Gze,Cal_Vin and GoldFinga go to Church in the wild

Resilience Chekera better known as Gze has been consistently putting out work this year and in his latest joint he attributes all of the successes he is currently enjoying  to prayer.He gets help from Cal_Vin and dancehall chanter Goldfinga to bring to life this Fun F production which is a G on the block's take on interaction with divinity.
"Ten mahail Mary just for one blessing" he croons on the chorus while pointing out that sometimes all that's needed is knees on the ground because only the man above knows it all.Goldfinga adds a Caribbean feel to the chorus and tells us its not easy making it in this world but ultimately its not Juju but prayer that did it.

"Gotta get my people out of the ghetto into the promised land black Moses
Freaking awesome how we blossomed on the concrete black roses"

The above lines perhaps sum up the whole song which besides being a thank you for blessings received and a plea for his bars to be blessed,is a chronicle of how things have been bad for Gze till Yahweh intervened and made him an example to the rest of the hood of what prayer can do.Rides in police cars barefooted in handcuffs turn to balling in a believable ex-jap ride,jewellery and high end fashion through grace. Addiction to codeine and popping pills gets beaten and lil boys are reminded that drug use will turn them into black Zombies,all this delivered in street lingo your flashy prosperity pastor might wanna borrow.

That Luveve boy Cal_Vin goes ham on the second verse mixing ndebele and English to narrate how at one point everything was going against him ,ex girl friends were fabricating stories about him to tarnish his image but he stays focused on the positivity and Godwilling he will employ his aspirations and make his dreams work.Its been rags to riches,sweat and hard work that has led him to the cake and since nobody human gave it to him he bout to make sure nobody takes it from him either.Prayer is available for download on datafile and to keep up with Gze and Cal_Vin follow them on their social media.

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