If things go according to plan we might be getting a solo Tehn Diamond project this year possibly before the summer.Details about the project are still scarce but Tehn did take to twitter to clarify a few details.After a fan asked if the upcoming project was a Few Kings group offering Tehn's answer was 'NO' telling the fan to listen to The Feeling Aint Fear for pointers as to when the next Tehn,Breezy,Take Fizzo album would drop.Other fans asked if Tehn featuring Takura on this drop was a possibility and Tehn seemed to agree replying "Thats the spirit".King Ngoda is pretty confident this album will perfom well on the slapometer telling fans his album is 'very good' and they should do their favorite rappers a favour by telling said Faves Tehn who happens to rap very well said hi.

Unfortunately we might not be getting any videos for this offering with Tehn saying
"I'm not dropping any videos though. 
I hate being on set and I don't understand why I have to make a video when I already made music.
You’ll get lyrics and you’ll get audio. 
I'm not shooting a video in this economy, ain't enough ZESA for that"
As we wait for Tisu Ngoda Dzacho season to return do tell us which artists you wanna see featured on this project.

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