@Nigelchizz brings excitement back to party music with #Bizzoe

We have all been at the receiving end of over hyped whats app audios by rapper dudes living in a dreamland were they are the next Drake and they pay rent to the charts and actually live there. 

However once in a while you get an audio on app that is so good it makes you wanna download all those joints you curved to maintain your fragile econet watsapp lite bundle.You play the joint again not quite believing you have stumbled on gold,secretly hoping it will bore you at the third spin (can i hear an amen).When it does not,you realise you might have stumbled on the biggest summer joint this year and force your local Dj to put it on repeat.

Bizzoe is the first project I've heard from Chizzoe but am already a die hard fan.The ease at which the youngin churns out the latest ghetto lingo and the bassy verse will probably invite comparisons to Jnr Brown but in more areas than one Chizzoe is his own man and deserves to be judged on the merit of his work.Bizzoe is ghetto lingo for bhawa (bar) and the song is an invitation to one's niggaz,their fly girls and even the local Kush Headz to meet up at the bar and blow some hundreds and celebrate the success  of the hustle.The sick wordplay and Chizzoe's chemistry with the beat place this turn up joint in a league of its own and with great marketing it might dominate many playlists this summer.

On the production front Texas came up with the beat concept but its Victor Enlisted who built on the concept and ultimately produced the track.Spirit fingers added some lighter moments with his colorful skits.

You can listen to the joint on the link below:


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