On The Beat handled audio production.Titled Zviroto the song explores the good and bad aspects of dreams both the literal and aspirational kinds.While one has dreams of bettering his circumstances and elevating himself the universe might have other ideas and end up thwarting one's goals.In a similar manner when one's foes are dreaming of stopping one's gravy train to greatness the aforementioned universe might step in to make sure those dreams remain just that...dreams.

If one was to conduct a census of the  beautiful musical voices which have emerged from Zimbabwe leaving out Tererai Mugwadi's name would be very blasphemous.The songstress rose to prominence during the Urban Grooves era with catchy yet emotional tunes like Waenda and Tinodanana.Her silky voice made her a natural choice for choruses on rap songs which needed  smooth vocals and she excelled in that arena too as Maskiri's NaMwari which she was part of easilly proves.

However being in the limelight comes with as much cons as it does pros and it does not help when you battle personal demons in front of millions of spectators.During her years on the music scene Tererai has had her fair share of controversies ranging from a very public battle with alcoholism that culminated with a culpable homicide charge not to mention a sextape of hers which did the rounds on these digital streets.All these factors seem to have affected the songbird leading to her announcing her departure from the music industry via Facebook.Below is the emotional and touching  post in full:

"I never thought I would ever find myself facing such a day. Music and me have been besties since i can remember. It used to rock my world...it moved my soul and i believed that it was a calling from God to help people face their day by giving them a little comfort and maybe joy...all through song. 
Music doesn't love me anymore and quite possibly its that im doing something wrong. I considered that maybe having started in Gospel music that i have taken the wrong road...maybe so but however hard I try....nomatter what i do its just not the same anymore.
Im so proud of some of the work I did manage to do and so happy that i got to be part of a world of brilliant musicians that ooze with talent and honestly the world just isnt ready!!!!
Im sorry about everything I ever did that hurt anyone.
It is with such a heavy heart that i have decided that music and me have come to the end of our road. I want to announce that im withdrawing from my former public life and i feel i have fulfilled my obligations and done all i can! Sometimes we have nothing but to accept that something has come to its end. It is indeed a bitter end. 

One Love Forever!!!"

'Its Hillzy in the building' and if his work ethic is anything to judge by the talented musician/producer does not plan on evacuating the building anytime soon.From collaborations,feature verses and solo joints Hillzy has been blessing the game with a lot of new music this year.His latest release is a Beatsmith and  Mr Masinhi production featuring a solid verse from Drew The Mc.The song is titled 'Chikuru Kufema' and it sees Hillzy trying to navigate the thin line between his dreams of greatness and the nightmares of faltering that often taunt those.In the end he vows to keep going because 'pasi pemuto pane nyama' which loosely translates to 'i will keep digging in the broth till i find the meat thats surely there'