Cashbid drops Ventilation 3 lyric video

From time to time Cashbid gets annoyed by the level of "mediocrity" in the game and takes it upon himself to bring in a dose of fresh air to supposedly ventilate the culture.The 3rd one in his Ventilation series was mixed and mastered by DJ Krimz and the beat was provided by Seengy.A random listen will leave one in awe at dude's mastery of the ancient art of rhyiming with enough punchlines,double entendres and even triple entendres to cause a minor seizure.However even the most dedicated ear will miss a bar here and there and Cashbid,fully aware of this decided to bless us with a lyric video to catch all those lines we missed.
      "Like Mufasa's son I'll tag your shit as the crap it is if you claim you can grab the next nigga's bitch"

This play on Mufasa's son Simba and Zimbabwean artist/producer Simba tags while driving home his contempt for substandard generic bars is just an example of what a barfest this is.Weak features on mad beats aren't spared and rappers who feel some typa way with each set of manipulated  1000 datafile downloads and praises from the gallery also receive a swipe.Company logos and actual pictures are used to drive home some of the not so apparent lines and even then it takes 3 watches to deduce what dude is actually saying.We could rave on and on about what a lyrical masterpiece this is but we'd rather you visit YouTube and judge for yourself if Cashbid really ventilated the game with this one.

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