Zimhiphop5 :Those you slept on

What do you get when Gwagz,Fun f and Boi Tricky combine to make a beat?Well you get Musengabere a bigshots all star featuring inform spitter J Nova,trap king/chorus slayer Kidd Active,the jungle feverish Savage and of course the boy with the hundares Myk Pimp.Bigshots didn't dissapoint in this tale on how they have taken over the game underneath nigga's noses.

Baller Mandizha and Tulkmoney are back repping the streets once again.If you love witty bars sprinkled with the latest ghetto lingo this one is for you.The duo are  coming for all that you owe them alas with a little interest.Its not necessarily gangster but hood boys getting theirs,you would to if it was yours ayt.

Ur Highness teamed up with Nyasha Timbe to talk about frenemies who bite and blow at the same time.The beat is decidedly Afro Pop and like most "Rhumba rappers" Ur Highness didn't disappoint on delivery,giving befitting verses to go hand in hand with Timbe's catch chorus.

RnB choruses fused with nice rhymes for the ladies  always make for nice jams and this one from Kata is no different.Kata plays the dude with racks to spare who tries to tempt the pretty girl at the club into going home with him.Kata's pen game is actually nice and if peeps forgive him for that Tehn Diamond diss and give him a listen their ears are in for a treat.

Hailing from the diamondfields of Marange Kinzman Samaz teamed up with Lecco to make one for the Lord.The song leans heavily on the  importance of Jesus and its allure lies in the humility and truthfulness of the artists in a country were Christian rappers are the poster childs for the "Braggers'r'us" brand.

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