Guluva Se7en is Jackie Chen this festive season

KeDecember boss is the motto around this time of the year and Bulawayo native wasn't about to be left out as far as spreading Christmas cheer is concerned.He jumped on a Hitmen instrumental to gift heads with an early Christmas present that's characterized by an insane flow and bars to match without compromising on the "let's get loose" message.

Jackie Chen follows the exploits of a modern day drunken master (you do remember that iconic Chan film right?) who gets so high on the booze that he can barely open his eyes and when he does he can only manage a squint that looks very much Asain hence the Jackie Chen reference.The Rayo Beats production is sure to keep imbibers nationwide doing all kinds of dances and kicking ass as per the dictates of the great sensei Jackie Chen.

The single is available for streaming on sound cloud and you can follow Nkanyiso Moyo on Facebook or like his @GuluvaSeven page on Facebook to keep abreast with his moves.

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