Zimhiphop Awards Launch party in Review

Saturday found us at Motor Action sports club with other heads for the common cause of mother hiphop.Most of the perfomers were epic but the not so large crowd had me feeling zimhiphop could do with a little more support from the Zimbabwean populace.Or maybe the size was determined by the venue which was a little inaccessible  seeing as one had to travel outside the Harare CBD.The  sound system was on point though and a few glitches with electricity were soon fixed.

Big dollar Bruce and Zimboy played hosts and they put on quite  a stellar show.Showbiz was represented  with social media favorite Thomas Cst Chizhanje,Russo,Trae Yung,Stunner,Tehn Diamond,Noble Stylz and birthday girl Blackperl in attendance among others.The perfomances flowed smoothly though there is need for improvement on how artists hit the stage haphazardly demanding stage time inbetween other artists' sets.

That Luveve boy Cal_Vin killed his set engaging the crowd to sing along to his hit Bona  and taking time to explain the meaning behind the songs he perfomed.He later called dollarsign  artist Thabz and they had peeps looking for their inner Ndebele with their hit single Hey Wena.Speaking of dollarsign boy did they own the night.Sinbad gave a worldclass perfomance of CTL and boyz remukute.The "Big Boorangoma" called his dollarsign fam on stage from journo Sindiso Dube,manager Doc Dollarsign,Thabz and Slayer who also had a pretty dope perfomance.

P-Mulla represented Norton well performing mastandards with Ishy X and Xndr.Gospel rapper Bry360 was so pumped up delivering an energetic set that showed he was no stranger to the stage.The bigshots crew,Savage,J Nova and KiddActive didn't disappoint either.J-Oh,BigTee and the Fio criminals were other notable perfomances.

Sadly after J-Oh's perfomance people started trickling away until the stage was deserted.Hence we were robbed of the chance to see Poy,Guluva7 from Bulawayo and their Harare comrades Gt Beatz,Stunner,Tehn Diamond and more who could be seen mingling with the crowd.Besides a few hitches here and there the event was  a good forbearer of what will hopefully be an excellent awards night on the 10th of December at Long Cheng Plaza.  

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