Klik055 and the vision of DziBongani

Bongani Kamuzengere aka DziBongani is a young man with a vision beyond his years and beyond his small town surroundings and thats to take Kwekwe to the world one tee at a time. He is the brains behind the Klik055 clothing label an imprint of Djangonation formerly Fyn'ace Music Group.When asked about the switch from music to designing he says it was a deliberate move to differ from many youngins who saw the pen as their only way to recognition and it was also a deliberate ploy to put his city and his kin out there by giving them something they can wear with pride hence the Klik055 brand which loosely translates to team kwekwe.

DziBongani aka Big Sosa is the founder and creative director for Klik  though he has a somewhat solid team behind him.Lusekero Mwamimbe handles everything corporate and then A.J,G.Swagga and Roy Z complete the team coming through on a musical tip.The brand is closely affiliated to upcoming Kwekwe rapper DeAccolade and his Base 3 empire  and Bulawayo spitter Guluva 7  of Kasien republic.

The team's main concern is obviously design  talk of t-shirts and snap backs.They also dabble in graphic design from album sleeves,posters and coverart.Such is their zeal for hiphop they plan to launch a side project mentoring,managing and marketing rappers who are talented enough.

The boys from Kwekwe started operating professionally in June 2013 till present day selling their merchandise from the back of their car and  select boutiques around the country.After selling their first 100 tees DziBongani concedes they almost opened a shop till they realised it was better to plough the money back into the business and expand their urban streetwear fashion line.On the question of originality and some substandard clothing lines sprouting overnight Big Sosa bemoaned the Zimbo attitude of editing existing trends instead of creating new ones and challenging creative limits set for young designers.

Klik055's vision for the future is scary  big from  officially putting out music as Klik055 to putting Kwekwe artists on the map.So set on this goal are they that they have vowed to put financial muscle behind any artist dope enough to raise the emceeing bar above the current crop of Zim rappers.Says DziBongani,

"Hunger and determination and resilience is what i am looking for and i am willing to pay for studio time and videos for any Kwekwe artist with those attributes and more."  

You can like the Klik055 page on facebook to keep in touch with the crew or halla at them on +263737027773 to make your preorder. You can also visit their blog  klikboimaggik.blogspot.com

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