August 2019

After a slew of solid feature verses everyone's favorite dreadlocked hustler/hook killer is back on his solo boy shenanigans.Having previously posted a snippet of a song he was working on with the good folk at No Limit Jnr Brown has finally released a potential summer anthem titled 'Loud'.The song is the first Breezy solo offering in over a year and it was released under the KYN imprint which was responsible for yesteryear Jnr Brown bops like Maria,We Run It and Tongogara.Rumours of KYN initiating   Breezy season with the release of the long awaited Breezy solo album have been whispered and it remains to be seen if every Zim Hip Hop fanatic's wet dream is about to be realized.

As for the new single the song  has Ma Drinks era Breezy vibes what with the thumping beat and his signature authoritative delivery.The subject matter too has Madrinks nostalgia written all over it as Jnr Brown assures a pretty lass that everything from drinks to her upkeep is catered for all she has to do is too look fly on the dancefloor while using her pretty mouth to feed on his funds instead of being a loudmouth for no reason.

When four friends link up chemistry is almost always a given.If one of them is a super dope producer and the other three can rap then a fire song is a must.Afrow Zenda handpicked three close friends from the new school who can really rap well to make that possibility a reality and the result is hella nice on the ears.

Chizzoe,R Peels and Shiddoh Brown showcase their rapping skills on an Afrow Zenda beat to bring to life the old age adage of 'Plata or Plomo' as layed out by one Pablo Escobar.The reasoning behind the idea being that in this game called life one has but two choices i.e silver or lead.In this instance silver stands for money and lead stands for bullets,as such one has the choice to go extra hard for the paper or die.Plata or Plomo is set to appear on an Afrow project titled Mshika Shika which seeks to unite various Urban artists on mutually relatable joints

Two bells ring when you call Ti Gonzi's name as of late.The first points towards one of the most hardworking artists in Zimbabwe while the other rings for an introspective rapper telling everyday stories through wit and punchlines.Add two dudes who have moved alongside him for years namely Qounfuzed and Ti Gonzi and the result is magical as expected.

In Life Yangu this trio of friends chose Casper Beatz to produce a sentimental beat while Prozx directed the video which is in Black and White.Qounfuzed croons on the chorus while Noble Stylz and Ti Gonzi exchange bars about this creature we call life.The long and short of it is that life gets rather complicated with a mix of bad and good,the important thing being to somehow bear the bad as one awaits the rising of the sun.

Trust Dough Major to shake convention a bit when he puts out new music.Be it in his delivery or choice of beats which often carry a retro digongsque bounce Major likes to go against the conventional 'Hip Hop' sound.For his latest offering he taps Roman Raps labelmate Lloyd Soul and Ur Boi Jocka on production while Michael Chiunda helps with a verse.The song in question 'Hazvidi Dzungu' is a  fun and groovy joint which came complete with a video documenting friends enjoying a chillout session in the woods.Mitch Uta was responsible for cinematography while Malovers directed the video with Michael Chiunda handling scripting.

Two very impactful rappers from the current popping crop of Bulawayo Hip Hop have linked up for the super smooth 'Get Loose' single produced by Kid Cacci.The Asaph assisted joint is  M.U.S.E's fourth studio single of the year and its for hard workers who work hard at their crafts   and play harder when its time to chill and get loose.M.U.SE handles the chorus  with the lone Asaph verse sandwiched between M.U.S.E's two verses.

Tatendanhai's entry point into music can be traced back to a point in time when she was only 12 years old singing in the shower and having dreams of stardom like all of us.Unlike us she graduated from the shower to the booth around 2012 when she started recording singles and featuring on projects by other artists.Those projects never saw the light of day (did someone whisper Nas - Lost Tapes)  but she continued to work on her brand ultimately deciding to change how she handled her business in 2018.

In 2018 Miss Tatenda Masweka whom we affectionately know as Tatendanhai gave us a taste of what she has to offer when she dropped an official single titled Ungandidi under Dollarsign Music.Ungandidi is set to appear on her debut EP whose working title is 'Escape' and if things go according to plan we might be getting the project before the year is over.Before the project drops she is doing collaborations a case in point being 'Tamba Iyoyo' a song she did with Phreshy.

Currently Tatendanhai is juggling her music career with education and most of her days are in Malaysia where she is studying towards a degree.Speaking on the current state of the culture the femcee/singer acknowledged the growth and various improvements made as far as the music itself and the business side.Tatendanhai says she wants to play her part in amplifying the female voice in Zimbabwean rap while bringing positivity and growth to the game up to a point where our position in the global cluster of nations is very visible.Her music is available on most digital platforms under her stage name Tatendanhai

Gweru artist Steers recently launched his EP titled 'Something From Nothing'  in Gweru a week or so ago.The 7 track project was produced by King Kus,Larynx,Leekay,Lattitude and Rox.For features Steers featured Andreana,Shane Kushmo and Ti Gonzi.You can peep the project on these digital streets and tell us what you think.

If all goes according to plan we will be getting the GuiLaBron EP from Aguila a member of the Mutare based PATHUM crew this November.In case any Thomases were walking amongst us Aguila has already dropped 2 joints including a video from the upcoming project.The video in question is for the soulful 'Up and Down' directed by Ozay Malone with camera work from K.U Mapanzure and Admire Marlon as well as production from TuPoetik.

The GuilaBron EP is set to drop in November and the feature list is limited to PATHUM artists Kemmzy and Arthur Kay with production from TuPoetik.Aguila says the EP is basically a love letter to the ladies with content centred around women and how he interacts with them.When it comes to the sound the EP is gonna lean heavilly on that old school samples and drums vibe with enough soul to tug at the heart strings of fans of the old masters who gave us soundtracks to many an escapade whose inspiration was pure unadulterated love.

In keeping with tradition,today being the first Saturday of the month,Moto Republic will host its monthly Hustler's Market at number 3 Allan Wilson Avenue in Belgravia.The event is an urban creative market which has been in existence since 2015 and it links producers and sellers of cool and funky locally made  fashion,food,art,crafts and accesories with potential clients.August's edition will feature perfomances by exciting musical acts among them Kae Chaps,Nyasha Timbe,Tasha and Kaygee 40.The event will run from 12 pm up until 5 and entrance is free.See you there

It might be too early to call this but the numbers on the board are pointing towards Phreshy having the best female run in Zim Hip Hop for 2019.The pint sized yet fiesty diva from Kwekwe is currently on a press run pushing her new work an EP titled Muzambangwena.Having dropped a few well received  singles earlier Phreshy got into studio with a bunch of amazing people among them Daruler,Kikky Badass,Tatenda Nhai,Natasha Muz,WaMambo,King Avry,Jungle Kid and the Rap Orators for a full length project which boasts of production by Rayo Beats,Vic Enlisted and Afrow Zenda.

Explaining the EP's title and concept in a short video Phreshy likens herself to the Muzambangwena tree which stands tall in raging winds even though its not the tallest of trees.Put simply Phreshy much like that tree is the proverbial dynamite which comes in small packages but with a capacity to wreck havock on those who dare doubt its power.De Dynamite also finds time to give props to her hometown the city of gold Kwekwe which she cites as a huge inspiration despite its size and the general misconception that its only claim to fame is alluvial gold miners/makorokoza.

When the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi died tributes in all shapes and formats from across the world poured in.Since the man was a musical icon most of those tributes were bound to be in song and dance both artforms Tuku loved with his whole being.From the hip hop fraternity comes a tribute in bars in the shape of the VI League Cypher Volume 3 featuring Reap3r,KNG ED and Kayfelo with production by VI the Law.This particular cypher was shot by Massey on location in Highfields in front of a Caligrph mural that also celebrates Tuku and the beat which Reap3r and his comrades shredded to bits actually samples the Tuku cult classic 'Neria'

The Cava video by Liberaxe Beats and Ulenni Okandlovu is one of the most refreshing pieces of art i have come across in Zim Hip Hop thus far.The Mitch Uta directed visual piece combines street aesthetics,killer fashion,simplistic yet catchy ndebele raps and a beat you cant help but bop your head to.Liberaxe handled production while Ulenni whose titles include vocalist,rapper,fashionista,photographer was on vocals.Various personalities among them The Marcus Zw,Taflo,Afrow Poetiq,Taflo,Naborth Rizzla et al share their everyday street style while urging the viewer to 'Cava' or take a look because freshness shared is a fashionista love language.

Depression and mental health issues are some of the widespread scourges afflicting the internet generation but most people have continued to suffer in silence because of the stigma surrounding these issues and a lack of comprehensive knowledge about symptoms,tell tell signs as well as possible solutions to this epidemic.Its even worse in Africa where such problems are shrugged off as white/rich people problems resulting in self hurt and even suicide at times.Bulawayo rap artist and Mental Health advocate Indigo Saint has made it his life mission to change attitudes around mental health and his first step is the XOXA app.

Simply put the XOXA app is a mental health group chat sheltered from stigma and filled with mental health empaths who you can talk to at any given time when it seems like the dark clouds are gathering faster than usual.The app is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe and its the brainchild of Indigo and Friends Of Indigo among them a trained counselor, a lady who runs an NGO in the mental health field as well as other partners who want to help anoynmously.Kindly visit the app if you ever feel the need to talk to someone and do refer the app to friends who might need a safe space to help them talk about situations they are going through

Hip Hop has been many things since its formation but it has never been an idle stand aside guy when social commentary was the dish its followers ordered from its vast menu.As such in turbulent times it becomes a case of stating one's truth and relating one's message to the general populace without coming across as corny,opportunistic or boring.From the small town of Kwekwe comes Simba Mahachi and MD Riley who swear they are equal to that particular task though we will let the audience be the ultimate judges.

The two artists collaborated on a Dj Themba Remember production for a single titled Pindirayi.Pindirayi calls for divine intervention in regards to the current economic meltdown Zimbabwe is facing which has resulted in service delivery breaking down while making basic commodities luxuries overnight.Simba Mahachi says the song was inspired by the everyday plight of many Zimboz whom he says are now basically working for transport fares with basic commodities out of the reach of many.Do peep the joint below and tell us if the homeys from Kwekwe managed to deliver a song one can vibe to while meditating on the profound nature of its message.


Stream PINDIRAI the new song from Simba Mahachi. Featuring: MD Riley. Producer: DJ Themba Remember. Album: single. Added on: Jul 29th, 2019.