Chitown emcee 5Nazh aka Lincoln The Prezident has never shied away from adressing real life issues in his raps.His latest drop featuring Calisoka on the chorus doesn't deviate from that norm.Titled Zvine Basa rei the track was released in collaboration with Uncle Rhymes Records and sees The Real Beats on production.

Lincoln lays bare the soul of the ghetto on acoustic chords detailing how young males in the ghetto have resorted to borderline criminal activity to survive in a country where opportunities come dressed as your last name.Ladies don't have it any easier either with hunger at home,peer pressure leading them to rampant unfaithfulness and the arms of sugar daddies to keep the sugar basin at home full.When society judges and sees substance abusing psychopaths the thick skinned  under pressure youngins simply shrug it off with the rhetorical question Zvine Basa Rei/What Does It Matter

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Donald Dodger Marindire

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