Conscious and Unapologetic:One on one with Born Allahu Seven

SBC: Waruup king
BA7: Peace god
SBC: So what inspired the #zimhiphop joint?
BA7: The negative energy killing our industry especially the beefs
SBC: Hmmm and what were u hoping to achieve through the joint?
BA7: None,was just tryna set the record straight,hype aint my thing
SBC: Ok but one notices the follow up single "Rules of the game" picks up were #Zimhiphop left us....was that deliberate
BA7: Rules to the game was sort of a freestyle and also showing rappers that i can come down from metaphysical bars to what they do
SBC: Hahahahaha true that fam...
BA7:Because gods can come down but an average man cant go up
SBC: Tell us a little about "House of gods"
BA7: Its my record label,i got my brother from another womb Toga on it and many affiliates
SBC: Were does it differ from other indie labels?
BA7: Subject matter
SBC: Aren't you scared your deep and profound lyricism and bars about ancient history and mysteries of the galaxy wont take root in the hearts of today's generation obsessed with trap and turn up songs?
BA7: My target is open minded folks with the ability to question their existence.I dont really care about these trap dudes and fans of such hahahaha.
SBC: Interesting hahahahah
BA7: I challenge them to research what i say,i dont impose my beliefs on them because at the end of the day hiphop is and has been about substance.But i always respect those simplifying the game to eat though i'm not about that and i consider my music spiritual and in the Zim industry i'm yet to see or hear someone on the same path as me.
SBC: And your upcoming ep with Master Confuze
BA7: The 9 rings of Saturn is gonna change the game ,i'm always on my metaphysical tip and the god Master Confuze revolutionarizes everything he touch thats why i love working with him.
SBC: Your inspirations in the rap game?
BA7: I listen to a lot of underground emcees but am inspired by The and books i read
SBC: And your favorite authors
BA7: Ra Un Nefer Ameen,Molefi Kete Asante,Zechariah Sitchin,Dr Malichi York and Joann Gardner
SBC: Thanks for your time king
BA7: Peace king  thanks for your time also
Born Allahu Seven is on facebook connect with him to gain access  to his numerous songs.

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