Tru North and friends flex lyrical muscles on Never Worry Me

We all have that one friend we feel can takeover the world if only she could concentrate for just the right amount of time.For me that friend is Emilia Mandaza aka True North who has a reputation of spitting her heart out when it suits her.Granted the times when it suits her are far and few in between but when they happen a dash of excellence is apparent.Allow me to rant a little bit more (no Jidenna) and say North only hooked me up with this joint today and I've had it on repeat since the wee hours of the morning.

  On production she chose Zim Hip-Hop Awards nominee Fun F who provided just the right amount of kicks and snares to allow the various bar-barians featured on the joint to showcase their skills.Meyniak (nominated for best underground at this year's Hip-Hop awards) opens proceedings taking demons for demonstrations and demolition (his words not mine) followed by Tru North waxing lyrical about rapping till she can not breathe.Ash and Dro also pull through with memorable verses with the Dro verse standing out as he spits
"Boys dzesmoko nekasystem kekuzvida
Nema church girl vachizunguza chiuno
She a mix of Mother Mary and Babes Wodumo"

The patois chorus also helps give this bars of fury collabo an uptempo feel.Do stream the jam on Tru North's soundcloud

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