#VavhurireiMukova: Boss Gze's prayer to departed comrades

This year has been a busy one for ex trinity member Gze with an impressive work rate that has seen him drop two fire singles and a shoot a video in the process.For his latest release which was produced by McZee he enlisted the help of yesteryear's Chimurenga jingles poster child Sister Flame as he makes a toast to dearly departed homeys.

He doesn't deviate from his laid back,gangster rap,smooth delivery as he blends with the silky McZee beat to ask the Lord to open up the gates of heaven for his peers who have left the land of the living.Sister Flame provides sultry backing vocals and adlibs.Gze accepts that as much as it hurts ultimately its the Creator's decision on who lives and who dies rapping on the chorus
Boys dzangu dzakacrosser dzakune rimwe divi
Misodzi ichidonha maziso piriviri
Mabvi nemagokora mwari ndovanotonga
PaPearly Gates Jehova vavhurirei mukova

Gze  goes a step further to chide God for the frequency of death on his block arguing pain ain't really that necessary. He remembers trading bars with his homey and how he never thought he would be his pall bearer.While the joint is in part about death and its effects on those remaining its also a journey down memory lane on times spent,happy and not so happy,from the pain of the hustle and the trips to the pub to grab a drink to help forget the struggle at least for the night.Its also a picture of the extent of comradeship in the ghetto especially during the comeup were dudes will share the same outfit only switching the T-shirt to confuse inquisitive people who might want to put their noses in the business of Gees.

He finishes off the highly emotional joint by namedropping industry peers whom he either worked with or held in high regard among them TBA,femcee Amelia and mbira star Taku Mafika who have since passed.To that list he adds legends from his hood Southerton and school mates from Dadaya.


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