The bond between Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa was and remains undeniable even after they parted ways their soul ties ran that deep.That an element of toxicity was apparent in their relationship was never far from the surface with stories of substance abuse and domestic violence littering our Tabloids.With Sauro's death it was a no brainer Bounty would be beyond pained and would pay her respects to a former husband and perhaps life long lover.

As such Chimhamha was dully present at Chibaba's funeral and with the countless media houses haunting the funeral a few questions were always going to be levelled at her and they were.However its been weeks after we buried our icon but with our wounds still freshly cut his name is a commercial jackpot of sorts for content creators and those wanting a spike in numbers,likes and comments online.Enter culture vultures and opportunistic attention vampires who won't stop at anything for a 'scoop'.

Bounty deserves to tell her story but i believe she could maybe hold her brakes a little.Heartfelt tributes with nuances of flickering romance to a man you last talked to in 2018 and a media tour don't reflect on you being opportunistic but the people giving you those platforms and urging you on might not have your best interest at heart.Ngwendeza's story will be pierced together in good time and as an integral part of his life your takes will be essential but don't let those chasing trends and clout use you like they are using his name to push their own agenda.
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Donald Dodger Marindire

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