October 2019

While running his daily errands MDC vice president Tendai Biti and MP for  Harare East found time to visit Zim Dancehall hub 'Chillspot Records' where he kicked it with Levels and Ras Pompy.Being the digital kid he is,Honourable Biti had to selfie with the good folk at Chillspot before posting said selfies on his twitter account.Among the various people who engaged Biti on that particular post was Mudiwa Hood.

Mudiwa forever the strategist applauded the visit mentioning how artists young and old often look up to their members of parliament and influential political players.Mudiwa went a step further challenging Honourable Biti to liase with his peers in the August House so that a parliamentary seat representing the unique  needs of the creative sector is launched.Mudiwa admitted the move would be a first for Zimbabwe but he was very hopeful as to the impact the move would have on the arts sector thats often underrepresented or worse bundled up with other sectors whose needs are very different to those of creatives.

Three times  is the charm is a sentiment that rings true for Gilbert Kid and his music.Having dropped two albums previously 2017's Kaizen and 2018's Strive the Chitown native is back with his 3rd offering Godly Path.The 13 track project is a vast improvement to his previous projects from the content,beat selection to the feature list.

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Godly Path

Stream Godly Path, an album by Gilbertkid. Added on: Sep 23rd, 2019.

Gilbert says the album was inspired by personal events and circumstances.In the past Gilbert says he had lost his purpose by allowing society to determine said purpose.In 2019 the ball is firmly in his court and he is travelling the road less travelled,God's path. On production names like Rayo,COG,Jamal,Leekay,Cleff Jones chip in.Natasha Muz,Ti Gonzi,Sparta,Illmatrix and Krombs lend their voices with the Ti Gonzi assisted Out Of The Mud standing out.

Moto has been one  of the fan favorites from God My Therapist which happens to be the 3rd studio album by R Peels.The Mike Made Magic produced joint features stellar verses by R Peels and Ti Gonzi and it was only a matter of time before we got fire visuals for that heat.Sim Doc Films with their impressive resume were a natural fit for what might be the hardest R Peels video we have seen thus far.

Aesthetically both the video and the song have that 'real hiphop' feel with relevant  everyday rhymes and relevant everyday people imagery.Politics,society and rap skills all get a mention in Moto while the whole hood comes out to play in front of a bonfire and gritty ghetto back drops that make up the visuals for this song

It seems like aeons ago when Gemma teamed up withWinky D to reimagine the garden of Eden.Months later our favorite white girl is back with a scotcher to prove that covers,a Winky feature and not so clean Vans (those are a fashion item if you wondering) are not the only things she is known for.With Gara Pano Gemma fuses her Angelic voice,an epic Danny that guy intro plus a fuel line to give us the visuals we needed for summer.Her song is about wanting a lover to stay where she is while the visuals reinforce that same idea but with a fuel line and its reluctant followers being a metaphor for a lover who will stay for that good loving nomatter the consequences.