Coded talks love and money in new afrobeat groove

Heads might remember Coded from that chorus of his on Sharky's rusununguko or better yet the single he released soon after titled faraway.If one didn't know better they would assume Coded grew up in Gari,Nigeria munching away on jollof rice because the afrobeat  vibe is so heavy in his music and this Nags & Rayo production is no different.In fact so  naijaristic is this song it won't even sound amiss in say a Wizkid catalogue.

Money simply talks about the age old untenable position of people not feeling you when you are broke and the equally unenviable position of people loving you for your bank balance.Coded,after musing on this unfortunate situation goes all out in trying to convince an unnamed character (whom we assume is bae or potential bae) that money won't really buy love so she is better off giving him her  sweet potato and he is bound by honour to give her his sugar banana.All this of course if he gives her money because if he does not she will laugh in his face.

Seeing as afrobeat is fast going global any self respecting playlist or would be Dj should consider this a must have for their summer party collections.Its available for streaming on:

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