Meyniak chases after Michelle Chaminuka in this booming bar tale

When i say Meyniak is Zimbabwe's Kendrick i don't mean he raps like King Kunta though the Sala way he says Michelle Chaminuka and his mastery of English bars might have you thinking the homey is straight outta Compton. Rather  the comparison lies in how he has perfected the art of delivering a perfectly sound commercial product without compromising his lyricism or craft. Drowmobeating handled the monster beat and production and C.Bleech did the final mixing.

The verses see Meyniak eyeing that amazing lady at the bar counter and wondering what her name is and if she brought her friends to the drink up.The way he describes said girl and tries to put himself across as the IT GUY and the way he gets curved is a part of the struggle many of my hittas will relate to.Michelle Chaminuka brushes Meynie off refusing to be a trophy callgirl to impress his friends with,leaving Meyniak with no option but to act super drunk and catch the next $1 for two Combi home.

He is what the artist himself had to say about his new joint:
"The plot of the song came about after i went out,got too high,saw a look alike to this other chick and ish turned sour lol.As for the space i was in when i penned the song,well i just felt like flexing,its summer and there is too many  depressing/serious songs.Wanted to show i could have fun on records as well."

And he did,in typical "Weird Vampire"  fashion. Peep the song on his soundcloud and follow him on facebook @MeynieMeyniak

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