When the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi died tributes in all shapes and formats from across the world poured in.Since the man was a musical icon most of those tributes were bound to be in song and dance both artforms Tuku loved with his whole being.From the hip hop fraternity comes a tribute in bars in the shape of the VI League Cypher Volume 3 featuring Reap3r,KNG ED and Kayfelo with production by VI the Law.This particular cypher was shot by Massey on location in Highfields in front of a Caligrph mural that also celebrates Tuku and the beat which Reap3r and his comrades shredded to bits actually samples the Tuku cult classic 'Neria'

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Donald Dodger Marindire

A music historian,cultural curate and pop culture fundi dedicated to unearthing the brilliance of all things Zimbabwean

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