@TheBoyAsaph needs a girl like Sandra Gona in #SNDR #zimhiphop

When you call yourself the Zimhiphop savior and drop a tape like #Kingsvilla which embodies every Bulawayo kid's dreams,lifestyle e.t.c and still not get nominated for the country's premier hiphop awards  what do you do? Probably sulk right,or throw tantrums? Not if you are Asaph, you go into studio and murk a Charlie Zimbo production so hard even Tehn Diamond talks of signing you. After teasing us with the artwork for his new single Shade of Grey poster child Asaph finally gave us his new single #SNDR and if social media is to be trusted its a must have on  your playlist.

The chorus is as polarizing as they  come.On one hand it rides on the popular trap wave but the african "Woyiyerere" chants within it means it still sounds homegrown albeit in an international way.Its focused on Asaph trying to get a fly mummy that looks  like Sandra Gona (we wanna meet Sandra too).As if to impress the lady in question Asaph assures us he really does whats in his twitter bio.

The verses take a different tangent altogether as Asaph once again proves why Bulawayo relates to him so much.He touches on the struggle of tryna stack money for Oskido's annual Kalawa homecoming event while the city council wants to turn off your water supplies.He also exposes were the Homeys been getting that turn up moola,Cougars we see yall.

It wouldn't be an Asaph single without a shout out to the clothing brand Shade O Greezy now would it?He also warns rappers that hating on his success wont make them suck  less and reminds us all that he has been grinding for long in Kingsville,all the more reason for a girl like Sandra Gona to hook up with him we suppose.This banging joint is available for download on datafile and for streaming @TheBoyAsaph's soundcloud.You can also follow @TheBoyAsaph on twitter and instagram.

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