Guluva Seven: Defining the Color of Dreams

SBC:Take us through the year so far,we have seen you on TV and even heard you on radio
Guluva:Its been a busy year for me saan,dropped my first single daza to topola April last year and since then i haven't looked back,been doing shows around ZimVicfallsKwekwe, Bulawayo, HarareGweru and more cities still loading.

SBC:You have been on the scene for long and only recently have you blown up whats the secret?
Guluva: Consistency,persistence,dedication,hardwork and talent

SBC:Now that you are here whats next for Guluva?
Guluva: Next up is turning Guluva into a brand,thats were the money is these days lol

SBC:Please elaborate
Guluva:I want to set myself up so corporates can use my name as ambassador to clothing labels,beer companies etc.

SBC:Fair enough,we have heard the singles now any album planned?
Guluva:I have three singles out now namely daza to topola,matshankura and gijima.I'm working on my debut album The color of dreams dropping October

SBC:Take us through the process of how the album came out and what it will bring to the Zim market
Guluva:Well man every artist has a dream of penning and releasing an album the only difference being the subject matter.Since i have been here for a minute i felt it was time i penned mine too.In The color of dreams i talk about what happens daily ekasi.Friendship,love,unemployment,aids,death and partying because whats life without a little bit of fun  hahhahaha

SBC:Awesome any features on it?
Guluva:I have POY,Calvin,PAN,Muvuwa,Loyd to mention a few

SBC:Speaking of Calvin you are both from Bulawayo and rap in Ndebele so you are invariably compared to him a lot.Whats your relationship with him like?
Guluva:Well we in the same game just different players.I take him as a brother because he is the guy who gave me my first recording chance in 2005.But well now its different because he and i are independent and pushing different hustles now.

SBC:You are obviously a humble guy what keeps you level headed in a game were people beef over petty issues and are generally egomaniacs
Guluva:Lol i ignore a lot of those especially from no name cats because most take shots in order to be talked about.But sometimes i need to live up to my name and answer because abanye abantu bathwal amasimba ngezandhla.But beef don't pay,i wont waste my rhyme writing time on some one who has no goals in the game because at the end we in the same Hell but we fighting different devils

SBC:Hahahaha,So after the album drops then what?
Guluva:Promotion,videos,shows,endorsements,clothing line launch,i got a lot on my mind man and i hope to achieve it if the lord permits

SBC:So how does one get in touch with you
Guluva:app me on 0773710903,facebook its Guluva Se7en and twitter its @GuluvaSe7en

SBC:And your music?
Guluva: Itunes man just search Guluva 7 and soundcloud GuluvaSevenNkanyiNkanyi

SBC:Thanks for your time and all the best
Guluva:Word mate hope i will be on my WWE on them Ayeye

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