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Zifm Dj Senya Ritah aka The Thought (not to be confused with The Thot) lives and breathes music.When she is not giving us #TheFixx alongside Mc Chita she is spinning the decks at Rapcity, a movement aiming to bridge the gap between Studio and Concerts/Shows as far as rap is concerned (Ritah is their official dj).She also finds time to hit the booth and bless us with some thought provoking slam poetry.She recently gave us Annihilation and she is back again with another rhythm and poetry project titled Chaos  with rapper Frodo.We had a few questions for her after listening to #Annihilation and she was darling enough to answer.

SBC: What inspired Annihilation?
Ritah: I have a system of throwing bars while talking to my niggas,i often forget them but this time i decided to make an effort to write down every bar as it came.On this particular poem someone i considered homey had pissed me off  and as i was chilling talking life and laughing about it with my niggas words kept popping out off my mouth.Fun F produced a beat and straight after my set at Rapcity i hit the booth and just spat everythang.I'm not one to be inspired by random things.My mind is my weapon  why do you think they call me the thought,there you are already thinking aint ya?

SBC: What were you trying to convey to the average listener?
Ritah: A lot is happening  and hidden from us not because it isn't in plain sight  but   because we have become comfortable with  our way of living,what we grew up with and what we have been exposed to.It ain't all cream and jelly tots,we are too comfortable with the fake,we gotta come back to reality and get our hustle game on.Unfortunately i  never had anything handed to me on a silver platter.I worked and i work for it.Its a chaotic,troubled and dysfunctional country.You can say the same about the modern human relationships and even our industry which is swept beneath the carpet.Something has to be done and i'm here to cause a revolution,ultimately if you are in war or about to go to one you prepare for it.

SBC: Interesting,so what made you choose the poetry route as opposed to the more common one of femceeing?
Ritah: I am a poet not a femcee,i express my thoughts.

SBC: So is this the start of something phenomenal or just a random moment in the Thought's journey?
Ritah: My friend,is anything in your life just for a moment  or its significant and synchronized with everything you do?Its not the beginning I've worked with J Nova on #WatchuWannaSay and with Frodo on Chaos.I have other poems I've done with my favorite one being Colonial Soul which had an awesome response.I wrote,i write ,i will write.So no its not the end either-though i will forever be a Dj and would like to be referred to as one.

SBC: Makes sense,So lastly list your top 5 Zim emcees at the moment and why you find them alluring?
Ritah: Top five OMG!!! am always listening to these crazy emcees and am surrounded by them all the time but well in no particular order Savage,J Nova, Mile even though he is a singer he should keep riding that acoustic, Rapcity's Teysean his #Sando track is bananas  and Mc Silence from Zimrich.....Oh My Gosh looking at my list its too underground my bad (chuckles)

SBC: Hahahaha  ayt  thanks for your time
Ritah: Cool,my Homeys say I'm too gangster nah am too real

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