Maaaaan what a time to be alive.Artists and Corporates are cross collaborating across platforms and the results are getting better with each day.Take for example the new show by Big Bass Entertainment titled Switch Up which sees artists perform a song then switch up to the next joint in record time.

They are two episodes in and for their latest episode they tapped in Tyler Govinder aka Tyler King.Tyler a Member of The Higher Culture Mob (arguably one of the hardest Colored crews in the history of Zimbabwean rap) comes through serving dope raps on a trappy as fudge wave.I personally love The Mobb but i gotta admit solo tapes from all parties and collaborative slaps from all parties would be equally good for me

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Donald Dodger Marindire

A music historian,cultural curate and pop culture fundi dedicated to unearthing the brilliance of all things Zimbabwean

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